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Bringing the Scattered Together

By S.E. Schlosser

There once was a man who had everything: a fabulous job, wealth, a beautiful wife, a fine home, many friends. He was considered the most fortunate of men and was the envy of many. Then it all collapsed. His company went bankrupt. He lost his job and his wealth with it. Many of his so-called friends disappeared when his wealth failed. His wife left him. The bank repossessed his house.

Lost and lonely, the man relentlessly pursued every job opportunity, but none came his way. He dated every woman who had a passing resemblance to his ex-wife. But no relationship worked out. To his few remaining friends, he said repeatedly: "I want my life back. I must get my life back." But his life continued to spiral downhill.

In despair, the man took a few days off the dismal job he had accepted to keep body and soul together and went up to the mountains to think and plan. On the first day of his vacation, the man found his way to a lovely stream and sat under a huge tree with his back against the trunk, listening to the water flowing and wondering how to get his life back.

Then God came and sat beside the man under the tree. "My son, why are you troubled?" He asked. The man told God everything that had happened, ending his story with: "I want my life back. I must get my life back."

God pointed across the stream to a ruined old stump that was decaying in the underbrush. "Son, beneath the glitz and glamour, that is what your life looked like to me. Is that what you want back?"

The man was appalled. His perfect life looked like that rotten stump? God must be wrong.

"What do you advise me to do?" The man asked a little stiffly, staring fixedly at the decaying stump.

"Look above you. Do you see this tree? Its roots are strong. Its trunk is stable but flexible so the wind will not blow it down. Its crown is full of fruit. This could be your life, if you so wish."

The man looked at the dead stump. Then he looked up at the tree. He said: "I want my life to be like this tree. But I don't know how to make this happen."

God said: "You must start from the root, and build a new tree for yourself, piece by piece. Find a strong root from a plant that represents what you want your new life to be. Then gather wood from the trunk of a tree that has characteristics you admire. Likewise, gather resin from a tree that represents your heart's blood; your heart's desire. Chose a leaf that will best nourish the tree you are becoming. Pick a flower that shows the way your want your life to blossom, and then a fruit to symbolize the first fruits of your labor. And finally choose a seed, so many new trees may grow and flourish because you passed this way."

The man was skeptical. How could he possibly remake his own life by bringing the scattered parts of different plants together? It sounded ludicrous. But he was at the end of his rope, and willing to try anything to turn his life around. So the man studied the characteristics of many plants until he found the description of a root that represented the kind of man he wanted to be. He went out and purchased the root and brought it to his small rental apartment. The next day, the phone rang and the man was offered a promising position at a new company in a new city. The man took the job, though it was very different from his old position. And he loved it. He loved the work and he loved his new city. He was building a new foundation, just as God said.

After he had settled into his new job, the man went looking for the wood of a tree to represent strength and stability and flexibility. The day he brought his chosen wood home, his realtor called with the perfect house for him to buy.

Inspired by this second success, the man looked for resin from a sacred tree; for he wanted his inner life to be warm and joyful and he did not want to forget God who had advised him so well. In the weeks following his resin purchase, many new friends made their way into the man's life, filling it with laughter and joy and activity. The man was no longer alone.

The man chose a leaf next, and soon found that the health problems that developed in his stress disappeared. His new life was nourishing both his body and his soul. So he chose a flower that represented the way he wanted his life to blossom. And he found love with a woman who saw beyond his earthly success and loved him for his soul. Then the man found a fruit and put it with the other items he had gathered to make his tree. Now the good things in his life overflowed. He married his love and was promoted into a very responsible position at work. He was appointed to the board of his favorite charity and found many opportunities to invest his time and energy in the lives around him. Joy unbounded.

Now there was only one piece missing from his new tree. The man found a seed and brought it to the room where he kept the scattered pieces of plants that represented his hopes and dreams; his desired strengths and skills. Nine months later, his first child was born. And this was just the first of many births; for many of the man's ideas, inspirations and projects took lasting root. The children of his mind as well as his body were bestowed upon a weary world.

When his eldest child was a year old, the man took a few days off and drove up to the mountains. He found his way to a burbling stream and knelt under a big fruit tree. "Thank you," said the man.


Today, we make the essential oil synergy called Bringing the Scattered Together from the root, trunk, resin, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds of various plants. The oil is designed to help broken people find their way to a new wholeness, just as the broken man built himself a new life by choosing plants that best represented the person he wanted to become.


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Schlosser, author of the Spooky Series

About the Author: S.E. Schlosser

S.E. Schlosser is the author of the Spooky Series by Globe Pequot Press, as well as the Ghost Stories deck by Random House.  She has been telling stories since she was a child, when games of "let's pretend" quickly built themselves into full-length tales acted out with friends. A graduate of both Houghton College and the Institute of Children's Literature, Sandy received her MLS from Rutgers University while working as a full-time music teacher and a freelance author. Read more

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