Drought Buster

A Nebraska Folktale

retold by

S.E. Schlosser

Back in the early days, the Plains folk were often in need of a good drought buster during the hot summer months. The sun would shine and shine, and the clouds would scuttle right quick over the Plains without dropping rain. One year, it got so bad that Febold Feboldson, that legendary Swede who could bust the driest drought in a day, got annoyed. He liked his fishin', right enough, and there was no fishin' to be had in that drought. So he sat down and thought up a way to bust that there drought.

Febold Feboldson decided to build huge bonfires around all the lakes in the region. If he kept the fires real hot, the lake water would evaporate and form clouds. Febold set to work at once hauling wood and building bonfires. Soon, there were so many clouds in the sky on account of all the vaporizing water that they bumped into one another and made rain.

Once the pump was primed, so to speak, the rains came regularly again. But were the settlers happy? No sir. Now they had no place to swim!




Listen, I need a REEAALLYY Scary story that will scare the pants off my class mates!! but, I need the story tomorrow!!
Any suggestions?? PLEASE


A very scary story is Tailypo


I NEED a REALLY REALLY GREAT folktale!! Any thoughts what i should right about?

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