Halloween Games

Halloween Guessing Game

Materials:  Paper, Safety pins

As each party-guest arrives, pin a card with a Halloween word or phrase onto their back.  The guest must try to guess the word or phrase by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.  No peeking in a mirror or asking someone else to tell you what it says.  Correct guesses get a small prize like a miniature candy bar.  Ideas for on the back. 

Start with these words/phrases, or make up your own. 
Black Cat
The Mummy
Trick or Treat
Headless Horseman
Bloody Mary



its kool

its dumb

it stinks


cool,but i didnt understand it much

omg you guys its so easy to understand u just put a cars on yur baxk wid a word and u ask people questions to figure out wat it says on yur card and u cant look at yurs and if sum1 else asks u a question about theres then u can look at theres and give them hints

fun game its like 20 qustions


no way

kool game it fun

kool nice game

the game is cool

weirdo stuff right.... i know better

Too hard to guess. Too many possibilities.

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