Ghost Stories

Axe Murder Hollow

Excerpted from Spooky Pennsylvania 

retold by S.E. Schlosser 

     Susan and Ned were driving through a wooded empty section of highway. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, the sky went dark in the torrential downpour.
     “We’d better stop,”  said Susan. 
      Ned nodded his head in agreement. He stepped on the brake, and suddenly the car started to slide on the slick pavement. They plunged off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom of an incline.
     Pale and shaking, Ned quickly turned to check if Susan was all right.  When she nodded, Ned relaxed and looked through the rain soaked windows.
“I’m going to see how bad it is,” he told Susan, and when out into the storm. She saw his blurry figure in the headlight, walking around the front of the car. A moment later, he jumped in beside her, soaking wet.
      “The car’s not badly damaged, but we’re wheel-deep in mud,” he said. “I’m going to have to go for help.”
      Susan swallowed nervously. There would be no quick rescue here. He told her to turn off the headlights and lock the doors until he returned.
     Axe Murder Hollow. Although Ned hadn’t said the name aloud, they both knew what he had been thinking when he told her to lock the car.  This was the place where a man had once taken an axe and hacked his wife to death in a jealous rage over an alleged affair. Supposedly, the axe-wielding spirit of the husband continued to haunt this section of the road.
      Outside the car, Susan heard a shriek, a loud thump, and a strange gurgling noise. But she couldn’t see anything in the darkness.
      Frightened, she shrank down into her seat. She sat in silence for a while, and then she noticed another sound.  Bump. Bump. Bump.  It was a soft sound, like something being blown by the wind.
      Suddenly, the car was illuminated by a bright light.  An official sounding voice told her to get out of the car. Ned must have found a police officer.  Susan unlocked the door and stepped out of the car.  As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she saw it.
      Hanging by his feet from the tree next to the car was the dead body of Ned.  His bloody throat had been cut so deeply that he was nearly decapitated. The wind swung his corpse back and forth so that it thumped against the tree. Bump. Bump. Bump.
     Susan screamed and ran toward the voice and the light. As she drew close, she realized the light was not coming from a flashlight. Standing there was the glowing figure of a man with a smile on his face and a large, solid, and definitely real axe in his hands. She backed away from the glowing figure until she bumped into the car. 
      “Playing around when my back was turned,” the ghost whispered, stroking the sharp blade of the axe with his fingers. “You’ve been very naughty.”
      The last thing she saw was the glint of the axe blade in the eerie, incandescent light.

You can read more Ghost Stories by S.E. Schlosser in Spooky Pennsylvania.


this story left me on the edge on my seat... i wanted more!

OMG! OMG! OMG! are you serioius? that story just scared the h*ll out of me! no joke! that is scary!!!! I cant believe that..=[!!!!

That was Scary! You Should read it.

cool lol ms sandy scary

r u f@**ing serious dude where do you get your stories at

omg after i read the story, my phone rang and it scared the crap out of me!!!

OMG!!!! that wuz awesome!! I love scary stories! you should totally write a longer book about that! :)

that was so scary were do you get does stories

thas so scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

nice storie

that was a pretty kool story

boring lol

i wove it!! lol i want more of it!! hahahaha LOL!

omg i LOVED IT! gotta tell me where u got it

like ur story

om freking g amazinggggg

i need scary sh** not this punkin pie

That was so scary even though i was in a room full of people that scared the crap out of me.

That story wuz awsome I have to read a ghost story in school 2morrow and im using that one lol

that Wus f**in scary


OMG!! best story I read all day. Ganna tell my friends and scare the. Crapp out of them

OMG!!!!! this is the best f**ng story i've ever heard.

that was da best story ever....but wanna hear more....leaves me wanting it....

OMG!!!! but thats probley not real soooo nothin to be scared about


OMG SO TOTALLY NOT SCARY lol its just like bloody marry i even tryed to summon her once

COOL story it scared the crap out of me specially my little brother.

You people and your terrible grammar make my skin crawl.

omg that did not scare me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats wach

I couldn't believe how scary it is!!This can't be real!

That was so scary i have chills running down my back yall should make a book:(((

that was f***in scary. wat were u thikin? is it true?that was b****in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY TIIIIIIIIIIME.............................agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this story was so scary

That Story is so scary it's way better than all the other crap i'v read.And i think that it gets five stars *****

is that real?

that was the scariest story ever u must right another 1

that was not scary it isint real

ok that was really disturbing....i have a sleepover tonight, i might just tell that one to make every one wet themselves! haha

OMG OMG that was a cool story i read it on halloween last year and i was scared sh**t i did't sleep all night i just kept seeing the axe man so i lit the pumpkin and hoped that i would forget about it but then i just saw susan and the axe man in the flame in the end i whent to my mum and dads room and slept for a hour before i had to wake up!that was a weird halloween last year but this year i am not reading it agin.(the story is soooo scary)

that was not scary at all it was good and long! i thought it wud b scaryer but awell ...........................................


i give that 5 stars ********** ok mayb 10 stars cuz it was awesome

omg!that scared the f***k outta me!

hate it so boring! it's like reading a story in school!

love it! man i can still hear my heart plusing!!!

those that say its boring must have no life cause it was better than some of the axe storys!

OMFG!!! That scaryed the S*it out of me!!!

Try to think of a scarier story that was lame.It didn't even scare my 6 year old daughter! Lame

this story was so scary

? not scary at all, u fails!

that waz relly scary i am only 10 stop trying to scare me lol

that was an lame story bloody mary was scarier than this sh**t! next time make it a little scary -gosh im reading this on halloween and im not scared!!

that was not scary at all.i dont know why they posted that

That story was f-ing trippy. I liked it a lot. You should write a book.


Horror Man

ahh not that good

not very scary to me.

Just entertaining...

omg omg omg omg i used to live in pennsylvania and now im freaked out lol i was so tensed while reading this my mom was wondering wat was wrong with me omg that was scary!

I think this story was stupid. it needs a ending. i was disappointed when i read this!!!!!

omg my mom is working out when i read it it scared the crap out of me

Wow that was really scary

omg that was soooo scary!

it is a real story live near where the story takes place

OMG that story was so boring but entataning lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxneed to make it longer

That knocked my socks off! It's high time you wrote an anthology of spooky stories. You should read some of them at a library, and write more material. In a good way. I luhv your work. I hope to hear more of it on this website.


wowthat wasnt scary at all

i bet that could really happen but with a real man not no ghost

Its so freaking scary!
I live in pennsylvania too :l

that was not scary

i did not get scary

hey that was a reall good story!!!!! hha i loved the u have been very naughty i say that ALL the time!!!

Nice story.It didn't scare me because i'm not scared of ANYTHING but it was cool. =]

I've been there. We stopped to see what would happen. It was dark outside and we heard something hitting the car. Me friend and I left right away. It was way too freaky

any more axe murder hollow stories?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


omg i thought thats was the supidest stoier id ever red

omg omg this story is a copy of a true story that my aunt told me but insteead its called hangmans hollow and its a real road in penn hills pennsylvania


Wow that scared the shizz out of me!!

im sorry but i have heard way scarier stories than that i think they need to make there stories idk more realistic



A six year old girl woke up with a zit on her cheek. She ignored cause she's been having that lately. Next 2 weeks the so called zit kept getting bigger and bigger until she was scared and worried. She told her mom. and her mom advice was to go wash it off. So she then took a warm bath. And accidently hit the zit. The zit burst and hundreds of baby spiders went out.
she found out a mother spider laid eggs on her cheek.

It was scarry, well not really ive been thru worst.i am a shaman.

that was a f***ing scary story but i've heard scarier

Dude that story scared the crap out of me

wow now dats really scary man... i want to find out wat happens next!!!

its pretty dumb as der is no proper ending. if it was den awesum!!!

That wasn't scary for me.When it is bed time i will tell this story to my family and see how freaked out they get

i dont know if that was real or not but i know a better one

omg you can do better!!

I know a better story it was about this married couple they were on the ohio brige they had a wreck and went into the water and died. if you go down to the ohio bridge on halloween night you will see the woman looking for her husband and she is carrying her chopped off head and sometimes she gets real nervous and screams

that scared the heck out of me

wowowowowoowowowowo sary but it was a very nice love story hahahahahaha woooooooooooooooow


if i saw a monster i would knock the hell out of him good day

it wasnt that scary but the ending wasnt that good he needs more

idk....this really wasnt that scary.i read it to my mom and my mom likes it but she doesnt think its scary...well not that scary


I grew up in Erie and it was a great hangout for teens drinking and partying and scary as hell. Its one of those places you always remember and the story.

This isnt scary just freeky !

That story was OK, but not great. I'm kind of disappointed. A little scary.

if gt 1 but how do u put it on there

That Was So Freaky

u know what u ppl have no taste on horror stories i have read al of em and that one is soooo not scary


simple and comedy storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

wtf man super creepy.girls name reminds me of a girl i no

story was most unscary story i have read

wow I was blown away with that

cool man scary!

I got a scary story if little kids don't behave a man comes out of the closet but y dose he do that well when he was alive he used 2 kidnap kids and then eat their guts, eyes and their brain but then the other people found out and killed him and now he wants revenge

the was #%^#@ scarey

Omg! while i was reading this my phone like rang and i coudn't find it crap! this is scary BUT I LOVED IT!


really a good book

i wish the story would go on and on and on


i probibly sound like an idiot but is that true??:(

this is so gay and stupid

this is gay so GAY i want to leave peace out suckers

that wasn't scary

its like a hawaiian story i heard >.< really scary

yeah right


omg that is ssssssssssssooooooooo.stupid i have seen more scary.

suuupeeer scaaaryyy!!!!!!!!

it waz very s*** not scary at all

nothing interesting or scary,i think it's incomplete.Also,it's a repeated story.once it starts,it ends.

this story rock i love story like this lol so do my famliy and freinds and i am only 16

I guess that was kinda scary, but stories don't scare me that much.

this is a f****** dumb story



that was okaiii i guess i no loaads of better ones than that u guys fallll

omg...omg...omg...dat is all i got 3 say is omg.....omg...omg....

that was freakin scary oooooooommmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg

this was freaky

rocki'n story.

omg i scared :(

Wow lolz this is scary but my gwanpa told me this story except he said the cereal killer in greenwood and there was nothing about a ghost but the man was alive and didnt say names just used the girl and the boy and the boy's nails was scratching the top of the car and a police officer got the girl but the girl didn't die the police got to her I hate my gwanpa so much somtimes

i love this story it is not scary for me. is it scary for you?

this is the worst scary story ever. i hope you get hacked by a glowing ghost.



that was crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy

u r stupid if u think that is scary

ok ummm that was not really scary no offense but it was not original AT ALL

gay much was ok


this was a REAL scary story.... it gave ME chills!

That was dumb.

omg i read this story at a sleep over and the doorbell rang cuz of thee pizza guy it scared the h*ll out of me and my friend screamed holy sh*t

I want more they should make some more

Ya scary scary NOT it would be for a 5 year old (hopefully)

I definitely wouldn't want to see or meet that lunatic! Aren't there any ghost police whom we can contact and report this one?

I read this over spring break at 12 o'clock in the morning, I didn't even fall asleep till 2!!! This is the best story that I read yet! Upload some more like these! My gf hates me now cuz I sent this to her :D

my god! i almost crapped my pants when i read that !!!!!!!!!!!


u ppl r lame dat wuz nt scary

like it! hmmmm!! i want more!

that was so scary

This is tottttallly the most scary story I've read on here! Seriously! And I'm tough 2 scare! U guys should read no tresspassing its similiar but not as scary! Dude where do u get this stuff???????? :)

that was not scary at allllllll

that was scary tell me more

very pridictable

I'm hard to scare when it comes to stories that are supposed to scare people.

that story was awsome it scared me im like OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! that part when it told me the part when the guy had an axe and the guy killed Ned on the throte ittttttt wasssssss soooooooo coolllllllllll

well i Have to admit it was scary but it could have been better i mean but hey thats just my opinion :D

that was a good story


Awsome!!! If I had a choice to rate this story between the numbers 1 to 10... I would have to rate it 101% of complete awsomeness!!!!

OMG iloved this story it was so amazing dude were u get those stories?

not scary at all

omg it was totally the best story ever

that was creepie


OMG that was scary!!!

omg that was very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

this waz good

that was gay

OMG my mouse slid acrossed the tabel!!! I was so scared then my phone rang 3 times and stopped!!!then again.and im alone in the house!!!!!
RING RING RING went the phone then i answerd it and it was a song called tIk ToK

are you guys serious? this wasnt scary are you all like, 8 years old or something? get a life.

you ever hard of the story the hook basically the same thing but he was string above the car and was tied to the car when she was trying to go away the car made the noose get tighter

that was the most cheesey story that we have ever heard but i have 2 say that it was pretty scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that was not scary it was gruesome and some bits were scary
but auwesome strory altho it werent scary

wow that story was soooo scary!! I have 2 read a scary story in class tomorrow and this is the one i am gonna read!!!

Holy s***! I am so reading that to nine year olds!

that was scary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :+

why the ghost kill the boy?

rrrrrr ok =0 lol


Wow i'm like. . .scared lol that was a very good story and i hope there's a sequel :)

ohh my god u almost made me piss on my trousers

um this was a really good story this was a cheap imitation of texas chainsaw maasacree

wot da hel was dat???!!!

so not scary

i have to admit this was WAY better then the bloody mary story.

interesting, but needs more backround to build up more suspense and isnt as obvious

I live in erie....and me and my buddies go there all the time and it is a creepy place. the building is burned down but gypsies and abandoned houses surround the area

This was sooo not scary

damn this was so freakin scary!this is just like the NO TRESSPASSING story(on this website)! i wish they'd make a horror movie about this!!

thats mint

nice i like scary stories


OMG i hope this not happen to me.. so freaking scary and nasty

that waz awsome


OMG while i was reading the end, my sister's gay emo songs came on and i almost had a heart attack!

OMG THAT IS F***EN SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha i get to go back there for the 15th time in october and 3 years ago i swear i saw someone in the trees. i go every year on halloween.
it IS a true story. i live in pennsylvania too.

siht yrots si yrev driew lets see who can crack this code

That left me hanging. u r a awsome writer. u should write a book.

freaky man just freaky!!

OMG!!! that story was awesome! i love scary stories and even i have to admit that was pretty good!! you should right a book!!

omg i hate scary stories but we r doin this thing were we tell each other stories ahhhhh dont tell me such scary stuff

o kewl i want to be susan

That was crappy, didn't scare me at all.

♥ it! good one! :)

its so gross how they said ned was blowing in the wind and bumping in to the tree it was so sad!!!

that was so scary!! after i read someone knocked on the door and it scared the living crap outta me

scary or bloody what!!!!!

um if they both died how who saw the ghost????? and could still talk about it?

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she died to! AWESOME! That was cooler then the haunting hour! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

WOW ....that was scaaary!!! Was it true???

it was ok


there we go finaly a skin crawling storie. yeah babie that shiz was scariieee.

it was not scary at all

tis story was sooooooooooooo scary that i jumped when my phone rang

loooooook!! wht's behind of you?!!


lol u think that was scary ? omg listen to my version. once there was a ouple driving along and there had been reports of a freeky figure moving through teh woods were they were and then they suddenly had a puncture so the husband got out and went in search of help and the wife locked the doors and after no time at all there was huge thunping noices coming from the roof but she was too scared to go out . but eventually the police came and said to her come out of the car its the police but what ever u do dont look back . but she did look back and saw the crazed axe man on the roof of her car holding an axe in 1 hand and the head of ........ her husband!!!!!!! lol


my computer made a noise as i read this and i jumped... this is scary

oh now my throat hurts. it was creepy, i wz on the edge of my seat! man, wat a cliffhanger! maybe i'll write my own ending...

I read a version of that back in elementary school in a book of ghost stories I seem to have misplaced since then... There were only slight variations to the details...

Omg I finished reading it and my sister opened the door...woah, u should have seen me, I jumped out of my pants and screamed for 3 min. I wuz soooo frikin scared!!!!!!!!!!!!

very spooky!totally awesome!

That was so scary

that was pretty good but i want to know what happend next!!!

that was the scariest thing i ever read

Really lame, was hoping for a scare.

that was not scary!!!

That wasnt so scary. Freakin lame

Sounds like an urban legend.

lol that scared my little sister but me and my big sister wasn't scared at all!

That was scary!

thumbs up nice story

LOved this story...Freaked me out about the dude with the ax asking her to get out of the car...


that was da worst story ever

yeah it is cool

i have heard so many different versions of this story. its one of my favorites!!!

kinda scary

Ok, whoever wrote that spider/zit story (yes you Brianna) and you probably won't read this but moving on. #1 YOU know nothing bout scary cause and ax murderer is much scarier than a zit with spiders. Oh yeh and FYI thats not even how the spider story goes! Lame!!

OMG that scared me so bad i could just emagen it. i want to here more! (In the day time of course or id be sh**ing my self at nite lol)

omg this storie is f**** scary I want to know more I want to know where you get these stories there so good!!!!

I want my mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!


That waz f***ing awsome! I loved the ending!

that was awesome thay should make a scarer verson so cool:) 10 out of 10 not scared great tittle

Excellent story absolutely a 10 if not more.

My heart is pounding like CRAZY!

omg! that must have been the most scaryist story i have ever read

cool .. !! write more .. !!

Now im scared cuz of the guy ned my name is ned too btw i went to my car and sudently i heard a bump while waiting for my sister i was in shock when i look it was my dog scared of the lighting

Not really scary unless you're there.

it i scared the crap aut of me i loved it LOL :)


Story is not at all scary ....

dat wuz pretty cool. Ihave heard many other versions though that were better.

dang tht scared the crap out of me!

ew. that was horrible !

that was scary

I Jumped out of my seat.

peed on myself. I WANT MORE!

holy cow thats scary,

who comes up with this scary awsomenous!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

oh crap im not moving out of my seat after that i heard it before but you made it sound more scarier

omg man that scared the **** out of me. well the story didnt only a little bit and it was halleween aswell then it started litghing and the door started creaking in my house that was built in 1832 and it is really haunted

wow that scared me i hope that dont happen to me

omg tht was so funny yet veryyyy scary lol jk about the funny part............hope i dont have a nightmare.BOOOOO

kool storie wished thr was more 2 read

very good...
actually, this's 1st stry that made my heart pound and i dont get scared that easily

That Was so sssscccaaaaaaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omg it scared my mom and dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG me and my friend thought it was well good

that was scary it gave me chills

omg when i was done someone knocked on my door effing scared me

WOW! sure was somthing gotta tell my friends about this one. I realy like scarie stories! they are my favourate. are they yours?

I read another story like this on but there were police and they told her to not turn around but she did and saw her boyfriend.... This one was wwwwaaaaaay scarier o_O

that was scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was really scary your good at telling scary stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted more...

pretty good though some are better! LOL!!! yo!

it was not that scary but it was okay

That was fecken scary and it left me on
eadge of my seat my mother read it to and she say the ame thing.!!!!!!

Not as scary but it's a good story 9/10 I'd say

wow... that was scary but ive seen scarier

that was Toatally AAAAAAAWWWWWWSSOMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o wow dat story was so scary wat happened next i need to noe

is that fake or is it real? i'm not scared,lol

im at home alone reading this...BAD IDEA!

that story was the best hahahaha

that was creepiest ghost story i have ever heard it gave me goose bumps.

This story was awesome

I've heard the same type of story only more scary


Thiis Is A Mad As Storyy.. Should Of had A Better Endiinq... (:

i dont think that is a scary story. it is just a simple story....

I remember my Grandmother telling me this when i was little & i used to walk through lanes at night on my way home on my own. She told me a this story but it was basically just a mad man & the lights were police & when she stepped out of the car the officer told her not to look behind her but of course she cant help herself & sees a man with her husbands head on an ax sat on the roof of the car hitting the head gently on the roof & that was what the bumping was. That freaked me out more.

holy geeze that was awesome

i had a story like this but very more cruel and like an urban legend

bahah, that's creepy. i don't think it's real, though.

this is so scary i cant even sleep for like 2 or 3 days

That sounds sorta like the story hangman have u heard it?


oh mi mama its so scary i ran 2 d cr dude that ws so scary

Emilee- This is soo freaky i read it and almmost peed myself, wow, terrifiying, remind me to never go on tht road and better yet, tht state.

Emilee- This is soo freaky i read it and almmost peed myself, wow, terrifiying, remind me to never go on tht road and better yet, tht state.
Mikayla- shizzle dude, wtf tht was weirrrrrd...btw, i truly believe in all this crap...ghosts, demons, potergiests, its not freakin joke...beware dude, just be freakin careful 0_0

i expected more chilling gore. but it was nice.

OMG! That was sooooo scary i heard a story like that before but this one was much scarier!


I was hyperventilating


i read this to my sister she thought it was scary but i did'nt

hey is it real f**k man i got so f**king scared

o.m.g that is so scary !!!! =,(


it gave me the frights last nite.

That was not scary at all its a waist of a storyQ!!!!!!lol

omg that was AWSOME love these stories!

man that scary

is it really real tho ?

OMG that was SSSCCCAAARRRYYY!!!!!!!!

i am gonig to share this at a sleepover this rocks

OMFG that was scary, even though it isn't night :p

im 12 and i wasnt scared but it was good

ive read a story like this before, but you told it so much better with so much detail and it was just amazing!

that was not scary at all

that is scary

not scary at all

i think it wuz alright i wasnt that scared but i bet i would or any one would be scared if u were there....i give u a seven...:/

o haha my teacher read that to us in class a couple of days ago good story by the way

that freaked me you make these stories up?

wow dat was really scary

OMG!!!!!!!!!! i told this story at camp around the bon-fire, and half of my friends peed there pants. i swear!

lol.... the hook man is pretty much the same, atleast the way he kills people is... slits their throat, hangs them by their feet on a tree branch, letting the hands scrape against the roof of the car, making sounds and stuff, then scaring the girl, and then the girl dies to.... that's not that scary! unless it was real that it....

i indeed enjoyed reading this story thumbs up feel kinda bad for poor ned

It was not so scary. I want more scariest stories.

sexy story man, really scary!!!!

Crap, I had no idea that was coming.

SO FREAKING Scary i loved the part about the dead guy thump thump lol an creepy at the same time a realy good one

omg this scared the heck out of me. AND MY TEACHER.


This is really scary when the ghost of a man with an axe in his hands were talking to her.

omg!that was so scary u know its true my friend and me went to theforest...

I wish there was more!!!!!

that scared me to death. and it is the perfect story to tell when you go camping.

scary !!!!!!!!!!!

see now this is scaty...kinda not enough to give me nightmares yet

that was good but too short make it longer

really lame........very predictable.....

Hahaha, now i have many scary stories to tell my fellow girl scouts when we go to camp next saturday... *evil laughter* >:D

wow i want more that was awesome but really it's not scary i have watched scary movies and that's not scary! I wonder if the lady dies well i have no clue because they stopped the story so i don't know!!!!!
OK ever wrote this is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

awesome man so scary................i was scared to death... but cool man ..!!!!

great story but it dosent scare me at all

my mom used to tell us these stories in the dark i remember this one ned was trying to get to a gas station on 7 hills (ellicot city md)


Not really that scary it is a little but ive seen alot scaryer

DUDE! that was scary!

if u think thats scary i live by it and its all true

That was so scary I almost screamed my head off! OMG that scared me

That was soooo NOT scary, lol, i thought it would be freakier

not at all scary expected more but good

that wasnt scarry at all!!!! You people are pussies! haha :D

holy crap this as freaking creppy as heck!!!omg is this freakin real?!

ima have nightmares till i'm 50

i'm not going to be able to sleep tonight

that was a great story

i need something more hardcore

that almost made me pee my pants

IM SRY TO SAY BUT U GUYS SUK AT SPELLING [i know i spelled suck wrong but thats how i spell it] but anyways good comments effing great book dude encore encore

I read another version of this story where the light was the police and when the girl was walking away, the officer told her not to look back but she did and her boyfriend was hung from the tree and the bump sounds were his feet hitting the roof of the car. Good version though!

It's not brutal for me, I'm looking for something nastier.

omg that was the scariest thing i have ever read hahaha

Wow, That Was A Pretty Good Story:)

it's so scary

Nice one

cool please make a book!!!!

omfg i dont belive this it scared me and my sis because her name is susan and her bf is ned weried huh

now im gonna be scared when ever im driving at night!

this story is so scary... i wonder what gonnah happen next.... beside this i like the story it is intereseting.... make more story about this story....

OMG that was so not scary!!!

OMG that was so not scary!!!

that was totaly wickid jkjkjkjkjkjkjkj

that was not scary!!!!!!!

that was so scary..........


i would have like to hear more, but even though it wasjust alittl scary it was still good.

that was cccccccccooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliomfg

Little bit scary

OMG you could tell what was going to happen it was not scary..............

dat wus f**kin scary

um...hookman legend...duh

That was creepy

was a gud story wish evry thng was mentioned in detail n even wht happnd latter..................

actually, thats a real story, its told a little different but it is based on a true story

that was sick waanted more :L

i am gonna make this a black metal song lol

scared the crap out of me.

oh thats cool,,all my hair goes up,,such a scary story

i luved the story

that was so freaking scary :(

tht was a scary story.i read it upstairs in me room and i came running downstairs and nearly dropped and fell down the stairs.

wow. not scary at alll!


i think the author should put on more scary words ..
it is incomplete !
but its good

that was so awsome it wasnt that scary i started laughing my a** off

loved it



OMG that was scary,but I always love'd scary storys

that was sooo freaking scary!

im so flippin scared that scared the holy crap out of me

I've heard that before.

What was so scary?

i love this its so coolio.

PEOPLES! Seriously?! The reason it doesn't have an ending is because it has suspense. Which makes you sit on the edge of your seat and want more. A lot of book series do it...And ya'll really need to learn how to spell!

that was scary as hell

This is an urban legend/campfire story. In some versions Susan has enough sense to stay in the car, hears scraping on the car's roof, is rescued by the cops, and discovers the scraping was the sound of Ned's fingernails. Ned, of course, is dead and hanging upside down from a tree. The hookman story is different--couple hears a news story on the radio about an escaped killer with a hook for a hand, guy drives his girfriend home, goes around to open her car door for her, sees an arm with a hook for a hand hanging from the door handle. To get the full effect of these stories they should be told, not read, in the dark at a sleep over or a camp out.
BTW this is the American Folklore website, not the American Gorefest website. If you want blood and guts look elsewhere--try Googling "blood and guts."

OMG!! My Dad Told Me This Story And It Freaked The Hell Out Of Me And It Still Does!! :O

This story crept me out!

I LIVED THERE NO JOKE! I lived in Erie, Pennsylvania on Thomas Road in the area of Ax Murder Hollow. My family built a house there and we lived there with out dying in the woods. It's a pretty place.

Yah, the story is scary I know...


omg is that for real that for real

that was kinda scary...

sounds a LOT like a story i read in a book, but overall still very good

so scary

this story was kindda sad .

man that skard the curd out of me.:p

amzin lol

That was great. I read it in complete silnece & while my brother was sleeping on the couch & I had to keep checking that he was there & wasn't going to scare me. You should read it in a podcast. Awesome!


Wow I was surprised when I read about axe murder hollow because when I was 15 years old my brothers and sisters were sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories and I told them a story just like this one pretty much word for word I,m 47 now talk about freaky my siblings thought I had made it up but when I was told it when I was 10 I was told it was a true story.

Omg! Why did it have to end! Its was to exciting!

Wow that was so frickin funny

that scared the crap out of me and im only 11

i would of never got out of the car lol. that story is really scary.!!!!!! :p

that was a very good story kalub harmon


that is some scary story

That was pretty good.... Got anything scarier?




kool story give me more

kool story give me more

kool story give me more





OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scared the C#** out of me!

Classic - and very spooky!

that story was not very scary but bloody mary gave me goosebumps

that was soooo not scary!

this is a great story i dont think im going to sleep tonight


awesome story, but not enough to terrify me

wow this was freaky

wow this was freaky

o my stars i love scary stories!!! i cant wait to read another

that was a great story, it was pretty scary just might use that for my school assignemnt!!!!!! :)

nice one i love it lol!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.... creepy. Best story I've read on this site!

have heard another version of this when i was a kid

this is a cool story but it wasnt really that scary

omg i was reading this and when i was finished i heard a BAM, BAM, BAM, like in the story, and it turns out it was just my brother comin up the stairs. GRRR! it scared the crap out of me

that was not scary

omg thats was scaryy!

wow it not that scary but the part of ned that was scary :(

cool its getting close to halloween

OMG! I luurved it gotta c the moovE of that... make one... please? xxx

That was pretty scary not as scary as i thought it would be but it was ok.

This left me at the edge of my seat, I wanted to hear more. Please write a second story of this! XD

That was sooooooooooo scary I probaly wont beabel to sleep tonite

I heard this when I was a kid about 40 years ago


trust me it would of have scared you but i've got a scarier story.

not that scary for me needs an ending

you r the best

i love this i want more.
this will be a story that i will never forget the porr girl's brother. What did he do to him?

dude that was awesome!!(:

Well that was romantic! :D

thats so awesome but i want to know what happens to her if she got decapatated or someone saved her. i loved it though and it was kinda, sorta scary.

u should write of book of some sort that is even scarier and has people hanging farther off their seat!!!!!

this really scared me......i've go goosebumps

i got freaked out i dont even wanna drive at night-maria
i am not ganna drive at night-amanda

creepy story!

This was avery interesting story, it gave me some great story ideas.

. . .wow. A story to scream bloody murder. But . . . will really this scare my classmates? I must say, after I read it, I actually WAS on the side of my seat. I gotta give you credit, man. Nice work.

holy crap that was super AWSOME i mean it was kinda creepy. Good story ya very good by the way is this a real story?

that wus cooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll

that wasn't that bad! haha

that us freaky! my language arts teacher told us a variation of that

OMG as i was reading this my tv was cutting out and my lights were off, scared the crap out of me!

true story

wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is scaryyyyyyyyyyyy

Wow that was lame

oh freak the story was amazing man loved it a lot.........!!!!!!!!:)

this is so scary

the storiee was alright but not that scary


that was a scaryyyyyyy story yet I wanted to read more you should write more supper scary stories

wow really scary

I've read scarier. It's really not that bad if you thinjk about all of the other ghost stories you read out there.
But still it was slightly... disturbing... :|

Wow.That was scary but some bits in their where a bit weird....

i love it!!!its so kwl and i have to right this as a scprit for ... love it lolol

that was cool the axe guy cus his neack that was cool

SCARY!!!!!I WISH THERE WAS MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was ok i just think u should of made it longer not jump 2 the murder or the big good part sooo fast....cause u know its obvious whats gonna happen but it was steal really good!:)

ok its still really good though i copied it down and used it as my scary storie whgen we roasted marshmallows

That was okay. I heard better and it needed to be longer. The Hermit's House was a WHOLE lot better. I suppose I'm actually disappointed because a lot of Schlosser's others were so much better, like the Wraith of the Creek.

i knew that history, i saw it on supernatural first season: hook man....
from Peru, people

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

that was so scary

That was not to scary but it was okay i was kindof sweet

it was really scary it put me on the edge of my seat

is that true

It was awesome!. But it needs to be longer, cus the plots in there happen so fast

haha this was funny!!! not too scary...unless u were reading it at night :)

I'm researching cool and scary ghost stories for my 8th grade class and this one is perfect.(:

i really like this one.... although the bump bump bump reminds me of my favorite kotton mouth kings song :P lol

i want more!!

OMG!!!! After i read this my mother came through the door and it freakin scared the crap outta me!!!!!!!

ooh! scary!


i wanted more but that was
frikin scary!!!!!!!!!!

i read the story in biology and it was an embarassement to mankind

WOW that was amazing! were all petrified!! stuckon our chairs unable tomove. imsure someothing slipped out

i want more

The moment i read the last word, some one knocked on my scared the hell out of me!!!!

hahahahaha funny

Thats was scary! Im breathless!

i read that last halloween

OMG so scary i was so scared i was out of my skin i felt like hidding!! grat ghost sory!!

it was not to scary but good!!

thats too scaryyy!!!

Im soooooooooo scared!!!!!!!=( =0

That sounded a little too familiar to be scary, but it was good.

that was a awsome scary story man good job on that one

Good story, but it didn't really scare me much... Maybe its because I'm not in the dark while reading this?



I like the part were neds body is hanged by the feet and that his throat is split


holy that was pretty intense
!!!! it was amazing!!!! why did'nt she run!!!???? LOL

That was really creepy, I hope I don't have bad nightmares

Wow that was freaky and since it's like 4:29 in the morning I guess I shouldn't uav read that! Hahahaha jst saying

Oh my geez this was really scary


liked da story...........realy spooky.

This story was scary!

OMG!!!!! That was not scary at all.
I mean the only thing that was kindof scary was when she found hr husband dead. The part of the story was freaky but not scary

That as scary i read the story and then my phone rang and i fell out of my seat onto the floor and my phone rang again. Lol

i think its supper spooky!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ill have nite mares tonight!

holy crabby patties! i fell out of my seat! my uncles name is nad and he got hung! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nah just kidding


holy crap

holy crap thats realy scary storie

its alright no that bad...ready for halloween

this was a pretty wicked story ...

As I was reading this, the wind was whistling and rattling in the bacround! It creeped the crap out of me!

it wasnt scary but it was an interesting story. someting for me to do during boring class


Nice Story love it people cus to much in this world lol

that was not scary, I want something scarier!!!!!!!

that was sooo scary. I am reading that story to everyone in school tomorrow


i read this
it was very intresting and i really wanted there to be more!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was creepy :o



WOW its kinda scary

WOW its kinda scary

That was scary

that was off the chain i wanna look it up on wiki wiki fresh



Are you kidding me!?!?!?!?! my cousin lives in a place THEIR WOODS ARE CALLED AXE MURDER HOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That scared me crapless

I have heard scarier.

This story is from where I live it has a ton of different tellings and going to the sight is actually really fun!


woow... real goodd



that was scary

i died and came back to life


My mom told me this story when I was little. I was sooo scared!

thats whoever made this story ya just save my homework assigment and i thought this was kind of scary but it let me thinking what happened next so im goin to have some nightmares

great story

good story lol

i died and came alive again lol =)

This story is soooooo CREEPY but totally AWESOME it left me on the edge of my seat soooooo SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was good! Really got my heart pumping!

it's just like the no tresspasing story on this site scarry tho

WHOA! We have to tell a ghost story in reading class tomorrow and I without a doubt pick this one!! Radical!!

OMG~!!!! that was scary!!!

dang that is soo scary jk jk jk

it is scary i WANT morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

this story wuz very good but it was not scary..........

omg!!! im a super scardy cat! thanx 4 the scare!

awsum sacry story xD

omg axe murder hallow is now a sub division no lie it really is still gotta love the local ghost story's =]

that was not scary it was so boring

Extremely short short and very very simple. Too much so.
A site called horrormasters has more adult classic fare from the victorian and edwardian age -2000 plus stories.

i thought that was bl**dy amazing next sleep ova im reading that on. I hav got a clown story one but thats really old now and ive been looking for a new one and thats now the top, its gunna scare the livin cr*p out of them!!!lol!!! thnx for the gr8 story!!!!

this is not a scary storie its actually a really funny one

wow that stori waz crazii!!! who does that!!! i would have never got out tha car

I heard scarier

woahhhhh this story is great.... really? i think it was alright :P


No ah no.


i wanna know more

This is a really great story that captures thr reader as soon as they start reading. It also keeps the reader in suspence, and the ending where she noticed the glowing figure was the ghost added some real emotion. IT endend in a great way leaving the reader scared..
Love it defienetly 5/5

that's friken scary

I don't know when the story was started and when it was ended up. If you had elaborated it. It would be better then.

better then the first one!

Me and my friends will be reading this outside in the dark tommorow as it is hallowe'en!! XX

OMGGGGGGGGGGG what the HELL that was creapy iam never going out at night :(

This is scary. You really scared me out of my wits!

This Was Good..want more to read though..

nice story dude. i was thinking it wouldve been a little scarier with all the coments. if u wouldve added more then it probably wouldve been scarier and better.

Ehhhh, it was alright. Not the very best. It was still good though(:

Omg. I shivered while reading the last part. :0

Im only 8 and i loved tht i wos wth my best pal Alexandra it wos amazin I NEED MORE.

It made me laugh, It wasn't scary

acctually, i'm looking forward st more but nothing happens. the climax is not really attracted. however, the story still good

that is freaky i cant believe that happened

great i loved it but u should make it longer

right when i finished reading, my mom knocked on the door. it freaked me out so much that i screamed

nice story didnt scare me but it was really good you should rite a book i know i would by it

OMG! this is good! nt scary bt ok


i bout pissed myself hahahahahahahahahahaha

that was amazing i wanted more

not scary

omg that story was so scary it was very bad that he killed his wife i wanted more scary

OMG is that true???

that was sick but it would have been better if somone came looking and found the 2 of them haning from trees

it would've been better if the story had explained Susan's affair.

this was a good story!!!

so spooky i got to tell my mates it'll scare the day lights out of them

the story was great and i thought it was creepy for a second i thought bigfott hung the guy!!!!!! LOL! OMG!**********************

not scary but thank you anywyas

OMG................... soo freaky i might have night mares now :(

i had night mare

I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was scary and okay

it was sad and scary

that was amazing.. i believe anything i read... hope i never experience that.. although it is not scary like the la llorona ;]

It was amazing


wow, that was like freaking awesome!!! LOVE it...


good story i guess but at the begging it was terrile

omg after i read this made me want to read on and on but i couldnt cuz it ended

that scared me so bad i accidently screamed.When i screamed my cat ran and hit the wall lol

that was nice, there must be more.

so scary!

OMG! that story was freakin scary! it was so scary how thye man said :playing around behind my back, you've been very naughty.' it sooo freaked me out!

tell us more!

ive heard it once

that was Really Scary

im going to have nightmares tonight...

that story was shit !

Good story, but it didn't really scare me though.

But still it was fun to read :)

so scary is it real i am sooooooo not going there

that must have been pretty gross 2 c ned dead WOWW!!!!

wow that is one of the scaryest thing i have ever read shaking but i loved it its amazing

wow that was weird


OMG that made my eyes water

My heart is still going THUMP THUMP THUMP THUUMMPPPP. Really fast. Spooky,

that was moderatly desterping and i will never be able to unread it!!!

OMG!!! this one is scary because my family and I go on road trips ALL the time and we stop at rest areas at night! and once we had to pull over cuz somthing was in the road and my dad got out and thought it would be funny to scare us! SOOOO not funny

Best scary story ever!!!

wow that was so cool i love scary stories wohooo thats a scarey storie :)

this was in a movie

I think supernatural used this somehow?

AWESOME!!!!!!it was totally and awesomely creepy!!!!

i LOVE it !

OMG that story was sooo scary

omg that was scary but i wanted more

something like this actually happened before i moved into my house

i couldnt get my eyes off the story it wasnt even that scary

i cant belive that dude im freaking out

I think that was freaky! I was about to run away from my computer! That is one scary story.

It wasn't scary, but it was deffinetly spooky. I loved it!!

wow that story was awesome!!!! i love sacry stories and this one was GREAT!!!

The curtain fell and it scared me!!! Awesome story!!

this story gonna make me sleep with my mom.

creeeeeeeeepy im never driving in a lightning storm AGAIN!!!


That story has been going around where I live since it actually happened out at a lake ten miles from where I live when my mom was little. They call it screaming sheila's lake. Or you could use the official name...Ringling Lake....Creppy name too. Huh? Look it up. Everyone has heard it from here. You can even see her out there late at night.

omg awsome

Even though its closer to Christmas than Halloween, I love hearing these. My sister doesn't like to read, so Ill have to read this to her. This is good!!!


that was good


This storie is awsome i want more,more,more!

I wont be sleeping tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

that was kinda scary


Umm it was amaziing could of =been longer AWSOME MATE

not that scary............

that was awesome kinda scary but that was kewl

That was so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was so scary i feel like the axe man is behind me SO SCARY!!!!!!!!

sounds like the hook lol

this was and wasnt scary

omg now am gonna have a nightmere

I think the beginning was scarier than the end but it was still really scary.

wow i am totally going to have nightmares

God one,but not scary:}

Nicee storyy ! it really putss pyscho in pyshcopath ! lolss but overall it was more of a creepy story, rather than scary. : )

luv it

that scared the crap out of me!!!! lol

oh my god!!!! completely cool!!!! i wounder if the ghost thought she was his wife???? but it was great!!!!


pretty sick nasty story. not really scary, but hey, entertaining nevertheless

Wow, good story. It gave me goose-bumps at the end. Lol.

Ha ha. I'm great at telling stories so whenever my cousin finds one he asks me to read it to him out loud because he says I read it like it's really happening. I'll whisper and sometimes check behind my back to see we're alone. He practally screamed! WOOHOO! Ha ha. Your stories rock

wow that was a grest story !

LUV IT!!!!

that was so scary i ran upstairs!!!!!!!

is this true?

Hahaha. GOOD ONE!

it is only scary if you live it otherwise it is so awsome!

Nice twist on the "Boyfriend" story, most versions i've heard end with the girl being rescued, good ending with this one

that was crazy scary

that waz so scary if i tel my frends they wil freek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was soooo funny!

WANTED MORE !!!!!! :(((

omg im scared

aaaaaahhhhhhhhh that was so scarey

okay but not scary

that was so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scary it mad me not be in a car by my self

That was pretty scary do you have any others? I've heard worse but that was still one of the far!

it was a funny story....wonder why these stories are classified as scary stories...


It was pretty cool story

that was a good scary story
to read at night when its stormin.

that was not scary

well ill be sure not to get out of my car when its standing on a stranded highway

wow, that was scary,and cool!

omg thats really scary.I wanna know what happens next!!!

wow that made me fly out of my seat

Woaah i love it you really shud be a book writer that did freak me out alitle and did the girl die ? x

did the ghost really killed the man?

this scared me when the hanging grr y did they have to die??

Wow, this is a really great website. Some great scary story ideas for Halloween Parties! However, I didn't find it that scary yet. I found it strange.

its kind of scary

Scary is all i can say!
Wait till i tell my friends at midnight, that will make it ten times worse!

this is not scary this would be scary if u said that neds head was slamed against the window


LOL one time I was watching ghost whisperer the one about bloody mary and her apearing with a bell sound and just after itfinished my cousin left leaving me alone...and in that second the alarm clock sounds like a bell! I almost sh¡t myself!

This Story Was Exiteing!!
I Looooooovedd It.
Very Elite Writer You Are?!
I Like The Part When She Saw The White Light... I Though It Was God. O_O *Pushes Glasses Up*

that was the wikedest story i read i think oyu should write a whole book about it. awsome

This is soooo scary i really love they should turn it into a scary movie.OMG. OMG!i gotta tell my friends on facebook!

That is so scary

omg i was scared i cant bealive that crazy wierdo thought she was his wife and killed and inez were really scared!!

sorry it is so not scary

that was the most scary when the phone rung and nobody was there beside a hush sound.

Holy crap it was 10 o'clock at night when I read this and I was at a boyscout campout I literally slept with my pocket knife in my hand all night I was so scared

wow that was scary and cool

are you serious u r tht stupid u keep us wanting more at such a good point there should be a part 2

that was not scary at all but i liked it

super scary and im at day with someone omg cool stuff

this was awesome!!!! WICKED!!!!

omg. sooo scarry, Not do u reallyl believe this stuff, like yes I do believe in Ghosts and stuff but this stuff is fake!


omg it is scary!!!! :(

that was kinda freaky

i think its awesome

That was so damn wasted all my time.just kidding it was so freaking the guy killed him and left him hanging there on a tree then he killed the girl. Aaaaaaawwwwwwwssssssssooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee

omg that was!!!!!

omg..... i love scary stories i want more of this

this story is epic and they should make a movie about it like urban legends

so boring

scary lol

ohh my gosh that soooooooooooo gross

That was so scary aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh run away jk:)


9 out of 10. i loved the dialogue

i'm not scared of anything unless it happened to me.


that scared the crap out of me and my cousin

soo scary;

Man that was so frekin scary!!!!!! But if it is not true then make a real story about it ok!!!!!!!!

should made it alot longer but i lloved it all the same

That's a classic story. I remember telling that to my friends at sleep-overs 15 years ago.

haha not scary at all!!!!!!!!!!

ya i know it wasent that scary was hoping somthing more would happen like the girl would get her choped of :)) LOL


Nice story

so scary !!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this story it was an incredibly scary story it was awesome

I liked this story, but it wasnt scary because i expected Ned to die but not susan


that was so cool i like it jk omg that was so scarey

that was awsome

i love that story....iwant more!!!!

omg i love that stroy

I love it how most of these comments start with, "OMG IM SCARED!" friggin hilarious.

Nicee! It waz Good!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! so scarey i probably won't be able to sleep tonight

I loved this story i wanted more!!

That was actually pretty entertaining.

you gotta love the picture

That scared the creeps out of me and my sister even though i read it in 4:38pm.

that was freken scary dude

the end is actually where she was dreaming and they ran out of gas on the road and a strange man came and killed them all done

i love it

im gona sleep with the light on for the next week!!!!

that was awsome

omg im so going to print that im going to a sleep over with my bffs they are going to pee their pants i love itt!!!!1

This Story Is Pretty Old. It use To scare me when i was a little girl.

I've heard it a bunch of times before in dif. versions but this one wuz da bes cause da girl actually deis w/ da guy.

That story made my day:)

wow thats all i can say wow

not very scary ive heard it before and even then i wasnt scared

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor ned

OMG i want too read more more more it amazingy scary!!!

Omg Thaaat was scaary , & thenn the story juust stoped & i wanted tooo keeep readding too see what happen too the Lady Susan .. (:

this was a good story

i thought that the axe muder hallow was spooky and cool i liked it i am going to go and read some more now by

i liked it was good and i want more of it.

thats was an interresting story they should post more left me on the eage of my seat

That is such a good take on the hook man legend. that was an awesome story :-D

That's not scary :P I liked the story but it wasn't scary...

Wow i was so screaming but that was a really good story!!!!
Raine xx

thats so different in a scary way i mean if that kept on going i would b scared


omgosh so awesome really read it

Wow, This Was Frightening! I Loved It Man!


Aww poor Susan And Ned..Wow people you got scary XD haha

Aww poor Susan And Ned..Wow people you got scary XD haha

that was a scary story wow. I would of liked to hear more could of made that into a good book with more follow up

ok... i was reading the story when one of my dogs barked and it scared me.... i mean the story was scary but the dogs made it scarier....

scary stuff i almost died

OMG!I actually thought someone was behind me!!

that was so not scary! but i enjoyed it.

woa that was freaky

it was an okaay story.)
kindaaa creepy.

i read many scary stories aand this one wasnt close to being scary . but great story

that was a really good story i really liked it i read it in the library surrounded by people but im still scared lol

Wow, that was so cool! I loved it! I was so on the edge of my seat during that. I bet you got a well good grade for English! xx

i dont get scared by most things but this scared my soul out really good story

its a very scary storie . i mean OMG !!!.

OMG! Night Mares

omg that was seriously scary!!! I wish there was a second part so i can be scared again! Lol! Not funny...

omg!!!! creepy story.


that was awesome

This happened when I was 11. I am now 13 so it has been about two years since this happened.

On November 17, 2007 I had a sleepover at my new house for my birthday. My friends Britney, Jennifer, and Kelsey were staying over. We decided to play hide and go seek. After a while we played on my computer for about an hour. When we went to bed my closet was open, and Jennifer was the first to fall asleep. After that I fell asleep, then Kelsey. Britney was up all night.

When we woke up the next morning Britney told us what she saw that night. She said she saw the light come on in my bathroom, so she went to go see what it was. She saw a man with no head crouched down as if searching for something. His neck was bleeding very badly. She went back to her sleeping bag because she thought she was dreaming. About 20 minutes later she saw the man come out of my bathroom and go up to my bed. She said he was facing me. I was on my bed. Then he ran across the room and stop in front of Jennifer .She said he crouched down, and that he looked like he was inspecting her. Then he dashed into my open closet. When she finished the story we all said she must have been dreaming.

A couple of months later I left my closet open and was watching TV at night, and I was the only person awake. After a while my bathroom light came on, and I saw something moving in there. Then it came out of my bathroom and walked very slowly as if disappointed. After about 5 minutes I came out of shock, and called my dad to check and see if anyone was in my room. He did not find anyone in my room. He closed my closet door and left my room. The next day I called Britney to tell her what happened. We both agreed that the headless ghost was looking for his head. Ever since that happened I sleep with my closet closed and a night light on in my bathroom.

i found this storie.


I'm not gonna sleep tonight!

I think this one is okay. It could have been scarier.

i dont live that far away from ax murder hollow... its pretty cool at night

I really loved this story it left me on the edge of my seat i loved the way you left it with a cliff hanger that ways bananas good job son ps im from brooklyn New York

i looooove scary stories but no offense to anyone this wasnt that scary it was cool but not a great ending it seemed like it didnt wrap things up

Why are these stories so short?

it wass alrite

that was the best story ever i can't wait till i tell that story to my friends!!!!!!!!

not realy scary at all you now what was going to happen killed the dued and then the girl im going to scar the sh#t out of my frinds

lol that was not scary if you want scary look in the mirror

great story!! hoping for the next one!!

this is so scary


holy crap this is scary!

i cant believe he was actually their and killed tht guy and mabey her

That was so scary!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of another story,...........

very scaryyyyyyyyyyy

that is crazy
i would of ran for my life if i would of known that

That was not scary at all lol

Wow It needs more blood and gore lol it was too short but great in detail:)

omg this storie scared the crap out of me what are ya trying to do killl me :]

hmph..allright.but not that scary..

Uhhhhhhhhh SCARY :( That scared the CRAPOLA out of me.........

That was really scary.I don't see how my brother thought it wasn't scary.I have chills now.

wow that was expected but scary

Lmao. Not scary at all!! This is just like the story of the guy hanging above the car with his nails scratching the roof top

wow! that! i pictured everything as i read thru it, wow!

this is scary i cant beleve what i read was true

omg that was sooooooo scary

Did you ever think about running like HELL! There is no way I would stay in the car while my husband went for help.

This is sick!!!

Love scary stories!

lol nice story tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

lol that story was so kool that i want a book abot it. tell me where u get those stories at.

OMG! that was scary!

ohh man i've read a lot of scary stories but this one was the most scary

gosh i was super freaked out

its not that scary but its a good story.


OMG that is so scary! Is it a book because i wanna read it!

Wowow what happenss next ?


AAAHHHHHH how did you come up with that.You should be come a proffessional ghost writer.:) :) :) :) :)

omg this is awesomre i nearly died wowowowowowo


I really liked it!(:

lol that is so awesome



sooo scary

cool but be cooler if longer still good though had a bad dream about it

That was a VERY good story! I loved it! Im a real big fan of scary stuff...My fav. Author is R.L.Stine:)

nice &cool but not so scary

omg that is scary and sad


awesome that was totally scary


it wasnt that scarry but deffinetly

it was scary but not that much

wow, i wanted to cry literally ahhh! :O

Man I'm so scared. Right now I'm in a room by my self and I'm freaking out!!! Where do you come up with these stories?

Wow, that wasn't scary at all i came to read this hopping to be frightened, and yet this is all you have to offer? However, it is much better than anything I could have done, so, not bad, it was interesting at least.

omg i heard that same exact story from ten friends.....but it still kinda scary....for a 3 year old! lol

thats a good storry but i dont think it is scary enough for my party.....thanks anywayy


Love the story. I was not scared. People die every day. I'm going to write an even scarier story. I hope you guys like it.

wow that was sooooo

OMG i am shaking and so nervous right now, i cant even type properley!

Not very scary...guess it only works in a creepy room in the dark or at night in your bedroom

OMG scary

it was so good but still very scary. the greatest thing for sleepovers! :D

that was COOL

OGM! What happened to her? Did he kill her or not? Did he make her pay or knock her out??????????


that was amazing i would be so scared if that as me!!!!!!

i KNEW she would die. btw my phone rang too and scared the heck outta me! :<

omg! that was scarry but totlay awsome!!!

Omg as soon as i was done reading the tent startied shakeing

I told this to my friends and the following day he told me he had nightmares about it

its so scary

Man....that's when you have to drive around with a gun around you.


That wasn't scary at all !

scared me half to death never sleeping in the night of storms .tips never be alone

thats sad

nice and really scary but incomplete..........

I've heard so many vesions of this story but this is the best by far.

a deadly story

It was Kinda scary but its way better than alot of ghost stories. It kinda reminds me of the movie Husk

it scared the fudge out of me. cause i was readin this and it was dark an somebody knocked at my door really hard!!!

this story ends like a clife hanger SCARY BUT I WANT MORE MORE MORE

Pretty scary, but it could be better.

Not bad at all pretty scary!

I learned one thing, never let Ned drive!!!!!!!!!!

omg omg omg omg right after i read it i hear a something going bump bump bump it scared the heck out of me so i locked the door and all the windows XD

its only a story,not real but I scared me

This story is decently told, but not scary at all.

sure it was creepy but i dont believe that

that waz pretty could have been better though..there are alot of stories like this so its not really that unique..just saying

it was awsome and not even scary

i didn't get scared but maybe because i read this in the middle of the afternoon in the daylight. Not bad though

the story was soooo scaryyyy!!

ohhhhhhh!!!!! I was shakin with fear like I was in the place of Susan... :-(

OMG i love this story

sounds a little like the story of the young couple on lovers lane he gets out to go for gas as they have ran out hors go by she hears something scraping the top of the car the police show up find the boyfriend hanging above the car his feet scraping the top of the car creepy just creepy

I learned to never let Ned dive, sadly now you will never have that problem. I also learned to make sure before you marry who you marry is the person that you really love or you might regret it!!

just after i finished it the doorbell rang and during the story my phone went off by a text. the actual story wasn't that scary only with the mobile and door went. ;)

OMG! sorta scary bt stil wow!

Dunno that was pretty eerie I sure wouldn't like to be in susie's position

that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creppeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

that was sooooooooooo scary

Good job. I kinda wanna scare my brothers now...

woah that was scarrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy.............. i loved it

what if that man with the axe came into your house!!!

this was good

okay, i thought it was going to be where the dude was eating the dudes head on a stick. and how come a ghost can hold a real axe?

it was a little scary

this iz like cool but stil yet tragic

Omg that was actually kinda scary!!!! XD

wow that was fun to read!!!!

WOW!!!This story scared me.I thought it was the police there.

I believe this a good story. I would give it an 8.5.

omg omg omg i want more!!

Haha i was reading this in school and it scared the $&#* out of everyone in the vroom lol

I thought that it was ok, but I think it could have been a better story if it had more to it!

I loved that story but it was short I wanted a lot more but it sounds like a mystery but its still great.

Not that scary






what were you guysthinking about telling thistory to everybody its
freakin scary.scared the crap out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the other comments were wimps, the story wasnt scary at all

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