Washington: Day 9

Diablo LakeDrove across the Cascades today, over Washington Pass on the Northern Cascades Highway.  What a lovely trip!  Fantastic vistas as I drove toward the Cascade range from eastern Washington.  Then a quick stop in the Wild West town of Winthrop to get gas, visit the Sweet Shop, and grab a picnic lunch at the local deli.  It looks like a fun town in which to stay on the next WA visit. 

After Winthrop, the road climbed and climbed, and glacier topped peaks appeared.  Seemed every bend brought a new turnout on the side of the road for those with a photographic bent. I think I stopped at them all!  Soon the glaciers were all around me as I crossed the pass.  Then I was driving downward to Diablo Lake with its high winds and glittering glacier-fed waters.  And further down to the Falls, where I took a hike to the dam and managed to give myself poison ivy.  Yuck! 

Once I hit the western side of the Cascades, I found myself in farm country, with horses and cows browsing lazily amidst fields of yellow flowers.  A photographer’s dream!  But I finally did make it to Burlington, where I stopped for dinner and checked into my hotel.  I would never have thought a day spent driving would be so relaxing!!


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