Nursery Rhymes


There were two blackbirds
Sat upon a hill,
The one was named Jack,
The other named Gill;
Fly away Jack,
Fly away Gill,
Come again Jack,
Come again Gill.

Note: This is an infant amusement piece. A piece of paper is stuck to each index finger, one for Jack and one for Gill. The fingers are laid on the edge of the table, and when Jack is told to fly away, the arm goes behind the back and returns with the index finger hidden. The same is done for the Gill finger. Then Jack returns from behind the back, followed by Gill. It has been around for more than two centuries, being recorded in MG's Melody in 1765.


i taught theese to my little brother and sister and they loved them

My Daughter 3 loves this nursery rhyme when i sing it to her every time she goes to sleep.

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