Scary stories

Bloody Mary

excerpted from Spooky Pennsylvania

retold by S.E. Schlosser

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She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. None dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors.

Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones.

Then came the night when the daughter of the miller rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear. The miller's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating the tooth with an herbal remedy when her daughter left the house. She screamed for her husband and followed the girl out of the door. The miller came running in his nightshirt. Together, they tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away from them and heading out of town.

The desperate cries of the miller and his wife woke the neighbors. They came to assist the frantic couple. Suddenly, a sharp-eyed farmer gave a shout and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the woods. A few townsmen followed him out into the field and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large oak tree, holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the miller's house. She was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller's daughter.

The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and ran toward the witch. When she heard the commotion, Bloody Mary broke off her spell and fled back into the woods. The far-sighted farmer had loaded his gun with silver bullets in case the witch ever came after his daughter. Now he took aim and shot at her. The bullet hit Bloody Mary in the hip and she fell to the ground. The angry townsmen leapt upon her and carried her back into the field, where they built a huge bonfire and burned her at the stake.

As she burned, Bloody Mary screamed a curse at the villagers. If anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to revenge herself upon them for her terrible death. When she was dead, the villagers went to the house in the wood and found the unmarked graves of the little girls the evil witch had murdered. She had used their blood to make her young again.

From that day to this, anyone foolish enough to chant Bloody Mary's name three times before a darkened mirror will summon the vengeful spirit of the witch. It is said that she will tear their bodies to pieces and rip their souls from their mutilated bodies. The souls of these unfortunate ones will burn in torment as Bloody Mary once was burned, and they will be trapped forever in the mirror.

Author's Note: You can read all our Bloody Mary stories on the Bloody Mary Legends page.
  • Bloody Mary Returns: When her evil stepmother kills both her brothers, a young girl must fight for her life using every resource she has at her disposal.

  • Bloody Mary Whales: Old Man Whales kills his daughter Mary and her spirit returns to avenge the murder.

Read the full legend of Bloody Mary in Spooky Pennsylvania by S.E. Schlosser.


so freaking scary. i peed myself.

me 2

so scary

so not scary!


i guess i can read this in adv. drama

i was soo scared this story is like sooo true when i went to da bathroom i saw bloody mary in the mirror


eh, it was ok.

wow yea it is creepy i got chills

this is creepy


um i treid everything with it its not scary i call her name in the dark looking a the mirror i saw nothing

Its really not that scary

this isnt really that scary i dont really belive in this stuff


i ma scared

dont beleve it

Yeeeah buddie..
it was scary but not scary enoough to pee my pants!!
hahah.. loved it

not scaryyyyyyyyyyy. (:

that video was FREAKY!

actually bloody mary was really a countess who lived in europe hundreds of years ago. she was thought of as extremely vain and one day when she slapped her servant and got her blood on her hand she noticed it made her skin "prettier". she was arrested later after finding tubs filled with blood and dead bodies everywhere. it's funny how rumors can spread ;)

w.e she is so real

ive heard alot of stories but this storie dosnt sound very real plus ive tried bloody mary and it dose work i had scratces all over mi face my friend was there as werll lol

tat gave me the chills


wow i f**in did this and it worked!!!!

This story is so elizabeth bathory!

I was so scared I ran into my friends arms when I did it


not scary

It was not really and I thought it was good and I saw a movie about this.

dudes thkis freaked me out i cudnt go go in the bathroom 4 a week chills n trust me it wasnt pretty

Wow :P so scary right???????????????????

I read from an email-chain letter: a story called Bloody Mary, too. That version was pretty short, and pretty freaky, but I like he old time-y setting of this one; especially about Mary being a witch this time!

Super wicked ... :)

Yeah. I'm terrified.

I thought you had to call her name 13 times in stead of 3 ????

Didnt work for me!

yo this is not scary =(

this story is freakin awesome

I thought you had to say it 40 times.

AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so so so so so creeepy

this is sooo scary!!!!!!!!!

it never works

it so scary i went in the bathroom i saw her in the going to the bathroom

wow so so lame!


so creepy

I've heard many stories about bloody mary and they sound more realistic than this 1 !!!!

So not scary nothing scares me do anything todays halloween and nothing can ruin it i am 11 years old and ive wached Orphan its rated R ive watched over 30 scary rated R movies in 1 year

too scary

well her name wasn't bloody mary..but she was a real countess that murdered little girls/young women, and bathed in their blood because she believed it would make her younger..they made a movie about's called stay alive...the place they filmed it as was really her castle..and background is real...


I got my sister to do it and nothing happened

I heard you the story like this...

She tried to take 3 girls at once (bffs) and they held hands and whispered her name 3 times and their love 4 each other killed her!!!!!!

Legend... is that you get 2 of your bffs and stand in front of a dark mirror and whisper her name 3 times and the mirror will shatter!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

It is so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was cripieeeeee

I actually feel sorry for her... & even though it's halloween night i'm not scared D:

The story was scary and i will never gonna do that ritual ever in my life!!!!

So bogus. I tried this and it didn't work.

it was ok but it was scary atthe end a litte bit.

do you think its true?

this was so scary I almost peed in my pants but I still do not think this story is real.

fake but great story

Wasn't that scary

Wow that was totaly WICKED!!!

ill get all the ones who rated this story bad

yours sincerly Bloody Mary

dude thats freeeaaakkky!

Eh.. it was aight. Wasn't that scart. But the vid pix were scary!

that was scary it was so scary

my friend tryed it and nuthen happened

its fake though

this is the most Scariest story ever!!!SIKEE

I have'nt tried it but i think it's real!

i love this story, because i love scary stories.

Actually Bloody Mary was a young girl who got a very bad disease that back then they didn't have a cure so they had no medicene for her and she went into a coma an back then they didn't know what a coma was so her father(the docter) thought she was so he buried her alive! Well when he buried her he tied a string to her hand an then tied it to a bell so if she happened to still be alive she would be trying to get out and he would hear the bell. Well the Mother was so overwelmed with grief that she stayed outside right next to the coffin hoping the bell would ring but the disese Mary had was very contagous and if the mother stayed out there any longer she would die so the father gave her a shot to put her to sleep and he took her inside and went to bed. Well to his surprise when he woke up in the morning he had saw that the bell and the stand the bell was on had fallen so he knew that she must still be alive so he ran to go dig her up. Well when he did she was dead. The top inside of the coffin had bloody scratches all over it and he looked at mary and saw that her hands were very bloody and she had no fingernails he looked once again at the top inside of the coughen and saw most of her fingernails stuck in the wood of the coffin. And now when someone goes in a bathroom and turns the lights off and lights 1-6 candles prefurably 6 candles and spins in a circle 3 times and says bloody mary each time they turn first you will hear silence then you will hear the bell ringing, then mary will apear in the mirror walking down stairs if she is carrying a knife then you need to turn on the lights or she will kill you. If she is carrying a rose or a teddy bear she is not there to kill you. But for your life's sake I would still turn the light on. Just to be safe.
And this is the only right one I have spent years and years studying this.

its true ...i triy it.!

Iwonse saw bloody mary

omg diz waz zo freaken scary how could people do this!!?!?

freking scaryy aahahah but not real this is not true!!!

it doesnt work

Sooooo not true!!!!!!!

so not real 100%fake. for the people that beleive this its just an old halloween legend

we should all keep our comments to ourselves,we should believe what we want to.and i so do believe that she is really.

bloody mary is not true

it's a game to scare you

Well im 11 years old and im a dare devil and i wil watch scary movies evryday and night

this thing is so fake who ever belive in dis stuff is dumb later losers.

the stoiry is not that scary

not scary at all

that movie, stay alive was about elizabeth bathory, not bloody mary..just sayin

so fake

its real

this is crap

this wasnt even close to scary

Your supposed to say it 13 times in front of a mirror while spinning around chanting it louder and louder till its alomst a full scream

love it


that is not scary at all in i'm 11 years old

it was little scary

WOW so NOT scary.....or i that because i dont get scared easily???

2 boring

sooo scary. I dnt think i cn go in frnt a mirror nemre

so freakin scary

this is not real ive tried and i scared my sibling by scrating myselfch

i tried that and nothing happened

Well this story was ok



bloody mary lived in maryland and her husband killed her that story is not true

omg i watched the video and it scared me so bad im alone downstairs.


dont call me stupid i dont even beleve this story

so not scary. i have heard that a million and 1 times. i have tried it and t doesnt work

this is rubbish its fake. ive doe it before and nout happened, its aload of crap mate :)

im 11 and i did it and it didnt work :(

who knows a really scarry storry and it was freakin creepy i was scared

Ummm... I have tried that and NOTHING happened. So she's NOT real! at least for me that is.

Soooo creepy man

this was so not scary. so wat! duds, im telling u, it is so not true!!!!!!! these people just want to put a scare in ya!!! the people that seriously think this was scary, are wooses!!!

i herd that she was a witch and that they killed her and before they killed her by stabbing her and cutting up her face and they put up a mirror up to her so she could watch her own death and then she cursed them and she said that she would be back they tied a bell to her to see if she really did come back and when you see her name 33 times before you die you hear a bell ring 3 times

People say its real others say its not but what i think is that people never know what actually happen or what didn't happen whats real and whats not true!! but u know what they say u never know!!1

scary bout good.

i only dared to say bloody mary twice!

so gay people who watch way to much movies need to get a life

Haha, funny to see all u guys calling everyone who believed this stupid, when u at one point tried it out yourselves.

bloody mary rules

this crap is freakin lame i dont know how you guys were scared this crap is stupid

man that was scary wow!

this is the dumb thing i ever heard

the narrators voice is kinda stupid and so not reeeel

awww.. its cute. I like it.

triedit10timesbut didntwork stillits scary(:

me and my friend did the bloody mary chant and she got so scared. lol

that was so not scary


lmfao. cute.

i think this story is one of the best!!!!

yeah this is so fake i tried it once and nothing happened

this is my fave story

I really saw her, and if you need proof, I still have the scars

this was hilarious

not scary

buch of bull

really fake


omg thatzzz is verry carzy

pretty creepy,,heard scarier stories though!

she is so scary that it was so dum

that wasa so dumm that i went tt


this is so not scary!!!!!!!!

iv done this and nothing happened

ok whos stupid enough to believe in bloody mary me my sis and her friend tried and u'll NEVER believe wut happened guess wut NOTHIN thats wut so yah:)

This isn't even real the real one is when u close the lights and close the door there should be no light and the say Bloody Mary 100 times. duh i wasn't dumb enough to fall for that one.

this is so not true ... i did that one time ... i said bloody mary three times and in the dark mirror and guess what i'm still alive haha ... but cool story though

it is not scary for me because i watched many scary movies.

Ummmm...60% so not scary & 40% scary 2 me but I can live wiff diz story being told I can even live with being in a mirror house/glass house it being dark and me saying BLOODY MARY!!! hahaha!! {Mz.Mayne}


wow 3:51 scared me a lot

omg i would have been so scared bet of not do this stuff........................

That Was NOT Scary I've Just Said It 3 Times In A Mirror And Nothing Happened!

Wow this is a bunch of crap. I actually tried it, but nothing happened. Except my sister and cousin jumped up behind me and scared me. But the point is the real Bloody Mary was in fact not a witch but was Queen Mary.


omg if this was real everyone would believe its f***** lame prove that she is real !! wtf ! not real LISTEN KIDS NOT REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

she is not a witch she a fake i here this story all the time there all different stick with one man!

Me and my friend tried to see bloody mary. But we DIDN'T see any thing so that must mean that she's not real so all you freaks out there are just wasting ur time so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whoever says bloody mary is not true it won't be my fault when you kill yourself...losers!

um they got the facts wrong bloody mary's name was acually mary worthington and was 19 when she was MURDERED she was beautiful and she won a couple of beauty pageants but there was a guy she was dating a married guy she called him by his initial T, the night she was murdered she was going to tell his wife about his affair. when mary was sitting in her house alone someone cut her eyes out in front of a mirror on the mirror when the cops came to her house were the letters "T" the cops thought mary was trying to spell out her killer's name on the mirror when they found her, her eyes were cut out so now if anyone says her name in front of a mirror she comes and scratches your eyes out and that's the real story

it was not scary it was dum

wow i know tis not true but the way that it said she will tear ur body to shreds and take away ur soul plus u'll b trapped inside the mirror. that would be pretty freaky.


who'd read this S**T!!!!

How can you find that scary? I've tried chanting her name in a mirror and it doesn't work! Oh No! Bloody Mary is going to come back for me! Ahhaaahaa.

omg it was kind of scary but the pics were weird 1 looked like my cuz

hope its good i am doing a report on it

one day, the bathroom lites werent on at skool for no apparent rezon, dis emo gurl kept doin the bloody mary thing n the back mirror, where it was pitch dark, gess wat happened !!!!!????? .......................................................................................NOTHING!

Weak very stupid

Geez Bloody Mary is not real. Ok she was real but she is DEAD now. And btw she was Queen Mary of England. She got the nickname because she persecuted and murdered Protestants. There is nothing as "scary" as that.

i was so totally not scared the story is totally not true find out do it go to your bathroom and do it nothing HAPPENS

my friend died because of it this is real

realy super creepy wierd

my aunt is a history teacher and bloody mary was real but this is the real story:"bloody mary was a queen of some kind and catholic she killed any one who wasn't catholic THAT'S WHY HER NAME IS BLOODY MARY.that other stuff isn't real

man this sh** is retarted

only the person reading in the video sound abit scary :D

i think this story is very interesting and helpds people with idies for a storey themselfs

Well actually.
I read the story that¸
Bloody Mary was a Countess
and she held a young girl
hostage and made her a servant.
Then she hit the girl and got blood on her skin and noticed it made her look younger so she killed the girl and did the same to most of the young girls then she was hunted down and killed(=

I belive in bloody mary and I think that if you say her name she will apear and KILL U!

i dont wanna go to duh batroom anymore (hehehe, batroom)

i kinda believe but then again i dont

that not her that the movie of somthing else

it is quite scary and my last name is miller

Yes it scared me but i believe its true. You cant say it isnt real or not unless you get all the facts.

bloody mary was a witch??

i loved it hahahaha

Dudes this is totally fake my friends tried this at the camp YLCC and it isn't real!

It was scary

not that scary

i herd that bloody mary died on Armour hill right next to king george school and that bloody mary haunts the girls bathroom and that she was hung not shot but i dont think she really did die on Armour hill but if she did she does not haunt the bathroom and we have tried the mirror thing it doesnt work

Its not that scary

Ppl are stupid! anyone who would even try this deserves to go to h***, because you disgrace God by trying to see something in the mirror! DONT BE DUMB!

now i know how the movie :the witches of westwick

this is not scary at all man my is closet scarier this this lol

Creepy but not that scary

i think you have 2 keep the water on and lock the door and everyone has to be asleep or gone and then turn off all the lights then at 12:00 sharp you call her name and she'll appear in the mirror and i heard if u turn around she'll cut your head off or something.

eh, it was ok.

i didnt get scared at al!!!

This soooooooo not true. that is the weakest story of bloody mary ever

this is so not scary my friend try it and it did not work

Ihave never tried bloody mary before but i want me and my friend to do it we are both really scared about ghosts do you think we should try it

img i was so freakin scared i slept with my mommy for 4 months yall need to take that off yall crazy people!!!!!!!!!i still am scared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg.i cannot read it cuzz of the video!

r u crazy, i peed myself doing that trick, she is real i tell u she about ripped my face off, lucky i got 2 the lights.


bloody mary is not real me and my friends tried it and nothing happened

I want to try but at the same time i dont!

i tryed the looking in the mirra it was crazy i done it in the middle of the nite and i was scared

wow that was so stupid lol not true!!! ;)

hecca no

you know a few friends and i tryed that trick we turned every light out i went in to the bathroom my other friends had hand held mirrors and on three we said it bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary and you know what happened that night two of my friends were in a wreck two more broke something but me and my bf only saw her that was creepy

wow i did that once and it didnt work

stupid think of something better anyways its not three times it's 10 times

wow, i never expected the like that

not so scary

not scary

not real

i did not even understand wht this frekinn story was about! :(

ummm........... soo stupid and that note earlier that said it was bloody mary and she would come and get all of the ppl that commented poorly on this that she would come and get us.. come and get me cuz this is soo stupid and retarted

WOW!!!! That's was not scary. Although this story scared my little sister.

Well i'm going to try to say bloody mary's name 3 times to see if it's true

THAT WAS scary!!!!!!!

thatz scary

i dnt believe none of that and to prove it i am going to go say it in the mirror now.

you call that a scary story!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, why do people have to be down on Bloody Mary? People believe what they believe, no one has to get in their business. :3 Anywho, it was a pretty good story, i guess... I want something SCARY though..

That story is verry cool

before 2 years i saw some shadow,but it disappeared verry quickly!!!I saw that two times!! It was verry scarry.

NOT scary!

U shouldn't challenge a lengend.

Listen,Bloody . M is not real.

Not true. This is stupid. Bloody Mary isn't true.

this is so scary!ha ha ha!'s creepy..i try to do doesnt work..:D..

is it really (100x) true???????????

this is not scaryat all it sucks

yea what ever i tried that like a million time that is so fake:) and yea nice story ... NOT my qrandma can do better than that :))

dumb a****.. she is real:) But that mirror s*** is just a mith stop lieinq to yall self ...

I think that it is reallllllllllllllllllllly scary and i go to the bathroom outside its so scary!!!AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Dude and dudetts super scary

haha. this is so f***** scary

this was the dumbest story ever read

in order to see her. u gotta be in a room alone in the dark and spin around three times saying her name me i done it.

So gay I've tried it 25 times before and no freakin thing happens I've even been to her real house there is notin scary about this


oh my gosh. at school the other day, everyone tried the bloddy mary thing and the lights in the boys bathroom wouldn't turn on anymore.

Ehh I've heard scarier than that

you guys think that is scary you stuped heads shoud make a scaryier story i have even wached the movie A HAUNTING IN GEORGA IS NOT EVEN SCARY

i did it but nothing happed to me

Now this is scary... get a friend to read this to you for u to do
close your eyes and think of a lady in a red and white dress. keep thinking of her the whole time
count to ten tell your friend when you are done
cross your arms ten times in the form of an X
snap your fingers in your ear ten times
count to five tell your friend when you are done
cross your arms five times in the form of an X
snap your fingers in your ears five times
count to one tell your friend when you r done
cross your arms once in the form of an X
snap your fingers in your ears once
now say "Bloody Mary raise my hand until you scare me" (keep eyes closed)

how do summmin blooody mary

Even if it is true, spirits can't hurt humans without ectoplasm. And besides, there's never enough ectoplasm for that type of materialization. That's what Jesus died for (besides our sins)

is tht ment 2 b scary??

this is dum

ur supposed to say it 13 times then she comes

this not scary and diz iz not true

everyones acting like this is real. anyone thats not 2 knows this isnt real so i think everyone needs to take a big step into something called REALITY

WOW ya'll are stupid

I thought you were supposed to have a candle in the bathroom with you and that ur supposed to say it 13 times? Correct me if im wrong

wow i have two ghosts in my house and they are scaryer than this! but still its pretty good!

I felt very scared when I read the story but all the same, I do not belief it.

Bloody Mary is a legend,who said shes real or shes not

when i was in kindergarden,i herd 3 girls went to the bathroom and said Bloody Marys name 3 times and turned the lights off,on,then off and saw Bloody Mary cut off they're that i'm older i think that story is a bunch of crap.

that was freakin scary dude!i am so scared.i tried it and it worked.

shes REAL she almost got me.

there is a book called girls book of dares and it said that if you go in to a dark room with a flash light under your chin and say bloody mary 13 times she will appear in the mirror or scratch you or scar you for life and pull u in the mirror...

not real

OK. This is as scary as buttered toast.

it really does work! only its 13 times!

eh it was ok

me n my cousins tryed it nope not real!!! i was scared cuz i thought it was going 2 haunt me i was like 9 my cousins friend saw her her navors went in n the restroom was full of blood idk if its real but am not scared no more.

im actually scared

im 20 come on you ppl believe this stupid tale not true

This is not scary. I tried it and Nothing happened. Anyone who is scared dont be!!!!!
P.s. Shes in the basement with me!!!!!Ach!!! Not!!!!

This was like really lame and stupid.


SO BBOORRIINNGG this was so like not like scary and my 7 month old brother wouldnt even cry at this

not scarey

i wander if its true!!!!

i see that movie but was with popets not was with a scary mirror. but the story was cool.. haha

I tried the mirror thing, and it doesn't work. Don't ask me why I did it though!

wow. ive heard so many other rumors about bloody mary. like when ur in the bathroom ur supposed to flush the toilet and watch it the whole time then look in the mirror youll see her. but i dont believe any of it!

i believe in her cuz i did it but it didnt c here i said her name 3 times while turning 3 times at school by myself and the toilet behind me flushed then there were 3 huge bangs on the stall so i got the f*** out of there then my friends did after me and i saw a green light coming from the bathroom and they said that the toilet was glowing green and there were 3 bangs so ya shes real all right if u didnt c her when u did u probably forgot something or did something wrong-_-

so not scary

not real

I use to do this a lot when I was a kid. It never really worked though, I think it's fake.

This is nuts yo so scari

good story

My friend keeps doin it lol

That ain't scary

my friends told me about that once, but i didnt believe it, now i do! creepy!

really scary!

please tell me if a face comes up on the vidio :):):)

this is one of the scariest story i ever read.

dont think it scary but may be it is

o my god that is scary. (:

i done it nothin happened

It is only a legend or myth

i didnt get it :L

i think it is real but im only 11 n my m8 n me tried it n i saw summet moove behind us

stupid its not real

wow this is so scary

this is the gayest storie i have ever read in my life whoever believes this crap needs to stop playin world of warecraft an get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This 1 isnt real.She is real though.I was chillin at my friends house then all the sudden she brought up ghosts.She dared me to do bloody mary.I went into her bathroom and she lit i think it was 6 candles.She closed the door and i turned off the light.I said bloody mary like 13 times.I also spinned around.I stopped spinning and then i started screaming like somebody was trying to kill me.She was like right behind me and i turned on the lights.And she was gone.Since that day my friends nickname is dumb@ss.I woke up the next morning with scratches on my neck.

so scary

I dont believe in that kinda stuff!!!!

common guys! obviously its not real. but just because its fake doesn't mean that it was a bad story. I mean it was a fun creepy story, don't judge it on whether its real or not

yall are dumbas***

get a life

dis is not scary at all for all u people who belive it stop its not scary at all

guys y do u think its scary its stupid i bet ur all believe in anything ur told ur the lowest people

this is scary

Anonymous you think your so bloody hard. well one day bloody marys gonna sort you out. so i would be careful if i were you cos at any point shes gonna get ya. anyway i think bloody mary would freak loads of people out because number one, its totally a true story. number two. its very freaky and number three... ive got nothing lolz! anyway, Anonymous, what a name. I'M JUST SAYING. love you guys. hope you don't get freaked out at night... cos bloody mary might get you, so i would keep your eyes wide open!!!

ruth's side of the story well 4 a start i think i believe it but how can u tell that's its real it may be real it may be false i another way wont ever try it that only time i would ever try it is wen im drunk and dont no wot im doin lol abbeys side of the story i think its real coz i have done a ouija board and i tried it and it happened and i waz on my bed and i waz doing ouiji board on my bed and the glass shattered like a hand granade and it broke and i done bloody mary b4 any way soo it appeared and i fkin s*** meself lolx


for all those who say this works you wouldn't be talking right now if you heard the story she kills u and sucks u in a mirror...if that were the case u'd never be heard from again...hence u wrote n typed those posts meaning ur not dead and didn't disappear...Can anyone say Liar

Stupid. I don't see why people actually buy into this kind of thing. It's nothing more than a fairytale, if even that.

not even scary red this loads of times man get ova it av herd scarier ones than this

Not that scary

what the fu** this is stupid sh** man the f***

This is not real dont get scared I have tried it.

I was so NOT scared

I was gone do dis n a mirror but dis iz 2 scary

it was not that was a bit freaky??x.x


nice story not that scary though which sucks

i think that its not true ive heard ALL the rumors i even tried the bathroom thing when u turn ALL THE lights off and turn the water on when everyones sleeping spin around u see her... LIE!

oooohhh........... really scary. NOT!!!!! haha

thats not scary at all....xoxo

well it was very scary xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

WTHHHH, is this trying to be hocus pocus, its CRAPPPP!!!!!!

you guys are wimps. that was not scary. at all. but im definitly not going to say bloody mary into a mirror.

this is f*** it is boring

actually bloody mary was really a countess who lived in europe hundreds of years ago. she was thought of as extremely vain and one day when she slapped her servant and got her blood on her hand she noticed it made her skin "prettier". she was arrested later after finding tubs filled with blood and dead bodies everywhere. it's funny how rumors can spread ;).... This is a false and whoever said it has to be stupid.


um im just sayin you all that are cussin and sayin people dum just cuz they belive some legends and your callin them low aw well cussin is gheto so shut it ya the low person and i belive her tiny bit but sometime i dont and anonymous is right this sounds alot like elizabeth bathory

I cant even see the dum words because that dum VIDEO!!!!!!!

_hello.....i want to try this...but im so sacary....!!!

it was very good it entertained me

i have seen the ghost of bloody mary before she looked all slimie and her hair was stringy and she was dripping wet i ran for my life litterally but when i turned around the ghost was coming after me once i got to my house i looked through my window and bloody mary with her white dress was walking towards my house i locked the door quickly and when i looked out again she was gone

damn s***! >.< i dont believe in this but at my school when i was younger my best friend said the chant and a little crack appeared. i was there and came out looking at the mirror we both stared at it not sure what happened. then 2 days later in the morning at 8:00 i came in the mirror was still cracked as the same. Then 4 hours later the crack got bigger horizontaly and it lined up on the previous crack. and now when i go back it's still there.

who ever belives this is stupid

Bloody Mary is true i read all the stories and watch the movies about her. and the movie is about this girl in a bathroom and she lit up a candle n there was 3 candles and she looked in the mirror and said Bloody Mary 3 time's and read a story, then the candles went out n she hurried n turn the lights on, then the lights started to turn off n on. Then Bloody Mary came to the mirror then came close to the girl n cut her throat n the mirror was all BLOODY, then the girl coudn't speak, so then n there she died sitting on the bathtub. END OF THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!

soo freakyy i was soooo scared of that s***

god i dont get why people even believe this it is so fesh this stuff aint even real dun it said it heard it all b4

It is kind of freaky but it is not real = 0

It was soo no scary!! it was crap because none of it is true and it is just a gay idea so i agree with everyone who thinks it ent scary cos it no where near scary!!

hahaha not

bloody mary is just a b****
she is stupid

i am 10 and i go to Washington school girls tell me that at school and a legend about blue baby this story is iet

This was so freaky!!!

not that creepy...i want a real scary story...

I thaught it fun and interesting

haha this s*** is so lame wwho would believe in this suff .....peoples if your scared dont be theres nothing to be afraid of


yup it is scary. the only reason is that u guys r not doing it right.lata.......


It took me like 3 hours(jk but it seemed like it) to read all dem freakin half said it wuz real and half said it wazz fake.Ive never done but i believe in her(Bloody Mary)Its also the name of a drink.LOL.Some of u who said it didnt work when u did it iz maybe cuz u did it wrong.I have heard that u r supposed to Turn the lights off(in the bathroom),Run the hot water until there is steam,have a mirror and a candle,Break the mirror and spin around and say "Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary". xD

I thought this was fake!! 0 :

That Was a snoozefest

wow the voice could be a little more convincing but pretty creepy

If one belives it enough, than that individual will show results.

Story was good i've heard it since i was little but really if your scared of this then dont read it, simple.


wow i wonder if ya do it ya actually see her?? i darent try it :P

Hello.This is Bloody Mary.

kind of creepy but not really

I know another version, the one she gets sick and her father can't cure her.


shes not real

wow she does come back trust me its so freaken cool that we can know how she died :] ;]

That is not ture iv done it and nothing ever happens

hahaha not scary and hi

wow i find this some what familair.... its sounds like the grudge to me

my friend did this and they're still alive! This is all B/S

this was really stupid its not even real! my friend and me tried it but nothing happened

that scared the living crap out of me

that was so s**ty.

the video was creepy!!!!!



so fake


It's so scaryyyyyyyyyyy!

it sounds real but its not. u should not believe this stuff.

bloody marry should be a home name for a hountedhouse

dome dome dome dome dome dome dome..................

i tried it but it never works

that was stupid!

wooowww!!!!! u guys dis story was okaii but da comments wer better dhen da storii



Everyone is saying this is scary. It is not very scary, but I know it is true because my friend's great,great,great,great,great, grandma was actually there she was real and this story is ALMOST TRUE, not completely though.

bloody mary was actually the duaghter of king henry 8th. She became the queen of england after her half sister elizabeth 1st.she is known as bloody mary beacause she would burn people live at the stake if they werent Catholic.That is the REAL TRUTH,i learned it in history.

this was stupid!!!!!!!



What hapens if I turn around?

that was sooooo not scary
try to make a scaryer on ya lol i can make awesome ghost stories jk :)

I love this story when i was a little girl,me and my friends would sit out by the campfire and tell scary stories like this one


this scary story is sooooooooooooooooooooo lame

wow so not true

not scary but very spooky

i tried bloody mary twice nothing happend but i got bad luck that video was creepy

this is F scary i got chills on my back bloody mary could be real i think you shouldnt do it!!! youd be stupid if you did!!!!!!


that was awsome but im not going to try it

act the real story is that bloddy mary was a little girl, her father was a doctor and one day mary fell sick very sick dat the whole town was gettin sick of. Mary went into a coma and her dad said she was dead so they put the coffin in there garden and tied a string round her wrist and onto a bell so if she woke up from the coma they wood here the bell and come save her but her mother woodnt beieve that she was dead and she never left the grave marys father new if he didnt get his wife inside and eat he will lose both his little girl and his wife she he gave her a drug just to get her inside but that night mary woke up and the bell was ringing like crazy but her father and mother or anyone never heard the bell. in the morning the family want out to see the grave and they noised that the bell fell off the hook so marys father and some men started to dig but when they got to her she was dead with blood every were and her nails stook into the lid off the coffin because she tried to get out, her face was unbelieveable eyes open and her moth was open aswell it act looked as if she was still sceraming =0

um that iznt ts not even real

bloody mary is freaky i dont belive she is real though

that was pathetic

Bloody Mary acctually was the step sister of Elizabeth Tudor, the daughter of the so caller"witch," because she "charmed" the king and had an extra finger, which at that time, was concidered a sign of witchcraft. When the king died, and after her younger brother died, she became queen. She imprisoned her sister, Elizabeth, in a tower, thinking that Elizabeth could murder her, overthrow her, or maybe have inherted "whitchcraft" from her mother. She was called Bloody Mary because while she was on the throne she believed everyone should be Catholic. If they weren't Catholic, she would kill them. How she died has been said in many ways. Some say she was burnt on astake, some say she was overthrown and killed, some even say she just died. Either way, Elizabeth was let out and she became what we call the best Queen yet, and started the "Elizabethian Age." She also said, I quote," I do not intend to peer through a window into a man's soul; I do not care for what religion he believes in."

This is also the exact same story as the movie "Brothers Grimm." It is one of their stories I believe. I do not know, but it is the exact same except the Evil Queen is not Bloody Mary, but she herself does Witchcraft. It is a good movie! You should see it!!!

this is so scary ohh lol

not scary at all i tryed it and nothing happend its so stupid

blood mary is fake becasue i try it at night time and nothing happend to me.


dis craaaap is fake!i say here name all da time

hey i love it

woooooooooow(: we are posting this from school in language arts class!!!

i honestly believe this story. i had a dream about bloody mary before i ever knew of her exsitence. in my dream she tried to kill me. scary, unbelievable, and true. but heck, thats just my opinion.

i love this story but come on make it more real!!!!

this is noooot scary at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

it took me forever (seemed to be) to sulk up that story and get it throuugh my head. i mean that was one hell of a story, it shook me. one of the craziest story about bloody mary that i've read thus far and for those of you who dont think she exist try it and if doesnt work you either DIDNT do it or you did it WRONG. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Im Scared

holey s***

not scary

wow that is soooo cool i am going to totally try it ... with a friend

so not scary yet so very true.

personally: i think that bloody mary is a myth that was takin to far such as the "pig lady"

Wow... me and my friends used to freak ourselves out by doing that!!! It never worked. But it did cuase all the girls to run out screaming!! I had fun with this story!!

If you dont believe in me, go try it again. I was too busy trying to get inside another person's body.


IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!


HA HA HA! that was so scary i was shaking in my boots....this story is SO WEAK! i heard better scary stories than this. *raseberries*

owwwwwwwwwwwww im scared!!!!!!!!!!!

this story is just crap

this is a dumb story i think

I am BLOODY MARRY and i will get you just wait!!!! watch your back becasue before you know it I will be chewing on it!!!
sleep with your eyes open if i were you!!!

so f***** stupid

Not scary

ive treid it a thousand times and its not true and the story is so not scary

You actually say it 100.3 times, you say bloody mary 100 times then the .3 you just die, that's right you just die. Because "they burned her at the stake!!!!!!"

this was most deff. not scarey.. mayb if there wasnt music in the backround i culd mayb here the actual story.. plus wht i did hear was gay.. so yeah

That wasn't scary, but the video kinda gave me the creeps. I think its real though.

thats not scary

bloody mary is scary

that waz f****** crazy that freaks me out dont watch that s***

the voice was creepy but never actually tried it i heard if you 'bloody mary bloody mary i have your baby it works but i have not tried it.


its ok... i have heard scarier though

whats with the you tube video

not scary

not scarry iv hered worse than that from a 3 year old

im gonna try tht thing in front of the mirror!

that was so damn scary i wonted to scream but my sisters are asleep

this is kind of scary but how do you know its real?Is it real:I

that story was funny

We're doing a play based on that

so not scary


this is really RETARTED!!!!

it was so gay!

this is sh**

that was scary because my last name is miller and im a 15 year old girl so scary

not at all scary and i dont believe it ia have already done this

Even my 10 yr old sister didn't find this scary!!!!

so scary

well im off to say this scary mary thing bye


Bahahahahahahaha! That was dumb! Big waste of my time!

This is so bogus cos if it worked you should all be dead!!! stubdd!!

wow i cant believe u ppl actually fall 4 this. NOT TRUE!!! :p

cool not much

da pix weree scary but bloody mary iz so fakee lke giv it up ppl dnt b scared itz totally fakee

it isnt even scary ive heard heaps of stories about how she died they cannot be true if their all different storys about how she diedd i would give this story 0/5

That wasnt scary at all i have heard scarier stories

not scary!!!!! lol

Pretty cool story!

well its kinda kreepy
but i dont know
if its real or not

My friends say that you have to go to the bathroom light up 7 candles and say Bloody Mary 3 times!!!!!!!

In the dark

little bit scary to pee at my pants this is fake and stupid haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dont believe it. She wont hurt you because you didnt do anything to her

Dont believe it. She wont hurt you because you didnt do anything to her

stupid story... get a life

She scares me. I've heard even if you don't say her name, she'll come for you. I don't want to be taken away.

The vidieo was creepyish but the storie was freaking stupid!

she was a queen


this is not a true story ive tried it lots of times and it never works so dont be scared of something thats not real

wow thats scary i believe in this and thank you for telling me about saying you know what 3 times in the mirror

this is so not true tried it not real...haha ppl r so DUMB hahalol

I didnt really get that scared so what a stupid story its not even true i've said bloody mary three times before a mirror that was darkened before big deal?

this is so scary aaaaayyyi ama

ok.... the video was NOT scary....the dudes voice on the other hand.... now that was CREEEEEEEEEEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do belive in BLOODY MARY!!! and i worship her!!! MAHHHHHAAAAAHHH

not bad...

i was so scared

I was scared

it was crazy

this vid is like rly creeps me out and i only watched like a min of it.O_o

bloody mary is hanteing me because i said shes stuped

shivers up my back...

dat video was soo boring and im sure even bloody mary is fake

that was sweet

wow lamee:)) some ppl are just to lifeless :]

haha this is a cool story

sabrina: we tried this and it was so freakn freaky! we screamed so loud china could prolly hear us! njk.


Gr8 1 bt nt so scary

so dumb!not true !

the story was realy not scary. it was creepy

not great but not bad it was kinda dumb cuz my cousin and i have said her name 3 times into a mirror with all the lights out and nothin happened we saw her face in the mirror and through the window

this is pretty gay! like seriously its retarded! my teacher is scarier than that!

you guys are all gay



it was really scary

so not scary

So freaky but I aint watching any video.

To that person who talked about that lady who bathed herself in young girls blood to make herself younger, that was Countess Elizebeth Bathery, not Bloody Mary D;

i just read it its true to some peole

my friends and i tryed it and it worked!

this story is so gay

this storie is bull and f**in

i love scary stories their the best

What r u a 2 year old , not scary , lame heard it so many times! ;)

This Story is like really scary haha (: Bloody Mary is Awesome lol!!(:


it not real its just a myth o yea bloods hood

JUST like hocus pocus dis is so not the true story

well when I was 6 year old me and my brother tried bloody mary something did happen it was a little shine in the coner of the mirror her face pop up she started to stare at me my brother ran all i could do was stare back this reaally happen i can tell you how she look she was wearing a bloody white dress and her face was scrath up when i look her up on the computer my computer starts acting crazy SHE IS REAL DO NOT TRY HER THAT IS A WARNING FOR YOU

i dint think this story is really true but i think that bloody marry was a real women long time ago

but i still dont believe such think!!!!!!!(:

Woah. That's CREEPY!

like one of u said if u believe that crap u need to go back to prschool u are actully really really.....well i would say the stupidest person on the planet i am only 9 yers old and i have also seeen over 1000 scary movies like i said u are dumb

that is fake i have sAID bloody mary three times and it was dark nothing happend its all fake


you guys are all so retarded this story is definitaly not true try it every friday night idiots and dis movie is stgupid i hate it is sooooooooooooooo.................. not scary you are all wusses

omg really :p

What's with mirrors in these type of stories?

Wasn't scary at all...

It's very interestng, not as scary as i had hoped, but still very good reading

wow really this so weird !i would be alittle scared but this is not TRUE!

really ppl its not real its a stupid fake story that is told to scare lil kids like my sister lol well shes fun to scare but ya stop freaking its not real

It was ok I guess. I think you could have put in other version of this story. I would really love to hear more urban legends about her. I also think the text is a little boring to me. But that is my opinion.

i love scary stories *_*

not scary at all

so not real get a grip

OMG my friend tried that i wasn't there she tried it and no1 has seen her since not even her parents and i was in her house

wow this is creepy i mean im a little girl i dont want that to happen to mee!~ im only 10

it is weird, but scary. i tried it out at home, but it did not work

this was lame. bloody marry returns is so much better.

This is just an urban legend based on the story of Elizabeth Bathory back in the 1600s. She filled bathtubs in blood cause she thought it made her look younger and prettier. Arrested and executed about 350 years ago. GET OVER THIS THE MIRROR THING DOESN'T WORK. Just a stupid myth.

that last picture was scary ! me and my friend where trying to not look at that last picture


this is so lame

I haven't tried this before, but I think its actually scary. I have no idea who the hec 2 believe.

creepy in the end...
but so lame wow wat freaks to bealive this stuff..!

I like the acting the reader doses.

it was ok i heard better

i wondre if this story is true

This is really retarded!!!

That is so NOT scary! I've got so much better stories!

But who is mirror?

i heard that if u killed somebody and kept it a secret then u chanted her name 3 times in front of a mirror in a dark room then shell rip ur eyes out

not scary at all

not scary creepy though

its boring

its not scary i tried it like 15 times so wtf

I don't get it 50% say that its true and the other half says that its not i don't know which which side to take =(

OMG I think this could have been a really good story but you made it kind of corny and unbelievable. I think I'll go home and "Chant, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, in my dark, creepy mirror.

this is bullcrap all those kids and adults out there who think this is real are REAL gay ppl so stop believin in this crap...

this is so scary!!! one time when i was at a hotel with my family there was this mirror beside the tv my family was watching so i just said bloody mary 3x and ran in the bed with my parents and i saw her in the mirror when i was like 5 feet away!!!!

im a scary person and this sound stupid yall no dat b#$ch ate herself in a bathroom


haha this is not scary!!!! but it's creepy i can give it that much !!!

thattsz nott scarryyy ha!(;

that not even scary what with that not even candymans not scary either me and some bff tried nothing happened!

dat wuz soo not scary im not kiddin its SUPER retarded iv done it b4 but nthn hapened u guys r just imagining this stuff

Ima try this since its so fake....P.S.
WHY A MIRROR if she was burned at a stake why does she appear ina mirror HUH?

holy s***

not scary

hmmmmmmm ehh its not all that scary

uqhhh...its not that scary but a bit spookey..and i know the real story of bloody mary!!!

That was not even scary ppls!!!!!!! get a life pplsss!!!!

i think she is real but i am scared to do it i love scarier things and movies but i do not know what would happend if i did it but i do feel sorry 4 her it just wrong what had happend to her. but she need to stop! killing ppl in the first thing. 1 of my frineds tryit and said that she not reall but a few weeks later i found out that my other friend did it and she got hurt will she okay now . and nuthing happend to her eyes just to late u know we come from a small twon name beaufort and i heard and lot of bloody marys storis my frineds were sing and telling ghost stories about bloody mary my bestfriend stephain try did put she said that she not reall but like i think she is my other friend mary told me she is i think maby she is ture or not but it scary and the stories i have been told and my friends too who knows what will hapend

thats not what I heard. I heard that she got her name. because of something about permission by the pope at a church. and something something. and she beheaded people. therefore getting her name of "Bloody Mary"

I thought they were supposed to bleed from their eyes?

this is SO not real

omg i dont even want to watch the video. what happens?

so un true

this is like so scary but i just dont know if i could belive it is it like ture

it is stuiped

This is the way i heard it u shut the door turn the lights of spin 6 times well saying b-mary.And she will come in the merior and hand you a baby and the baby is you. if u drop the baby for more that 2 secs u die but if you don,t drop the baby she takes it and lets you go. but she will be back thats why i can,t out of my left eye.

Wow!!!!!!!! Sick video!

that was so scary

It wasnt that scary until someone slammed a door in my house causing my door to shake. After that my sister, my friend, and I screamed on the top of our lungs. Now we are scared to finsh reading the story. Wish us luck.

Really just stop cussing!Its bad and annoying....And no i dont believe in her....Sorry

this sucks

not scary....

Angry? Doesnt work? Shes dead. She doesnt come up from her huge grave. She stays put like shes supposed to. They had to move her coffin. Yeah it doesnt work NO DIP! Ok I admit I used to be scared when i was 9. Ha! Sorta Funny. You people expect to se "Scary" Bloody Mary . . . but really you see a dark room and a mirror at midnight. The clock is ticking. Your getting nervous. Waiting for her to appear. But . . . it doesnt happen. Your disapointed. You tell all your friends it doesnt work. They say they know and some say "Whos Bloody Mary?" Then you forget all about her!

The video is creepy and the story....but not scary!

Nawtt Scaryy Ahaa (;

I like creepy and scary stuff o i like all unles its stupid!! :)

that was gay

that was boring

bla bla this is not true

im not that scared dont belive in bloody mary

U abies this ws soo not scary!

witches rnt real !der cant believe people believe so

Ok i heard this one story that Queen Elizabeth had a mother who cheated on the king. He was sooo f*ckin mad at her that he was gonna chop her head off. So when the day came he asked if she had any last words to say. She did, "say my name three times then turn around to find me as I scrath and tear at you and rip your head off!" He brought down his axe and off went her head. But he was frightened by her words. He tried it to see if it was true and sure enough, she started tearing at his neck. But he was such a whimp and ran out and ordered for all of the mirrors to be distroyed. I totaly like that version better. I've never heard of it this way and it kind of the crap load movie, hocus pocus.

wtf this aint scary

this was 1 of the crepyiest
stories i've ever read

im researching bout bloody mary n is kind of scary n creepy at same time:)

its real i was with my cousin and we rEAD A STORY LIKE THIS so she tried it out i was there she sais her name three times and we saw bloody mary we thought it was our imagination but that night i never saw my cousin again all i saw was her necklase that she never took off it was a four leaf clover neclase !!!!!!!!!!!!!! to julie tomdaert!!! xcxxxxxxx


wow im scared to go to the bathrrom

soooo duummmmmmmmmmm yo

this is soo not real and for the people who said they tried this and said they saw bloody mary wouldn't she come and kill you or scratch you till u die then you wouldn't even be post this stuff right now imean come on people you r just lying about this i really don't believe in this stuff any way

ummm... well...idk...pretty creppy and frekky

it was awesome

ive seen her

i was not that scred at all actually

the bloody mary drink is more scary than that story. that was lame

wooow this sucked sooo nt scary

Listen ppl, if you say it really happend to u then why did it say you would be trapped in the mirror forever. If it happened to u you wouldn't be here to post ur comment.Think on that for a while.

i love it

Omg this is sad!!! i feel srry 4 her kinda . . .

this movie i saw with my little sister. it was very scary and i am 15. never let 10 year old girls watch it

it was a typical story and how do u no which story is real about bloody mary there are so many.........

OMG I got sooooo scared cause I was reading it when it was dark.

freaky but kinda lame

Yall are all a bunch a wusses! Aint no such thang as some crazy witch who rips out yo' soul!

omg omg

ugh it was ok but i dont beleav it

Do u take mi as a fool. I dnt believe dis s*** nun.

I don't really think that bloody mary is because I didn't see anything so creepy.

wow that's crazy!!!!!!!! even i f i don't belive it it is still really wierd

pple here r stoopid lol this story is GAY

cool but if u liked this u should here seaweed sally

i think bloody mary was pretty. but it is a shame that is happened.

that is soooooooooooooooooooo fake

ive heard loads of storys another was she was a girl, and one day she didnt wake up, her parents buried her in a grave and rapped a bell around her finger so that if she wakes up they will here the bell. the locked her in there and the next night they heard the bell ring, they opened it to find Mary covered in blood with her nails stuck in the wood from scramming at the coffin and also the bell had falled of her finger.......
This story was very scary, i have tried bloody mary woth a friend in daylight i cant do it in the dark though it freaks me out

so scared

Honestly, how many different Mary's are there for the Bloody Mary story? There's this one, Queen Mary of Scotland, Mary Worth, etc.

This was good, I have read better, but it was still good. Not scary enough to give me nightmares, but it intrigued me. I have to go now, I have to go and talk to a mirror.

This is not sacary. ive tried this 12 times at diferent times at like 3:00 am and midnight and day and regular times... it doesnt work..ur just get chills it and u just start to think shes there.. But nothing happens.. u just think somthing does.. but really nothing does.. its just to scare little kids lmao. bit nothing happens, TRUST ME.

oooooooh is bloody mary really reeal because my friend said that her cuzin luked in the mirror and she said it three times and nothing happened and she did it with the lights off so this is a lie!!!

i heard that she use to haunt this one bathroom at my old school and that she use to go to that skool and got in a fight in that bathroom and fell and cracked her head and now she seeks revenge


this was kinda creepy but a good story 2 tell. AINT GONNA TRY IT! anyway i was too scared 2 watch the vidio (btw i am 11 years old).

ok first of all, this wasnt scary, second of all there is a mythology book and you have any lost one's image appear in a mirror if you say their first name 43 times,,,they WILL actually appear! one of the girls at my school is one of the most honest people i know and she did bloody marry, and that house fire a few days ago was her house,,,YALL IT REALLY HPPENZ!

so scary

lol i ddnt fynd it scary b0o0o0o0o0o0rin!!!!

If you've tried this and it didn't work, hold a canddle and put water or blood on the mirror and say it . You'll see..

wow..tht is soo looked like some ancient greek thing...what the shizz it wasnt scary u would think tht they would try to make it sound and look true.!!!

wow this story is freaking me out!!but i think it's okay

OMG!!!!! It is so scary NOT! I did bloody mary once and left me with scars on my hand and face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was ok kinda scary bloodey as mary

i tried this and NOTHING happend!i tried it AGAIN a few weeks later and nothing happend!

this one is not real,but bloody mary is the real story.the once was a girl named mary she hada coma and when she never wokeup for a year they thought she was dead so they planned a funeral.the mom would not believe she was dead so the mom tied a bell to her wrist.when they buried her her mom made them bury her in there yard.after a while she woke up and moved her hand and started ringing the bell.her parents went on vacation so after a while she started scratching on the top of the coffin and her finger nails broke off and stayed on the top off the coffin she finally died from suffocation.when they got back from vacation the bell string was broke so the mother dug her back up and she was in the same pose of scratching the top of the coffin.blood on the top of the coffin from where her nails broke.

wow! the girls bathroom in my school is haunted by her!

the mans voice is creepy

ya'll making up lies
it sad


not scary boring needs more blody action =[

OMG!!!!!!!! :S

stupid wack wat kind of sh** is this

why yall talkin abot bloody mary yall lame

this is not scary at all

i love this story!

soooooo not true its all in the mind of the kid to try this

i love this story!

i love it is a good scary story

so are u guys still talking about bloody mary

Im never going to the bathroom ever again (unless its urgent)

Of course it's not real, but a nice urban legend anyway.

i got scared

has anyone ever tried it or are you making it all up

now i actually know the real story im gonna chant it in the mirror

ya'll are scaredy cats. i said bloody mary 3 or 8 time in the mirror in the drkness. ha ha

so scary


so scary

Okay, so guys, this is not how the story was told to me. I was told it like this:
One night, Mary Shavers was feeling very ill. Her parents were very cruel to Mary and never gave her anything she wanted, and little food. Mary was skinny, and looked pale and tired all the time. She never talked to anyone. Her eyes always looked bloodshot. The town doctor come one day and did a health check for every child in the town. Mary was the only sick one, very sick at that. She had cancer. The doctor told her parents that she probibly wouldn't live for much longer, and that they needed to cherish their moments with her while they lasted. One night, the parents carelessly went out to the town bar and stayed for the whole night. Mary became very upset and paranoid about her cancer, and she was so afraid of dying. So paranoid, she pulled her fingernails off and cut herself with nails. When the parents got back, they soon found Mary dead in the bathroom tub. They had no funeral, and they had no money to buy a casket, so they buried her in the ground. The parents tied a string around her hand and covered her up, keeping some string above ground. They tied a bell to the end of the string that remained above ground. They took the bell and the string and then strung it to a small tree's branch.
One day at dusk, the father was out at the farm doing work, when he heard, 'ding, ding, ding,' as if someone were chiming a bell. The father quickly remembered the grave. It gave him shivers remembering it, but he shook it off and went back to work. Then it kept on happening and just stopped. The father got suspicious, so he went in his house and got his wife to come with him to observe their backyard. For protection, he took his rifle. Once the father and mother paraded to the back of the farmhouse, they couldn't believe what they saw. The ground had been dug back up and the bell & string were gone. ding, ding, ding. They both began to get terrified. They quickly turned around to see Mary standing directly behind them, tears in her dress from the nails and no fingernails. Her dress and hands were covered in blood. The mother quickly ducked behind her husband, and the man shot Mary. She moved not an inch, but the bullet bounced off of her as if she were made of medal. The bullet came flying at the mother and father, and went straight through them both, killing them. Then she stood above them and smiled, then whispered, "THATS WHAT YOU GET." She quickly flew through the yard, went into the hbathroom, and swore to herself that when it was dark, she would pull people through the mirror if they say her name three times. Then, she quickly flew into the mirror, and now she lives in every mirror.

This is silly i'm not even scared but some people like it or not :D x


this storys ok not that scary

This story isent even true to however is reading this story dont belive unless you try

toooo scarey for me

Thats jux crap

think dats scary wat til u see my frnd

There was a bloody mary and she was.. somewhat a countess. She was the 3rd child of a family and i don't actually remember the story but she had her sister and father murdered. That was the beginning of her bloody rein. You can read the history book about Lady Jane Grey by Ann Renaldi for more about that.. Real history and wayyy good!!

You know this story was off a movie..Bhahaha brothers grim..

i chanted her name thrice in front of a darkened mirror mum came in the room in a nightdress and untidy that was scary!!!

Seriously? Bloody Mary was the princess and queen of the UK in the late fifteen hundreds.

Beware. If you continue to spread these tales, you will not live another day.
-Mary Tudor. Daughter of King Henry VIII

Kinda scary

wow omg it is so scary

i read this in the dark b4 its so scary and dont look in a mirror in the dark when you read it

this is stupid it's just there to freak us out!

my friend says that if u do all that stuff she will come and stun u so idk who to believe

that was so freaken scary

Freaky but def. not scary! Losers!

that was not scary at all and it was so fake

one of my friends told me bloody mary was killed in Twillingate and my other friend told me that Mary was run over by her father (a bus driver) in bay Roberts NL my more sensible friend says that if that story is true beware only if you live in that village because thats where she put a curse

Man yall have some D*** Proplems I believe Bloody Mary 100% but i dnt know what story to believe, so i believe in her

i've read every story and idk if real or not


could not een read it half way through

scary enough for me to take to school!

what the french toast!!! OMG SOO SCARY I CRAPPED MYSELF OMG


ohhh scary

ya soo creepy

well you will never know when you are the victim.
if it can be true, you will only know when it happens.

it wasn't really that scary but it is real my cousins's friend did it and she woke up with a bunch of scratch marks all over her body. i wouldn't ever try it. i am so scared to do it.

bah hah hah

oh god this is scary. two of my friends told me that blood mary exists. they even told me their story that my friends dad got a huge scar across his chest. luckly he escaped from that attack from blood mary

i tink she is real but i aint stupid enough 2 do dat dab b-mary joint in d bathroom!

This isn't so scary I've heared of this story so many times. and it doesn't even work. I tried this like three times.

I've always loved the bloody mary ghost stories, but i don't believe in her. Though i'm still scared to go into the bathroom and see if she really is real!!! :(

I always knew a different legend. She was a woman who married a king in Europe and he was good to her and she was horrible back. She threw a knife at her lady in waiting and it killed her. Then they like chopped her up with an ax and buried parts of her all over the world. I've tried i could swear I heard something but it just be my imagination. But wouldn't it be cool if it worked? Oh well. I AM A BELIEVER (maybe not in bloody mary but in ghosts Yes!)

This was creepy i was freaked out when i listen to it and the mans voice is scary too. HEHEHEHE!! I havent done it but its scary and i wont AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

that just scary!!!!!!!!

It Was S00 Scary, that i could not sleep at night

she is spooky

She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. None dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors. She is spooky. Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones.

when i went to the bathroom it freaked me out when i saw the mirror it was scary as HE**

dis is some good stuff!

this is so scary! NOT.

Yea,super creepy....but there was another story,well,another version of how she became Bloody Mary,it's creepier......

not even scary! i said bloddy mary i saw nothin


there are sooo many versions of that story. in some versions, shes a little girl that was murdered. also i have tried it and it dont work.

that is bull we all know its not true!!!!!♥ geesh lil kids

trust me ive done it and nothing theres no such thing as bloody mary there never was there never will be. lies lies lies lies no such thing it is as a scary story for kids and stuff and legends but theres no such things lies lies,lies they are lies.

there is no such thing as bloody mary but there is such thing as werewolfs demi-demons and vampires! trust me honest to god i met them before and not all are evil not all eat humans,and my friend here is one tooo> she just wont say so to your faces! she also likes a blonde kid who is from britain and has blue eyes.bye peoples

Well for a start this story is SO not true or scary. Also, Bloody Mary was actually Mary I, a Catholic queen of England. She cruelly burned all the protestants she could find and she thought she was doing the right thing.Obviously she soon died of a form of cancer when everyone thought she was actually pregnant. Many people believe that if you say Bloody Mary three times into a mirror at exactly midnight then she will appear in the mirror and come and kill you.


i hate the bloody mary stories i did this once before i didnt see her i believe ghosts but what ev

bloody mary is f***** awsome i did and i ran like a freak show i think this was a really fun thing do on a night where it is dark

This is actually really true.. Once me & my friend were laughing about it & so we tried it & at first there was nothing but then we saw a tall woman with long white hair & a long face in the mirror & she screamed & turned on the lights & she said that her back was hurting & when we went out into the hall she had a long red mark across her back like she was hit with a belt. it was creepy, i dont believe in ghosts or anything like that & this story is really cheesey. but i know what i saw, i just cant find an explanation for it right now. lol. but bloody mary isnt real. its just a made up story.

some older kids told me that there was a redhaired clown who escaped from a circus and who was in an asylum for crazy clowns. she was a well known strangler who snuck into people's homes by way of their BATHROOM MIRROR and murdered them in their sleep. some girl woke up and saw her and draped a black cloth over her mirror for protection, but the clown bit her finger anyway. the girl caught rabies from being bitten and then her hair fell out from the rabies. the crazy redhaired clown has never been caught and is still out there.

could the crazy redhaired clown be BLOODY MARY in disguise?

This isn't even true! If you stand in front of a mirror, your body is so frightened that it will think that it is seeing Bloody Mary! Don't believe it! Listen, magic wand? Really? The children's blood made her younger, oh my god! It isn't true!

What The Freak?? How Is This Scary?

YO thats not even scaRY LIKE CMON it did not even happen like that!

wait so was bloody mary a real person?

and the guys voice in the video LMAO

and in preschool we were all talking about how scary and stuff bloody mary was so our teacher took us to the bathroom and made us try it nothing happend.( i went to a small catholic school)

it says in the story she will either kill you or make you go crazy what happens is you get so scared to try it that when you do you think you see it and think youve gone mad

this is not scary!!!

um,well, it is kinda scary, but not true. i liked it, it was quite impressive

im ten


if you believe in it, it will come true. trust me or not but it will happen when ur least expectin it.

welll ett gavee mee da chilss

just leave her aa lone let her be free

this is so stupid and dumb because it does not exist i tried it and nothing happened the person that tells the story wants to scare people because he is evil and the voice sounds like he is dead

DANG!!!! That is weird! Now I'm never gonna do that!! *shudders*

if bloody mary ever traps me in the mirror i will sew her and go to her grave to mess with her (i wont but my mom or friends will)


I tried many times to have a vision of Bloody Mary but since I have read Bloody Mary , at night when I see my reflection in mirror and run to my bedroom as fast as my legs can carry me.

the way it sounds it is werid

not scary

the story was ok...............but I`m still afraid to go to the yeah.don`t even bother.


Lady Jane Grey was good, she was beheaded because of the Wyatt Rebellion, even though she was innocent and she was only 16-17 years old when she died Queen Mary gave her a private execution because she was her cousins daughter and only royalty had the accomodations of dying in private.

its not even scary i did it

not so scary

i've done this a lot of times and u think u see something but u only do because u think u will.

wow so scary i about went to my boyfriend.i am 9 years old 2. i was totally being sarcastic

I love the story of bloody mary it reminds me of my brother


When you walk in the bathroom and say bloody mary 3 times into the mirror some may see her becuz It's all in your mind. Your head is playing tricks on you. You expect to see her so your mind makes you see her (if you do) if your frightened


ok just to say this... ive done it before, nothing really happened except a shrill scream in my ears some ppl say, im sooo stupid!!! but nothing happened, i swear and promise im not a liar but you should try it

omg dude this is like NOT even freakin SCARY at all ! Its just a freakin god dang myth ... O:)

this sooo... stupid i have tried the mirror thing and it doesn't work

This is so not real, i tried it b4 - don't believe this crap! Plus, I heard the story different but it still don't work!

none of these stories are scary why do yall think it is??

Oh wow. Im a really timid kid and THIS didn't even scare me! Pathetic!

pretty good! i like it! :)

wth with the guys voice?

I was so scared because me and my friends really did see something in the mirror and it had no eyes and black hair and it wore rags!!!!!!!!!!

creepy,freeky,and more creepy

it did happen to my friend and she is in the morir and she took her body

This is a wonderful story but yea I tried the Bloody Mary thing in the mirror but nothing happened. My brother said that Mary popped out of the mirror and then tried to eat him but he is always trying to scare me. I don't believe him that much but also my dad is also in on the plan and it is sooo annoying. Now, every day they both walk into the bathroom and start screaming. My mom and I think they are sooo immature.

wow this story is so creepy


ok... soo not scary. i did this on halloween and nothing happened. or did it? naah im kiddding and i kno pplz that have done this at midnight and nothing happened ok? not REAL!!!! ;)

this is fake

i remember this story when a friend told it to me when i was little. i was so scared then, but my curiosity got the best of me, so one night, i would call out bloody mary's name 3 times. though nothing would happen, i find myself calling out her name in front of a mirror 3 times whenever i'm in front of a mirror on a scary scary dark night. i'm scared as heck when i call out her name, but i still do it. hahaha

omg that was so stupid! i tried the bloody mary thing in like 4th grade and it didnt work at all! its so stupid how people can beleive crap like that.

so not scary

I don't like the voice that really freaked me out.

I am only young so you know i dont want to whatch it alone :( i am going to wait for a friend to whatch it with me :(

I have just read the story but in Class I learnt that Bloody Mary was King Henry the 8th Daughter. You know he wanted a boy so he could take over his thrown. She was named Bloody Mary because she was apprently ugly. With Blood red lips. Henry murderd her because he wanted a boy. Unless my teacher was lieing I think this story is a fake.

im scared...

Thanks ever so much for scaring me. I will NEVER look in a mirror again. Thank you.

I was told that you have to say her name 3tms at midnight in front of the mirror with the lights out in the bathroom and have the door close!!!

i love that story i went in the bathroom and it was like a hundred degrees and i chanted her name 3 times then i saw something move so i reached over and my hand it was like freezing cold then i pulled it back and it was sweating again i was so scared

Wow,awesum!I will never think of a mirror in the same way EVER again!!! Bloody Mary, what you did was terrible and gross. But,may you R.I.P.

ya'll ppl who said this was scary are all kiddies, if this is scary than im mona lisa!!!!!

for everyonee thats being stupid and b*****, back when this thing was made, they didnt have all of the horror movies. so technacially, we are used to it. and this is a tale.. its not real. so grow up.

this is SOOO scary.i dont believe the story but im scared.even though i dont believe in most of the scary stories i read im still really scared and get frightened from every smallest sound.IM NEVER EVER TRYING THE THING IN THE MIRROR.the vid is scarry especially the voice.if the vid wasnt there and neithere were the coments i probably wouldnt be im even scared to go to toilet and i really wana go.the vid and coments scared me much.coo scary

Holy CRAP im gonna have nightmares...
SO... I need a few hundred night lights and then I could sleep haha

i saw this in a movie

so scary

Ok, I have been researching Bloody Mary and from my research she is real. If you have any questons or comments please email me....

the voice was scary but the story was cheesey

omg! so like not true i tryed it with my friends and we just sat there and nothing happen... weak,i thought it wa going to be like just enough to give my goosebumps but gess what ha ha nothing!!

Really? Seen Supernatural lately? Let us travel back to Season 1, episode 5, shall we? The girl gets dared, the girl does, the girl's father get his eyes clawed out!! That episode is far cooler that this story! But, what can you do? I guess it's a way that this legend could have originated, and everyone is free to have an opinion. I'm just saying that it's so much better if it includes Jensen Ackles and/or Jared Padalecki...

It was scary but I heard more scary stories about her in my skewl but stil creepy

hmmmmmm ive never heard this version of bloody mary...ive heard a more realistic version that might actually be true.not that im saying anyrhing like this couldnt be true but this one just sounds fake :)

this is sooooooo scary and creepy

The only way it works is if you believe, I think. I don't want to open any doors, so I won't be trying it. But, I am a true believer of ghosts and myths. Creepy!

it was really good i nearly screamed

so not scary

this is soooooooo creepy

Wow Idk if I should believe this or not cuz I'ved heard soooo many different stories of her but all I can say is that all her stories are freaky!!!


you guys want a true story. try find the tale of the black dog on helms street.

that is so creepy I think tqat she took the girls and put them into her so she looked prettier!

Lol i was told this when i was little and ive done it plenty of times.... ive never seen a spirit... but its always scary to try it..

very scary lol

I am so scared. HaHA

my cousins girlfriend said that her cousin went in thwe bathroom and did bloody mary and he came out with long scratches down his back and my cousin and her friend read stories about bloody mary they got so scared they wont even say her name anymore when u do she covers her ears and freaks out

this is scary sh**

people if u want bloody mary to work you have to do it on the day she died....october31 most people did it right but u have to have 3 ppl all holding hands and one of he people touching a mirror...say "bloody mary" about 3-300 times and it MIGHT! work it did for me and i acually saw her!!! she gave me a cut on my arm not on the mirror!!

great story and tis is true and my mom even knows it is cause when she was lil she did it but turned on the lights before she could grab her so i know this is true so ha people who think its fake!!!

wow ti was not that scary my sis got scared wow

my friend told me that she was a girl in collage and no one liked her so she was planning to cut some of her skin off.when she did instead of cutting her skin she cut her eyes and ALL of her skin!!! thats what my friend told me so im confused!!!!!

it was kind of creepy but i dont belive it

k the story i hurd of thiswas soooo much better ! i spoke about how marry had gotten sick and fallenninto acoma and back then they didnt know what acoma was. so they thought she was dead. and they bured her in a grave yard near her former, no longer house. her mother swore she could hear marry screaming each night as she tryed to sleep. she bagged them to dig her up. they wouldnt tho. uhtell one day.... thye dug her up and when they opend the cofin.. her mother had nothing to say.. marry's face was frozen in fear.. her finger tips were blooddyy and the top of the coffen had blood and scratch marks .. Marry died i horible death. and now... who ever dares to bother her.. she'll kill.... well thats what they say anyway. its not true i tryed.

well bloody mary was a queen in england she called mary they only call her bloody mary because she killed kids and bathed in there blood oh and she haunts the bathroom because she broke her hip poor girl

Wow, now i'm a little freaked out. I'm in a dark room with a mirror...

:P Yay for creepy stories!

Bloody Mary isnt even real
And who ever said they saw Bloody Mary in the mirror thats just a lie.If you really did see her then prove.Oh wait you cant.Bc shes not real!

pretty scary.I havn't heard anything like it before.Great story.

I dont believe it! No such thing as that! Fake!!But it was good :D not scary :L i laughed lmaoo!!

That wa nothing

my friend and i saw a real ghost wich creeped us out but this wasnot even scary 1 bit

i am not scared of anything and this is fake anyways... :)

yeah right

ha this was so scary i forgot to got to scream.....jk but good story...:)

That Is Pretty Creepy

man i saw bloody mary in my bathroom mirror

im freaking scared now what if i said her name in my head in the dark by a mirror

who ever said this is scary is a big baby.
my one friend tried it and said she saw it but i dont beleive her.:P

i dont beileve in ghosts all i beleive in is spirits and im 10.

Its mind over matter if you believe in her you will see her if you dont then you wont so stop posting comments like "shes fake" cuz you never know!



its a lil scary but not that scary

i love bloody mary soooooo much tehe

man i am scared of ghost and all ways feared that blody marry would happen but i knwo that it is just a (myth) =]

so not scary

I don't care what y'all say... This story was exciting and heart pumping! It doesn't matter if it isn't real or the mirror thing doesn't work all that matters is that it's a story and this person worked his/her butt off making this story so y'all should think before ya start leaving heart breaking comments. ~Rachel~

the video is so dumb and i also think bloody mary is real because i just did the trick and now my throat hurts like C-R-A-Z-Y

really my sister is scarier than this

I used to be scared of this story, then I read this version. Now, I'm not.

That Was Scary As Hell... But I Don't Believe... People Just Try To Freak Us Out... But It Don't Work!!!!!!!!!

Mwahahahahaha Mwahahaha Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol Jokes x

this is f****in stupid i tried it like 20 times never worked.

wow the person who made this is a wanna be

hey iam scared to death
Love Bloody Mary

i have a scarier one

omg im so scared......not

not scary

wow, no way am i saying that sh**t in front of a mirror!

owh,really ???? nonsence !

well that was the stupidest peace of crap

ok this is dumb the real story is there was a happy family and these people attact there home and took there mother father and the brother and killed them right in front and made her watch her name was she tried to hit them but they hit her back with a whip when they left she ran outside and started to run. a few minutes later someone found her on the road they went to go help well u know what happend next dont pick people up from the road.

That voice made the scary bits funny :D

for the girl that sed shes seen ova 1000 scary movies i dont belive u !!!!

this is not scary i even didnt like it

i want my mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you rely belive it it is not real

so scary

This story is very stupid. There is so many stories out there about "Bloody Mary". I mean come on do you really think that she is real! I mean she may be real but its not like she would or could kill anyone. She is "ghost" if that is even true.

i got all scared when i read it that i even think i am no t goin to sleep tonight

wow this is scary but not true , u ppl that believe are all full of crap hhaha jk lol so u but it's super stupid and scary at the same time

maybe she doesn't appear in your mirrors, cause you guys are not worth her time. -.- think about it....

that was a little creepy but not as much.I am fine

OMG,this isn't bloody mary this is about the blair witch project.... cheap skates

Wow im 9 and didnt scare me

OMG man that story was not scary at all i heard that you have to say her name 5 times in the mirror and she will just kill you.

actually the trick to the bloody Mary is to have dim lights or candles the water running spin in a circle as you say her name 3 times...

It is a bit scary but its not true!!! and im 11

mah frand tyred it and he said nunnin' happened but, im a person who belives in anything so im not gunna try it. i wouldnt want to piss bloody mary off D;

i tried this in the mirror once with my friend she said if u say it 3 times in the mirror she will make a bang and then appear in the mirror we did that and we heard a bang downstairs but then we saw a shadow but nothing happened we swore to ourselves we would never do that again

tht video was creepy. but the story was so stupid. no i havnt seen her or even tried.

I really think some people should go back to school and learn how to spell.
Also, that story was not the least bit frightening.
Get over yourselves.

that was so freaky wish i was there my self

I know the true story of bloody Mary if you try if with candals then somthing even wors will happen and maybe we wont hear from you ever agien!


hahahaha that is so stupid because ive tried saying bloody mary infront of a mirror three times and absolutly nothing happened haha

pretty scary

this was alsome but really retarded and creepy

sort of scary. heard that some people did it and got scratched.... ??

omg!i'm so flipin freaked out

ive heard better i heard that she was a nice young lady but one day she got very sick and her father was a doctor and he declared her dead he burried her right away but he tied a string tht lead to a bell on her wrist in case she woke up she would ring it well she did wake and she keep ringing the bell but nobody heard her the next day her dad came back to see his loving dead daughter and saw tht the bell had fell so he dug up his daughter but when he got to her she was dead her eyes were wide opened and she didnt have any nails they were in the door where she wrote a message it said "ILL BE BACK" and u know how to summon her you see her for 4 days untill u die u know ur dead when u hear a bell ding

Wow, that was creepy but i doubt it is true

boring it doesnt even work my 6 year old sister wasnt even scared

i herd she dosnt come but i m scared to try....i felt bad for her

ok this is NOT real!!! me and a couple of my friends tried this a few minutes ago and were still living lol you gys are scary cats

That is small scary... but seriously... scary things... extra, medium scary things make me not wanna sleep at night alone... ive always believed in spirits. but not the kind that could hurt you. i only believe in those kind of spirits when i see a scary movie like the ring, the grudge and all those scary stuff... im 12 yrs old and i still crap on myself whenever i see a movie like the ring!

That was great it was very good, it was perfect.I tried this at my old daycare wit all my friends nothing happened,but it still scared us!!!!

And now im afraid of mirrors DDD:
Some of the pictures in the video are creepy. The story is a little freaky too.

bloodymary is real

hehe....i did this at my school bathroom and nothing happend..but my friend turned off the lights one day and i was in the stall, i saw red eyes coming closer and closer and i screamed and the eyes turned to the stall door and the lights turned on and they were gone...0.0 i was so scared...btw the stall was a handicap one and its huge so it was even freakier...

it was not scary but when my cuzins phone rang i almost jumed out of my seat

it not scary but watchin my cuzin jump wen my fone rang wen we were readin was funny

I thought you had to go in a bathroom, lock the door, turn the lights off, and spin around three times while saying her name then look in the mirror. haha.

i thought u had to say it 10 times????nothing really scares me!!!!

Hocus Pocus had the same idea but 3 witches and the frozen in time but the idea was ripped off from this folktale...

it was scary i tried it in my restroom and in the corner i saw bloody mary!!

she lived in the dark forest she swore revenge WOW this is scarier then the black aggie story. I thought the black aggie story was scary but I was wrong about it. that's some story. I hope there's more like it. SCARY

She is real she scratched my son


me and my bff were bored one late night and she had the girl dare book thing so we did the mary thing nothing happend but the next mornin we woke up with long scratches and bloody pillows nice story by da way ppl

creepy .. !!!

this is scary

i think shes real beacuse me and my sister were talking about her and we were a bout to to id at a restraunt and we were washing our hands and the last stall flushed by itslf so let me give u a tip never wash your hands in the first sink near the last stall

Way up there, an anonymus person said she was a queen. That is the story my mom told me. That she was a really mean queen kille dlots of ppl and will haunt u in the bathroom if u say her name 3 times.

i dont see the video but i read it and it scarde mee

nah jk thizz is really scary

That was Scary

ahhhhhhhh i'm so terrified how could people do this i did'nt go to the bathroom 4 a day until my neighbor told me 2!

this is 3scary like 4real

omg!! i only whatched the first five seconds of the video and it scared me too death i dont even want to finish waching it but i want to be SCARED!!!! hahaha now im goanna read the STORIE!!! :)

Me and my friends watched it and we were huggng the pillows we had a fight who would turn it off

scary very scary

the comment by chris Gilley is really scary you scroll down its really long (the story) i couldnt sleep for 2 hours i got goosebumps at nite and i started shaking and my face got all white but i did the bloody mary thing before that day

Well this frieday is friday the 13th so me and my mates are gonna have a scary night. And we are going to do bloody mary. This story scared me . Is this legend real?

it had suspension it wuz not really scary. i heard that story before and one of my friends actually thought that it wuz a joke, so she try it and the next day she wuz discover dead in her bathroom floor. so please people, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.


My friend tried this a week ago and i havent hear from her since


Actually, bloody Mary was supposed to be Mary Tudor, daughter of crazy King Henry VIII.

I like that story

I Think you have to chant her name 3 times in front of a dark mirror, your eyes closed and in the middle of the night.
..other than that i feel scared.

umm i kinda belive this but then again i dont but u WILL NOT FIND ME DOING THIS!!! im a superstishous person so yeah.....but still u wint find me doing this in my intire life. The story is better on here than the one about the bell. OOO AND THE STORY BLOODY MARY RETURNS!!! i effing love that story!!!!!

btw is the vid scary?

awesome story, i will try it and see. if it works u will know how i died

believe meh its true....when i turned thirteen i had a hotel party...late at night meh mi cuzin and mi best friend decided tah try it...not only did we seee her but i got scratched by her....i got tha sccar on mi face tah prove it.......

bloody mary was a girl who went to her momas barber shop and her mom went in the back and some guy came in and torw open marys face

obviously fake u guys bloody mary NEVERLIVED IN A COTTAGE SHE WAS QUEEN OF SCOTLAND

that was super scary i thouit was actulley true

I really don't believe in ghosts, but this is pretty scary all the same

That was so scary Guys i freaked maybe someone should try it to see if its true :D ^_^


It is scaaaaaarrrryyyyyy!
Seriously even after i heard the story I was too scared to do it! :(

it waz pretty good but it aint real

Scary but not that scary lol. there is bloody mary grave in the grave yard where l live and they say if you go round it 10 times bloody mary will haunt you :/ but l when I went round it 10 times nothing happend. :/ x

the one where bloody mary went into acoma i think is the right version i believe in that stuff but ive been on ghost hunts and there were times i almost **** myself and im almost afraid of nothind so the storie didnt scare

The best.

by: Gabriel; Brazil.

People its not real!

believe me i have try it

and there was nobody they wanna kill me all that peaple they say it works o noo! they lie! ..

This story was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO creapy. I loved it but I don't want to read it again!!!!!!!!!:(

You shouldn't take these folklore's for granted... Real or not.

where is the grave

I don't believe in ghosts, but i watched the video, and everytime the narrator raised his voice I got wicked chills. And I am NOT trying the thing in the bathroom.

Ok so Bloody Mary was a countess and she foght VERY hard to become to queen. So once she got power the first thing she did was burn her stepmother and stake and then her father. So after that she became very parinod that her little 3 year old sister would eventualy try to take rein of the crown so she burned her to. From that day on anybody who dared cross the queen or say any bad word about her were burned. So all the pesants said that she was wonderful and kind to her face but behind her back they called her Bloody Mary because of all the bloodshed she caused. I read it in an autobiograohy! But i do think bloody mary is real at my friends party about 6 of us piled in the bathroom and said bloody mary three times. My friend sarah screamed and then i saw her in the mirror with a knife and i jumped to the light switch. Later in the night our friend woke up and started walking to the door and we screamed and called after her but she wouldnt come back so Joy ran out and pulled her back in and she looked like she woke up from a trance. In the morning i had scars on my face. SCARY!!!!

soooo scary. did it and my glasses broke by themselfs! ahhhhhhhhhhh!

tht is not scary at all!!!

I really luv this story i told my mom about it and she freaked out. You should wirte another 1 good 1 scary!!!!!!!!!!

people say tht it works others say it duzn't.
it never worked for me but for those it does work on this is actually what happens:
it is ure reflection and ure dizzy and ure mind is focused on seeing mary so u get an image of a pale person with a knife and black eyes but really its ure imagination... most of the time ure facing the complete opposite direction of the mirror!!!

soo scary.. NOT. This was hardly CREEPY, let alone scary. but still, nicely done.

isnt it true???

It whas just scary I know its not true but its fun to read thies things :)

i tried it last holloween at a party with my friend. my friend alyssa had scratches all down her neck right after we did it & later on it started to bleed
&i broke my am 10 minutes after we did it

mmmmaaaaaaammmmaaa!!!!!!!! bloody mary is coming!!!!

eh it was worth reading it wasnt as scary tough.I will never go in the bathroom in the dark and say blody marry 3 times

scary but when u say bloody mary in front of the mirro in darkness it is just an illusion u c my mom says and i believe her

It doesnt work for three times. My friend tried for the 13 times one. She said that she felt a cold breeze and the candle starts flicking right after she said BM 12 times. She stopped and ran out of the toilet. You have to be alone to do it...

my friend's sister's friend tried it once and saw bloody mary............

Now this is scary... get a friend to read this to you for u to do
close your eyes and think of a lady in a red and white dress. keep thinking of her the whole time
count to ten tell your friend when you are done
cross your arms ten times in the form of an X
snap your fingers in your ear ten times
count to five tell your friend when you are done
cross your arms five times in the form of an X
snap your fingers in your ears five times
count to one tell your friend when you r done
cross your arms once in the form of an X
snap your fingers in your ears once
now say "Bloody Mary raise my hand until you scare me" (keep eyes closed)

Bloody mary is not real. The true legend is that she was tortured and before they killed her they tied her to a tree. Then took a mirror and placed it right beside her so she would always look at it. Then they tortured her. Bloody mary then cursed the town.

wow so scary (not)

well its true and if u said its fake u probably forgot the six candles cuz when u use the candles it works but dont do it alone theres strength in numbers i will just leave it at that

I'm still not sure if Bloody Mary is real, but that poor girl... If i did see her i'd be as kind as possible to her, after all she's suffered! I'd cry but i did not cuz she is still scary, NO OFFENCE MARY!

this is interesting a sugjest u dont do the mirror thing unless u want to die its called opponeng doors messiging with things u shouldnt be messing with hope u dont die

that waz pretty scary but ther are better ones

this isnt even the correct story!!!!! The real story is that she was Queen Mary the 2 and she was killed get your facts right!!!

my friend tried that with some of her other friends and when they went back to the basement where they were sleeping her cell (she had left it there) had a picture of a shadowy figure taken at the time they were all in the bathroom. creepy.

dude u wont die. its just a myth. get over urself

my cosin is scared.

i think it's true

not so scary but i LOVE the stories of bloody marry!!! best stories out of stories EVER!!!

it very scary!!!

I tried it and it does not work. I told My Girlfirend to do it but she was to scared


i believe in bloody mary

I went to the boat the Qween Mary I felt weird and I felt like someone was watching me

creepy but cool

this versoin remides me of a movie the relly creeps me out

wow, Disney Channel movie much? I'm thinking... yes.

Bloody Mary is more accurately known as Queen Mary I of England. She was queen around the 16th century. Look her up.

I am so scared, especially i am by myself in this big house with mirrors

I remember this from when I was a kid. It was an urban legend that could spook a ten year old alone in a dark room. It seems like the character is loosely based on Queen Mary I and Elizabeth Bathory.

this is so creepy

uuuuuuuuuuu realy scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yarn that is so not scary make one more scary thank you

my friends tried to trick me by doing pretending to do that.but i do not beleve in her.but those pictures of her scared me to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my friends cuz did this 2 years ago and never returned

well he could have run away too

I think the mirror is like a portal from dark to light and you should not mess with that its like dark magic

i can't belive this

this was so not scary

so! it's not my favorite story but I like the part when bloody mary cursed the villagers and farmers! it is so cool I beleive now in bloody mary she is so cool!

is this bloody mary true or not?i think bloody mary is not true it was fake and her story is not scary all the time that i read her story is not scary and my friends think that bloody mary is not true too!!!and my brother is not scary of!what is the reason why all the people scary of her. all the story of her is not scary enimore and her story is too cool for us.....blah (5x)for her!!!............

that story was good to me.....

SO that story was kind of scary.....

that story was so good man it was almost scary but thay need to make a movie


Wow.... I've heard so many different stories.... And they all are just about equally great! I've actually attempted to do this with a friend of mine and completely chickened out on the last "Bloody Mary" And turned the bathroom light on... Haha ever since i've never DARED to attempt this! Buuut.... I dunno i might be dumb enough to try again XD

ive herd better? but a good storie...

Ok, I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life and that is not the story we hear. The story we hear is about an evil woman named Mary. One day she was driving her car by a place called The Mishler Theatre. When she drove behind it a car crashed into her right outside of an old church and she died. It is said that if you go inside the girls' bathroom in the Mishler at night turn off the lights and say Bloody Mary 7 times while spinning around 7 times she will apear in the mirror and kill you unless you smash the mirror or turn on a light. It is also said that if you are in the church at night and look outside you will see a red car like Mary's driving back forth all night, I have wittnessed this. That's just the story I know and its frightening cuz I do multiple performances at the Mishler every year and rehearsals run very late, sometimes past midnight. The Mishler is also supposedly supposed to be haunted by a the friendly ghost of Mr.Mishler who died who the Mishler burned down a long time ago but was restored. They say he watches every performance that goes on in the theatre. I have seen chairs folded out like someone is sitting on them even though the house is empty. The house is filled with beautiful statues and paintings of angels and I have wittnessed some statues of angels' heads move. No lie.

This story is about Countess Elizabeth Bathory, she showered in virgin girls blood to make a younger more beautiful lady. Watch the movie Stay Alive they took history and put it in the movie. But hear real carefully it may take awhile to understand it. Anyway iti is based on Elizabeth and no one else.

This story wasn't scary at all, go watch Saw V and then talk.

i read almost all of these comments and im cant believe how much cursing is on here. but i really cant blame u. if i was afraid of things like this id be cursing too. i must say that my favorite story was of the young child who fell ill. i do believe in the paranormal but i dont let my imagination get the better of me unlike some people. i hve experienced many ghostly encounters so i think i kno what im tlking about when i say any normal apparition cannot and will not hurt u unless u provoke the spirit. on the other hand if u hve a poltergeist or demon u might just want to move out of ur house because they can be very very dangerous.

that,s creepy

mn......this is so coollll......i got goosebumps!!!


well, ive probably heard this story more than anyone on here its an all out classic so when i decided i wanted to read some ghost stories this popped up and no matter how many times ive heard of it i still have to read it its like a tradition, but on another note many of the pictures in the video dont even depict bloody mary the first two actually are of la llorona the story about her tells how she is a buetiful women who has about 2 or 3 children, and when a supposedly umbelievably handsom man rolls through her town she decides she has to have him, so they get to talking and he finds out that she has children and thats someting he doesnt want to be a part of, and in la llorana's urge to have this man she actually kills her children in the hopes that this man will now take her that she no longer has her children as a supposed burdon to the man, once he actually finds out what she had done he cant beleive it and is completely disgusted with her, so he leaves town hopeing to never see her again, now knowing that what she had done did nothing to help her attain her man she goes back to where she killed her children and begs to get them back but to no avail, in an unbeleiveably intense state of guilt she takes her own life but to her suprise she goes neither to heaven nor hell and for this horrible thing she has done to her own children she is banished to wonder the earth searching for her children, its said that sometimes if you come into contact with la llorona she will take you thinking you were her child. this stories origin is of mexico, and if this isnt creepy enough my friend who came to the states just a few years ago witnessed his father in shear terror after seeing what he beleives was la llorona. sweet dreams.

lol... some kids in my school tried that and they said that a weird red light appeard it the mirror, but they got out of the closet were they did it before the could c her

Urban legends/ghost stories are based on lots of things--Catholic queens (Mary Tudor, aka "Bloody" Mary I of England), Hungarian countesses (Elizabeth Bathory), local crimes and tragedies. They are not based on the TV show "Supernatural." It's the other way around--"Supernatural" is based on the urban legends.

Weird, but not too scary. Anyone besides me actually believe in her? O_O

it was creepy up untill the magic wand bit which kindof ruined it:/

it is sooo scary the voice really freaked me out and we have had rumours twice at school about her in the loos and saying her name 6 10 and 5 times in front of the mirror and next to the loo and my friend said that mary wanted her soul and that she can travel into people and act as them

so cool

OMG that freakin scared the light out of me not the story but while i was watching the vid my phone rang. i jumped and fell of my chair

wow!! thats the best story ever..........:):):):):)

This story is on a show called supernatural or something!!!Pretty good!

great story i realy liked it

That was ok, if I was a teacher though, I'll give it an A-

i cant help but laugh. I love a good "scary" story

guys, honestly. it a frigging story. who in the world said it had to be, or sound, real? 94% of scary stories are fake, silly, so dont wase comment space my complaining about it...

I've always wanted 2 do the bloody Mary thin but have been to scared! lol :D

OMG I'm soo scared!!!!!!!

i thought it was not that scary

i tried it she didn't tare me to pieces but i saw her!!!!

the part about the missing girls freaked me out.I looked behind me and i swear i saw her!

it cood be real but i dont beliv it

this is SUPER SCARY!!!!!!! now im afraid to go into my bathroom

to me its sooooooooo creepy

thats creepy me and my friend r so scared were holding hands and looking behind us all the time now i gotta check the mirror..........

it made my bajeepers have creepers


AHH that was so scary i wish i hadnt read that bemyself as the house is dark...

the video was so scary i dident wach the hole thing

awsome i'm going to try that!

Bloody Mary was actually Englands first female ruler and got the nickname bloody mary from when she ordered the killing of 300 protestants. She was then called bloody mary. Those other stories are myths. If you look up Queen Mary the First it will tell you in more detail how she got her nickname

Ghosts are not killing people. They can cause fear, sadness, tension and all kinds of negative things but cannot phsyically kill a human being.

Interesting note on the European countess though. There actually was one such Hungarian countess with the name of Elizabeth Bathory who supposedly have been bathing in the blood of her servants, possibly for the same reason mentioned (she might have thought their blood would keep her skin pretty or herself young). Vampire geeks also worship her as a vampire.
It's truly amazing how legends can spread across the world and are evolving on the long journey down the road.

this story was scary

oh my god this is soo not true

woah aparently my friend did it and she has and axe hanging from her bathroom mirror and when she did it the axe almost hit her head

wow awesome

so scry i had to change my pants because i was afraid to go in the bathroom

i liked it

oh god, i was so scared. i saw bloody mary then she got me D:
oh no im dead now. help me D:


I believe that their are just things in live that we as humans don't understand. We live and parrish what awaits us on the other side were not sure about. But always know this if your mean to someone one and the next day their dead you better watch out couse most likely they will be hunting for you. So beleive what you wish to believe but always remember theirs another world out I believe this folk of course not but who am I, I dont have all the answers or even know..;/


I almost died when I did Bloody Mary.

I was with my friend Louise in her bathroom. It was 12:30 AM, we had ONE candle lit and the lights off with the door and the window locked.
We said, "Bloody Mary, Bloosy Mary, Bloody Mary."
Nothing happened for a few minuets until we heared scratches on the window but saw no hands. We both got freaked out and were too scared to move. next we heared the scratching on the door... then a knock. We quickly blew out the candle and turned the light back on. When Louise turned to see me laying in the bath tub, I had blood on my hands.

The freaky thing was, we were home alone.

Try it if you want, but I suggest not to.

im never saying bloodey marry 3 times in a darkend merror that was sooooooooooo scarrrrrrrry im not kidding yhe storys real 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its not scary ive watch it before

this is not real because i tried it and and i did not c her and i did not have any scratches on my face or on my body so i do not think this is real

if the bloody mary stories are true.why call on a evil spirit knowing what she can got to be really dumb to try something that can kill a person.if this legend is real.i dont think i would even bother to try it.


so real

pshh im sure that this was a moviee in like 2009 or 2008 or somethin... not scary..but interesting.

omg that was scary

I've known this myth for awhile now. At my home towns Ice rink, if you say with the lights off, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I Killed your baby." A red light will appear in the ceiling. This is the first time I've actually read the story of her though.

wow you guys actually peed youselves reading this-wuss

this is true, i tried it in my bathromm many times b4 , at sleepovers its the best , its better to have all your friends around you , 3 candles always work! make sure you dnt turn round when you see her . im not sure if it only works on girls , as she was a girl herself, but im 13 now and ive done it on every sleepover sonce 7

Dat waz sooo scary

weird/creepy but not as much scary

this is not scary

Not even scary!!!

good story but not really scary

i was really scared but i believe the one when you clap snap and cross ur arms.I think its kinda cool and a little scary.I want more scary stories...I want to scare my friends so they can pee there pants...haha.Please continue the freakin thing.I really think its cool so MORE STORIES!!!

well i dont know im going to write a story upon this one for school cuz i dont know wht to write

dang that is so true i'll try it. I so beleive in that stuff

dang that is so true i'll try it. I so beleive in that stuff

super scary

The guy's voice was scarier than the story lol

when i was at a party with my friends they went in one of the girls room(which had no mirrors) and screamed bloody mary really loud. after that we all were hearing and seeing weird things. like i heard scraching on the stair case some boxes were moving and i was afraid to go pee by myself and the room got cold but i think that was the air conditionar

that is so scarey!!!!

it was kinda good well it was awsome

omg i love this story just dont say bloody mary in the mirror three times or else..... lols!

my hearts crippled

omg i did it and then saw her in my mirror

i was reading this story and i just got done reading and like ten seconds later my cellphone alarm went off and i just flipped out, it scared the crap out of me i was so scared and EVERYONE should read AXE HOLLOW its SO scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

The video was scarier than the story ;D I don't really believe in ghosts but I like to read stories about them because it's kinda interesting.


This is one of the first stories that got me into horror,freaking love it!

wow its like kinda scary but not like ahhh scary

I'm doing a project on ghost stories i would like all the help i can get

hahahhahah funny

I watched this downstairs, at midnight in the dark and i thought someone was there with me. :o

My mom did blody marry and saw her in the mirror and couldnt sleep for 3 weeks.

i thot she aws in my house how am i going to go to sleep

Whatcha talking about? that scared the beejezus out of me!

This is hilarious,rumors spread and people believe it ")

that was so scary

thats is coolll dude

this is freaky and scary!!!!!!!!!!

Remind anyone else of Hocus Pocus? lmao I just watched it a few days ago. The girl in the beginning hears music no one else hears, follows it out to the witche's house where they use her to make themselves young.... Lol was a good movie though.


Not scary.

dat was so scary i peed out ma eyes

that was scary i could not go 2 seconds without wacthing the video

you now im9 years old and i looked at the video and wow i got so scared i had to RUSH throw it! because my mom was behind me shhhh! i have tried the trik befor but all i saw was purple flashing lights that scard me and well she was 13! im still scared but i think im going to show this to my little 5 year old sister ill see how she reacts! thaksfor reading!

Now THATS what I call scary! The end there really freaked me out. Is it okay if I add a little bit of this story to my story I am going to tell to my classmates? Its a school project, and I think this will give them the creeps!

bloody mary is actually a tale from a small town somewhere in maryland. its about a young girl who gets sick and goes into a coma. in this time period however, the doctors were not very advanced, so they thought she was dead. they burried her in the family semetary. The mother of the girl told her husbend that she kept hearing her daughter screaming in the night but he just thought she was still upset about the death. months later they dug up the body and found nail scratches in the lid of the coffin. There were a few simple words spelled out with the girls blood which said, name, mirror, three times, dark, DIE!

so scary im so scared

bloody mary is so not real! but the mirror thing works

i was very scared !!!




this stuff is fricen asome im gonna try it

i dont believe in bloody mary never but i do believe in ghost


oh this was not scary at all i loved it
well actually it's scary just a bit hahah not true no what it's real u fools tomorow is awsome
almost halloween

it freaked me out. Not good for 5th graders

Actually Bloody Mary was a young girl who got a very bad disease that back then they didn't have a cure so they had no medicene for her and she went into a coma an back then they didn't know what a coma was so her father(the docter) thought she was so he buried her alive! Well when he buried her he tied a string to her hand an then tied it to a bell so if she happened to still be alive she would be trying to get out and he would hear the bell. Well the Mother was so overwelmed with grief that she stayed outside right next to the coffin hoping the bell would ring but the disese Mary had was very contagous and if the mother stayed out there any longer she would die so the father gave her a shot to put her to sleep and he took her inside and went to bed. Well to his surprise when he woke up in the morning he had saw that the bell and the stand the bell was on had fallen so he knew that she must still be alive so he ran to go dig her up. Well when he did she was dead. The top inside of the coffin had bloody scratches all over it and he looked at mary and saw that her hands were very bloody and she had no fingernails he looked once again at the top inside of the coughen and saw most of her fingernails stuck in the wood of the coffin. And now when someone goes in a bathroom and turns the lights off and lights 1-6 candles prefurably 6 candles and spins in a circle 3 times and says bloody mary each time they turn first you will hear silence then you will hear the bell ringing, then mary will apear in the mirror walking down stairs if she is carrying a knife then you need to turn on the lights or she will kill you. If she is carrying a rose or a teddy bear she is not there to kill you. But for your life's sake I would still turn the light on. Just to be safe.

acully i got scared at the last picture scary!but im only nine so imgoing to show my little sister wow im doingthis when halloween is in 3 days woow

No way!!!!! bloodymaryexpert that so try you told was the same my 106 year old grandmother told me of her best friend who died around 1910, my great great grandmother was scarred for life from the sight of her best friends bloodied fingers worn down to knobs, upon asking my grandmother the girl's name she muttered...mary

No way!!!!! bloodymaryexpert that so try you told was the same my 106 year old grandmother told me of her best friend who died around 1910, my great great grandmother was scarred for life from the sight of her best friends bloodied fingers worn down to knobs, upon asking my grandmother the girl's name she muttered...mary

my god it's so scardy

that don't work!!! i tried it like 50 times and nothing ever happened! i stood in front of a mirror and no lights were on in the entire house and it was dark outside and i chanted her name 3 times in front of the mirror and nothing ever happened!!!!!!!

its not scary


that was pretty cool for halloween but not so scary but the video was kinda creppy haha

didnt you read the story?? if you wouldve seen her you would have been stuck in the mirror forever and had to have suffered like she did.

my father says I have a ortured soul and i dont thin i coul be scared if this happened to me.I hear ghosts.If im not telling the truth ill let my family and my friends burn me alive.ok not the burn part but i swear.once I saw my mother.She is dead.

i love this story

wow so scary

Greatest story i ever herd , very wonderful story .. ( :

Oh wow,I wasnt that sacred but i am shaking a little,im easily scared.

it was so scary:)

i love it so much but it scares me to death my names marni im ten

Its 5 times

I love this story! it is so freaky & it freaked me out, but it is such an awesome & gruesum tale

umm so not scary

it wasn't that scary

didnt scare me but gave me chills ....

what ur suppose to do to see her is:
1.lock the bathroom door
2.turn off the lights
3.sprinkle water in the mirror
4.lit a candle
5.say her name 3 times
6.spin around in circles
7.look in da mirror

u may see her or not. idk if it works but ive heard it does

actually, uhm, adri person, that wasnt bloody mary, that was a woman by the name of Elizabeth Bathory, and she was basically what people call a vampire

I don't believe that this is real.... But just to be safe, I wont try it lol

That is scary, but I've heard a lot of stories about Bloody Mary, and I'm not a baby like some of you first people who said you peed their pants. Plus today is Halloween so I might print it out and use it to freak out my friends.

scary huh?

This is weird but not scary

you only got scratches on your face they said she will kill you and ive heard better storys

OMG!!! Can't believe that happened!!! Wonder if it's real!!!

bloody Mary died on prom night.and if you look in the moray and say her name 3 times she will haunt you.


my camp used to tell this stoy and is so not scary till you acctually say her name three times ( my camp being hi tech put holigrams in the bathrooms and she would appear in the mirror)

well this story didnt really scare me,i am psycic, i can see dead people and feel spirits so ive been through alot since my dads house is haunted and the house next to mine is too but i do love scary stories especially bloody mary(thatz wat i was today since its halloween)so good job author dude

my friend is a psycopath she really wants to try this.

this is not scary

wow good story guys i have 1 to about bloody mary u no one time i went to the bathroom when i was 10! i span around infront of the mirror three times and sed the name. i got a big scratch across my leg and it wa bleading with this yello thing cumin outa it eww

who ever belives this crap is wrong because why and how could someone come thur a mirror to kill someone they can't so why belive in some fictional crap if she was real and wanted to kill some one she would go and just kill them forget the flipin mirror am i right or am i right?????????????????

omg thats so freaky :/ i don't think its real tho i love scary stories

omg is that realy real??? if it is omg scarry:\ i want to try it but iam to scared to:( i am going to do it with my friends when they come over:] hopwfully i wont die if i dont write bake about this me and my friends r porbly dead:[

kind of spookey

It was creepy, But way to obvious. Sorry,

really makes u not want to ever say the name

man you scared me

this is soo scary

wow this is FREAKY :S

i went and said bloody mary 3 times in the mirror and nothing happened gf. =P wasent really scary infact i laughed



I guess in different places they have different stories of her and did you know they made a movie about her

it was creeepy but i still loved it

this is so awsome that witch got what she deserved

cool story

it was so scary my cusin said her friend did it and she had a big scratch on her arm

You have to admit, this story was quite frightening. But the real story was about the daughter of King Henry the 8th. Her half sister, Elizabeth the 1st had died, so she took her place on the throne. There was a war between the Catholics and Protestants, I believe. Elizabeth threatened to behead and execute anyone who was not Catholic. Many were killed and it was very bloody. This was known as the "Elizabeth Era" or the "Inquisition Act." The King figured that she was cheating on him and swung her head with an axe. Ultimately, that was how Bloody Mary was formed.

this was scary but not to scary

that was weird but cool!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont think i can go in front of a mirror ever again

....okay that was weird..i wonder...when i'm old and ugly will i be able to do dat???? plzz say yes!!!

Well, the non believers are not going to be fortunate enough for this to happen to you.. You have to believe to see.

the ending was pretty wierd

this is the fist time iive heard a story like this about her

that is freakey

This story is good. it scared me a lot. But not tooo tooo much

scaredy cats!!!!!!!!! :)



Well, believe what you want to believe about this story. The most common story I've heard about people who have claimed to do the ritual is, either
1. She was holding a blood old rusty knife
2. She was holding a bloody teddy bear
3. She was holding a rose with no thorns and her hands had scratches all over them.

my boyfriend said if i saw her he will protect me

That was blood curling!


It doesn't work

This was so creepy!


me and my grandma did this last night and we spun around 13 times saying her name and when we were done my grandma screamed and told me to turn the lights on. i thought she seen bloddy mary so i screamed and turned the lights on and my grandma was on the floor. she fell over cause she lost her balance.but she scared me to death cause i thought she seen her.

wow i am scared now :'(

good scary story 4 kids cant wait to tell my little bro:)

WOW,im going to do it as soon as i get home

Is this true? Ha ha Jk


soo scary


some at my school say bloody mary lives in the vents.

this is scaryy!!!

I dont believe it, but im still not going to chant her name in front of a mirror... good story, very scary

honestly people who do that should stop cause even though nothing will happen you disturbe her spirit

it was to scary for us to watch

this is like hocus pocus so good:)

i think this is real because when i was taking my monday shower and i saw someone come in and i thought it was my dad i said hey dad but it was womans voice saying "got some blood or smokes for me little boy" in a super creepy voice. i quickly opened the curtain and no one was there but me!

to all you boys that tried this not saying that i believe it cause i don't but if you read the story at the very ending it says every girl.

For those who dislike my true story, I'm coming. Stand before the mirror, chant my name, and you shall see me. And I WILL take you. I'm waiting.
Bloody Mary

Wow, this guy has a GREAT horror voice O.O

i want to try this!

ananomys, ur suppost 2 spin around 3 times while saying bloody mary.

p.s.I watched this and when i tried 2 scroll down so i wouldnt c it,but it wouldnt work so i closed my eyes,clicked away,and then i could scroll down. I was about 2 scream(a little).

that was good and creepy i can tell this one in drama yeyyy x :):):Z

i tried it and scary trust me

ya its true i did that with a computer in my hands im trapped in the mirror right now!!!!!hahahaahah jk u chickens

that was kinda wierd but so not true....

scary i want more

hehehe u ppl need 2 make sure ur side of the story is true

liars i did not see bloody mary i did all of the steps i guess i was rite in the first place there was no bloody mary and there will never be okay seriously get real trying to lie to me is not going to get u anywhere in this world peace

sorry it is so fake but it was a good story though but still fake

heyim only 13 and i didnt believe it tilla feww days ago my friends dared me to do the whole bloody mary thing and when i did i swear to frickin bob i saw a shadow like figure just staring at me i tried to get out but the girls locked me in i told my mom this they took me to a phyceatric hospital still today nobody believes me they should try it and see how they feel when they see her bloody soul creepin at you

im scared

thats so freaky and scary

its true when you say her name 3 times and she will come out and scratch u on the arm this grl at school did it and people thought she was crazy she had claim to c a grl that had blood al over her and said do u know were my mommy is creppy and it was a little grl with blood all over i ws sooo scared

sorry to put you all down it does not work!!!!!! aand there are many versions not just the one with the bell or with the candles. there is one where a young girl named mary was mirdured in front of a mirror. her death was tradgic and gruesome. so horrifying. the murderuer was never found, so her soul was traped in the mirrors until he is found. (you know the story of souls caught in mirrors? where if you keep your mirrors uncovered around someone who has recently died horrable the soul will be sucked into the mirror. not a clue how it works.) but as i was saying, if you say her name in front of a mirror three times you will bring her sould forth and she will think you as her killer and kill you. but sadly only after she has killed you does she relize you are not the one.

wow....ppl will do anything when they are bored!

uhm......i heard a differnt story saying a young girl was dying of a diese and her father was a docter and claim her dead. so, he buried her body and tied a string to her finger up to a bell, if she wakes up her parents would hear the bell ring and then they would take her out but they were too late they found her the next moring dead with no finger nails,but the finger nails were attached to the coffin and there was blood all over her body but idk?


I am legit about to try he bloody mary thing

kinda lame

it was very sad and scary


i want to do that but im not too sure. ill try it sometime though. my friends have done it and seen her.

really, bloody mary was killed by her husband who hated her, he got into thier bathroom and killed her, peeled her skin right off , then he went to that place again said bloody mary 3 times (for a joke) and then the lights went out and somehow he died, covered in blood.

I dont know if this is true or not, but I am going to try it to find out. I have done the whole say Bloody Mary 3 times in a dark bathroom and nothing happened.


freakin scary i can bearly move (creep out)

omg so scary it freaked me out in the end when it talked about the mirror! O_O

what do u do when u want to see her i never get to so what do u do

Thats kinda scary.....i dare sumbody to the mirrow thing on the bathroom......tell me if it works!


I want to try it.But I am a little scared.



What's the real story because I have heard so much stories that I don't know which one is true

haha awesome

I nearly jumped out of my freaking seat when I saw the video of Bloody Mary. I almost peed my pants ( glad I didn't )

this story was so funny!!!!

am no sayin her name

The scariest part of this story, was the fact that my dads last name is miller. Ive always loved the tale of bloody mary, but this story really wasnt to scary :/

that was the most scary and cool story. i will never do that bloody Mary thing

OMG! I did this last night and I did see Bloody Mary! it actually works,yay! She was holding a bloody teddy bear... o_O Oh god!

i love this story but i was not scary

woow that is not real you guys i just tried it and nothing happen want to know why cause its not REAL.

i tried this and it works holy crap i'v never ran so fast in my life

None of those stories are true she really went to the prom with this guy and this guy and he took her home and killed her in the bathroom and then she got back up and killed him and when the police came the only body there was his but some say that she cast a spell to go in the mirror to stay alive.

OMG! that was NOT the story I heard....

freaking scary...
i think i might have some serious problems now

THIS is just a fake story to scare ppl but the real one actually is very scary, she had been buried aive n its true she claws at ppl faces with her long fingernails n make it bloody, one of my frnds summoned her n she said bloody mary nearly cut her hand of, n honestly she was bandaged and admitted in the hospital for sometime!!!! that freaked me out allright!


It is true... My cousin tried it when we were 6. I heard him scream and went in and one eye was gone. He wears an eye patch to this day, and is now afraid of the dark...

that wasn't as scary as axe murder hollow

i actually found out he truth about bloody mary. she wasnt a girl who caught some crazy dieses she wasa queen that killed so many people they named her bloody mary. if you dont believe me look up the story for yourself becasue all that stuff about them buring her alive is fae but the stories i have to admit are AWESOME!!

i like it

that was soooooo creepy i dint even want to look in a mirror now!

this iz scary

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!i didn't like the end dead kinda creeped me out

wow that was so scary but i printed it and its what im going to show my friend becky because we have had some really creepy things going on

wow thats scary but my friend says it is not

woooww thattt wass relly scaryy:(

omg i got chills all over meh body!! lolz wow creepy!!!

haha that was a pretty good story! not that scary tho

holy crap im scared out of my pants

mannn , this story has aLways creeeped me out ..

My name is Emma, but everyone calls me bloody Mary because I used to tell this story to everyone in elementary school... I warned everybody not to do the mirror thing. I cought one girl messing around in the bathroom, chanting the name. Halfway through the third time she said it i tackled her. She had already developed burns on her arms and scrathes all over her. When I took her to the nurse, she was scared out of her mind. People still make fun of me for it, but that girl is now my best friend and she is just lucky she isn't dead.

its scary and interesting.i liked it

it was so scary

im warrning everyone your risking your own life DONT DARE TRYING THIS BECAUSE I KNOW I WOULDENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

who ever said this wasnt scary you is a jerk this was scary you dont know what you talking aboat and the viedo was so scary im never goin to the bathroom never again or ican just keep the light on.

I like that one story about the acoma thing.. not to hurt any feelings but that one was way better!!!!!

this story is not scary enough

This is alright it isn't very scary:( I read the real story on what really happened to Bloody Mary and the story was so much better than how she really died and what she did.

this story wasnt as scary as i thought it was

this is a cool story it is creepy too but this is a good story


whats with the video. hes got low voice

omg bloody mary was a witch i gonna tell my bff

not scary at all but i liked the story!!! BLOODY MARY IS FAKE!! :D

loved it!
hated it!
(that's what u guys sound like)

OMG,I tried in front of a blank computer screen it worked but my computer broke, since I dropped it

Ahhhh scary

wow i will always be careful what i do and say about bloody mary................................... by shay

so scared i went to bed and woke up screaming and my dad ran to my room and slept with me that night.

I tried it. She nearly KILLED me.

bloody mary is not real she is just a movie and all the people thtat believe in her they need to wake up and smell the roses and STOP BELIEVING IN THAT CRAP!

BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY SHE IS SO REAL I SAW HER CANT SAY SHE AINT REAL FOR LONG RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so scary i tried it once

That scared me. I thought you had to have 12 candles around you. My friend tried it ans she is still alive.

i like the story alot but freaky

that was pretty cool. i wouldent dare say her name 3 times in a mirror. if i do, please send out a search party XD

i thought it was good nice twist my friends thought it was stupid whatever to them (;

Scary 

dont say her name. If u do she will turn ur bath water 2 blood. Beware

Kreepey but didn't scare me one bit but trust and believe im not gonna say her name 3 times in a darck room with a mirror

hmm.i dont really think this story is true. i've been hearing that she got into a coma, and people buried her alive.
R.I.P Mary Tudor :3

lol scary

This is fake even though ive seen real ghost

this was good and a little scary but i like it!


i read it and it scared the hell out of me

by the way
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary


I was on the edge of my seat!!!!!!

this is creepy. I remember when I was in second grade, we were big on this folklore. My friends dared me to try it in the bathroom, so I did. They turned off the light, pushed me in a stall, and I started chanting her name. I had my eyes closed in fear that I would actually see her. When I opened them, I swear, I saw her. Or just a seriously messed up face. I ran out and cried. I had nightmares for months. My so called 'friends' just laughed and shrugged it off as me being melodramatic. Shame on you for doing that to me!

this was a freky story about this girl and i woneder why they did this
to her


so scary! sortof


i tried the chant 3 times in front of a darkened mirror am i trapped in a mirror yet nooooo

OMG that is so scary we tried it we tied my friend to a chair so she wasnt able to leave lol

that guys voice was epic! :D

it is very scary.
i did not sleep this night

that makes me want to break all mirrors that i look into.

I've heard scarier stories of Bloody Mary, but this one was ok.

OMG_This is freakkkyyy!

the story is really good i liked it :) know there are way too many versions on this story to know which one is real.... the only way to know if its real or not is to become brave/courages and try it out yourself!

it was sorta scary but ive heard scarier ones

it was ok but i tried it million times doesnt work

wow thats so scary


so scary

it was cool story.....but now im scared of my mirror


it is sooooooo SCARY

Creepy much. I don't even dare to try it. lol

WOW I'm so scared im shaking LOL

OMG i have totally seen scarier things and i have done it before and well i still here

OMG i have totally seen scarier things and i have done it before and well i still here

OMG this is freakkyyyyyyy

its not true but still my friends say their friends tried and got scratches all over

it was okay i did get scared by reading it and watching the video

lol the vidoe just made the story funny!

This is freaking creepy but, true.

me and my friend kalie did it and a cross came on my fan and she wrote my name on my mirror she is real trust me sometimes you have nightmares about her

ugh, i need a good scary story >:|

I believe in ghost and everything, but bloody mary is not REAL!!!

not scary at all hahahaha


Waaahhh!!! Im Scared

sooooooooooo creapy! i used not be afraid of her but i forgot about her and a few years later my bro. reminded me of her and that's how i got scared of her

i got the goosebumps

This is so stupidly creepy..! Lol

i have always wanted to try that bloody mary thing in front of a mirror cause i don't believe it but i chicken out every time im about to do it

I thought it was 13 times

awww im not scared:(

OMG!this is exactly like a movie I watched called "Hocus Pocus" except it had 3 witches.

man this stuuf is freaky

this is such an old story my cuzin tried it and he has a scar to prove it!!

Its Real


Wow, amazing i actually got chills while reading this one, great job.

cool my friend ashraf thinks bloody mary is true

scary good almost screamed

that was really scary :(

real, a bunch of my friends and me did and we all seen it.

well had a frend who told me bout this and she said her frend did the spell and he went to skool with gashes and cuts and he was scared to hell so i believe this

this story was soooo scary i dont think am gonna be able to sleep tonight!!!!


so spooky!!

omg man who just went to the bathroom and tried that??

omg the most scariest thing im never doing bloodymary not intill they prove something haha help

I am seriously going to have a heartattack but Im a fan of her work

I never thought anyone could write a good Bloody Marry story but this person did.

so creepy

The Mirror thing is TOTALLY true, i did it at midnight, and i saw a flash of a young girl, and a couple seconds later i realized my finger was cut, so i put my hand to the mirror and it stopped, i took it off and it started again, holy crap was i freaked out

i have heared about bloody mary , and i had watch it on foxseries it was a scary movie but not scary than this story

done this before
it doesn't work

Acctually what you need is :

2 candles
something red to write with on the mirror
and a darkened room
you light the candles and put them on both sides of the mirror
get the red marker (or whatever )
write your name and and put " i believe in bloody marry "
splash water on the mirror and wait . .

If that doesnt work I dont know what will .
have a nice life (:

This isn't scarey at all and its not true.Maybe the girls did get murdered but it might've not been Bloody Mary.So this is not a good story.Work on it a little more!Make it more realistic.Just saying.

omg that is so scarrryyyy!!!

That was really scary. Thnx for putting it on. I couldn't sleep for nights. That is so awesome!

Freaky I'm not scared but I'm not gunna try this

the story was quite scary but bloodymaryexpert's totally freaked me out!

I thought that bloody mary was a yooung girl burried alive. She bacame ill and was put into a bed. When they thought she died they burried her.. But they were scared she was still alive. So they tied a bell to her wrist. While she was burried she woke up and began pulling the string that rang to the bell. She was unheard, and finally suffered. The morning after that the mother noticed that the bell was tipped over.. And she realised that Mary, was burried alive. And she clawed her way ttrying to get out. And then bacame.. Bloody mary. :]

this storie is it true!go 2 the libray and look for her name

not true i have done bloody mary more than once and the most that happened was i jumped when i saw myself in the mirror when i opened my eyes lol

I think it's real and i don't care what you people say who said whoever believes this are losers I'll believe what I want to believe and you can't stop me so you can just shut your face's and stop trying to talk me out of it and making others feel bad about there selves!!!!! Anyways I was telling my grandma about this story and I heard footsteps and it was just a person outside but still it scared the hell out of me!

omg i watched the video so freacking scary

that was scary

creepy i tried it dident work.

scary i m scared!!!

this was so scary

turn the light off and turn around 13 times and say bloody marry

Bloody mary is really smart to do that curse!
Bloody mary rules!

omg haha i love the guy onthe video's voice lol

it was pretty cool but i've red better

It was alright, Haha


I'm never looking in the MIRROR again.

my friend did the mirror chantment and got a scrape on her arm!CREEPY!

wow uber creepybut hey now i have i story to tell my friends on all hallows eve

phew im safe bc im ugly nd she only takes good looking ppl so yeah :P

its well scary i had goosebumps and shiver up and down my spine

whats in the vid is it scary?

so scary i cried

this story is cool and not creapy at all

so not scary that is not even the truth to how bloody mary came here she was a child that stood in front of a mirror dressing up in her mothers wedding gown then the house started to burn she was enchanted with her self she kept looking in the mirrior her parents tried to move her so she killed them and was burned alive

it gave me a cople chiles but most stories like that do it.

they have all diffrent kinds of tales for bloody mary

The real Bloody Mary was a noblewoman who murdered her servants to bathe in their blood, as she thought it would help her remain young. Additionally, this story has all the smackings of the classic British Isles scary story blaming the village outcast (almost always a woman, and almost always a woman well-versed in herbal remedies) for any host of phenomenon thought to be unnatural. This is because society, until recently, had no place for independent women who lived outside the structure of the church. It's all a little offensive, but forgiveable. And yes, my real name IS Mary.

weirder than weird

ya know i hav a freind that did that and her grandma left a knife in the bathroom (i dont know why) and then my freind chanted her name 3 times and the knife floted up and cut her she even showed me the bruse its so scary!

Actually Bloody Mary was a young girl who got a very bad disease that back then they didn't have a cure so they had no medicene for her and she went into a coma an back then they didn't know what a coma was so her father(the docter) thought she was so he buried her alive! Well when he buried her he tied a string to her hand an then tied it to a bell so if she happened to still be alive she would be trying to get out and he would hear the bell. Well the Mother was so overwelmed with grief that she stayed outside right next to the coffin hoping the bell would ring but the disese Mary had was very contagous and if the mother stayed out there any longer she would die so the father gave her a shot to put her to sleep and he took her inside and went to bed. Well to his surprise when he woke up in the morning he had saw that the bell and the stand the bell was on had fallen so he knew that she must still be alive so he ran to go dig her up. Well when he did she was dead. The top inside of the coffin had bloody scratches all over it and he looked at mary and saw that her hands were very bloody and she had no fingernails he looked once again at the top inside of the coughen and saw most of her fingernails stuck in the wood of the coffin. And now when someone goes in a bathroom and turns the lights off and lights 1-6 candles prefurably 6 candles and spins in a circle 3 times and says bloody mary each time they turn first you will hear silence then you will hear the bell ringing, then mary will apear in the mirror walking down stairs if she is carrying a knife then you need to turn on the lights or she will kill you. If she is carrying a rose or a teddy bear she is not there to kill you. But for your life's sake I would still turn the light on. Just to be safe.
And this is the only right one I have spent years and years studying this


this isnt the best story ive read so far

it is so not scary!

decent. 3/8

this is basically another version of hocus pocus bu with bloody mary...?

ooooh dangerous!

so scary i will do that say bloody mary there times

bloody mary is not real!!! I tried it with my cousin and nothing happened. It's just a myth told to scare little kids!! I also don't believe in ghosts

Oh Wow! Some Of You Are Saying That You Did It And It Worked. If So, You Would Be Dead! So Um.. Yea(: I Dont Beleive In This Crap Anyways. #Ledgens

The story is freaky butt she fake. 100/ fake. I try it it scared me butt and nothing.

Well this might be true but if you people are at home trying it she is going to kill you just let her rest in peace before she kill you.y

I am about to try to do that stuff but I am so scared wish me good lu

Who wrote this, this has nothing to do with bloody mary. Bloody mary was the queen of england who killed loads of people.
The true legend is to turn all the lights off, light a candle, chant bloody mary and she'll apear and in the reflection of the mirror you'll see your future

Bloody mary is real she is a ghost this story was alittle scary but it wasnt like omg i am never going to read this every again. i went in the bathroom and said her name 3 times well more than three but nothing happen which was good but wen i went to bed i had nightmares and wen i woke up i had scratches all over my arms. so u cant that the whole mirror thing doesnt work wen it does but it only happens to u in a different way

Bloody mary is real she is a ghost this story was alittle scary but it wasnt like omg i am never going to read this every again. i went in the bathroom and said her name 3 times well more than three but nothing happen which was good but wen i went to bed i had nightmares and wen i woke up i had scratches all over my arms. so u cant that the whole mirror thing doesnt work wen it does but it only happens to u in a different way

Of course I had to read this in front of a mirror!!!!

Bloody Mary is real i have the scars to prove it. me and my aunt have both seen her.

I tried this and i died... i am a ghost typing this so

my mum is scary than this story xx:)grow up

Really cool


It was lame I wasn't scared and I'm in 3d grade.

wow! this story was amazing! it like spoke to me! Also my mom told me the other day that Mary (before she was all dead) was my great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma! (give or take a few greats)

This is sooo true! My sister, my friend, and i tried this and bloody mary came out and killed my sister, i was hiding under the sink at the time but my friend took a picture. We have it and i get freaked out every time i look at it. dont ask my mom though because she acts like it never happened so people dont get scared, but my friend and i no the real truth!!! Oh and you missed our party celebrating her death afterwards!!! :) :(

Actually bloody mary lived in the woods and was living alone and was 16 then one day she was going to go outside and her door was locked her windows were locked too one day she started going crazy a month later she went completely crazy about two weeks later she killed her self know have a friend and you and go into the bathroom and spin 3 times wa'll chanting bloody mary 3 times in a row. Oh never do it by yourself ever bloody mary will curse you and then will go into your room at night and kill you first she go into your kitcen and get your sharpest fork and go back into your room and fork your eyes out and then scratch you until yo only see red then stab you until you are dead

wow like so not scary i dont think that one dude really peed his pants he just said that 4 publicity

This is so not true!!!!!

not really stupied

god that was scary

oh my ghoul


Well 2 be honest I do not believe in it cause I have never experienced seeing any type of ghost, but there's a whole lot of a chance that it might be real, its just that, not everyone can experience it..:) its creepy though

Now I'm scared to even LOOK into my mirror!
I have chanted Bloody Mary's name 3 times in front of a mirror but nothing happened…

Hello dearest fellows,
I heard your telling stories about me? There all real everytime someone says my name 50 times infront of a mirror lights of taps on and atleast 2candles i will awaken and i will again live again every time it happens i die the first time i was killing children secondly killing children in a castle and then this there all true but happens truthfully if you want to know my weakness you have to do it and do it right i will come in your dreams and if your lucky enough to make me listen i will tell you and in real life if you do it you will break the curse and i will be human. Sleep wel!!

Great story. It's nice to know the background of Bloody Mary.

This is one of the oldest legends known to man... Its all bullcrap


makes me scared to look im my mirror O.o

i'm not sayin whether its true or not until i do it for myself.....TONIGHT!(:

not scary at all!!!!

it was scary just this much *

just a little creepy

She killed my cousin

thats not even close to rite.

not at all scary

its a good way to commit suicide just say bloody mary three times in the darkend mirror lol


it was freaking me out

Wimps that story is so not scary


What if I try it??? :)
By the way it's really scary.... :)

okay so i did the mirror thing with my friend when i was little and she was the only 1 in there with me and she did the chant with the lights off and i saw her put her hand on the mirror i was like OMG! you think i am that stupid then she was like i didn't do that and to this day she still won't admit that she put her hand on the mirror so that proves that it is fake!

i dont buy it

sooooooooooooooooooooooo not SCARY AND I 11 YEARS OLD

"oooo I'm sooo scared" yea I went in the bathroom said "Bloody Mary,Bloody mary,Bloody Mary.I saw NOTHING

lol like soooooooooooooo scary cause im 90 and i pee pee me pants im from italy.

bloody mary is not real you are the weird people that i have ever seen you are really though that blood mary was real but she is not real she is a drink why do you think she was real.

the story was stupid but i liked the one that the other person told

This story was awesome c:

This was a bunch of bull, i have done this many times it doesn't work!

man this aint scary!but this girl said bloody mary three time in the mirror and she came out with blood all on her face and scrathces and she was crying

This was not scary at all !! TRY AGAIN

Wow. Not scary. Its just like " Pig lady".



Not scary ya some u no wat

so not scary

not scary

not scary get a life

you guys peed yourself rlly h o w this isnt scary at all you pussies


So not scary at all

This is so not true I've tried it so many times and look I'm still alive aren't I!

I got so. Scard I peed my pantss:'(

Thats not scary at all!! AND im 10 hmmm i guess it was freaky in school we did it in the toilets then we heard a freaky like do you know them hoover sounds like that! it went on then we ran to the playground we went back in then the lights started flickering then we saw a rope out of nowhere!


its a allusion

nun of that is true i know the real story blood mary was really mary williams one day mary got really sick and her parents thoght she was died but she was not they buried her alive but she didnt know and like in the old days they had a bell in the coffin well out side it and it ringed but nobody heard it and her finger nial was at the top of the coffin and her hand was bloody and her dad dug her up and found her died the next day

hi guys!well saying to all of you who don`t believe this story.well i tried this with my two friends and they helped me light the candles and then i said the chant and suddenly the mirror began to shake and there was tremendous shouting and banging behind the door.i was so scared that i turned on the lights and the next morning i had a bid scratch on my fore head which was bleeding.thanx

So not scary

so scaryyyyyyy

wow this was so lameeeee!!!!! get a life you loseres!!

not scary at all

THAT IS CRAZY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No offence to the people who did find this scary, but I'm 10 and I didn't find this scary...

I dont think that story is real.

that was not scary at all nice try. maybe next time it will scare me and that video wasn't scary at all it was a voice and pictures.

Rating: BORING!!! YAWN


if I had a dollar for every time I have played Bloody mary I would have alot of money! She has only came up once but I flipped on the light.... so yeah the story wasn't really that scary oh and btw you have to turn as you say her name

Not creepy

Wow it's sooooooo scary and whoever says dis isnt scary is a big myself i cant do it but im stering at d mirror and sometin's tempting


Just wait......


theres a reason its a myth.... IT'S NOT REAL!!!

i am scard to go to bed

how cares if it is true or not just read it and injoy it

Okay, let's get this straight. Bloody Mary died. She was a real person at one point in life. People make up myths to scare younger kids and stuff. I am 14 and I kow Bloody Mary isn't real. People make up stories to scare people ALL THE TIME! Bloody Mary = Fake.

Guys/Girls this story is true actually the enchantment to free her needs two candles you need to hold and do it in the bathroom so that she won't kill us boys and guys cause she will not spare the townsfolk and do not let her free you must kill her again trust me i know this.

that is so so scary . i am so scared to go to the bathroom and to go upstairs to my room

Its only True if you have reminants of black magic from your ancestors in your blood. if it works for you, be careful. don't do it. that couls mean death, a very painful death. never do bloody mary. ever.

I am usually really freaked out by Bloody Mary, but her being a witch really dropped the creepy glow from the story.

this didnt scare me at all this stroy has been out for many years i used to do this when i was younger with my other siblins and relatives

silly!!! i tried it a num of times... believe me, nothing happens!

that is so not scary!!!

That is creepy!!!!!!!

this is weird

Try going to the bathroom in the middle of the night with no lights on and then have two candles to the side of a mirror and then say bloody mary three times and then say I killed your son and then turn around three times. It is said that you get injured badly or even die , I did this and I teared my knee from falling down because I saw her. JK I was just kidding i did tear my knee, but not because of that and I would never ever do that because it's way to freaky

That wasn't scary at all! Well a little

its kinda creepy and scary at the same time

wow i do not no weether to believe but it is creepy i was so scared i almost peed in my pants


this is ok i likes the video better


tried the mirrow thing many times, nothing happend... the story wasnt scary or creepy!

omg i did bloody mary earlier

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