Washington: Day 12

Harbor sealsWell, our B&B host produced another fine breakfast.  At this rate, they will have to roll me home!  It was the official anniversary day of the Colorado couple, and it was a real wrench to stop all the shop talk with Carol so her patient husband could carry her off to their anniversary activities.  They did promise champagne on the deck after dinner, so I knew I’d see them again. 

I went to the whaling museum in the morning, and then got another ticket for whale watching, since I desperately wanted to see the orcas.  It was a lovely big boat this time with two huge indoor cabins and really informative naturalists who told fantastic stories.  We saw dozens of seals swimming in the sound, and a very drunken sea lion who the naturalists thought was probably dying from a certain type of seaweed that was poisoned with dumped chemicals (apparently, this has really been impacting the sea lions of late).  And we saw one gray whale.  I say we saw it.  What I saw was a number of impressive looking spouts and a gray back.  Fortunately, the boat ride alone was so beautiful and relaxing, and the sun was shining the harbor porpoises were playing around us, so I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but on the water, with or without orcas.  And I’m sure the gray whale was a very nice sort of person, and he certainly did have an impressive spout. 

I got dinner a the local dive adjacent to the bowling alley and stopped down at the harbor for ice cream.  My Colorado friends found me eating Death by Chocolate on a bench overlook the ships and reminded me again about champagne on the deck.  They were off to a fancy dinner, so I waved them goodbye, finished my ice cream, and went back to the B&B to look over my photos – something I always enjoy.  When they got in, we drank champagne and swapped stories until late.  Our B&B host finally shut off all the lights in and out of the house to encourage us to shut up and go to bed!! 

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