Scary stories

Hairy Toe

excerpted from Spooky Maryland 

retold by S.E. Schlosser

Once there was an old woman who went out in the woods to dig up some roots to cook for dinner. She spotted something funny sticking out of the leaves and dug around until she uncovered a great big hairy toe. There was some good meat on that toe which would make a real tasty dinner, so the old woman put it in her basket and took it home.

When she got back to her cottage, the old woman boiled up a kettle-full of hairy toe soup, which she ate for dinner that night. It was the best meal she'd had in weeks! The old woman went to bed that night with a full stomach and a big smile.

Along about midnight, a cold wind started blowing in the tops of the trees around the old woman's house. A large black cloud crept over the moon and from the woods a hollow voice rumbled: "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!" Inside the house, the old woman stirred uneasily in her bed and nervously pulled the covers up over her ears.

From the woods there came a stomp-stomp-stomping noise as the wind whistled and jerked at the treetops. In the clearing at the edge of the forest, a hollow voice said: "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!" Inside the house, the old woman shuddered and turned over in her sleep.

A stomp, stomp, stomping sound came from the garden path outside the cottage. The night creatures shivered in their burrows as a hollow voice howled: "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!" Inside the house, the old woman snapped awake. Her whole body shook with fright as she listened to the angry howling in her garden. Jumping out of bed, she ran to the door and barred it. Once the cottage was secure, she lay back down to sleep.

Suddenly, the front door of the cottage burst open with a bang, snapping the bar in two and sending it flying into the corners of the room. There came the stomp, stomp, stomping noise of giant feet walking up the stairs. Peeping out from under the covers, the old woman saw a massive figure filling her doorway. It said: "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!"

The old woman sat bolt upright in terror and shouted: "I ATE your hairy toe!"

"Yes, you did," the giant figure said very gently as it advanced into the room.

No one living in the region ever saw the old woman again. The only clue to her disappearance was a giant footprint a neighbor found pressed deep into the loose soil of the meadow beside the house. The footprint was missing the left big toe.


You can read more Maryland folktales and ghost stories in Spooky Maryland by S.E. Schlosser.


hahaa... thats funny not scary a hairy toe is hilarious not scary :l

haha hairy toe:P i like this story

i heard this before, not scary at all.

this story is sick. yeah i have two hairy big toes but my left one went missing have you seen it anywhere?

LOL FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!! A old woman,eatin a toe!!! and it's hairy!!!

Hilarious! I loved it! I wonder where my hairy toe went.

Who would eat a toe anyway?Ugh!And with hair!Gross!

I love this story so much

iv heard this story before LAME :C

this story is not scary at all

So ugly....
who would eat one anyway?


it was so scary i was so scared

haha ill but funny i liked it keep it upp :DDDD

Hairy toe! Hairy Toe! I want my Hairy Toe! LOL

this story isn funny.:/

its nasty not funny.

woooow. amaze me better. this is lame!

that was funny hairy toe hairy toe i want my hairy toe

what did it do

This story is a funny kind of scary one. And i'm only six yrs.old keep up the good work, hope to hear another one soon. thank you,Destiny

It's a great story for a sleepover weirdly funny boo



This was wierd a hairy toe!! =D
It was meant to be SCARY lol

i read this to my mom and she got scared and i laughed the whole time. she said that she was sleep.LOL

HAIRY TOE HAIRY TOE I WANT MY HAIRY TOE!!!!!!lol i can just hear that mad missing toe voice in my head :)

my friends said they came on here before and said hairy toe is scary really i just read it its SO funny

i think its like the story tailypo..they just changed it to hairytoe..

i think im gunna puke

its sooooooo boring big time

...O_O WTF!!!!!!!!

lol thats sort of scary but thatz really werid


So gross!! She doesn't even know who's toe it is!!!!

I feel sad that I'm never getting that minute of my life back :(

someone ate my toe too. i cut it off accidentally after mowing the lawn...we couldnt find it after getting back from the emergency room.....but the old man down the road died of toe jam disease


good story.


wow MOST scary ever! hahaha that was funny i felt sorry 4 the lady!



wOW THAT was weird. mmmm now im craving some hairy toe.

well that was a huge waste of 2 minutes of my life that i will never get back

This isnt scary. Its dumb. Who would pick up a rotten toe off the ground and EAT IT??? Why, us wolves eat flesh meat alright, but not toes!

That's disturbing...

This is stupid not scary. OMG nobody saw her again how many times have we heard that before

i love that lol... thats hilarious

that was borinnnnnnnnnnnn

hey are u makin fun of. Me.....GEORGE CAN'T HELP IT IF HE HAS HAIR

What the heck. I keep getting ripped off on minutes for all these not scary stories. I'm only 9, and these don't scare me!

i love hairy toes i ate all 10 of mine
u should try roasting yours
8-) mmm i wish i had more

boo!!! my hairy toe lol it is gross not funny i would never eat a big hairy toe and i am not going to

u really had me goin there but it waz funny what r u peeps tlkn bout it is not boo! it is so funy lol

lol i heard this in different version



i totally agree with that annonymous guy who roasted his/her toes. try sucking yours.

that was one of the funniest stories iv ever heard=)))

eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww that is so scary! seriously

lol this is stuped

Hairy toes are kinky. I liek me some hairy toes with my dinner. And some mashed potatoes go well with it. ONOMNOMNOM.

i lost my big toe at your house the other day can you give it back lol

I heard this story when I was little.. It's one of my favorite "scary" stories..

a very stupid story.....:P its just waste of time of course who would eat a hairy toe.........YUCK....EWWWWWW

i heard a story like this it was ok not scary

cmon im only 10 and its lame... plz make a scarier story than some silly 2 year old crap.

ewwww i thought it was funny yet scary

ok but it wasnt thet scary apart from the end my bro was quvring like my friend.
hairy toe hairy toe i want my hairy toe

it is sooooooooooooooooooo scary..............NOT my little bro giggles untill he was sick and he is 4 my mum sead hahaha boringly
I mean she was never seen agein haha we have heard that 100000000000000000000000000000000000 times

that waz dumb !!

that waz dumb !!

Ha! So funny but i heard this from my sister!

lol...thats classic

hairy toe?? hahaha lol not scary it made me laugh!!! :D

It was good.


wooww haha funny not really scary tho i mean nothing good can happen when you eat a hairy toe

that was funny not scarry

this is really funny!!!! xD XD XD XD!!

haha i read a story like this once but it was called tailly po hah

i like this story .funny

This story sucks!

the most stupid story i have ever seen in my life ekkk ! hairy toe!ewwwwwww


My granpa used to tell me this story but his title was the big toe and at the end of the story he was say "give me my big toe" 3 times and then he would grab me and say "gotcha" I would jump and laugh everytime


the story is not scary it is gross but it was great i enjoyed reading it. make the story a bit more scary

wow i thought it was so weird but when i was reading it my dog barked and i JUMPED really really bad

laughed so hard i fell off my dinosoar

This story is GROSS!!!!!!!!

lol I should tell this to my kids! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! So VERY FUNNY!!!


That's kind of gross, actually. :-)

lol it is funny

wow it didnt seem that scary!!! But still i liked it

Sorta like "Tailypo"

i heard this story at school and my friend was so scard i thought it was gross. so plz make it better(but it was funny):-)

this story is sad!!! :( the old woman was just hungry-looking for food and found a big toe!now she got terrorized by some creature???that is so wrong!

i like this story but it was not sooooooooo scary

that's an old old story that I heard as a child. Loved it then and still do!



this is soooo NOT scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey What are you talking about it It is boring.I mean why would anyone eat a hairy toe I didn't say it I think someone else did

i liked that it was funny lool

Who would eat a hairytoe?

That is nasty.who would eat a hairytoe,cause I wouldn't???????????

i have a hairy toe and i want it back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome that such a dayam storie

hahahaha this is dang funny i heard this story only it wasnt a big hairy toe. i like the part where the woman was like I ATE YOUR BIG HAIRY TOE!! and the man was like I KNOW YOU DID!!! haha

Was that old lady metal. I mean seriously.That was stupid LOL

XD Who doesn't eat Hairy Toes? EPIC lol I wish this was a chain letter I would totally send it! Just to read the reply's I get XD
YEAH And Toes are Good Roasted I AGREE! ever tried them with Marshmallows?

this story isn't scary, but disgusting. who would eat a hairy toe?

recipe 4 hairy toe soup 1 put 6 cooked eggs in the pot 2 put 5 roasted toes in the pot (hairy or not ) put some garlic onions mushrooms and tomato sauce add tabasko if desired there you go a kettle of hairy toe soup yum

eww i hope she burned the hair off it before eating it

Not scary but hilarious.Wonder why the woman wants to eat a big hairy toe?Gross.Maybe she thought it was a truffle bwahahaha just kiddin'

he knows where his toe is only after its eaten?

Shudder shudder shudder

this is almost the exact same story as Taliypo. ):


Cool Story, Bro.

that is the story my junior infants and senior infants teacher used to read to us when it was raining outside at lunch break. it brings back memmories. we used to be at the edge of our seat EVERY time she did the hairy toeless monster voice!

tht a funny story man:) !!!!!!:)!

hahahah thats funny a hairy toe! :) hahahahaha lol

woow . the fact that someone is stomping their way into your house is kinda creepy .. but take away the hairy toe , and call it an actual scary story .

ugh that gross

This story was down right terrifying! I won't sleep for years after 'dis. I think ima make some Hair toe cupcakes tonight cause I know they’ll taste great. I like toes to and the hairs ones are the best. Thanks for his amazing story. It scared the jeepers outta me.

uhhhh why does she eat the toe??? ya whatever she was hungry i woulda sold it then use that money to buy food (or an even harrier and bigger toe) and the ending was stupid "and she was never seen again!" puh-leeze like we havent heard that one before

more toes plz!

hahaha the last time i heard that story i fell off my dinosaur


i love this story it is werid and cool at the same time

hahaha!!! sooo funnnyyyy!!! well, NOT SCARY!!!

i heard a story like this but a little boy finds a toe in his garden

This may not be scary when you read it but when you have someone really good tell it to you it makes you jump and im not kidding.

It's just like Tailey Poe, except the guy ate a huge rat tail.

not scary at all but it was kinda funny

That was dumb.Who eats a toe?!

OMG!!! that was SOOO scary!! I couldn't sleep for like 3 nights after reading this!!!!!
NO NO NO guyz im serious, when i fell asleep that night, i thought i heard a, thump thump thump. D:


My goodness, the spelling and the grammar on these posts are worse than the story spook-wise!


not scary or funny
but yallz comentz r hiarios LOL!!!!!!!! XD

well its good

This story is lame not scary and i'm 11

"When she got back to her cottage, the old woman boiled up a kettle-full of hairy toe soup, which she ate for dinner that night. It was the best meal she'd had in weeks! "

HAHAHAHAHA!! What had she been eating before that?

omg gross!


i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it its wanna of my favvvvvvvs cuz i have a hairy toe also LOL

Me love hairy toeess.I ate one last night and it tasted like a develled egg ugggggggg haha, love zach
P.S. It farted!!

That story was more gross then scary eeewww what would make a person go cannibal ick =P

hahahaha im still rofl!!!

kids bedtime story.gross

lollxx!!!! the funniest story!!! im gonna read it 2 mah nephew!

ew why would she eat a hairy toe?

Hairy toe soup for dinner, anybody? Yummy! Ha! Ha!

ha,my friend was like ew the whole time she read the story

lol when he said hairy toe! hairy toe! i want m hiary toe! i pictured of it as a chipmunk saying it really fast in a tiny voice. lol!



Yummy Hairy Toes(Y).
now thats what i like to hear;)<3.

That's not the ending I heard. The woman said "I ATE your hairy toe" okay, but then she said "And now I'm going to eat the others!" And that's what she did. And the big loud booming guy was never seen in those parts again. The toes were crunchy...

Well, at least that's the version I heard. Hmmmmmmmm...

Haha This Was Sick And Funny NOT Scary LOL Who Actually Made This Stroy!? xx

mad funny big hairy toe i wanna try it c how it tate lml

EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEEWEWEWEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind would eat a hairy toe!!!!?????!!!!!


As soon as I saw this story's title, I instantly remembered that my Grandma used to tell me this story when I was little. I am in my 30s now, and my g-ma has passed on, so I had to read it. It is exactly how I remember her telling it. to all of you kids that can't appreciate a decent story, go play Bloody Mary.

y the heck WOULD SHE EAT A HAIRY TOEEE!!!!!!

my grandfather told me that story like 50 times

who eats a toe with hair on it that they find on the floor?

the original is called big toe! its where a kid digs up a toe and him and his fanily eat it. then a zombie without a toe shows up and cuts open each of their stomachs and collects each little peice of toe! :)

that is soooooo grose!!
who would eat a toe?!?!?!
:D ha ha ha ha

This story isnt scary its just LOVELY! I really LOVE it, i will remember this for YEARS to come. LOVE IT!

that was kind of scareyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

That was hilarious!!!

I've heard this before and it was a boy who found a toe in the garden and the whole family ate it and then he was haunted.


loved it funny and exciting i copied it in my book and gave it 2 my teacher got an a star


imsorry imsorry imsorry

I remember it as: Who ate my big fat toe?

it was my fav eva

SOOO freakin scary, i cried

very scary


We heard it and the story ended, "That's ok.(holds up a bucket)Ihave a whole bucketful of toes!"

I just found a large, hairy human toe... what to do... I know! Instead of looking for a body of somesort or leaving it alone like a normal person I think I'll eat it :D

my teacher told me this in school

Ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooo gross! Who would eat that?

ewwwwwwwwww! who eats toes!

This story is awesome! Not scary but HILARIOUS! That reminds me, has anyone seen my big toe?

ooo yummy delicious hairy toe!!!!! i really want this for dinner!! does the giant have any extra big hairy toes to spare????
<3, S E T T T

Ummmmmm....... "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!"

The old woman sat bolt upright in terror and shouted: "I ATE your hairy toe!"

"Yes, you did," the giant figure said very gently as it advanced into the room.

I read this story from a book in Kindergarten. It was really scary..then. Now its just kind of funny.

I remember a story like this one, but it was a golden arm, that the woman had stolen from a grave, and the dead owner came to reclaim it.

there is a story almost just like this. Its about a little kid that has toe soup and a "zombie" wants the toe back. I forgot the rest. :P

ive heard this story told differently, instead of an old woman it was a young boy

Lmao!! I'm gonna tell this story in my theatre class!! :D

yeesh thats disgusting, Maybe the old woman died of a heart attack cause THE TOE WAS SO GROSS AND SMELLY

i agree with some of you.who on earth would want to eat a big,disgusting and hairy toe,seriously?

O my GROSS! what the freak! It's not scary to have some sort of phantom come saying Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe! Anyways I think that the old women died cause since she ate the toe the thing ate her.

A lot like the bone story with the old woman, but when the ghost came looking, she yelled "TAKE IT!" and threw it out the back door. :D

Hairy Toe, Hairy Toe, I want my Hairy Toe! (this was funnnyy, but i am still going to tell it my friends lol


Well it funny bout the hairy toe..

Haha funniest thing ever!

lol greatest story ever I was laughing like an idiot in front of my class through the whole story...

"Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!"

"I ATE your hairy toe!"

That waz sooo disturbing it's scary!

i heard a differant version of this story where a young boy was supposed to buy a chicken for dinner, but instead he bought himself candy and ate it all. he found the hairy toe on his way home and brought it with him and his family ate it.


Hehee... I read this to my mom and she was like, "Are you reading children murder mysteries?" HA

It was funny....but who would eat a hairy toe..!!jajajajaja I would

WWWWWWOW!!!!!!!!!! cute. ((i ate your toe)) that is vary scary !!!!!!!! jk people hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you got that right cherry!!!!! cool story! keep it up!

my brothers hairy toe is still on his foot you want it!

ha ha ha you want a hairy toe my brothers got one!


This is a Classic

that wuz not scary at all!☻

Who the heck
would eat a hairy TOE!!!

im terrified..

That teaches you not to eat mysterious giant toes you find in the woods!

i loved it!!!!!!! so cool

that was funny but i thought the original was about a fox and its tail and it ate there kid and skewered the old lady and took his tail back it is normally really weird but cool

i liked the story but when the lady ate the was..GROSS!! ''Hairy Toe! Hairy Toe! I want my Hairy Toe! hahahhh

HeHe. LOL. Hairy toe . Wasn't scary but it was funny!!



Haha...hairy toe....thats gross. But funny, not scary. And what happened to the woman? Did the guy eat her or something? Who eats big hairy toes? Who HAS big hairy toes???? Blehhhh!!!! I ask too many questions.


lmao this story funny


i thought it was not scary it should have been scary

*Sigh* Time to put people right..Listen. It was not !Meant! to be scary. It's supposed to be funny. Which it was. But people ruining it by typing 'OMG IT WUZ NT SCARREY!" apparently don't know that..

I, for one, love this story. xD ..And I think my neighbor might have a decently hairy toe..Hmmm..Two scoops of tomato paste, or three?
HairyToes~FTW =)

cannibalism! anyways, the one my dad told me when i was a kid was that she ate the thumb, not the toe

ewwww this is discusting !!!

A girl's gotta eat!!!

OMG hairy toes! and i know what hapeend to the old women her and the hairy toe man got married under his big hairy toenail on the right foot cause she ate the left one

we liked this story! It was scary and funny at the same time.No offense of the guys that said its not scary and there posting horrible comments in capital letters!

Yuck my hairy toe is gone

Hairy toes are cool! I love this! haha just think about a big ole' juicy hairy toe! ohh YUMMY!!! get me some hairy toe!! LOL I LOVE THIS!

Ewwwwwwwww!Thats so gross who would want 2 eat a hairy toe! YUCK!

AHH. I've never been so scared. Im so serious, how is this funny?!

ewww she ate a toe!?!? blaaa grosss

Ha Ha, Hairy Toe Hairy Toe, Is the monster calling the old woman a hairy toe? lol

why would you eat a toe?



hairy toe soup

HAHA.... why would she eat a toe, a hairy one too.. eww and it was 'the best meal in weeks' YUCK

has anyone ever hears the story Tailey Bone?!?! exact same story

soo funny a baby could hear it and laugh

ive read two stories like this they kinda got put together

Um... it's really funny. Kinda creepy, but overall funny. Not a good scary story. Good for little kids though;)

i read a version of this when I was in 1st grade... I didn't sleep for a week.


wow that was wired why would she eat that hairy toe

Lol. Lmao very good xx

ewww haha

Omg I loved it it was cool but gorss .

I think I read a version of this story when I was in kindergarten. I find it odd that I can remember that far back.

ewwww gross!!! who eats toes!!! LOL me and my friend are having a sleep over and love scary stories! we are trying to stay awake but we allmost fell asleep on this one. :D
P.S hairy toe soop yum... that was riverara not breena :D i thought it was revolting

Ol Lady Cannibal!!!

Hahaha. My friend was so freaked out by this hilarious story. Why would anyone eat roots?

P.S. My friend is going to marry Josh Hutcherson some day

.......... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!.... or funny?????

hahahahahahahahaha hairy toe :) this story was about as scary as a piece of grass :)

hahaha its kinda gross though

wow uhm.. that was a very scary story i remembered hearing on a tape when i was like 4!!! i hid under the blankets and helded hands with my brother for 20 minutes afterward till our dad came home!

The scary part is the fact that she was probably torn open by the dead giant for his toe.

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