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A California Ghost Story 

retold by S.E. Schlosser

      When the samurai warrior Kane first came to California from Tokyo, be brought his new wife, the beautiful Ishi.  She was an ideal wife: gentle, attentive, and a wonderful cook.  Kane was the envy of his new neighbors. But he was a proud man.  When a wealthy family moved into the neighborhood, Kane cast his eye upon their lovely daughter, Aiko, and desired her.  In his mind Ishi was second best. So Kane plotted to rid himself of his wife so he could woo and win the fair Aiko.
      On a stormy night on the way home from a great banquet, Kane pushed Ishi over the cliff and into the bay. No one heard her scream though the howling wind.  No one suspected foul play when Kane came rushing back to the banquet hall, shouting for help because his poor wife had slipped and fallen over the cliff. 
     Kane acted the part of the bereaved husband to perfection.  He gave Ishi a splendid funeral.  It wasn’t until he was alone in his house that Kane relaxed and drank to his success.
     Outside, the wind whipped against the house, making the walls rattle and shake.  A stray breeze swept through the sleeping-room with a whisper: “Vengeance.  Vengeance.”
Kane sat up and blinked as a dark figure stepped into the room.  Its long tangled black hair hung over the dirty, bloodstained kimono.  Its face was crushed and broken, with one eyeball hanging from the socket.  The ghost of Ishi reached out a broken hand toward her husband, smiling through the shattered remains of her teeth. “Vengeance,” she whispered, “Vengeance.”
     Kane screamed in terror, leapt out of the window, and ran to a neighbor’s house. Mistaking his fear for grief the neighbors took him in and insisted he stay with them during the first weeks of his bereavement. 
      A month passed as Kane waited for Ishi’s ghost to reappear, but she’d vanished.  Relieved, Kane decided it was safe to bring Aiko and her family to see his home. As he escorted Aiko’s parents around the garden, he felt a hand on his arm. Kane turned around and found himself facing a beautiful Ishi, who kissed him and whispered in his ear: “Vengeance.”  Laughing, Ishi danced away, waving to Aiko and her parents as she passed.  Aiko glared after her in jealous rage.
     Fearing that Aiko might end the betrothal, Kane pressed forward with his suit, arranging for a grand engagement feast to prove his devotion.  Friends, neighbors, and family came to the banquet hall to laugh and toast over food and wine.
     Kane was very please with his success.  But when he looked across the hall, he saw the ghost of beautiful young Ishi walk into the room and stand demurely in the corner.  He paused mid-sentence and stared in horror as she laughed and began to change.  Her body twisted and broke before Kane’s eyes, her face collapsing inward and bleeding, her black hair tangling, her eyeball popping out of its socket.
     “Vengeance,” she whispered.
     “No! No!” Kane shouted.
     Around him, Akio, her parents, and the guests stared.  None of them could see the ghost. As Ishi drifted out of the door Kane followed, vowing she would haunt him no more. 
     The ghost drifted along the cliff path with Kane running after her, shouting and cursing.  Suddenly the ghost stopped at the place where Kane had pushed her. She turned to face Kane and started to grow, her crushed body bloody and dirty, her eyeball swaying, her shattered teething gleaming in the moonlight.
     “Vengeance!” she screamed and lunged at Kane. The samurai stepped backward, face contorting in fear.  His foot slipped suddenly on the loose earth, and he plunged backward over the edge of the cliff, his body fatally smashing into the rocks far below.
     That same night a terrible storm beat against Kane’s house. Lightning hit the roof and the house burned to the ground. Neighbors claimed they could hear a voice in the wind saying one word, over and over: “Vengeance.”


love the story

i used this story along with others on the website. My students are 100% hispanic and loved the Mexican and Latino scary stories. Perfect for Halloween writing assignments

So cool

eh, i liked it. i liked the detail ; but the "vengence" thing OVER & OVER...

this sucks !!!!!!!!!!11

man that was dumb...was it even true??? if not at least make it better

the was really good. have u ever thought about publishing ghost stories in a book?!


You need better material because this ain't scary

:) :) :) :0 :0 :0 :(

Loved it...I could basically see it happening in my mind

that was awesome

i was not very good

hi thanks i loooked at this story oh my god thet was like best thing ever i read it in the dark and my dad said keep the noise down i was like crying who wrote this i was scared last night im never reading this again well thet storys was really cool

it was ok

I think this story is great! It's not suppose to be scary, it's just a good story. (:

This was an okay story but please try to give it more excitement!!! :)


Umm why does this remind me so much of those stupid 'Grudge' movies? Puh-leeeezzz!Totaly pathetic!

It's ok well you need it more scarry! it needs a vampire because that is in! it should be a vampire that loves a girl and he also wants to eat her and so on:) but nice story
well du i am going to say vampire because i love vampires!

I hav had a hard time finding good enough spooky stories and dat was GRRRReat!

It was all right

Sorry but I have heard better

who wrote this?aaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhh. they discust me

Um I Think You could at least put a vampire in Like:the vampire Devoured Her or something like that :) Just a heads up

omg this was creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was a good story!!!!!!! i thought maybe it might be a little better if then something happened to Akia but then someone saved her or something and she likes him and she never liked him so it would be a more tragic story because he still died.

I'm guessing most of these comments are from young 'Twilight' fans. You don't have to involve vampires to achieve a level of entertainment! And just because you didn't poop yourself once the lights were out, doesn't mean it's not a good story! Just enjoy things for what they are! ;)

Picturing Ishi's once beautiful face turn into the horrid caved in face with the dangling eye was a little...creepy...but the storyline and details were pretty good!

I like the story! (: But whispering Vengeance over and over was getting annoying(:

wow that was cool. i love ghost stories prop cause i was bron halloween

That was Great Story!!!

1st of all vampires arent even scary so im glad u didnt put them in this story!!(or else it would have sucked) and 2nd that was a gr8 story i almost peed myself that was sooo freaking scary!!!!

The girl got payback

I love the story

actualy its a really old story from god knows when, back when it was sorta ok to do that stuff, originaly it took place in Japan and the samuri poisoned his wife with scionide and her hair feel out in bloody clumps and she turned a pale grey and her lips turned black and rotted away. he also had the maids kill their baby. she came back from the grave with their baby and scared him. on the day of the weding he lifted the veil saw his old wifes face choped her head off and came to his senses too late and saw his young new bride dead. he was executed for murder.

this is the best strori ever.. im going to use this story for my camping trip...its going to be should put all your ghost stories in a book...thats how good it is...even though people say these stories aren;t good there just jealous of you... i hope you make a book... bye :D

this story was good and thanks alot for not putting vampires. all these books with vampires is getting annoying like seriously all this blood obsession is stupid


man! that is scary!!

i usually dont comment but in this case i will. i loved the story n sure it wasnt that scary but it was scary n to tell u the truth i love all ur stories u should make a book n u dont hav to put vampires if u dont want to the stories are great as they are. i prefer love stories with some scary n action parts in it like this one but just a scary story is fine too. keep it up n dont listen to the negative comments cause u r doin great.

This story is very scary.
It Seriously is.

I love this story. It freaks me out though. That women , who was pushed off the cliff , Had a right to get Vengeance

The writing was great. Fabulous detail, and it was great that the ghost had personality.

It was great story, but it wasn't scary.

Awsome story i want more like these scary enough to scare me but not scary enough to make me sleep with the lights on.:)

it was AWESOME doen't listen to them ppl it was TOTOLLY scary make a book i will buy like 5 copies

Nice story, but I don't get why they had to be Japanese. They could as well have been anyone, the role of their Japanese descent has nothing to do with the story itself. The samurais ain't been saints either and sure there were evil ones amongst them, but this kind of behavior strongly opposes their code and values they have been taught to all along their lives. This way, with no particular role of Kane being a samurai, the class of the samurais might be misjudged by the readers of this story.
Before being misjudged myself too as some local smart ***, I have to admit that apart from this the story was written in a very impressive way, I could see the ghost before my eyes.

i loved it i thought it was awsome this is the stuff i right about i am wrighting one right now called the vengeance gurl

why r there so many stories of guys liking other girls bescides their wifes? i just hate it!!
Go Ishi, kane deserved it!!

hey, guess what?


this story was great... i loved it!!!

ahhahahahahaha loves it

I thought you did a good job on the story 2 thubs up


I love the detail! I wonder if it's real...

Nou THAT was awesome!!!!!

i wonder if that will work with my boyfriend

this one was a good one! I loved the part where she was beautiful in the hall way then turned into her deathed self! perfect for Halloween. Goodbye.. wait one last thing... VENGEANCE!

whoa....lm speachless...

I like it(: it's a good story!! Vengeance!!(;

this story was really good he deserved what he had coming

omg so so so scary i would have died

I Loved it!
Gave me the chills!:]

This was great and i learned a lesson always kill ur wife in mexico then go to america

why do people come here and put these awful comments on here? i would like to see you guys come up with many many ghost stories yourself. ever think about the fact these are not full books with all the gory details? stop hating. it is easy to hide behind a fake name on the computer and flame, no? the world has enough bitterness without you!


it is a great story i liked so much

It was pretty good. But haven't you people heard that if you don't have something nice to say don't say nothing at all!

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