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Spooky Washington

Spooky Washington by S.E. SchlosserTales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings and Other Local Lore
Retold by S. E. Schlosser

A huge wind swept through the bedroom, bringing with it the damp, salty smell of the sea.  The tempest tore the blankets right off Billy's shaking body.  He sat bolt upright, heart thundering against his ribs, as a bloated, red-haired figure stepped down from the vastness of the eternal horizon and down into the bedroom...

Meet Billy, a crimper who sells a newcomer to town to a ship captain heading for Shanghai without realizing he just doomed his own nephew to bondage and death.  Billy is just one of many spooky characters who haunt this collection.  A dead grocer feeds a starving woman in Spokane, a group of students descend a mysterious staircase in a cemetery and find themselve at the gates of hell, and a young boy finds himself caught between his murderous step-father and a flesh-eating monster called the Bone Cleaner.  All this and much more!

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Part 1:  Ghost Stories 

1 The Phantom Grocer: Spokane

2 At the Market: Seattle 

3 The Warning: Cascade Mountains

4 I Am your Brother: Leavenworth

5 The Final Ride: Kent

6 The Extra Student: Vancouver

7 The Last Vigilante: Rockford

8 The Rocking Chair: Bellingham

9 Sailor's Revenge: Port Townsend

10 Steak and Eggs: Spokane

11 Has Anyone Seen My Cow?: Steilacoomb

12 The Mausoleum: San Juan Islands

13 Get Out!: Bremerton 


 Part 2: Powers of Darkness and Light

14 Thirteen Steps: Maltby

15 Tree Octopus: Olympic Peninsula

16 The Draug: Poulsbo 

17 Flying Saucers: Mount Rainier 

18 The Miser: Tacoma 

19 Mountain Devils: Mount St. Helens 

20 Bone Cleaner: Douglas County

21 The Message: Richland

22 Demon Man: Yakima 

23 Soap: Lake Crescent

24 The Wax Doll: Walla Walla

25 Beloved Woman: Mount St. Helens

26 Totem: Seattle




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