Ghost Stories

Sachs Bridge

A True Pennsylvania Ghost Story

retold by S.E. Schlosser

 Spooky Pennsylvania    I don’t know what exactly draws me back to Sachs Bridge each time I visit Gettysburg.  I just know that I feel compelled to drive there and take pictures.  Of course, it is a beautiful spot -  a covered bridge that was used by the Confederate Army to cross the creek when they withdrew from Gettysburg .  But after all, how many pictures can you take of the same place?  Well, okay, if you’re a photographer, that’s a silly question!  Hundreds in all weather, season, lighting…  But really, I’m only an amateur, so why I personally felt compelled to record the bridge over and over was a mystery my boyfriend was obsessing about as he drove through the darkening countryside one evening in the late fall. 

      Of course, the bridge was supposed to be haunted, so that was definitely part of the draw it had for me.  According to the legend, three Confederate soldiers convicted of being spies were hanged from beams in the covered bridge, and their bodies were discovered by Union soldiers patrolling the area.  Their spirits were said to haunt the bridge, though other folks claimed they sometimes smelled General Lee smoking his pipe when they were standing on the bridge.  I’d actually smelled pipe smoke there once myself, and that was one of the reasons I kept coming back to the haunted bridge. 

      As we came to the bridge, a chill blasted over my skin in spite of the warmth flowing into the car from the heater.  The bridge, usually a friendly-spot, seemed sinister and dark.  I felt uneasy, as if a foul presence was on the bridge that did not want us to intrude there. 

      “I changed my mind,” I said quickly as my boyfriend stopped the car.  “I don’t want to take pictures here after all.”

     “What?!” my boyfriend practically screeched, staring at me in amazement.  “After you made such a big fuss about it?  After you forced me to look at every single solitary picture you ever took of this bridge before we came to Gettysburg?  No way, honey!  I could be back at the hotel drinking beer right now, but no!  We had to come to the bridge!  Out you get and take your photos!” 

      He was right, I guess.  Silly to come all this way and not take the pictures.  But I was utterly terrified to step out onto the bridge!  My hand shook as I reached for the door handle, and shook again as I secured my camera.  Praying with all my might that whatever dark power was out there would leave me alone, I leapt out the door and aimed my camera practically at random down the length of the bridge.  It was completely empty of everything but me and the car as I took several snapshots.  But I could feel someone – a very nasty someone – standing right behind me, willing me to leave or die.  Their presence throbbed at me in an almost physical way, and my skin crawled desperately.  I didn’t dare turn around.  I couldn’t.  I just whirled my camera around, aimed it over my shoulder and snapped a picture – fast!  Then I leapt back into the car before whoever – or whatever – decided to grab me, and gasped:  “Get me out of here now!” 

     My boyfriend took one look at my white face filled with eye-popping terror and got me out of there now.  I didn’t stop shaking until we were safely back in our hotel room for the night. 

       When I loaded up the digital pictures on my laptop computer the next morning, I went immediately to the pictures of the Sachs Bridge, unsure of what I would see.  In the first photo, a little boy in period costume stood an arm's length away from the camera.  He was glaring at me with a twisted little face and an evil grin.  He certainly hadn’t been there when I took the picture, yet he looked solid enough to be real.  The second photo was filled with misty figures that looked like phantoms.  Creepy!  I shuddered as I looked at them and quickly went to the next photo – the one I took over my shoulder without turning around.  I gave a shriek of fear which brought my boyfriend crashing into the room.  “What is it?” he shouted, and I pointed a shaking finger at the screen of the laptop.  Pictured on it was a filmy dark figure – half-human, half-beast – with blazing orange eyes filled with such menace and hatred that it made my stomach roil.  He appeared so close to the camera that he must have been directly behind me.  He looked like the Devil. 

       My boyfriend’s eyes popped and he gasped:  “Delete it.  Delete it now!” 

      Yet how could I delete it?  I had captured pictures of ghosts on my camera.  Was it worth the fright I’d had?  I wasn’t sure about that.  Still, I couldn’t delete them. 

      My boyfriend refused blankly to look at the photos more than once, and he swore never to take me to Sachs Bridge again.  But I may go back there someday.



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wow i would have **** my pants if i would have seen that

wow! i know what u felt, the presence, but instead of with a camera try a miror

Wow I would love to see the pictures that would be awsome. I live near Gettysburg. I would've been prayin like heck.

that is the coolest story ever

Wow that is amazing.I would love to go there someday.You see im so interested in ghosts its crazy.My family thinks im crazy for even believing that ghosts are real in the first place.You should post the the pictures if you dont it makes the story seem fake.I bet it is.But good telling!

I'll have to check with the person who shared the story with the American Folklore site to see if they will let us post the picture. Stay tuned!

This is really scary i hope its not real i feel tainted just reading it. DONT EVER GO BACK EVER.

Can you show the pictures? That is amazing...

that is so cool

That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooo...u r really fortune to see that,but if u can keep that picturs even we can be fortune to look at it.

scary, but a little unbelievable. post the pictures, or no one will believe it (even though you could have done photoshop work on it anyway, so im not sure it matters).

that is awesome can i c the pics?

omg!!! when i was reading that i felt like that thing was behind me!!! holy crap!!! that would be amazing if i could see the pic.

that would be scary to see i would sream!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

that would be scary to see all those weird pics!! im glad that wasnt me! was that story true???

wow crazy

I was scared for my life and I would have been scared for my life.

haha wow i am sure glad that wasnt mee


wow hmm i thought it was good

its a stupid waste of time

that was really scary..

Er - guys, can't you see this is a fiction story? It's not real, the writer just got a nice idea about a scary and cool story, and posted it here - of course it's not real! Great Story!!

In this particular case, the story is true. I interviewed the lady to whom it happened. It was a very freaky occurence for her. I have asked her if we can post the photos here. Keep your fingers crossed! -S.E. Schlosser

where are the pictures. I need a physical veiw of them to believe it. I can believe it is real but i want to see the pictures.

do not take pics where you never been befor in your life please you will loose your life

I know its hard to believe but, its true everyone. Its me that it happened too. It was almost unbelieveable to me when I looked at the pictures. Ever since I saw the boy I havent gone back. Thats how bad he scared me. I also had nightmares for a month.

Don't I know the feeling these experiences are some creepy stuff.

lol thats so funny!!!!

Thats ******* Scary. I would have taken an extra pair of pants

one of my friends took a picture of my girlfriend and in the picture you could see white arms wrapped around her neck. There really are spirits out there and it's so scary.

I have been to Sach's bridge and felt the evil presense and I walked across the bridge. I cried with fear and had to have two men lead me across the bridge. I will try to post the one picture I have from there that came out. I have been told I captured a solider on film...I want to go back to see what that solider wanted and why he appeared to me but I'm too frightened.

that ws col!!!!!!!!!!!!!


loooooooooooove it

I have been to sachs bridge many times , I,ve seen and have captured orbs ,a skull like face on camera,seen the , fog that came only to the south side of the bridge , heard sounds of groaning , seen strange blue lights in the woods I have seen the grey figure leaning on the tree more than once . where are your pictures ,I mean you felt compelled to tell your story , Pease post them

awesome story

wow i belive in ghost my freinnds old house in the backyard he told me there was a muder!?


dat was such a scary story if i was dere i dnt knw wat i will do and the photographer must be crazy 2 be goin back dere SOMEDAI!

i would have just ran to the car and never looked back and probably never looked at the photos

this scarednthe crap out of me i have experienced something in gettysburg once i was walking through and i saw a white figure in the trees so i went back the next daty and there was nothing there and when i looked at the picture i took the figure had red eyes an was right in front of me

omigod thats freaky and funny im never going there though just so ya kno

i was just there i have a pic that blows me away.there were three soldiers that were hung from the rafters from that bridge i have a pic of the rafters and there are like 3 ropes and the same shape are all the same but in the left corner there is the same shape thats on the is very awsome

that was a so freaky story!
I would really like to see the pitures.
Who was that boy anyway?
I didnt get that

pictures. where are they?

i dont know if i can believe that but maybe i will see something im going july 1 2 and 3
which is in 2 days cant wait

If this story is true I would love to see the pics!!!!!!!! So if it is put the pictures on if you have them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary

Just after 9/11/2001, it was October, 2001 I went to Gettysburg, PA. I ended up at Sachs Bridge at dusk. I took some pictures on my digital camera. Went back in my car to veiw them. By then it was dark. The pictures at the bridge refused to open. Just then, I heard a bang on the rear of my car. The car started to shake, like some one was trying to push it. I was scred to death. I looked in the mirrors to see who was pushing shaking my car, I could see know one. I turned around and there was no one, but th car was being rocked. I started the car and left as fast as I could. What ever it was, did not want me there. When I got in to town, I remembered that I had an American flag on my antena (remember we all flew them), That explains it, the ghosts of the Rebels did not want that Yankee flag there! This is true. I'm afraid to do this again.

Oh, wow! The recent post about Stan G. visiting the bridge and having a major fright too, really sparks my interest. I hope to visit in the daylight, yet with brave company.

WOW!!! do you think that the demon might have been that creepy little boy too? i swear to god, put the pics on youtube, or loan them to paranormal TV!!! i luv the south, i have about 50 books having to do with gettysberg, savana, and the civi war (i'm a 15 year old reading machine!) please post the pics!!!!


wow....maybe i should visit.

great story, my sister and I are going there on the weekend of july 4th, we'll take holy water with us. maybe the devil and the ghosts will find their way home.


wow,that is so freaky,dont EVER go there again. i wouldnt, i feel bad just reading it. but i do believe in always trying 2 find them. lots of people tell me im crazy, but i do believe, but ive never caught 1 on a pic. ill try later

Wow I loved this story...I live in the south and can't seem to get enough of the haunted south!!!

Ohhhh dat was cooooooöoool

for some messed up reason i found this extremely funny and i love to scare the s*** out of myself but its a great story dont you belive in ghost 2

OMG!!! are those pics real or did u edit them or wat??

Ok, I don't believe in ghost but I LOVE to scare the daylights out of myself reading these stories! Guys, listen to the Hermit's House, it is AWESOME and I just HAD to look behind my shoulder after I read this! It is scary! I always look behind me after I read these stories! CREEPY!

Yeah. I've been there. It's scary even during the day. I definitely felt a presence of some sort. I love Gettysburg though. Can't wait to go back. Not to the bridge necessarily...

im just 10 years old but i dint get scared when i read the story but when i saw the photographs i felt spooooooooooooky!

These creatures which I call non-human spirits can be attracted by places that are already haunted by ghosts full of negative emotions (basically it's these ghost that attract them). They are like feeding on negative energy. Less likely but nonetheless possible that it was an ordinary ghost that didn't want you there at that time and it took a shape you'd sure be afraid of. However if 'normal' ghosts are able to take shape, that I'm not quite sure of.
The child could have been the very same spirit in yet another shape (if you have any fear towards children, you have been abused by schoolmates as a child etc. or just overly affected by a horror movie with a murderous child it's more than possible that it was the same one that stood behind you).
There is yet another possibility though. I remember your story about the devil by the park as you drove by right after you've seen him in a dream. Now these things can be attracted by a person as well. They can attach themselves to you. There's possibility that you have picked up one of these somewhere while doing your research on the subject of this whole website. You could have easily ran into one. Possibly during one of your personal experiences you've written about, like this one.
If you have experienced other strange things that seem to follow you, to your home, to work, wherever, there most likely is such spirit attached to you.
Now how to get rid of them I'm not really sure. They are feeding on negative energy like fear, tension and anger which they are creating around them. This is their food. If you deny their food, they might leave to search for an other prey.
They also enjoy attention. It gives them strength. Those photos truly might be better off deleted. They might be the key factor that links the spirit to you.
But what if this is considered fear and it adds further strength to the spirit instead of 'shutting the door in its face'...this I truly don't know, you'd better off find a specialist. I am not quite deep into this kind of spirits, I have some basic information about them since they are unavoidable if someone is digging into the paranormal but I am basically dealing with human spirits.

*normal ghosts changing shape, not taking's pretty late round here and I am half a sleeping (yeah sure I'll have nice dreams after all these stories lol)

OMG! Holy HOLY! I would have fainted if I ever saw that...
And I would sleep with my bf that day xD

Scariest one out of all 10 so far

I like ghost stories they are interesting and scary at the same time they are AWESOME....

holy mother of flying pigs. that scared the mess out of me. i would have been way to scared to look at the photos

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