Ghost Stories

Haunted Christmas

A spooky Wisconsin ghost story 

retold by S.E. Schlosser 

The soft thud of following footsteps echoed behind him as he hurried through the snowflakes toward home.  They kept pace with him, quickening when he quickened and slowing when he slowed.  It was creepy.  His flesh crawled at the sound and he sped up, cursing himself for walking home alone from the midnight Christmas Mass. 

Normally not a pious man, the middle-aged bachelor had suddenly been struck by a wish to hear the old Christmas songs sung once again by a church choir, and had walked across town to attend the service.  Now he regretted his choice, as he passed dark house after dark house in the snowy night, and the footsteps ever followed. 

He sped up until he was nearly running, and skidded into his street.  A few more paces brought him to the bottom of his front steps, and as he dashed up them, he realized suddenly that the following footsteps had ceased abruptly.  He glanced behind him at the cross-street from which he had just turned and saw only one pair of footprints in the snow-covered street when there should have been two.  He frowned in puzzlement, and then shuddered as a cold breeze struck him, driving snow against his collar, and slammed against the door.  Almost, it seemed to pass through the door, but that was superstitious nonsense.  His hand was shaking as he unlocked the front door and hurried inside. 

     He expected darkness, but was delighted to see the yellow glow of firelight coming from his study doorway upstairs.  His old housekeeper, whom he thought firmly asleep in her attic bedroom, must have lit the fire pending his return.  He shrugged out of his coat and paused for a moment, amazed to find it still warm and dry, though he had walked for more than a mile through a snow-storm.  It was almost as if he’d been walking in a bubble of calm air, though he remembered the soft snowflakes hitting his face when he first stepped out of church.  Before the mysterious footsteps began…

     His shudder was interrupted by a shout of greeting as his old friend Andy came hurrying out of the study.  His whole face lit up in a grin at the unexpected surprise.  The two men shook hands heartily and retreated back to the warmth of the firelight, talking so fast they stumbled over each other’s words.  Andy had left town years ago to take a government job in D.C., and they hadn’t seen each other since. 

      Nearly an hour passed before it occurred to him that his guest might be hungry.  His offer of a meal was instantly accepted, but Andy was unwilling to leave the comfort of the fire to eat in the kitchen, so he jogged downstairs alone to fetch some food.  He didn’t wonder at his friend’s reluctance to join him in the kitchen.  Andy had looked very pale and had kept shivering with cold while they talked.  He hoped his friend wasn’t ailing for anything. 

      A few moments later he was back with warmed up meat and potatoes and a couple of glasses of beer, apologizing profusely as he handed Andy a plate, for the mismatched dinnerware.  Andy just laughed and hunkered down to eat.  When they were both finished, he showed his friend to a guest room and then tumbled into his own bed to sleep, all his apprehension caused by mysterious footsteps forgotten in the visit of his friend. 

      He jumped out of bed Christmas morning and dashed immediately downstairs to the guest room to rouse his friend.  Andy wasn’t there, and the bed had not been slept in.  That was odd.  He ran down to look in the study, but Andy wasn’t there either, and one plate full of food was sitting on the end-table beside his old friend’s chair.  It was completely untouched, though he’d seen Andy eating from it the night before!  Skin creeping at the thought, he ran to the kitchen and asked his housekeeper if she’d seen Andy.  But the housekeeper had seen no one either the previous night or this morning.  He flopped down on the bottom step of the staircase, completely baffled.  Where had Andy gone?  It was a mystery that plagued him all Christmas Day, and he did not enjoy his holiday dinner at all, a fact that annoyed his housekeeper. 

      He was awakened the next morning from a restless sleep by the sound of the front door bell.  He stumbled out of bed and was splashing water from the bedside pitcher onto his sleepy eyes when a knock came at his bedroom door.  When he answered, his housekeeper handed him a telegram that had just arrived.  As she hurried back downstairs to prepare his breakfast, he opened it curiously, not knowing who would be telegraphing him so urgently. 

       As he read the telegram, he started to tremble.  The message was short and to the point:  Andy’s family regretted to inform him that his old friend Andy had passed away on Christmas Eve in his home in Washington D.C.  He sat down hard on the bed, the telegram fluttering away from his hand.  It must have been Andy who had followed him home on Christmas Eve.  That would explain the eerie footsteps and the dry coat in the middle of the snow storm.  He’d spent Christmas Eve with a ghost! 

You can read more Wisconsin ghost stories in Spooky Wisconsin, by S.E. Schlosser.


hey hector this is a really cool story about american folklore creepy storys. hope you enjoy hahahahahahah


that was the wackest story i ever heard.hope you enjoyed my comment.muahhhhh.

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that didnt makje any sence

coool story im making my own

cool story..........................boooooooooo

good story.i enjoyed.go u.bye


that did not make any sense...but it was all right.

My daughter said that was completely whack!!!!!! Booooooooooooooooooo!


this story is not very scary!!!!!!!!! but maybe u liked it

it was ok:)

i didnt really like this story. It was boring.

This is the best book ever


didnt make sense


Good i guess

That didnt make sensee.

i liket it a lot boooooooooooooooooooo


beware chrismas can be a scary thing if you are alone



I liked the story alot!



i dont think personally for me that it was that scary?? but meh. you might have enjoed it i liked the one under scary storys called "no tres pasing". !! its a really good story and im going to read it for ym campers m an intructor an im going to scare the likkle kids there but losts of supernatural things have happened in our camp!!

BOO!! scary aye?

thanks for helping with my english prep



it was scary jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk. i hope that dont happen to me on chrismas

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this was very scrary but sad at the end

man dis stuff was wack

cool its not scary ive seen and read way scarier! Any way email me world!!!!!!!

I guess it was good. Next time can you try to make it a little more scary

amazing storie

heard of it but it is still awsome dude

boring dont like it

Good story. Nice Ending.


it was okayyy-ish...really confusing....kinda boring....yeeeahah ive read better. sorry


i was there next store t sware this is real its not funny

I love this story too!!!

it is so boring

I liked that story. It's kinda sweet that his friend didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. Sad that it was on Christmas though.

i loved the story so good it was amazing

yes good story but did guess it the mate was a ghost....

it was a really scary storie

wow great story kinda creepy but really great

I liked it. He he he. At least he didn't spend christmas with a mean ghost!

mm... luv it.

I luv this story

*** all da peope that say thiz story aint good cuz its bad ***:)

OMG!!!!!! This story was the bomb. Wasn't that scary though, just really creepy. I couldtn imagine that happeneing to me! That would like crazy!!!!! But idk...=]

awww thats actually quite sad and not scary, though

You rock

OMG not scary at all. but it was a little bit scary at the beginning and the middle part.

it was scary for real.


creepy........ i hate clowns

its so creepy

It wasn't that good but it was kinda scary

this is a nice oneeee,,,,!!!

man yall need to lightin up and give the boy some props for even makin the story

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I read the first sentence and got bored...yawn



uhhh wow. this story was creepy but didnt make sense. why was his coat dry even though he was in a snow storm ? what does it have to do with the ghost ?

that wasnt scary it was sweet his friend came to say good bye after he died i liked it

Not scary but very good its sad that he died on christmas eve though...

this was so not scary

hey !!! dis was a great story !!! i totally got it and it was lovely too !!! it was lovely because he spent his christmas with his friend dats nice !!!!!!

that didnt really make sense but it was kinda scary...good job :)

friends forever til death do us part....inspiring story this is ....=)

whoa tht was scary my big sis got scared half to death!! >:D thank for the stories make more scary ones 1,000,000% scary >:D im evil aren't i hehehe!

thats pretty weird but it was good

THX for sharing.


that was quit scary when i read it it made me not want to look behind me. i always stay in my corrner of my bed

omg that story was so freaky! awesome!!

it gave me goose bumps



I have too admit,that was pretty creapy.


so scary

thats scary

creapy i read it to my cuzin she was crying its kinda sad too

that was scary

O.K. story...

It was pretty creepy!



So sad for Andy..This story is amazing!!!

Its a ghost story people, its not going to make sense. If you want to be fastidious about every thing that you read than go flip through a dictionary and try to make rude little comments about that.

That story was beyond awesome

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