Scary stories

No Trespassing

No TrespassingA Texas Scary Story
retold by S.E. Schlosser

     Peggy and her boyfriend Tommy were driving down a lonely stretch of highway at dusk when a thunderstorm came crashing down on them. Tommy slowed the car and they crept their way past a formidable abandoned house. Plastered all over the fences and trees were no trespassing signs.
A mile past the house, the car hydroplaned. Peggy screamed as the car slid off the road, plunging down into a gully. The car slammed into a large boulder, throwing Peggy violently into the door, before it came to a rest under a pecan tree. Her head banged against the window, and a stabbing pain shot through her shoulder and arm. 
     Tommy turned to her. “Are you all right? You’re bleeding!” 
     “Arm, shoulder.  Feel bad,” Peggy managed to gasp.
     Tommy glanced cautiously at her right arm. “I think your arm is broken,” he said, and he tore a strip off his shirt and pressed it to the cut on her head.   “I’m going to call for help,” he said when it became obvious that the bleeding was not going to stop right away.  But neither of them had their cell phones.
      “That house we just passed will have a phone I can use.” Tommy said. 
     Peggy’s eyes popped wide open at this statement. Despite her pain, she remembered the creepy abandoned house. “Stay here. A . . . car . . . will come,” 
     “I can’t stay, Peggy,” Tommy said, “It could take hours for another car to come, and you‘re losing too much blood.” He tore another strip of his shirt and placed it gently on the cut on her head.  Then he went out and retrieved a couple of blankets from the trunk to cover her with.  “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He raced out into the storm, shutting the dented car door behind him. 
Peggy drifted in a kind of daze.  Something at the back of her mind was making her uneasy. She slid down on to the floor and put her head on the seat, completely covering herself with the blankets, head and all.  Feeling safer, she allowed the weariness caused by the wounds to take over and fell asleep.
     Peggy wasn’t sure what woke her.  Had a beam of light shown briefly through the blanket?  Did she hear someone curse outside?  She strained eyes and ears, but heard nothing save the soft thudding of the rain, and no light shown through the blanket now.  If Tommy had arrived with the rescue squad, there surely would be noise and light and many voices.  But she heard nothing save the swish of the rain and an occasional thumping noise which she put down to the rubbing of the branches of the pecan tree in the wind.  The sound should have been comforting, but it was not.  Goosebumps crawled across her arms – even the broken one -- and she almost ceased breathing for some time as some deep part of her inner mind instructed her to freeze and not make a sound. 
      She did not know how long fear kept her immobile.  But suddenly the raw terror ceased, replaced by cold shivers of apprehension and a sick coil in her stomach that had nothing to do with her injuries.  Something terrible had happened, she thought wearily, fear adding yet more fatigue to her already wounded body.  Then she scolded herself for a ninny.  It was just her sore head making her imagine things.  Somewhat comforted by this thought, she dozed again, only vaguely aware of a new sound that had not been there before; a soft thud-thud sound as of something gently tapping the roof.  Thud-thud.  Pattering of the rain.  Thud-thud.  Silence.  Sometimes she would almost waken and listen to it in a puzzled manner.  Thud-thud.  Patter of rain.  Thud-thud.  Had a branch dislodged from the tree?  
     Peggy wasn’t sure how long she’d been unconscious when she was awakened by a bright light blazing through the window of the car and the sound of male voices exclaiming in horror. A door was wrenched open, and someone crawled inside. She lifted her head and looked up at a young state policeman.
     “Miss, are you all right?” he asked and then turned over his shoulder to call for help. Peggy told the officers her story and begged them to look for Tommy. They deftly avoided answering her and instead called the paramedics.
     As the paramedics carried her carefully up the slope of the incline, Peggy looked back at the car—and saw a grotesque figure hanging from a branch of the pecan tree.  For a moment, her brain couldn’t decipher what she was seeing in the bright lights of the police car parked at the side of the road.  Then she heard a thud-thud sound as the foot of the figure scraped the top of the totaled car, and she started screaming over and over in horror.  One of the police officers hastened to block her view and a paramedic fumbled for some valium to give her as her mind finally registered what she had seen.  Tommy’s mangled, dead body was hanging from the pecan tree just above the car, and nailed to the center of his chest was a No Trespassing sign.  

You can read more Texas ghost stories in Spooky Texas, by S.E. Schlosser. 


thats so sad cuz he only did that to save his girl friend it way more sad than scary

i thought it was really scary

I thought it was very scary especially at the end when tommy had a tresspassing sign ion him. It gave me the creeps!!!!!

hey this is a good story!! i didnt expect the end to be like that but really good.

omg aweseome story!!! real tight yo lol i love it it feraked me out just reading it!! <3 ♥

that was so not scary. and a really boring story

i don't know i thought it was pretty obvouse whut was going to happen but it was still scary but your right britney it was sad in that sense

that was not scary

That Was crazy!

AWESOME story didn't expect a thing!!

it was sad

OMJ! That was scary, but at the same time sad. The part when Tommy had the NO TRESPASSING sign nailed to his chest was the scariest.

this was so cool it was like i was there

thats a good one

omg scarry

i think that was scary and i think that is sad. that is also nasty. i would do the same thing as her

awww thats so sad but the wierd thing is if she had seen him then why did she not see somebody coming to put him up there. im freaked out too.

omg that was soo scary but it was not one of the scariest

i lake to learn this store

that was a good story i liked it.

i really liked this story it was cool i wonder why that happened

i really liked this story

i felt sad and scared. the sad part was when she was waiting for the boyfriend to return. and the scary part was when tommy had the sign nailed right through him on the chest.

this wasn't dat scary i could have lived with iiiiiiitttttttt

i liked it

This story freaked me out!!! Its really you have anymore???

OMG!!! that is soooo i said, i live in its really scary.....was that based on a true story???

Kudos for the author....

wow now that is very scary
and i know how scary it is because i was in one just like that

I didnt think that was going to happen omg that part with the NO TRESSPASSING SIGN on him creeped me out in some way awesome story. great job

this was a good story
i think the most creepyest part was when she saw her boyfriend hanging from the tree :|

THat was kinda creepy I heard it at a halloween party

Oh, I just loved it! It was great Miss Sandy!!

That wss the freekiest thing I've ever heard I'm goin 2 recomend it to all my m8s I feel so bad about poor little Peggy I'll never tresspass again

it wasnt even close to scary i need something to bring to school on holloween that will scare my classmates

OMG!!! This story was amazing!!! I didn't expect that Tommy was going to die(jk)!

i love scary stories iat dis web site


Kind of a weird story with the Thud Thud on top of the car but when she was taken out of the car and saw that it was her boyfriend I felt sad for her.

it was scary all of you

good was gereat!

omg that was soo sad! it wasnt very scary but that is soooo sad!!!!

did not expect a thing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friken awsom later dueds love yall

it was a mistireous story GOOD JOB

omg sweet, scary,sad iloved it

i love this story it is so good! i will tell it to all my friends! but i felt bad for the girl:( I also felt bad for tommy because he died just to help; his girlfriend.

Good Grief! That Was a great story, i actually thought the boyfriend was gonna make it. After doing such a good deed and all then getting killed by god only knows...Great Story!

wow that was freakin creepy

that was the scariest story i had ever read

dats wats up that was a great story but i think it should be a little bit more scarier than it is sad

this story was really depressing i frlt like crying poor gurl seeing her boyfriend dying like that but oh well she only told him not to go

it was scary i didnt know that they were going to kill her boyfriend



omg i liked it but it would have been better if tommy would stayed alive.... now peggy doesnt have anyone to luv her:(


that was such a good story. its so detailed and vivid... i love it!!!



that was pretty creepy hey?? allthough it wasnt one of the scariest. the scariest part was when he was hanging from the tree with the sign through his chest.
(so sad):(


OMG!!!that was so scary espiecally the part when the NO TRESPASSING sign was nailed to her boyfriend's chest


screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem.That was so scary.I got an adrinilin rush in the mittle.

wow...i was listening to winds of change by the scorpions, so i wasnt as scared as most of u were

That gave me the shivers

omg that was the best story ive heard in a long time i was amazed about how she did she any thing or hear him screaming or anything that should be made into a movie thats how good it is great job author make more and more stories to tell more people

omg poor tommy

i liked this story kinda. it wasn't scray-scary, but it was still good! i loved the ending it was the best!
you should make a video of this movie!!! lol

I can't believe that happened!

man that wuz sad, not even scary..

that was sad

this was sad & scary if i was tommy i would of stayed in the car with peggy and called the peramedics.

it was scary 4 her not 4 me though cuz, i dont know why it wasnt that scary 4 me exactly

I thought the scariest part was when she saw Tommy's body hanging from the tree
with the sign in his chest. Tommy was so brave to try to find help for her. I also think that the girl was brave 2.


so not scary

that was an wonderfull story i like the last paragrah

i love the storie.......i got really creeped out on the part where he at the no trespassing sign nailed in chest....make more stories like that=)

So he was tring to save his girlfriend.How did Peggy's arm and shoulder got stabbed?

so is this what you get for being a good person how horrible!

dis story was scary and sad and BORING_____BORING

it like this story ..:D

good story ending was surprising

it was really well put together an akward ending but really good

way sad. (sigh) poor Tommy. Wonder who killed him?

it waz creapiest thing that happpened to her and i didnt even see it coming oooooooooommmmmmmmggggggggg


that was reallysad,was it the spirits or people that killed him yes or no'

That was awesome! it was cool at the end and i loved the part when peggy woke up to see her boyfriend hanging from a tree with the sighn on his chest. way scary.

That story was awesome. It had a sad ending, but it was awesome when she woke up to see her boyfriend hanging on a tree with a sign on chest. The only thing i didn't get was who the hek killed him?

that is so sad. something like that happened to my friend once.

WOW!!!! that was very very scary but they should of said who exalclty killed her boy friend and less time explaining the same thing about the girl!!!!!

THAT....WAS...SO....not scary it was cheesy

Whoa, that was scary and sad.

how scary

aww tht's kinda sad
but so KWL!!!!

that was a certain twist of an ending...i did not expect to read that...great job...i listed this as one of my favs....awesome..

that was not that scary!!!

nice but not creepy

I'm gonna tell my friends to tell scary stories every friday and this will be one of them!

omg thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was sooooooooooooooooo scary i told the story 2 my lil bro and my bg brother scared him with a sighn tht said no trespasing on his chest he screeamed like a girl i got grounded so did my bg bro it was sad 2

omg thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was sooooooooooooooooo scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaryyyyy

that was scary very SCARY

the tommy part was so scary because who hung tommy to the tree and nailed a no trespassing sign to his chest

this story was so scary. after i read it i kept on hearing a thud to. scariest story ever!!!!!

awesome story

omg great story!!!! it went around today at school adn we made my bff scared cuz she thougght the edning was way CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

this is a really awsome story i love scary stories because i like feeling scared and plus that is creepy how the NO TRESPASSING sign was on his chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW that was a good story. Scary and sad. If you didn't like it then thats your fault but you know that you are just sayin it isnt scary for you to look good when you just sound ignorant. If you didn't like it then don't comment on it. Nobody asked if you liked it or not they ask if you liked it and would like to post a comment. people really make me sick!!!! like Bob,lola s.,Lily,Lauren,Cyana,and anonymous!!!

This story is soo sad and awsome u didnt think Tommy will die at the end

that was kanda scary. Iv, heard better

That story was GREAT!!! It was sad and gross and scary all at the same time!!

soo scary aaaaaaah i found it sad at da end tommy was tryin 2 save his gf but coudnt..

NiCe... StOryyyyy..!!!!
m lUvIn,,, iT

ghost arn't real or any other super natral stuff retards

that is scary how did tommy get on da roof ?


This story needs to B mire scarier 4 me!

AWW that is so sad all he did was try to save her

OMG!!!!!! that was SOOOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg this is so sad. I hope this is a made up story if not R.I.P Tommy


OMG! It was like i was there!

not very scary at all

awesummmmmmmmmmmmm butcouldabeen scarier

um im only ten and that was so not scary but its sad that tommy tried to save his girlfriend but still he was warned he shouldnt have went into the house!

do u have a scarier one????


That was creepy not soo much scary but creepy.

But then again its also really sad because she just wanted to save hes girl friend...


I probably would've done the same but hopefully i wud've made it instead

it was more sad then scary becuz they loved each other and it was a horror seeing him there just dead!

That story was awesome. For me scary and creepy, and it it kind of weird tommy on top of the car with a "NO TRESSPASSING" sign in his chest, and I wonder who did that and why he/she killed pegg too?

Wow, third one of these stories, like the one where in hawaii there was a couple and thier car needed oil and broke down, a roadio reported a serial killer is stalking the town they were in (which by the way was abandonned) and so she locked her doors and started hearing scrapping noises, police came by and said if she was looking for a boy and described her husband, she said yes and they asked her to come out but dont look up. she comes out looks up and there is her husband being hung with several knives stabbed into his body and his head skinned

That was just a crazy weird. Although, I've heard it before. It was only a bit different. And It's for kids!

that was just scary and sad cause i already knew what hat thud was


HI =)

wasnt scary but it was good and sad. i liked it

OMG!!!!!!!! thats so so so sad i cant belive it i want to cry!!!!!!!!!!! :(

I liked it.....unlike Mr.BOB!

that was scary it was good too lol i wwould recermade it to everyone it sooo good

Not bad kinda felt like i was there

that was lameeee

This was sad

Whoa it totalty freak me out when tommy hang up that freak me out AAAAAAAAA

dang no trespasing thats not right i owuld literaly hope out at that house crab an axe and cut the house down! lol and thats just me hahah

I thought it was gonna be some creepy persone in the tree but it turned out to be Tommy! creepy!

good and creepy!! but not scary!!!=O

i thought it was sad :( it also made me thiNK of my weird friend named donald HE WAS WIRED

That was disturbing

This wasn't even Scary. :|

i think it is more scary at night

it was really scary not that scary so i hate scary books

it was sad cause i didn't expect tommy to die and peggy didn't even know it was him which makes it even more sad

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THX :p, Ithel.

pretty good

that was a good story but i am suprised she went to sleep with all the pain in her arm

i though that was kinda creepy. It was really scary when there was the no trespassing sign in his chest.

I thought this was sad,freaky,disturbing, and weird in the day time yesterday, but oh BOY at night, this thing sounds so real and it gave me nightmares. weird!

OMG i feel SO sorry for Tommy!

OMG! I didn't expect the ending.

dang dats messed up ummmmm he should of stayed there dats what he get j/p but i guess ummmmmmmmmm dat was scary she will be alrite wit out em ummmmmmm

that was a good story!

Sad, yet creepy...

it was ok... i liked iit, creepy enough but could have been better..

Hahaha it said my dogs name!

awwwwwwwwww so sad!


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WOW scary but sad

i am so freaked out nad wondereing how im going 2 get 2 sleep 2nite.LOL:(

OMG!!!!!! its scary and sad! great story, great story!!!!

the ending was horrific great story!

Not really scarry but sad that the guy died alone

woooooooooooooooooow now that sucks

Omg. This was the best story. Scary although I still am stuck with a sign in my chest. Can u help me?

Oooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggg it was soooo scary at the same time it was veryyy sad. Also i loved it .Good job!!!!!!!!!!!


this was a freaking awsome story! scary as heck but it rocked!! definately a "lock your door" kinda story

that was so sweet when tommy tryed to save his girl friend weird when he first got out of the car and he had a sign naild to his chest the hole time i wonder who did that to poor tommy : /

sucked balls

It's so sad... poor Tommy...

i didnt expect him to make it to the house

nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt ssssssssssscccccccccrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy dduuummmm

that was so sad cuz tommy didn't save his girlfriend

some what long, not really frightening and i am a nine year old so i would give it a d-



that story scared the mess out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COOL!! interesting!! Fantastic!! :)

dhat wusz an amazinq and scary story!! iht really puts yuh in dha mood to keep reading

this story is really i was there... so sick for Tommy...


who put the no traspasing sing in his chest???i wanna know!!

omg that was so awesome!!

that was scary but in pretty muchevery scary story with a teen couple in a car is lyk this.The bf alwayse dies, somthing always happens to the car, the bf alwats tells the girl to lock the doors and stuff so that he can get help, and you always hear the bfs fee scraping the top of the car because they always coincidentally get stuck under a tree so that the murderer can hang him from a branch of the tree...noooo surprise there...*sigh*


wow that was freaky but sad that a man who actually cared about his woman had to be killed..........

cool! very good! :)

WOW! dat was so weird da skary part was when tommy was hung on da branch and had a "no trespassing" sign nailed 2 his chest

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Only that was scary how he had a sign nailed to his chest.

This story really freaked because we are from texas and we dont know where this happened. it could have happened right down the the gpsummergroup2010.

1 of the scariest stories i've ever read. the ending especially. really good i luved it

sad i bet peggy was ugly and wow who would've thought a peggy and a tommy would get together well i didn't feel sad but it surprised me that you didn't describe the cop fully you just said young was he hot? well anyways umm thud thud thud got my sister freaked out because she couldn't say thud she kept on saying thund i will like to know why tommy didn't just leave her when he knew she was gonna die and how did she survive like that is alot of blood loss and how did the cops get notified to go there? those are just a few comments/questions but another one i would love to hear tommy's side i know he's dead but it's cool

It's scary, okay!! But its the same story i had read early. Same tragic situation...

How did Peggy know to be still and quiet?? That's weird. Great story! I've heard some like that, but not with the twist at the end!

THAT WAS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

that stroy is more sad than scary

Who would nail a sighn to someones chest??????...Grose!!!!!!!!

f ing scary man

that was scary i knew what was it at the start of the thump on the car all of these stories end like that

awsome!loved it

it was very good the ending did not see that coming i liked it was scary and griping nice scary story

I was not scared at all but i was freaked out when she finally figured out what it was hitting the top of her car....great story to tell though

It was so scary.


what killed him?

that was awsome!!!!!

but how did the killer put tommy in the tree without any noise?

OMG!! that was strange, it was stupid how he died like that. I mean if i was her i would feel like Crap if he died for me! what happened in between then, i think someone should write another story in tommy's point of veiw.

Just a sad story with a lot of pain and violence, the only creepy moment was when the girl inside the car and and something terrible happening around.

I would say who ever lived in that house killed him. That was a good story.

that was a really good one . tommy shouldve listened and stayed

LOL that was funny but sad

that was lame...i cud write a scarier story :P

vry scary storie

thought this were well scary espically at the end, poor tommy!xx (:

it was ok i gussi need a more scary story see ya xxxooo :)

not scary at all

that was awesome but very sad but wish there was more cuz who was in the house and who put him there so many questions unanswered

oh ! thats good...............
i hope it has part 2 ..

that's so sad and scary! : (

hahah it's so nice i love it either.....i really love it because of their value----cooperation...

He just got butt powned a no trespassing sigh nailed. To his chest that's awesome

Couldn't of put it much better myself. Great!

this story is so sad because he cared about his girlfriend thats why he went for help but its an awsome story!!!!! :D

That was awsome it gave me goosebumps but pretty sad

the murder was done by a crazy caretaker

these people took no trespassing too seriously. he just wanted to help his girl friend...

The best

OMG that was so freaky imagine finding a boyfriends mangled in a tree... Disgusting! It was so sad i feel sorry for tommy!

the first time i read it, it was REALLY scary. then i started writing it down to read to my friends and it wasn't scary but i think it was the best story of all these

Wow best story I've read so far

omfg dat was sort of scary but mostly sad i wanna cry i feel so sorry tommy went to get help just for her and instead he dies with a no tresspasing sign omg!!!!!!!!

i thought that a killer came inside instead of the officer XD

it was an awsome story so cool

perfect addition that totally endede the story perfectly how tommy died.....


This story is lot like "Axe-Murder Hollow" except the ending is different and happier.

this was brilliant thanks

Fantastic thanks

i love the part when tommy foot was skraping on the car

Thankyou very much

i loved that story! it was sad though when tommy died):

Very nice site! is it yours too

That wuz ultra sad, I feel sorry 4 him. :,(

Very good and sad. Especially when she saw him hanging from the tree.

What a nice post. I really love reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what others have to say.

that was freking awsome i loved it but it was really sad anda little scary

lol thats good she put blanket over here :D

wow that was sooo scary im telling that one at my sleepover!!!!!

I thought it was really scary.
Kinda sad what u gotta do to protect someone huh?

i dont really know what to say. Creepy.?

Hello everyone...looking forward to using this site!

That was weird! and kinda scary

What killed him?

The ending in a way is a bit ironic but also scary and gory

i really liked this story it was really creepy too lol but i loved it

I luv this story, i'd like to see it in movie form

Very nice site! is it yours too

that's soooo sad :(
he did something to save his gf and he ends up dying and hung above the car? thats just sad :(

i luv the name tommy. scary story but also sad

Very nice twist at the end.

I thought it was good and creepy. It is also sad since he was trying to help her.

You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.
thanks !! very helpful post!
amazing stuff thanx

there's nothing lyk a gud story 2 make ma day.........

Well this actually scared me,

it would of been scarier if the killer came back and killed her.

haha funny

it was funny

Awwh. Thts soo sad. If tht happened to me, I would diee.

that was soo freakin' scary. if i ever see a NO TRESSPASSING sign, i will not go near it!

I loved the story! It was amazing, and soo unexpected, but I didn't think it was scary. Anyways, it was still an awesome story!



what kind of twisted person kills someone who is trying to save his girlfriend! i mean, come on! that is too cruel!

that story will do nicely for my english homework :)

that was soooo sad at the end! i read a different version of this but it wans not as good as this one!

:O that was not right, poor Tommy. I can't help but imagine him hanging there :*(

Wow!!! Creepy!!!! I hated AND loved it!!

me likey

i like it it just a littie bit scary


that was freaky!but i have heard a similer story before

Wow! That was touching of Tommy. I wonder... Who nailed the No Trespassing sign on his chest?

Awesome I have heard something different but I so didn't imagine it would end like that

wat was it that killed the guy a ghost?????? i need to know!!! :(

that was a very suspenseful story.

Oh that's so sad D=

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my bff is going yell like a little girl thanks


this made me cry

Extremely well-written!

IT was sad but still liked it

wierd but scary police should have listned to her and go looked for Tom

it was weird... not scary...


OMg so scary yet sad too he only did that for his girl :(

HAhAHAHAHAHA sucks for that guy! Good story!


woah...he did what was needed to save his girlfriend...if i was him, i would have done the same

Good story but not scary

that was kind of sad you know :(


ok so this was more sad than scary...i wanted to cry, poor Tommy! he was only being a good boyfriend...

That is so scary....

thats a lot like the ax murderer story ,quite scary!!

cool story

ToT i feel like crying right now sooooooo sad and soooo scary but awesome!

at first a thought after the thuds someone would say "No tresspassing" or something.i didn't expect the ending.

One word . . . Scary.

lol it is so scary

Omg!! That was sooo scry and sad!! D:

how about this story, a man is on a business trip and stumbles accross an old inn (as you do) he decides to go inside as he's feeling preety tired. Later on, during his 1st night at the inn he is woken by singing. He goes 2 investigate and finds that it's coming from room 47. He looks through the keyhole and spots a beautiful woman but he can only see the neck down, so he goes back to bed. The next night he is once again awaken by the same singing so he goes back to room 47 and looks through the keyhole again. This time all he sees is a bright red light covering up the whole keyhole so he goes back to bed again. The next day, he goes to the inn keeper and says "The singing was great last night wasnt it!" The inn keeper replies "no-one but you has stayed here in ten years! my daughter used to live here but she sadly commited suicide after being bullied because of her red eye"

that was so scary and sad but the thought of having a dead body above my car ,during a thunder storm , alone ,in the dark is to much 2 bear:o !!!!

K well I knew what was going to happen because I've already read tons of stories like this but it is a really suspenseful story. Although I wish they would have a second story that is in tommy's point of view. THAT would be scary.

Well, someone takes their private property very seriously.

great sooooooooo scary

Hi me and my friend where having a sleepover and i read the story and we both agread that it was one of the scartest story we had read!

AWESOME story!!!I feel sooo bad for the Tommyyy!!!


thaaaaat was scary

thats what he gets for trespassing

just like in scary movies
you dont listen, you get killed

sooo scary!!

Omg that freaked me out so much, and i feel so sorry for tommy! he was just trying to save his girl friend. i wonder who killed him. it was a nice twist tho

man now i'll think twice befor tresspassing cus i would hate for that to happon to me. "LOL"

love it or be cursed!!!! lol

OMG!! this story was great, especially at the end that was really sad:( but loved it:D

Ok now for SURE i cant slee[ tonight....

this made me get goosebumps thts really
creepy!!!! :0


was trippy and freaky with a good ending i give this thumbs up


That was really creepy... I really like the story because it was form the perspective of the girl, not the boy!

sad and super scary!

i love this story i read it all the time its one of my favs but its not scary its sad well it could be scary 2 new timers

my heart pounded like crazy....and i loved it!!!!

OOOO!!! This story was so scary that I think I'm going to have good dreams!

that was creepy i thought it wasnt gonna be scary because at first it wasnt but then i was creeped outit was such a good story i read it over an over i was shocked.

tht was a good story but sad and scary

aww thats sad!! and scary...

i feel so bad 4 tommy he was only tryin 2 help his girlfriend

It goes without saying I will tell all my friends about it, really fresh. Cheers.

the bit where it says a no trespassing sign was nailed to him,i thought that was the best bit lool :)

I thought that it had been his ghost that went to go get help and he had died already

Wicked story, I'll make sure never to trespass on anyone's poperty again.


i really dont understand the story but it was really sad :((

Wow that was sad and scary

HAH, busted! :-)

Soo sad!

How did the police know she was there?


It was kinda sad and really creepy

so sad

That's Ok.

thanks for this very good!!

Now this ending was great. :p

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