Washington: Day 13

Washington FerryTravel, travel, travel.  Drive, drive, drive.  This ferry system is getting a bit old.  I had to get my car in line by 9:30 for the 11 o’clock ferry.  Then 90 minutes crossing.  Then an hour drive down to the next ferry landing – with a short stop Deception Pass, a lovely place with a fantastic legend I want to use in Spooky Washington.  Then wait-wait-waiting for another ferry.  And a 45 minute crossing.  Then 2 more hours to Sol Duc – my final destination in the Olympic Peninsula. 

Fortunately for my patience, I had a great sci-fi novel to listen to, and once I hit the Peninsula, the views of snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes drove away my grumpy mood.  Cap that off with my very own cabin at the end of the trail – a home away from home at last – and three natural hot springs in which to dip my aching bones, and I can say this day of travel ended well. 

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