Ghost Stories

Sifty Sifty San

A Texas Ghost Story
retold by S.E. Schlosser 
Excerpted from Spooky Texas

    There was once a beautiful old house right on the edge of a lake, surrounded by woods. But no one would live there because a spirit calling itself Sifty-Sifty-San drove everyone away.
     In desperation, the owner of the house went to the big city, looking for a man or woman who would be able to banish the spirit of Sifty-Sifty-San. The first night in town, he came across a man named Sam who had spent much of his life banishing ghosts.
     As Sam approached the house he whistled cheerfully to himself; the prospect of a good night’s sleep in a fancy house and a big wad of money in his pocket made Sam a happy man.
Darkness came swiftly, and with it came a sinister hissing sound from the forest. Sifty-sifty, the wind whistled in the treetops. Saaaannnn, the waves lapping the shore responded. Outside, a huge gust of wind shook the house and howled down the chimney. Sam shivered and threw another log on the fire.
     The wind settled down a bit, and Sam could once again hear the tiny sounds of night. Sifty-sifty, the little frogs croaked. Saaannn, belched the biggest of the bullfrogs. The sound of the waves grew louder. Sam heard a huge thud-thud-thud sound coming from the forest. Sam ran around the house, making sure all the windows and doors were locked.
     He had just settled down by the fire for supper when there came a soft cry from the far side of the lake. The frying pan shook in his grip, and he hastily put it back on the fire and pulled a Bible out of his pack. The cry came again, louder. A strange gust of air blew through the house bringing with it a strange musty smell, like the dust in a graveyard.
     Out on the lake, Sam heard a soft voice chanting: “I am Sifty-Sifty-San. I’m here on the lake, but where is the man?” Sam froze in place, and the wind picked up again, howling down the large chimney.
     “I am Sifty-Sifty-San,” a sinister voice hissed from the shore of the lake. “I’m here on the shore, but where is the man?” Sam dropped his Bible in his fright. His hands were shaking too much to grip anything, and the dusty, decaying smell coming through the window seemed to dull his thoughts and numb his body.
      “I am Sifty-Sifty-San,” a terrible, howling voice called from the front of the house. “I’m here on the porch, but where is the man?” Abandoning food, Bible, bag, and sanity, Sam wrestled desperately with the back window, trying to open it wide enough to climb through. He heard the front doors slam open with a bang, and down the passageway came the thud-thud-thudding of footsteps. Then the kitchen door slammed inward, and a huge shadow with burning yellow eyes appeared in the frame.
     “I am Sifty-Sifty-San,” a horrible, blood-chilling voice bellowed. “I’m here in the house with the trespassing man!”
      “No you ain’t, on account of I’m gone,” shouted Sam, springing through the window, glass, wood frame, and all. He hightailed it back to town faster than a jackrabbit.
And that was the last time anybody went near the old house on the lake. If it hasn’t fallen to pieces by now, then Sifty-Sifty-San may be there still.


Lol. I like the pumpkin picture

that scared the heck out of me

this story is creepy


i'm too scared to even watch the video!

Great Story! This will be perfert to tell at my daughters Halloween party!

it scared me

this is one of the creepiest stories i have heard yet

that was scary

tat wa hekka creepy

oooooohhhhh scarrrryyy

tthat was freakyy

I amcompletely paralyzed with fear! I can't even watch the video!

What if the ghost just wanted to talk It must get pritty lonely there... :S

a good one i like ghost stories

the ending sounds like the ending of "Keep them Watermelons"


it was kind of funny at the end.;
i am sifty sifty san
and im here in the house with the trespassing man!
Then the Sam said;
No i ain't!

why post this it so creepy i got goose bumps wen reading it

That is ssssooooo scary. I am NOT gonna watch the movie. *shiver*

Im really scared

that was scary !!!huh

Such a great story. I approve this story :3

uhhh, im never gnna sleep tonight

that wasn't that creepy and scary but thats probably because Ihave read the book.

creepy story but i have 2 ghost living in my house right and they scare the crap out of me a old man and a 6 year old boy .............



This was probably not the scariest I've heard but it was pretty creepy.

i read scairier

Wow I'll have fun trying to sleep tonight!!

That was creepy.I don't think i want to watch the video.

so creepy...



Awesome story

Hahaha I am sifty sifty San I'm here in the states but were is the man

cool kinda like hairy toe dont you thing

super scary

its really scary

that was a great short spooky story

very cool dude

I bet it is not true however it is a good description and it was very scary.

That story gave me a nice laugh

That gave a nice laugh

I'm gonna have dawm nightmares again.

i can't talk!

omg that was not scary

watch the video its cool but creepy story lol i mean im never going to go there in my life

i liked that lol i wanna visit the house on the lake!

It's okay to watch the video. I seen it. It isn't scary at all.

i like the girl who was telling the story in the video :)

That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary

oh my! even when u read it ur afraid already... I HAAD NO COURAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO... ~_~'

that scared the creepiness out of me that is scary

sifty sifty saaaannnn.........

Lol the end was kinda funny:)

dang it i want to watch the video but i cant because of the stupid school lap top and it is blocked my ksd(kent school district)

wow that sent tingles up my spine i felt the movement of the ghost i have seen one before and let me tell never curse at them the can get angry bad it threw things at me and slammed me in to walls lol jk haaa wow though coolllllllll beanssssssss/

Not scary at all.

i am only 7 and i was brave enough to watch the video and listen to the story!i liked the whole thing

i read this story before but i wanted to hear someone tell it to me :) it was awesome

No u aint thats all I got to say

I was paralized at the end..... Best storie yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

really? sifty sifty san? what kind of name is that? it sounds to me like somebody was playing a joke on the guy. you shouldve used a storyline like "in the 1800's a man named shamus was a well known carpenter. he built his own house in the woods. he was a depressed man with no family that everybody picked on. one day a mob of people broke into his house and killed him bc he was born with a mangled face, with one eye lower then the other. 15 years later he returned from that grave to barracade himself into his house just to find that kids were partying and trashed the place. he was angry and murdered them all" or somethng like that

hey i liked it it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scaryi am going to rite a play on it peace


creepy, I am never going there.I know aperson named sam!!!!

Video not scary sifty-sifty-san because im 12 im brave a little the girl just talks in the video

not that scary i realy love scary storys so thats probably y i dont think its scary :)

what the heck?ghosts are of course creepy...oh!forget it just joking.

i love it ! so cool... im probably going to have nightmares now

Very crreeppyy????

that was terrifyingly cool



It is so scary to read I can't watch the video.
I wouldn't have thougt of watching it in the first place.
so scary.
why make a film of it ?

whoa nice story

😁 scary

i bet its not true. i also could feel the movement of sifty sifty san.

scarey. yes

I watched the vid now imma put the ghost busters ob speed dial

lolso scary

its so scary n also funny i had a good tym

This movie wa s. a good one butnot that scared

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