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The Brothers' Revenge

Spooky WisconsinA Wisconsin Ghost Story

Retold by S.E. Schlosser

The blizzard was raging fiercely around them as the brothers stumbled down the long road.  they were miles from any farm, and knew they had to seek shelter or freeze to death.  So it was with  gratitude that the two brothers spotted a saloon and pushed their way through the door. 
Every eye in the room turned upon them, as the boys ordered coffee with the last of their money. As the bartender went to fetch the hot drink, most of the regulars returned to their conversations.  But one man continued to stare;  a massive butcher with a mop of red hair and a long red beard who was the worse for drink.

“You’re looking at me funny,” the butcher slurred, looming over the two boys.

“We weren’t looking at you,” said the older boy. “We were just warming ourselves by the fire.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” he shouted. Around the room crowd grinned; they loved a good fight. 

 “We didn’t say that,” said the older boy quickly, waving his hands and accidentally  striking the butcher on the arm. That did it. The butcher grabbed the boy by the collar. “No one hits me and gets away with it,” he roared and threw the boy headfirst into the huge fire raging in the hearth.
There was a moment of stunned silence in the saloon, and then the elder boy screamed in agony as the flames engulfed him from head to toe. The younger lad shouted in terror. The older boy stumbled out of the fireplace, as the little brother tried to beat out the fire with his small hands.
The butcher loomed above them, grinning sadistically as the flaming boy lost consciousness, his screams dying away.

“Your turn,” the butcher said to his brother. The younger boy gasped in fear and fled for his life out into the raging snow. The boy’s little frozen body was not found until the spring.

One evening, a decade after the death of the two young boys, a burly man with a long red beard came strolling down the road one taken by the brothers. The butcher had heard rumors of a ghost but had discarded them as so much poppycock and tavern talk.

As he meandered down the road, he became aware that a silence had fallen. In the odd silence, he heard the footsteps of a large animal. They walked when he walked and stopped when he stopped. Pulse pounding madly, the butcher turned. Behind him, large as an ox, stood a black dog with blazing blue eyes and sharp teeth. The butcher had seen those blue eyes once before, gazing at him from the face of a young boy trying to save his burning brother.

The black dog growled softly and took a step forward. The butcher whirled around to flee and found himself face to face with tall figure covered from head to toe in flames. The burning boy reached out toward the butcher with hands withered and blackened by fire. The butcher gave a terrified scream and fell, blood gushing from eyes and nose. He was dead before he hit the ground.  

      To this day, the black dog and the flaming figure still appeared in that vicinity to harass travelers and speed them on their way.

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this stroy is the best

Wow i didnt get the beggining until i read the end!!!!it was alright but you could have done better!!!!!cum on i have read way better stories!!!!!!!!!

How did ht hapend

i loved it

ha ha

omg this is the awesomest scary halloween storie i have read in a longtime

I don't exactly think that its that scary
Do You?

this one was ok...

Harassing travelers you got to be kiding.

You can do better

compared wiv da uvver stories, that was poor :(

i am not saying it was bad, but it could have been better. :(

This story was suckish
i didn't like it, it was boring

kinda creepy not scary

that was a really good story and that butcher was really really stupid

Well it is pretty scary.. The Butcher got what he deserved>....


that was kida creepy

try reading some filipino ghost stories might catch your interest too...

Oh my god, that butcher totally lost it to a tiny little whack on the arm? Oh and I was horrified when he threw him in the fire, I almost cried! I also find it cool how the little brother was a dog! BIG thumbs up guys!

this is the ........................ BEST STORY OF ALL ETERNITY LOVE IT MILLION THUMBS UP !!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaa that was the best but i think turn off the light was better

that was awsome

hmm if the younger boy froze to death, Why did he come back as a Dog? The older brother makes sense, He burned, Came back chared,it makes sense. Fozen, and a dog? I guess is was like the fur was supposed to keep him warm after freezing? Not a very good story.

-.- wtf harras travelers now thats dumb they should atleast eat them or burn them but harras c,mon

this was a really great story i liked it loved reading it

No, I don't believe this one was scary. I've read to many frightening, bizarre ghost stories in my life to see this one as a scary one.

really not scary

3 letter: O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!

i felt this story was great and very scray seem true in i live in wisconson cool

*gasp!* i dropped my soda! jk it was guuud:)

i loved it i peed my pants

thats a really sad story.
not scary just tear jerking for two innocent boys to be killed that way

Decent story, as for in Britain we dont get stories lyk this its not fair :(

i am going to have nightmares 4 a month!

The spectral black dog has a long tradition in the UK. It's often associated with death and the afterlife. In some of the legends the soul of an evil person is condemned to take the shape of a black dog and is doomed to roam certain areas.
Dogs are associated with death and the afterlife in many cultures of the Earth.

thats not scary actually its pretty awesome

why a dog?

this is good but not impecable or incredibly scary

woah. AWESOME...

it was okay

wasn't as scary as Don't Turn Out the Light. still good, though.

not really disturbing at all


I thuoght it was gross at the end but it was pretty good.

that was awsome it kinda scared me

The bros should be nice to travelers. If they lay a hand on someone to harm, they should die again.

Omg i live there!!!

I like the story i just don't get why the boy would harass other people

thats offensive to butchers everywhere!!! jk liked the story

this story was cool but so predidctable

i liked it. very creepy!

I thank my parents that i we did not live there

why was the young brother a dog?

The butcher deserved it. Those poor boys were not doing a thing.

i think the younger brother might have really liked dogs, or he might have been killed by a dog?? i liked the story but i have heard another similar, but i like this one better.

Thats good!! I liked that story, i did not think it was bring at all!!

classic revenge story. Good one

i didn't find this story to be scary, but it was very bone chilling. good story, but not scary. :)

Awkward story i like it :P

That was only the beginnng for the butcher's suffering, for the devil has something much worse in store for him.

Best story i've read. The Butcher gets what he deserves. He shoulde've known Karma was real.

it wasnt that scary i mean when i heard the word ghost i new it was the two boys and that the butcher was going to die anyway

thats really funny

Best ghost story we ever read in the whole wide world.

Agree with Sara


this story is the best ever, im reading it to my class for a speech:)

Cool very scary

not scary but creepy!

That's SICK, that's the bst storie I've heard in a long time

that was cool. you should right another like that.

Good Story.

wow that wuz kinda cool...but not the best story ive heard

i liked this story it wasnt to scarey but it was ok and creepy and also sad

Cool story,

The butcher totally deserved it

This story was creepy! I feel weird while i was reading it.

This story was creepy! I feel weird while i was reading it.

This story was so good and when I was reading the part about the dog my dog started growling and it scared me to death!!!one million thumbs up!!!!!!!

good tale to tell around the fire on all hallows eve creeepy

It was ok

wow this story is mystery

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