Tall Tales

Callin' the Dog

A Mississippi Tall Tale

retold by  

S.E. Schlosser

Tall talkin' in Mississippi has been termed "Callin' the dog" ever since that famous tall-tale session when one man offered a hound dog pup to the person who could tell the biggest lie. Well, those stories started rollin' in, each one bigger and harder to believe than the one before.

Now, the last man to talk knew he didn't have a chance of winnin' that there pup on account of all them tall-tales the others told was so good. So he jest said: "I never told a lie in my life."

"You get the pup!" said the owner of the hound dog. And everyone else agreed with him.


You can read more Mississippi folktales in Spooky South by S.E. Schlosser.




Haha, nice story, nice presentation!

now that's a really good lie


the story is about a person who wanted to give a puppy so he said that who ever said the bigest lie would win it many people said good lies and the last one was out of ideas so he said "I never told a lie in my life." and he won the pup

hahaha! VERY clever!

The best


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