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Spooky North CarolinaTales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings and Other Local Lore
Retold by S. E. Schlosser

“My riiiiiinnngg!  I want my ring!” the ghost of Kate wailed, its voice rising s’high only hound dogs could hear the top notes.  The pressure on Mary’s ears was something awful.  She clapped both hands over her ears and shouted:  “I ain’t got it!”   “Yes You DO!”  roared the ghost. 

Meet Mary, a jealous woman who steals the diamond ring off the hand of her dead sister, with disasterous results.  She is just one of many spooky characters who haunt this collection.  The spirit of a railroad flagman shines his lantern along the tracks near Maco, where he lost his head in a train accident. The ghost of a girl haunts the grave robbers who stole her corpse to use in a college medical department. And in a swamp outside Smithfield, a grisly mass hanging is re-created on dark nights. All this and much more!

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Part One:  Ghost Stories
1.      Fetch -- Boone
2.      Daddy’s Visit – Raleigh
3.      The Nightmare – Ocracoke
4.      Ghost Light – Maco
5.      Little Red Man – Winston Salem
6.      Phantom Horseman – Greensboro
7.      I’m So Cold – Dare County
8.      Handshake – Goldsboro
9.      Robah – Winston-Salem
10.  Busted! - Asheville
11.  The Rescue – Wilmington
12.  Plucked – Murphy

Part Two:  Powers of Darkness and Light

13.  Boo Hag – Elizabeth City
14.  The Honeymoon – Smoky Mountains
15.  The Carpenter – Bat Cave
16.  Doppelganger – Watauga County
17.  Dreams & Visions – Pineola
18.  The Coffin – Fayetteville
19.  Resurrection – Charlotte
20.  The White Deer – Roanoke Island
21.  The Legend of Tsali – Smoky Mountains National Park
22.  Mercy – Johnson County
23.  Jubilee – Vandemere
24.  Raven Mockers – Cherokee
25.  The Cat -- Edenton


you rock

i have a scary story. once there was a girl named julia.she wanted this doll.everything about the doll was perfect except her right hand had 3 fingers and her left had 2.julia got the doll for christmas and when she went to bed she heard:`5 fingers 5 fingers im on the 1st step.5 fingers 5 fingers im on the 2nd step.5 fingers 5 fingers im on the last step.5 fingers 5 fingers im coming to ur brothers room.5 fingers 5 fingers now ur brother is dead.5 fingers 5 fingers i`m going to your parents room.5 fingers 5 fingers now your parents are dead.5 fingers 5 fingers i`m coming to your room.5 fingers 5 fingers now you are dead!`julia felt nothing but the coldness of the knife strenth of the doll stabbing her.the next day the house keeper came & saw dead bodies so she called 911.the cops couldn`t find the murderer & when the house keeper went to bed that night she heard:`5 fingers 5 fingers im coming to your room.5 fingers 5 fingers now you are-just when the doll was about to stab her, she smushed the doll and stuffed her in the trash.the next night the house keeper heard:5 fingers 5 fingers im coming to your room.5 fingers 5 fingers now you are dead!again like julia all she felt was the coldness of the knife and the strenthof the doll stabbing her.

the books and the website are great

Very nice post. Do you accept guest writers?

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You can get the books at Amazon.com.


S.E Schlossor realy knows how to make a good ghost story what do you think

thats a great story i love it.

Thats awsome! I need one of those.


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great stories

I just read Boo Hag -a great story. I have heard several versions but yours captures and conjures up a lot of spookiness! I'm a storyteller - how do you fell about other folks telling your stories?

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i like the one about the doll

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i like scary! :O...:)

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