Supernatural Stories

The Blue Rocks

A Pennsylvania Spooky Story

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

Well now, the Blue Rocks have been here in Lenhartsville for nigh on forever it seems. They are a bunch of huge bolders just settin' in the field, getting in everyone's way. How'd such huge stones get into that unlikely looking place? Well, that's a story, and no mistake!

Seems someone told the Devil about a New World vegetable called a potato that was the tastiest treat in the whole dad-blame county. Well, ol' Lucifer was unfamiliar with the vegetable in question and asked for a description. Potatoes were round and hard, he was told; some were big, and some were small.

Satisfied with this description, the Devil hied himself down to Lehigh County and started filling up his sacks with everything round and hard he could find. He collected thousands of these hard round objects, and was planning on collecting a thousand more. Then the bravest of his minions informed ol' Lucifer that the objects inside his sack weren't potatoes. They were rocks.

Well, that made Satan just plain mad. He had a temper tantrum that shook everything up in the whole county. He shouted and he stamped his feet and he jumped up and down. Then he ripped open those sacks and threw the rocks all over the place. The rocks landed in gullies and in rivers and on the mountains and in the fields.

A whole passel of rocks landed in the empty field near the old meeting tree. They settled deep into the ground and no one could budge them. Since the field was no good for farming after the Devil threw his "potatoes" into it, the men-folk started using it as a local meeting place. And that's how the Blue Rocks came to rest in Lenhartsville, at least, that's how the story goes.


A dragon comes to Lambertville in Spooky Pennsylvania by S.E. Schlosser!




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