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La Llorona

A New Mexico Ghost Story 

retold by

S. E. Schlosser


Version I

Once there was a widow who wished to marry a rich nobleman. However, the nobleman did not want to raise another man's children and he dismissed her. The widow was determined to have the nobleman for her own, so the widow drowned her children to be free of them. When she told the nobleman what she had done, he was horrified and would have nothing more to do with her. As she left him, the widow was overcome by the terrible crime she had committed and went to the river, looking for her children. But they were gone. She drowned herself and her spirit was condemned to wander the waterways, weeping and searching for her children until the end of time.




Version II

Once a poor man was married to a beautiful woman who lived in his village. The couple was very much in love, but the man insisted that they were too poor to have any children. When he found out his wife was pregnant, the man was very angry. He told the woman they could not keep the child. After the birth of his son, the man drowned the child in the river. His wife, too weak from giving birth to get up from the bed, pleaded in vain with her husband to spare the life of her child.

Several more sons were born to the couple, and the poor man drowned every one. The day the poor man took his fifth child to the river, his wife followed even though she was still weak and bleeding from giving birth. When he threw the child in the river, the woman went in after her son, determined to save the boy even though she did not know how to swim. The woman and her baby were swept away by the current and they both drowned.

The very next night, the woman's spirit returned to the river beside her home, wailing and searching for the sons she had lost. At first, the poor man was terrified by the spirit of his wife. He begged her to return to the spirit realm. But she did not hear him.

Night after night, the woman returned to the river, wailing and wringing her hands in her grief. The poor man became angry. But he could not stop the ghost of his wife from searching for her sons.

Finally, the sound of the wailing woman drove the man mad. He grabbed a knife and jumped into the river after the spirit to kill her. But the poor man did not know how to swim. The current swept him away and he drowned.

From that day to this, the spirit of La Llorona -- the wailing woman -- still haunts the waters and lakes, weeping and wailing and searching for her sons.


You can read a longer version of this New Mexico ghost story in Spooky Southwest by S.E. Schlosser.



Version 2 was the worst supposedly "accurate" version I have ever heard in my entire life, and I live in a family of Mexicans!!! that was just plain stupid >:/

well us american got it all wrong none of the storys r true ..ive actually seen the woman and she only wanders around rivers and the 1st story..not to insult but i couldnt even imagine wat was going on and the "new mexican one" made more sense but none of them were right...

Wow kind of scary butt dont no if its true

I heard a version where a widow was so depressed after the loss of her husband that she couldn't take care of her kids. So she threw them in a sack and into the water,drowning them. After a while of being alone with her grief She became so regretful that she wandered the rivers looking for them, but they were not to be found. So she jumped into the river and drowned. Now her soul wanders the water calling "Mis ninos" or my kids over and over for eternity.

well I know that My grandma said that when she was little that she and her cousins would hear the La Llorona and would go out and see if they could find her. So YA! I belive it's true

Wat about the part were she screams "WERE'S MY CHELDREN"

i just love scary stories.this 1 is kind of scary

my grandma told my mom that exact same story (as jazmin said above) and told us all little ones the exact thing! how trippy. I'm now 20 and i still believe in this.

I my life had heard lots of storys of her but on version 2 i never heard of it was very intresting,in fact i have lots of ghostly inconters when i was just 5 year old at my house and my 2 grandparents house but they are very intresting storirs of mine

does anyone know the story about the women who drowned her kids bcuz they kept on crying and wen she went to heaven god said he wouldnt let her in witout her kids so everytime she heres a kid cries she think they r her kids so she goes and tries to take ur soul

Really Awesome Stories

the story is la Llorona there is just many versions

ive seen her. when i was 12 years old. i lived close to a dry river, but she came to my window. one od the scariest, most terrible things i have ever seen. and im over 30 years old.

my mom used to always tell me that story i saw her once to i was camping out next to a lake and then i heard crying but i wasnt sure who it was and there she was it scared me so much i was 8

well.. i don't know if the story is true but i have heard different stories about the wailer..1 of the stories is that they had 2 couples the were so in love with each other and they had 2 children.. her husband did`t want them.. so only because she love her husband she went on the river and kill her two children... she drowned them.. they were dead. afterward she went to her husband to tell her that she has already kill the children. the man got vex. and her husband wanted to slap her, she didn't left her self, she saw a knife and stab him. he was dead. after all she regret what she did. then she went back on the river the find her two children, but she didn't find them and she went in the river on got drowned too...
well that's one of the story i have heard but i am not sure if that is the real story :)
and yes its true la llorona story has many versions.
but do you really believe that la llorona exists????

its real

omg my grandmama saw her in mexico and she told me all the sorty about when she saw her!!!!!!!!!:O THATS SCARRY

i believe in the la llorona my uncle saw here om the side of the road when he ws driveing i believe in bloody mary to

this scard me

this is truth because my grampa is from mexico and he had heard her cry and say where are my children

i think its true cuse my grandpa heard some woman cry ou tht where were her children

this story was ....AWOSEME!!!!!!!!

i was born in mexico and ive herd it my sister supposibly saw her i dont no if dats true but i thout i saw her once i think shes real

Wow those are really scurry!
Most people think it's fake but i know it's real cause she took my sister!After that i never saw her again!!

i love the story of la llorona.. i have heard variations on la lloronas appearance. some say she has beautiful very long fingernails.. also some say she has horse hoofs for feet.. also people have heard her victims scream.

omg i believe its true...once in my old house my grandma put a video camera facing my dad then out of nowhere a blue man was picking my dads hair up

ok if he new they were poor why have more kids.not one but five.

Well this is TRUE and she will never find her children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dont know if i belive this:>

i read one that said she had a husband who was in the army and the few times he came home he paid attention only to the kids and she got jealous and drowned them husband died she died of a broken heart and looks for them in the 7 seas

ok its true come on all mexicans know this story i herd she died of sadness cuz she drownded her kids. than ofter she died she went off to hevin n god told her he would not exept her tell she finds her kids sperits so naw she wanders all rivers crying MIS EJOS n when she finds one she takes him only to find out that its not hers so in anger she drawnds thim to my nana always told me if you here her cry live dont go tords the cry. just think how many rivers r in the world i dont think shes going to find her kids I HOPE SHE DUZ THO

you got it all wrong... this is the real story... once there was a woman and she was married to a poor man and they had two kids together. later on in the marrige the man left the woman and his children for a rich woman. the poor woman got so angry that she had gone crazy and she killed her children in a lake then she regreted it and killed herself in the same lake. she was on her way to heaven but THE BOSS didnt accept her to heaven so he made her a ghost and said that she would be like that until she found her children. from then on she would search for her children and would appear around the lake she killed her children and herself

thats fake heres the true story once there was a couple and they were poor the dad went to work and the mom was pregnat.the dad came back and told her wife that he was going to leave her because he got a nother girl. the mom was real sad,when her 3 babys came they had to work and they only had 1 meal a day and she did not want to see them like that so she thought that in heaven god will take care of them and feed them and suround them with love so she drowned them in a lake and she thought she wanted to be with them 2 so she drowed her self 2 and the story was talked about

Seriously, the arguements? If you read thru folklore of nearly every region you will find variations of every story with minor differences. They were meant to be lessons not "real stories." Like fairy tales? ENJOY and look for the lesson. No one OWNS the stories and no ONE version is the gospel.

so fake. I am latina and i know its not like that.

it is true! and very scary

when i was smaller my grandma used to scare my cousins and my sisters cause we would never go to sleep we would just be singing ring around the roses creepy but a good story i love those stories never get tired of em

its true my dad heard her freaked out and left

my brother went and saw her

Goshh my neighbor's mom told me that's it's true that she heard her saying "Mis ninos" in the place where she lived beacuse there was a lot of rivers there.And that she made them drown beacuse she was soo depressed that she didn't even give them food and stuff that she made them drown. lol scary i know:( i totaly freaked when she said it was true:/

WOW!!!! Nothing I've ever heard before! I went through new mexico for a trip this summer and I have a book called weird texas that says something totally different then these two stories!!! The first one was close to it.

its so true my mom heard her once and started freaking out cuz she had left my brother home alone

wow the first one is way scarier nd more true....")

Very spooky story even though none of these sound like the one i heard about

I thought the lady drowned her sons

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