Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado

A Kansas Tall Tale

retold by

S.E. Schlosser

Now everyone in the West knows that Pecos Bill could ride anything. No bronco could throw him, no sir! Fact is, I only heard of Bill getting' throwed once in his whole career as a cowboy. Yep, it was that time he was up Kansas way and decided to ride him a tornado.

Now Bill wasn't gonna ride jest any tornado, no ma'am. He waited for the biggest gol-durned tornado you ever saw. It was turning the sky black and green, and roaring so loud it woke up the farmers away over in China. Well, Bill jest grabbed that there tornado, pushed it to the ground and jumped on its back. The tornado whipped and whirled and sidewinded and generally cussed its bad luck all the way down to Texas. Tied the rivers into knots, flattened all the forests so bad they had to rename one place the Staked Plains. But Bill jest rode along all calm-like, give it an occasional jab with his spurs.

Finally, that tornado decided it wasn't getting this cowboy off its back no-how. So it headed west to California and jest rained itself out. Made so much water it washed out the Grand Canyon. That tornado was down to practically nothing when Bill finally fell off. He hit the ground so hard it sank below sea level. Folks call the spot Death Valley.

Anyway, that's how rodeo got started. Though most cowboys stick to broncos these days.


this story ruled


i want to learn about tall tales

This story was an amazing one.

coooooooooooooooool 10 stars


good explanation of death valley

nice job

YEAH PECOS BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOURE MY HERO I LOVE YOU!! I WANNA BE JEST LIKE YOU ONE DAY

I loved this its amazing! Who wud think to ride a tornado!!!




This story is AWESOME!!!I would giveit 1000000000000000 stars :)

i want to ride a tarnado!!!! this story rocked!!!!

Wow.....that was a good tall tale! i wish now to read more jest like it! Haha! :)

i love it


this is such a great story!!!!!!!it is 1 of my favs!!!!!!

This is a great story

I love the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this story was realy cool

I do not like bill at all but after i red this it changed my life.

LOL. very funny. you rock. That was a bad tornado!!!!!



it is so cool

I think that's awesome 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars for the tornado and Bill.

this just did my language homework :)

This story is so great. I bet my cat would want to read it. Ha ha.:) ha ha ha so funny!


that is so cool i love tornados

good story!


ya. this is awesome. ya.

man, pecos is one tough man. jest no guy like him! :)

this story rocked... this was deffinately the best story that i have heard that was a tall tale.... 10 stars guyssss!!!! :) :) loved it


*clap clap clap*

i realy love it


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's crazy!!!!!!!!!

good story!!!!!!!!!! Too bad its a tall tale though...

WOW!!! awesome! love it so much even tho i had to do a paper on him once!!!




loved it lol

cool!who would think of that!


I liked the cowboy language nice story!!!!!!!!!!


awesome story !! :)



I would rate it 9 stars out of 10

awesome cool story loved it lol

awsome story i love it

Dude nice job. Good for pesos.

I never thought of that I am going to ride a tornado

I didn't know we had COOL folk tale characters! I only knew about Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed



cool:) story

this story was very strange but funny i loved it

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