Tall Tales

One Short

A Wisconsin Tall Tale
retold by
S.E. Schlosser

There is a tale once told of a Mississippi riverboat captain who called all of the passengers to the top deck in the middle of the night. When the announcement was made, everyone hurried topside, wondering fearfully what had occasioned the disruption in their sleep.

Once all the passengers were present, the captain stood atop a crate and looked over the half-dressed, shivering crowd.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I fear that our ship has struck a snag and is sinking," he announced.
This statement was greeted with gasps of horror from those assembled.
"I wonder," the captain continued solemnly, "if there is anyone among us skilled in the art of prayer?"
The frightened passengers nodded wisely to one another. Yes, a prayer at such a perilous time was a very good idea.
After a moment's hesitation, a young clergyman stepped forward. "I have some skill in praying," he said.
"Excellent," said the captain. "You stand here and pray, while I hand out the life vests. We're one short."

You can read more Wisconsin folklore and ghost stories in Spooky Wisconsin by S.E. Schlosser.


Isn't the captain supposed to go down with his ship if there aren't enough life vests?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! giving all the life vests to the rest when the clergyman can only pray to save hislife!


Hahahaha! Thats messed up... funy but messed up!


he could hold on to another persen so they would both flout

a very good site for reading stories......

that was wierd

this is very fun i can read & chilling

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