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Rumors were rife about the alleyway behind the tavern. It was haunted, folks said. Haunted by the ghost of a young girl who had been found murdered in that self-same passage. People avoided the small street after dark, for the spirit was said to be a vengeful one. Of course, no one could name anyone whom the ghost had actually killed, but the tales were enough to keep people away from the alley at night.

Fortunately for the owners of the tavern that backed onto the alley, their front door faced a well-lit road and so business was not slack.

Then one night, while the tavern was full of drinkers, a nasty character named O’Hare wandered into the bar. Women and children were not safe in his presence, but especially not women.
After O’Hare had consumed far too much alcohol, he suddenly announced to the bar that he’d seen a pretty young thing in the alley out back of the tavern. The bartender froze in the middle of polishing a glass, and the men around the bar exchanged covert glances. No one said a word, but everyone was thinking about the ghost of the vengeful young girl.  Everyone in the bar looked down at their glasses as he stumbled to his feet. No one made a move to stop him, and there was a quiet air of “he deserves what’s coming to him” about the bar as O’Hare left the building. It’s just too bad that there isn’t really a ghost, thought the bartender, setting down the shining glass and picking up another one to polish. O’Hare sorely needed a lesson in human kindness and respect for others.

At that moment, a horrible scream came from the alley. Everyone in the tavern looked up in shock and fear. Had there really been a ghost out there? Or was O’Hare up to his old tricks and even now accosting one of their womenfolk?

The men leapt to their feet and raced to the back door of the tavern. Pouring out into the street, they were met by an unnatural cold, and their eyes were dazzled by a blaze of light.

The bartender thrust his way to the front of the crowd and saw the body of O’Hare lying in a pool of bright white light. His throat had been torn to pieces, and blood was spilling out in gushes. Above him hovered the semitransparent figure of a young girl, her eyes gleaming with red fire, her mouth covered with blood. She glared down at O’Hare and then turned to look at the crowd. The specter licked the blood from her lips thoughtfully, her eyes on the bartender’s neck. Then she vanished, taking the light with her.  At their feet, O’Hare gasped out his last breath and died.

The local authorities were summoned to deal with the body of O’Hare. Though skeptical at first, they were finally convinced, since there had been so many eyewitnesses who had seen the ghost hovering over the dying man.

The bartender resigned his position the next morning and took a job across town, the memory of the ghost’s hungry stare at his neck prompting him to look elsewhere for employment.

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wow! wat a crazy storie. lol


Hey this was a great story!!!

YOU PEOPLE CALL THAT SACRY! my grandma is scaryer then that!

I heard sow many things but I never heard anything like this.....

i liked that storie it was alrite

I would like to order at least the campfire stories to arrive by Oct. 13th for a Day Care party
for small children.
I love reading them myself
and have a blind daughter who can have one played on her computer equipped with "Jaws" that reads to her.

omg that waz .....

wow that was crazy

wow that was crazy

that was the best story i have ever read in my life

hahahaha i agreee with the person tht is talking bout his grandma

WOW that was scary when the girl looks @ his freakin' neck!!!!!!!!!

wow this story was scary as heck im happy that i was not in the

Woww That Was Attchally Quite Scaryy Mann!

Am A Bit Scared To Go Down Another Alley LOL xx

this is a good story but not quite as scary as I was looking for!

cool but i only read this for my gt homework i liked the part were the bar tender saw the ghost i wonder how the girl/ghost was killed?


OMG that is quite scary & i have not heard anything so scary
oh yeah i almost forgot THAT WAS SCARY

that was cool

that was cool

That story was unusual. I've read a lot of scary stories, a lot of regular stories too, but most of them give the person or people involved some kind of closure-like maybe the ghost should've gone to the light or something.


Wow....this is a grusome story....I LIKE IT!!!

THis a great website to read legends long ago

wow that was so scary

THIS STORY WAZ THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1

cool! how grumpy do teens get these days? sucking blood indeed! well i never!



Not very good

wow ghosts in a alley so unacspected!!!!!! of course its an alley



holy crap that was awesome!

Awesome story man good job lol :)



That was freky!! totally vampire....I mean Twilight do do do do...

crap i am so scared i almost got a heart attack super cool OMG

Thiss storryy wass cannyy . im a propaaa horrorr fan i love scary stuff , but i could do betterr than this ,, better look next tym;D xx

lol that was good. GO CANADA LOL. that was a good story.

a good story i liked it verry much an wish to reed more please

that was crap hahahahah lol jk

that was creepy
it's like totally twilight
i like it!!


hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! very scary a but ive read scarier and that is a fricken fact.

nott scaryy buuttt kuleee storyy doo


this isn't that scary, but it's creepy.

dude i craped my pants after this story

Finally! I've been wanting to see this thing!

creepy!!! O.o I'd be freaked out 2 if a ghost girl that just killed somebody was staring at my neck!!!!!!!!

The story is really good if you listen to it because it talks about stuff that's not written.

Uhhhhhhh............. you know that really happened

holy cow!that was a scary story!

holy sh**,this was awesome!


for some reason, my neck hurts


I peed in my pants lol just kidding this story is epic

scary story! I'm just wondering where this story takes place?

it is awesome

i want to read more.........


wow creepy i would like it if it was in real life

wow creepy

creepy!! lol


scary story......

that was a scary story omg

NICE!!! Very Scarey!

i guess canadian scary stories differ from american ones(real ones)?

I really liked this story. It wasn't scary, but it was a good story. Well done.

interesting but not scary..

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Kris

spooky lols this story is very scary lols!♥


lol that was scary

My mom asked me to take the trash out last night and it was completely dark, i was so freaked. I brought a headlamp and a knife to walk just 10 yards

OMG...that was kind of scary...Lol muhahahahahahhahjahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

They should've revealed at the end that O'hare was accused but never proven that he was the rapist & killer of the girl sometime back in the 1970's. But not enough proof and evidence tampering wasn't enough to convict him so the justice system had no other choice but to let O'hare go free. So when he returned to the scene of the crime 3 years later, the ghost attracted him and lured him to the back alley of the bar so that she could have her revenge. Justice served. Case closed.

creepy,scary,cool. totally luv it but my greatgrandma is scarier

i think that it was a good scary story

Wow That Was A Awesome Ending!!


Ive read this story a couple of times and it still freaks me out!!!!!

dat story gave me goosbumps oww >.< im So SCARED ill never go to my grandparents alley never ever again plus the part when O'Hare came it was funny its not that scary but it's a good story i don't get scared of horror movies or scary stories but i hate blood and stuff like that i always try to make effects 4 a short scary movie

love this story its so cool and intresting.:D x

this is a GREAT story!!!!


ok, that was SCarY!

This story is wicked i think i wont sleep again:{ HAHAHAHA

That was very scary

im frekin scared i dont wanna go to sleep LOLZ XD

scary! but, maybe she only attcks dudes!!!! i'm soooo lucky!!!!

This story scared me. I could barely sleep last night. I had my head under the covers with my eyes closed trying not to make the slightest move. It's not the ghost it's what happened to ohare was kind of gross and scary

Wow, creepy ;o

Wow....she sounds like a vampire

holy cow that is crazzy
thats why you shoulnt drink too much or you could kill your self

awesome dude and a little scary wicked

I read this scary story a few times and the totally crazy thing is, it ended the same lame (but scary!!) way every time!


wow totally scary!!!!!!!!awesome and cool to =)

That was creepy cuz little gurls as ghosts is just wierd and scary! Luv it Im sleeping with my lights on!!!

Shoot! i would leave too if a ghost wanted to cut up my throat. i'd be outta there.

that was actually pretty scary :|


That was creepy ><

great story!

Hahaha that was funny not scary!!!

I loved that story !!!

Wow that is so spooky i love it

very amazing story very good

tht was gross and creepy


cool i think he deserved what he got and she did the right thing

cool i think he deserved what he got and she did the right thing

My friend read this storie to me and I thought
I was going to die

it so cute.i'm very scary.LOL :P:P:P:P

it was okay.

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