Tall Tales

Blue Hen's Chicks

A Delaware Tall Tale 

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

A Delaware man went to war during the American Revolution. For entertainment, he brought with him two fighting cocks. When asked about these chickens, the soldier said slyly: "They are the chick's of a blue hen I have at home."

Well, these cocks could fight! They were so fierce, they caused quite a stir among the men. It did not take long for the Delaware troops to begin boasting among the troops from the other states that they could out-fight anyone, just like those famous fighting cocks. "We're the Blue Hen's Chickens. We will fight to the end!" became the theme of the Delaware troops. The other troops took to calling the men from Delaware "The Blue Hen's Chicks", and to this day, Delaware is known as the Blue Hen State.


Ilove roosters... but did not kno that

Not a tall tale, fact. The famous Delaware Blue hen was of unknown breeding but believed to have been stolen or ended up in the wrong hands due to a shipping error. She was believed to be from a gamefowl breeders famous strain of Blue's brought over from Ireland. It's not politically correct but it's a shame we are losing our history to cowards who want to re-write it to fit their own Disney needs...Shame on us for lying to our children.

i like it!!!!!!!!

it is great ...
i like it ..
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I didn't think chickens could fight

it's great :)

i need to find a curltue of the blue hen's chicks

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