Washington: Day 10

Friday HarborI caught the ferry this morning for San Juan island.  For some reason, I was terribly nervous about the whole ferry traveling experience.  I was packed the night before so I could rush out in the morning, and I fussed and fumed my way through the local traffic.  Finally, I turned into the ferry landing, paid an outrageously high price for the privilege of traveling on the ferry, and got lined up.  And suddenly it was easy! With time to spare, I got out of the car and photographed Mt. Baker over the Salish Sea.  Then I put my car onto the ferry and took pictures of the mist slowly clearing over the archipelago.  Lovely!

Of  course, all those nerves put me on such an early ferry that it was too early to check into my B&B.  But the host family seemed nice online when I booked my reservation, so I dropped by and asked for some hints about how to spend my first day on the island.  The owner not only recommended a great whale watching tour, but he also got me checked into my room and gave me some good ideas for a place to eat lunch. 

I spent a glorious afternoon on the water in a 32 foot craft with 13 other whale watchers plus the captain.  We saw absolutely everything… except whales!  Of course!  Porpoises sported in our wake, bald eagles soared overhead, black-tailed deer swam across the channel with their antlers barely above water, a mink scampered along the rocks.  But no I orcas!  I snapped a huge number of photos, and by the time I hit the shore I was sunburnt right through my sun-screen, wind-blown and worn out!!  I staggered across the street to the pub to get fish and chips, and then walked back to the B&B.  I was out like a light by 7 pm!!  Guess I got a little too much surf and sun!

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