Kid's Halloween Stories

Here are some spooky stories for the younger folks at your Halloween bonfire!  Read a  ghost story, check out our Halloween jokes page, or try saying some spooky tongue twisters for more Halloween fun!


Children's Halloween Stories 
  • Bear Lake Monster
    Be careful swimming in Bear Lake!

  • PODCAST: The Black Cat's Message
    An old man is followed home by a couple of black cats with a message for the mysterious Aunt Kan.

  • Never Mind Them Watermelons
    Sam Gibb accepts a dare to stay in a haunted house, never expecting to meet a ghost.

  • Podcast: Pecos Bill and the Haunted House
    Pecos Bill takes on several hundred ghosts in the most haunted house in the West! From Spooky Southwest.

  • Piece-by-Piece
    A man decides to visit a haunted house against the advice of his friend.

  • The Headless Horseman
    One cold winter night, early in the New Year, a certain Dutchman left the tavern in Tarrytown and started walking to his home in the hollow nearby...

  • Sasquatch
    A couple of hikers encounter Bigfoot while out on the trails.

  • The Skeleton's Lantern
    An eight-foot skeleton roams the Arizona desert near Yuma.

  • Spuyten Duyvil
    Once in old New Amsterdam, there was a brave trumpeter named Anthony Van Corlaer who would blow his trumpet when Peter Stuyvesant wanted to call the people together...

  • That Pesky Fellow
    A fisherman from Newfoundland was having difficulty finding someone to assist him until a mysterious stranger comes along...

  • Podcast: Tug of War
    A young man plays tug of war with a mischievous ghost haunting his house. From Spooky New York.

  • Wait Until Emmet Comes
    Do you really want to wait for Emmet?

  • You can't get out
    The town drunk falls into a grave on his way home


I read a story one about a man.he died and afterward all that was left was his remains. I don't remember the story but it was good. You put pealed grapes in a bag for his eyes, cold wet sand in a rubber glove, cooked cold noodles for his veins. I don't remember the rest but it was scary. Do you have anything like this?

That is a story-game which is called the Withered Corpse. You can read it here

I read a story to my class that talks about a witch who needs a house. You use orange paper and cut a doorway with a point on it for her hat. Alittle ghost is crying, so she cuts a little whole in the orange paper for the ghost to go through...and a window because it is dark inside her house. When you open the orange paper it is a pumpkin! I lost the story...have you heard of it?


Go to this website. It has the story and instructions for the paper cutting witch to jack olantern story.

Hi well I read a story about a girl who needed help because she had seen terrible things that were happening in her house. I also read another one about a lady ,and a bridge. They were both very scary.

Some stories are not scary at all. I like scary stories!


best kids ghost stories thay freeeeeeeeeeeek me out


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