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The Brick Wall

The Brick WallA Massachusetts Horror Story
retold by S.E. Schlosser
excerpted from Spooky Massachusetts

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Massey was a soldier unfortunate enough to cross me, his commanding officer.  He did not live to regret it.  There was something very satisfying in the moment when I thrust the tip of my sword into the soldier’s heart during our duel.  I watched him fall to the ground with the satisfaction of a job well done.

The men under my command seem depressed in the following weeks. They mention Massey frequently, but I ignore their conversations.

One night, I retreat to my chambers to sulk and soon was joined by a delegation of men who were friends of Massey. I am surprised and delighted to learn that they had come to their senses and now saw the impertinent lieutenant for the cheat he really was. We share a round of drinks and laughed together.   I’m afraid I drank far too much that evening.

The other soldiers suggested we explore the lower dungeons. That sounded like a fine idea to me.  We set off in merry spirits, drinking and singing and laughing, our voices echoing through the narrow passages. Deeper and deeper we went.  My head started spinning and my legs felt like rubber after all that drinking. I am afraid I passed out from drunkenness, much to my shame.

When I came to, I was lying on my back with my wrists and ankles shackled to the floor. Drunken men, fooling around, I thought.

“Very funny, lads,” I called out. “Now set me free.”

The soldiers didn’t answer me. A moment passed and Massey’s best friend appeared in the doorway, holding mortar and a mason’s trowel.  The other men began handing him bricks and I realize that the soldiers are bricking up the entrance to the cell in which I lay shackled. “Very funny,” I said again.

No one answered me. They worked in silence, laying brick after brick until one row is done, then two. They were playing a nasty joke on me, of course.

Then Massey’s best friend paused in his work and looked directly into my eyes. At that moment I realized that this joke is no joke. Scream after scream ripped from my throat as I struggle against my bonds. But the dungeon was too deep within the fort, and no one heard my screams.  

They were on the final row of bricks. I was reduced to bribery now, desperately using my wealth in an attempt to escape my fate.  But no one listened to my bribes.    I watched in heart-thudding horror as the last brick is put in place, as the last chink of light faded from my sight. I have been entombed alive in the deepest, darkest dungeon of the fort.  I howled in panic, writhing against the iron manacles binding hands and feet and twisting my body. Eventually I fell back against the floor, my wrists and ankles wet with my own blood.

My fingers were torn and throbbing from their intense scrabbling against the hard floor. I found myself weeping angrily, though I have never shed a tear in my lifetime.

The agony of the thought sent me writhing again in spite of the horrible pain racking my wrists, ankles, and hands. Daylight. I must see daylight again. Just once more.

“Don’t leave me here to die alone! Don’t leave me!”  

But I was alone, and the sheer brutal horror of it overwhelmed me. My eyes strained against the complete and utter darkness, and I wondered if they were even open.

Dear God, I can’t get out. I can’t get out. I CAN’T GET OUT!

Historical Note:  This is a retelling of a story from Fort Independence on Castle Island in Massachusetts.  Local lore claimed that an unpopular officer was walled up in the fort's dungeon following a duel in which he killed a more popular man. Edgar Allan Poe learned of the legend when he was posted on Castle Island while serving in the Army.  His short story "The Cask of Amontillado," is said to be based upon the incident.



ooooo creepy.... ILOVEIT!!!! XD

i did not fnd anthing scary bout tat one

i like that story

ok but no good ending

It kinda reminds me of saw one. you know how the dude gets lock in the total darkness at the end i would hate to have that happen to me

not the story for me

Umm, what was scary about that exactly? These are supposed to be scary stroeiess!? That WASNT! EPICC FAIL!

Yea that one could of used a bit more work? but I wouldnt want that to happen to me! lol

i used to live in Boston a city in massachusets,the same place as castle island and i went there but the castle is sealed off

not scary

I love Poe. "The Cask of Amontillado"" is one of my favorites.

dat was not scary at all and im nine!

Sounds like The Cask of Amontillado. Cool, though!

that guy deserved it

I literally jpmued out of my chair and danced after reading this!

Just joking. truly to say. nothing in this story make me change my emotion.

Torture story? Not that scary..

It would be scary if you were them. To me it's just sad.

me 2 i'm not scary but i'm try to scary.LOL :P:P:P:D:D:D

Not Bad!!!!

did he die or did he get out

it didnt have a clear ending

i do not remember what the story i was reading but it was just like this one the evil guy got the man he did not like drunk kept him drunk and brick by brick kept him in there you just sort of motified this..

omg, that was freaking weird. it wasnt scary but it was creeepy! :O


sounds like the cask of amontillado

i dont finfd that scary

I didn't like this one because I could start to feel the pain of being locked away forever. The hopelessness... feeling yourself slowly go crazy... creepy...


hehehe, sucker.

this was sooo sooo scary :|!!!!!!!!!! ahhh creepy

that was sooooo not scary and im almost seven years old i have read all these stories on this page and none of them are scary at all!!!!!!!!!

creepy x 10

I love this story !!!!!

that was pretty good

it might not be scary to you, but think if this actually happened to you...wooo that would be terryfiying

Not scary.

One needs to use the imagination that they are the one in the shackles! It is then SCAREY!

Its pretty good.but not scary.

i feel bad 4 the officer dude i mean the soilder guy did cross him but he didnt hav 2 kill him he couldve punished him or sumin but it is what it is right? but it was a good story

Hey thats wat the guy gets

Its called revenge, lonelyness is the hardest pain to go through and if u were him, u would see that, and in his shoes that mustve been terrifying, think outside the box people, something called inference

That was cruel and scary.



what happend at the end?


that was not scary and it had no end!

Awesome. I almost fell off my chair!

What was scarry?????????????

Hey! Anonymous you are right. It is not that scary but it is still a great story to tell at night, around a blazing campfire, deep, deep, in the woods!


How could he wright the story if he was locked in a dungeon? lol

a story and a lesson all in one

not that scary...


preety awesome

I think this story is not mainly to scare people, it's like a local legend, right? just to tell people what others at that place believed...

That is FREAKY!!!!!!!

i actually got to go to the castle fort and the wall is real!!! creepy.... <(-£-<)

That was intense... more please.

shocking ending!!

i hate the ending

ok, I feel bad. that dude has to sit there shackled to a wall, and he cant get out. he cant eat or drink hes going to starve to death, that THOUGHT is scary.

all The people in this story have anger issues.

Reminds me of the Dark Shadows epsiode where Rev. Trask gets walled up, and his spirit still tries to hamper the Collins family 150 years later

Dude had it coming - but they sould've killed him first

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