Washington: Day 14

Sol Duc FallsOh wow!  What a lovely day.  After breakfast, I went hiking in the rainforest, down to the Sol Duc falls.  The Douglas firs around me towered up hundreds of feet and the circumference of some of the larger ones would have put an elephant to shame.  Moss was draped everywhere!  Simply festooning the fallen trees, the branches of the behemoths around me.  Ferns were everywhere.  AND I got to see it all in the dry!  There was nary a cloud in sight!  I don’t know how many times a rainbow could actually be spotted over a water fall in a rainforest, but I got some pictures of the one it sported on this lovely dry day.  This is forest primeval I was walking through.  Bears, cougars, birds and Bigfoot would all be at home in this place! 

Then I was headed away from the rain forest and down to the Pacific ocean.  Of course, my path led me through Forks, Washington, and I had to stop there for an hour for the sake of my sister, who is absolutely crazy about the Twilight series.  Yes, I saw the high school that Bella attended.  And yes, I ate lunch at the Coffee House where she had some sort of meal with a chap named Charlie.  I called my sister from the parking lot of the restaurant and listened to her exclaiming in exultant delight as I enumerated everything I had seen in Forks.  I should be nominated for sister of the year – cause I even got her a Forks T-shirt. 

Ruby BeachFinally, I made it to Ruby beach, where I strolled among the sea stacks, marveling at the ruggedness of the coast, the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.  The tide was going out, so I took off my sneakers and walked among the breakers, looking at anemones and star fish and muscles.  I crossed a stream babbling its way into the salty sea, and climbed up on huge bleached-white logs – old trunks of fallen Douglas firs and other massive rainforest giants.  I spoke for a while with a couple from Holland who were traveling a month through the U.S.  Their itinerary put mine to shame.  I thought I did a lot on my trips – but they were going from Banff to Nashville and everywhere in between.  Wow. 

My day ended with a couple more hikes once I got back to the rainforest around Sol Duc, and then a lovely soak in the hot springs.  I need to get one installed in my yard…  According to legend, the hot springs are the tears of a large dragon who crawled under the mountain to lick its wounds after an encounter with another dragon.  Wonder if I can get that dragon to come to NY? 

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