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Bleeding Sink

Spooky Montana by S.E. SchlosserAn excerpt from Spooky Montana

retold by S.E. Schlosser

     I found it extremely annoying that one of the bathrooms on my dorm was permanently closed.  Especially since the cause was an urban legend.  An urban legend, I tell you!  According to the story, years and years ago some bloke got himself massively drunk at a bar in downtown Helena and had passed out in the bathroom on the fourth floor.  Apparently, he hit his head on the sink as he fell, and his blood had spattered the sink as he slid senseless to the floor and silently hemorrhaged to death.  His death was considered a “sad accident” by faculty, staff and townspeople.   But that was no reason to shut up the bathroom for decades!  I completely discounted the story of the bleeding sink.  That was just an urban legend the students circulated to explain the locked door.

     “I’m sick of sharing a bathroom with you disgusting lot,” I grumbled to my roommate.  “I’m going to break into the fourth-floor bathroom.”

       My roommate’s eyes widened.  “Don’t you know that bathroom is haunted?” he exclaimed.  “The bloodstains on the sink are as fresh today as they were when the accident happened back in the 1960s, and sometimes you can hear the boy moaning as his life ebbs away on the bathroom floor!” 

      “Romantic twaddle,” I snapped.  “My granny lives in a haunted castle in Scotland with ghost stories that would make your hair stand on end.  She’d laugh at me if she found out I ignored a perfectly good bathroom because of a few bloodstains.  Besides, the maintenance staff told me the bathroom was shut up pending renovations.  No big deal!”

     “You’ll be sorry,” my roommate said darkly.  I ignored him.  He was just sore because I’d lumped him in with the disgusting lot of fellows who mucked up the bathroom on my floor.  You’d think someone would teach them to pick up their dirty clothes and clean the sink once in awhile. 

       When the dorm quieted down for the night – which wasn’t until late – I hurried up to the fourth floor with a bit of wire I’d purchased at a local hardware store.  My little brother and I had become expert lock-pickers over the years, since our mother had a bad habit of locking her keys into the house or the car at least once a week.  With all that experience, the lock on the bathroom door gave me no problems.  

      The bathroom was rather old-fashioned in appearance and had a disused air.  There was dust in the corners, and a spider web drooped from the ceiling.  But I heard no unearthly groaning, no mysterious footsteps.  I carefully inspected the sink, the walls and the floor.  Other than a smallish orange discoloration on the sink, there was no blood anywhere.   Ha!  So much for urban legends.  There was probably something in the water that caused discoloration over time.  I turned a tap experimentally, sure that the maintenance staff had shut off the water long ago.  To my surprise, water gushed forth instantly.  I smiled.  Well, well.  It looked like I had a bathroom to myself after all!  I carefully locked the door behind me when I left.  

      I got up late the next morning, and had the downstairs bathroom all to myself.  So it wasn’t until evening, when everyone was back in the dorm, crowding in and out of the bathrooms, that I slipped away to use the locked up facilities.  It was still early in the evening, and I made sure no one was around before I headed to the abandoned bathroom.  With a few twists of the wire, I opened the lock.  As I stepped inside, the air temperature plummeted twenty degrees or more and my nose was hit by the pungent, strong smell of fresh blood.  A second later, I saw the blood-spattered sink. 

Bright-red gore was everywhere – on the porcelain, on the walls, oozing down the sides of the sink.  And hovering before it, his feet a good six-inches off the ground, was the luminous form of a college-aged boy wearing old-fashioned clothes in the style of the 1960s.  His forehead had a disfiguring dent smashed into it, and blood was dripping down his face.  As I gaped at him, horrified and frozen in terror, he turned and looked at me.  Then he held out a blood-stained hand.  His eyes were desperate, pleading for help, and I heard a low moaning sound coming from between his blood-stained lips.  The sound raised every hair on my body and made the skin prickle in sheer, cold horror.  I backpedaled fiercely, my legs scrambling to get away while my eyes and head remained fixed on the ghost, on the bloody sink.  A drop of red blood fell from his outstretched hand as I stared at him.  Then the momentum of my legs carried me through the door, which slammed shut behind me, and the hot, pungent smell of fresh blood followed me through the halls and down the staircases until I was outside into the chilly air of autumn, breathing deeply.  My knees shook so bad that I fell onto the nearest patch of grass, stomach heaving.  Oh lord!  The ghost was real!  No wonder they kept the place locked up.  

      I lay on the grass for a long time, ignoring the chill in the air.  This was a natural chill which comforted, not that unnatural chill that had frightened me upstairs.  I breathed in and out, in and out, watching the stars above me, bright even through the campus lights.  I took comfort from the huge, clear expanse of sky.  But I still felt reluctant to go back inside that haunted building.  I shuddered once, from head to toe.  Oh how my granny would laugh if she knew her big brave grandson was too scared to go back inside a haunted dormitory.  It was the thought of granny that got me back onto my feet and upstairs to my room.  But I didn’t care what granny or anyone else thought of me.  I was never going back to the fourth floor bathroom.  Once was enough. 

You can read more ghost stories in Spooky Montana by S.E. Schlosser.



love the story ms sandy


Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.,



that sounds scary but realy cool

omgggggggg that was weird omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg lol so scary this kid wet his pants teeheee

not scary:)

really really really really really really stupid

that is so scary im going to dream .


this story is kewl! i think its kinda cheezy- but good discription....=).. no verry scary.

this is so funny scared a lot of my friends

wow daz wierd

love da story

That wasn't as bad as I though it could be.

oh my gosh thats so scary!


that was like the coolest thing ever i wish i was there

I thought it was good but i thought it could have a way better ending like the man followed him that night and in the morning he was lying dead on the floor

It was pretty good...i guess but again i need more excitement!!!!!!

this sukedddd

You fearful stupid girls irritate me so much

not very scary but a good story

seriously you call that scarey.

yeah it was good but not scary enough

This story is so not scary you little girls who think this is scary are sissys me and my 8 year old sis read this and thought it was the least scariest story EVER!!!

omg its supre scary

i woulda helped him! even if he was a ghost!



not that scary but interesting!i liked it:)

Eh, it was a good theme, but you could have had a lot more description of the ghost, also a chase scene would have been cool


The story wasn't very scary

id hate to be in dat guyz shoes!

the story was kinda cool...
not very scary..but i still liked it:)

it not scary at all

OMG that is a cool story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it!!!!!!!!!!



that was not scary at all... that story totally sucked!!!


Omg I was at the part where he sees the blood and the ghost when my dog jumped on the bed!



So not scary just a little creepy

i have read better stories then that but it was ok :D

i told it to my friends man did they get scared

It was great! Just not the 1#

Id hate to be him imana tell kirby (>^_^)>

i i i just Well dunno what tp say it was a liitle weird i agree with the guy that said OMG that was cool!!!!

CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow it wasn't dat creeeepy but yea it was a right good job ms.sandy

that was retarded sorry but it takes a lot more to scare me.

Now that was pretty scary, but that kid thinks too much of his granny. But a least it was better than the Axe Man story

that was stupid!! that was a horrible story!

OMG! IF I SAW DAT ID CRAP MYSELF! but awesome job on da story! <3

I got two ghosts in my house and i heart them to death well one of them anyway thar names r timmy (a little boy) and frank (the man who killed timmy) anyways i love them to death! i <3 mi ghosts

p.s. im sereously sereous im not liein i really do have two ghosts in my house.


this is scary



this is a good stories for big peoplr to raed

im 10 year -old and im not scared lol

wow, thats pretty scary

It was ok

Omg that was weird but okay.

lol i hate scary movies cause you can see that they are in the real world but i love scary stories!! short vids are fine, but not the acctual movies. i live in Fairfield, Houston, and there is this haunted house. it is real. my friend's friend went there with her whole family and half came out. the place has been sued so many times, but they never close it. i wanna go!! this was a good story!!!

i liked it.......... watever

if that was me, i would freakin jizz my pants!

this is not scary


someone get the ghost advecer team over there

so crappy

that was the best story ive ever heard!!!!! :0

Haha, the only thing that makes it scary, is if you put yourself into his shoes!

I'm afraid to go to college now! But it wasn't really that scary if you think about it.


i think it's so scary cause i read it nicely

OMG! At first I totally thought the main person was a girl. When they said big grandson, I broke into a fit of laughter along with my friends. LOL! Kwel story though super awesome.

that wasnt very scary. i could tell it wasnt real :(

i liked it

Plzx dont tell me thts true an if it iz were iz it

*BORING* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rrr it was ok lol =)

not scary at all


This story is not that scary i have watched a cartoon more scarier than this


to be honest guys once you think about it how can a ghost have "FRESH" blood dripping from him when hes been dead for 40-45 years i mean come on think about it!!

i thought it wasa ok story


OMG!SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ehhh not that scary BOO!!!!!!!!!!!

it was okay but it was not as good as BlODY MARY


That is stupid

omg weird ive been in much more situations one time i was sitting there sleeping and the sink turned on so then i turn it off then a deep darn voice said turn it back on so i did noot i have to hear drip drip at night

umm ok??

i think it was very scary and i mean very scarry

omg that was wierd but also scary thanx for giving me some thing to do psshht that was sooo coooool

that was kinda creepy

May not seem too creepy, however there really is a locked bathroom on 4th floor St. Charles hall at Carroll College in Helena for that reason. That really is the reason why (someone died) and freaky, freaky stuff really does happen there!

not really scary but cool x x x+

omgoodness this is lyk really scary i luvv them

this was not a scary story i almost fell asleep!


Great story cool description

GOOD STORY! Different ending though.

I like the part that says "I'm sick of sharing a bathroom with u disgusting lot"LOL

Wow. that was the dumbest story ever. It wasn't even scary. You need to get scarier stories.

Oh wow that is sooooo scary. Geez. But it was'nt as scary as wetting my pants. Man, that would be scary...

Man this story gave me chills.
great jobb :)

it was some what scary but it was boring to

This is 2 scary!

ooooooo cool and scary i read it all to my older and littler cousins

I think I wet myself :/

i know so scary!!!!


It would of been scarier if the dude died. :)

boring, i mean really, really boaring!! (=.=)

wow not scary :P

I'm actually reading a lot of these stories just now, because I'm studying the ways in which they are written. For me, this story pretty much sum's it up. 5*

Wow!! It was a really good storie, Good job, you should do more...


that boy was bloody and i wet my self this relly relly relly scard me

i have a couple ghosts in my house too! i don't no how many but my backyard used to be a civil war graveyard and my puppy will stand up and bark at the wall and then she'll look really scared and then she'll shiver

anyway my friends and i use a ouji board and the little plastic circle completeley flipped after we were all touching was really scary!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. i have a guardian ghost named maria

i LOVE horror!

wanna try it myself hahaha to see how the ghost looks like ..creepy yet exciting to experience


nice,,,story....builds some suspense

that sure was a scary story

i lu-ved all the gory parts
this is awesome
too bad there wasnt a you know what scene

that was so not scary ive heard worse

I m ten and dat wasnt scary at all. Thats prob because i watch scary movies alot. It needed a chase scene

omg i felt a shiva down meh spine and i felt like looking behind me so bad i have to print this out and show my mates HAVE 2.

haha, that made me laugh. <3
It was amusing. Nice story love! :D

wow i would immediately call my mom and ask to go home if i were him

Wow that story gave me the shivers I was definitely looking over my shoulders afterward.

if this bathroom is real then i want to see it

wow i don't get this story

This is now my favorite ghost story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a dull story But its still exciting :)

cool story dude. u sooo brave.


I loved the story but when i got done i had o go to the bathroom and it was so dark i was freaking out!

wow! i gots the shivers! i loves it! i love ghost stories, and this is my new fave!

Wowwww ! Creepy . . .

not bad


In case the story is true, that ghost (and all others of the similar sort) should not be locked away. All they need is help which is hard to come when they are locked away. Locking a ghost away might prevent people from meeting it but the ghost is still there and in most cases they are not the least hostile, they are only confused or sad, all in all in need of help to pass over or to solve some things they left on Earth. There are hostile, dangerous spirits but this one is almost certainly a confused one in need of help.

Cute :)

haha loved it!!!!!
for some reson i keep thinking bout zobieland....BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!! :)

that was really weird lol i am too skeerd to go to the bathroom by my sekf lol

pretty cool man !!!

that was so scarry!

Theres this little gurl in our house has clothes on that are from old old times and shes been seen bye me my stepdad and my mom and shethroughs rocks at the walls and you can see her silloete walking in the hall friends that have slept over hav always seen her and she wants her mommy!!!!!!

that was such a freaking scary story i almost pooed my pants because the telly turned on and it was blaring =( =)

i thought it was funny how u could b so stupid 2 go in there alone and totally be a butt and not belive it

you guys think its funny because you've never delt with supernatural activity before. its real. trust me, i can see ghosts. I've delt with so many stories like this and you guys thinks its just fake. So next time you judge stories like this, picture being there. its scarier than any of you can imagine

woa! i'm never going 2 the bathroom again!

that wasent that scairy, gosh guys!!

i like the story...

Giv this one 3 and a half stars


these stories dont scare me. just freak me out a bit...

very weird but not scary


aw poor dead drunk boy just probably wanted the narrator to be his freenndd! ^.^

OI THAT KID SHOULDA HELPED HIM!!! GAH! scardey cat! honestly! get a medium in or something and help send that poor boy on his way! I feel so sorry for him!

weird scary.

it was scary !

i love it !

it was kinda scary and kinda not!?


Crazy! Good story. Kept my sis quiet! lol

Yeah, that was scary :/

If I was there I would have befriended the ghost :D
Good story not scary

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am now afraid to go to college!

Little scary because I read it at night

that was soooooooooo nasty

i thought is was scary

nice story

That was dead cool! but Im not going too my bathroom now thanks!!xxx

If you find that boring your crazy i was scared to go into my bathroom and ive lived in this apartment for almost twenty years!

really cool, the death of the 1 college boy could have been more grusome, but this story was ok.

ooooo a bathroom im so scared [not] it was ok not my fav though a video would hav been cooler

everyone that says this is stupid, dont be jealous cause you cant tell good stories like these ones! i thought it was a bit nasty (sounds shocking from a man who plays zombie games that shoots and cuts there heads off huh?) but at the same time pretty cool

yes its a ghost but its not like its going to do anything but die over and over again


Hmmmm.... right.


thats wat i call a campfire
story my friends are going to freakkk

I love this stroy

Eh. it was alrightt


it was ok.. iwasnt dat scared bt it kinda got to me ..

Wow that was very nice,i wish something like that would happen to me.

wow not that scary at all but good

scary and spooky

i thought it was okay i wasnt like on the edge of my seat i thought it was a good story though. i think it needed more detail like what was this kids name what did he look like how old was he? these are questions i found myself asking as i read the story but i thought it was a good story none the less

coolest story ever


Awesome story guys

thst was a pretty good story

holy cow that was scary

this story is awesome! :)


it was an ok story.......i guess

kinda weird and creepy but awesome I love it <3

that would scary my big sis

WoW....Give me a nightmare when enter MY bathroom!!

not to scary kind of funny actually


Ok yes that was obiviously a litte more creepy but lt was cool:)

This story was AWESOME !!!!

ok if i read 1 more comment about how the stories boring or stuipid or bumbim going 2 freek out not all ghost/ghost stories r scarey thought it was very good i know wouldnt put stuff on the internet for people 2 say it sucked would u think about that

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scary, now me and my bff r scared to go to sleep!!!!!! Goin 2 have nitemares!!

gave me chillls!

That is not pleasant...that is


Love dis story n its a bit scary***

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