Spooky Series

Spooky Virginia

Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings and Other Local Lore

retold by S.E. Schlosser

As if he sensed my thoughts, Goggle-Eyed Jim turned his face toward the window.  His eyes, behind the goggles, seemed to glow with a greenish-blue light.  His face was so gray and withered, he seemed like a corpse...

Meet Google-Eyed Jim, the bane of every Virginia sheriff since this notorious horse thief is really a ghost!  Jim is just one of many spooky characters who roam the pages of Spooky Virginia.  You will also meet Rupp, a vampire stalking the miners around Big Stone Gap; a preacher who takes on the Jack Ma Lantern singlehanded - and loses; an Honest Wine Merchant who finds something unpleasant in his burgundy; and many others.  Great for reading around the campire, for Halloween, or anytime!

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Part 1: Ghost Stories

1 Goggle-Eyed Jim: Great Dismal Swamp

2 The Convert: Coeburn

3 The Finger Bone: Lee County 

4 Shep: Shenandoah Valley 

5 Old House Woods: Mathews County

6 A love Betrayed: Williamsburg

7 Elbow Road: Virginia Beach

8 Shower of Stones: Newport 

9 Angel: Fredericksburg

10 The Horseman: Bowling Green 

11 Phantasie: Jamestown 

12 Old 97: Danville


Part 2: Powers of Darkness and Light

14 The Witch's Shoulder: Big Laurel

15 The Fiddler and the Wolves: Grayson County 

16 The White Dove: Danville

17 The Black Dog: Bedford County 

18 Jack Ma Lantern: Front Royal 

19 Kitty: Smyth County

20 Fire!: Richmond

21 Foul Smell: Alexandria

22 Trail of Blood: Gloucester

23 Rupp: Big Stone Gap

24 Devil in the Flour Barrel: Amherst County

25 Consecration: Mount Vernon

26 The Honest Wine Merchant: Richmond



is it a scary story or what it is but i wanna know more waht in the world is it then. cool.

omg!!! im from VA and i always thought there was something CREEPY about it!

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