Scary stories

The Hook

Excerpted from Spooky Campfire Tales

retold by S.E. Schlosser

The reports had been on the radio all day, though she hadn't paid much attention to them. Some crazy man had escaped from the state asylum. They were calling him the Hook Man since he had lost his right arm and had it replaced with a hook. He was a killer, and everyone in the region was warned to keep watch and report anything suspicious. But this didn't interest her. She was more worried about what to wear on her date.

After several consultation calls with friends, she chose a blue outfit in the very latest style and was ready and waiting on the porch when her boyfriend came to pick her up in his car. They went to a drive-in movie with another couple, then dropped them off and went parking in the local lover's lane. The blue outfit was a hit, and she cuddled close to her boyfriend as they kissed to the sound of romantic music on the radio.

Then the announcer came on and repeated the warning she had heard that afternoon. An insane killer with a hook in place of his right hand was loose in the area. Suddenly, the dark, moonless night didn't seem so romantic to her. The lover's lane was secluded and off the beaten track. A perfect spot for a deranged mad-man to lurk, she thought, pushing her amorous boyfriend away.

"Maybe we should get out of here," she said. "That Hook Man sounds dangerous."

"Awe, c'mon babe, it's nothing," her boyfriend said, trying to get in another kiss. She pushed him away again.

"No, really. We're all alone out here. I'm scared," she said.

They argued for a moment. Then the car shook a bit, as if something…or someone…had touched it. She gave a shriek and said: "Get us out of here now!"

"Jeeze," her boyfriend said in disgust, but he turned the key and went roaring out of the lover's lane with a screeching of his tires.

They drove home in stony silence, and when they pulled into her driveway, he refused to help her out of the car. He was being so unreasonable, she fumed to herself. She opened the door indignantly and stepped into her driveway with her chin up and her lips set. Whirling around, she slammed the door as hard as she could. And then she screamed.

Her boyfriend leapt out of the car and caught her in his arms. "What is it? What's wrong?" he shouted. Then he saw it. A bloody hook hung from the handle of the passenger-side door.

You can read more ghost stories in Spooky Campfire Tales  by S.E. Schlosser.


the real legend not a story

wow... i've hard this story so many times in so many different ways....

That's so L-A-M-E!!!!

Ive heard better stories

i liked it,atleast.

sssccccaaarrrryyy !!!!!!!!!!!

the best scary story Ive heard in a long long time

i like this tale

the scary thing about is it, if not completly, part true. ive heard lots of versions.

good i guess im gonna use it for mi class project

I've heard that sooo many times, and that wasn't even scary!!!

heard it before.

eh i dont get the end bit was the woman dead or not and whos hook was it?

I hate this story i've heard better one's than this

that's not even scary! I've heard better ones than that.Can you make a better one than that? I'm six yrs.old and it takes a little more than that to scare me....Destiny

this is so f***ing lame


what he tried 2 kill her? did he try 2 open her door? did his hook get snatched off????????

This story is, honestly, really kinda lame. I've heard it so many times, and it's never scared me. Not even once. :/

This story sucks!!!!

i didnt get the ending

this was the worst story i have ever heard you shouldn't even bother reading it you might as well watch paint dry

that is not even the real story and and that was so "LAME" and "BORING" OH AND THAT WAS SOOOOO SPOOOOKKKKYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW that was sooooooo STUPIDILY DUM!!!!!!!only retards would think that is scary



i think it was a good story lol

I've heard this story before

ive heard this so many times its not even a "look over your shoulder" story anymore.

stupid story

I think that was kinda....interesting.

I liked it ,but i have heard it sooooooo many times

Read this already. Scary though.

ah! nice but a little borin.

good story!


that was so crappy it wasnt scary at all it should have been longer and with blood, i luv blood

soo wird

I heard a story like this at camp and use to love it, I decided to google it and it was just as I remembered, I thought there were more though?

hmm, yeah it's pretty freaky. But I've heard better.

it was okay

I liked it i guess...i think its better than most ghost storys.....................

this was NOT scary ,dont get the ending , plus like i said b4 mii lil brother did not even move at this story

damn this is gay
or could have a scarier ending


weird i wonder wut happened 2 the boyfreind such a lame story

theres another ending where they get killed on lovers lane

wow it's kinda scary !!! thanks for telling it!

so not a good story bad!!!!!!!!!!

Dude I mean relly?! Lol LAME

I'm leaving this site right now. This is dumb.

how is that scary

ending made no sence u lozers who thinks this is scary wtf

Gay! Didn't understand the ending

this story was alrite...i guess....i'v heard it be4 ....but i don't understand did the chick die ...or did the hooker guys hook come off...i dunno!!!

i like this stories

this storie suck i heard better for 9 years did i menchin i am 9 so is my bffl and her sister is 8 this storie does not scare us

Wow. I didn't get the ending. Kindaa lamee. :l

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scream

this is scary and cool yo

Yea-no. Like Can U Say


my baby brother alfies nappis are scarier than this!

i dont get it....
can someone explain to me?????


so scared right now honestly

Nobody dies!!! This is a LAME ghost story!!!!:(

it was boring what kinda story it that!!!!

love the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, that is so scary!

ok dats kind of dumb i wish sumone died

i never heard of this story before. today was my first time hearing it .i give it a thumbs up , this story is the best one out of any other i story i've heard. greatest story eva!!!!!!

wow that was spooky

Well. All of you who think this is retarded,its not. This is a very good story in my opinion. It starts out casual...and the Suspense builds.

It may not of been all that spooky but its one of the best by far..

i liked it .. not all stories need to be blood and guts to be scary :)


its not scary its a OKAY story though

wow tht was so dumb i mean u could have finished tha story u left us hanging



that was so expected.

bad boy frind

lol.. my english teacher told us this story but they where going to prom.



what did the ending mean didnt get it

i preferd the vesion where he cuts the boyfreinds face of wears it and kills the girl

It was'nt all that great but it was still spooky

um.. not what I was expecting.. of what I heard from one of my friends. THAT one was cool. It was where instead of them getting away, the girl got mad and she got out of the car and screamed. She was dead. The boyfriend heard her and went out to inspect. He got killed. They found the bodies in the morning. Like I said, mucha coolness than this one.

this story is so cool but it needs more work


wow!!!!!!!!!! this is a good story. i just wish it was more 2 it.who ever wrote this should make a movie about it.!!!:)

realistic story,creepy,and entertainig

Ive heard this story before but now it makes me change my mind because its so different

you might need to change the end because A LOT of people dont get it but i do. the hook was yanked of after he killed someone and there was left over blood or the blood of his hand was on it

i am goin to use it 4 school

Lol feel bad for hook man can't open doors lol

you call that scary seriously!!!!!

Shay... There is a movie about this story. It's called "Urban Legends" and was released in 1998.

the supernaterule copyed that but thats a goo storie ahhhhhhh

Better: the guy gets out to "check" and says 3 knocks = safe and she hears 3 knocks, looks up, hears 9 more knocks, gets out, and the guy has been hanged and is bumping against the car. (100,000,000 times better) This was way worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you are must be really dumb. How could you not understand the ending? The girl was scared something pushed on the car the guy sped off with the car ripping the killer's hook off because he had just made his way around the car to her door and was opening it as the boyfriend took off!

ive heard of it but scaryer

I was speechless after reading this story, nice. This is going on my calss project.

cute and its okey

This storie was spoooooooooooooky!!!!! I was litterly shaking after I read this story!!

gayest storie ive ever heards

wow...... thats not how that story goes

nice wonder how it ends lol :)

I don't think the people on here get it. This story wasn't one meant to be horror story: it's about something else. The moral of the story? Had she not persisted to leave and let her boyfriend have his way with her, they would have been met with dire consequences. Plus, this tale is as old as lovers lanes themselves.

that was pretty scary. Thats the one I'm going to tell my little sisters.

wow guys be nice its hard to make up stories


ive heard so many differient versions of that story i dont no wich one i should believe... but its not scary when a story scares me i just tell myself that its just something that someone made up a long time ago

The best story I've ever heard . It's freaky how the simplest stories can scare us . BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA I Scared you . LOL

i heard a version where the guy got out to investigate something, the lady felt a bump on top of the car she gets out and theres the boy hanging by a bloody hook from the tree down on the car


I'm not easily scared, because I've watched a thousand horror movies and I've read a bazillion stories 10 times scarier than this. Honestly, I had a straight expression on my face while reading this! I wasnt a bit scared! But still, it was interesting though...

its ok but I have heard it like 50 times

i like this story and people out their that say it is lame you are lame people haterz

That was so cool,but not scary for a nine year older like me >w<

My teacher shared this story with my class! It's so lame, but I bet when your in a car with your boy/girlfriend sitting somewhere you'll remember it and get alittle freaked out!



this was the story in the movie i know what you did last summer.... i like the movie better

I would have added something like "The neighbor then saw two bodies in a pool of blood the next morning in the driveway." The story was okay.

Of course you have heard it sooooo many times, thus, urban legend. Get it? This is only an excerpt of the book being offered, which is more interesting. For those of you who did not get the ending, the bloody hand hanging from the passenger side door indicates that the horny boyfriend left just in the nick of time, before the hook guy could open the door and kill them both. The hook was ripped from his arm as the car sped away. Maybe it wasn't so scary to you because you are so lame brained and thick, you can't get the punch line.

my 15 yr old sister freaked out cause its 3 in the morning

this story needs some killing ;)

WOW. boring. its a good bedtime story if you catch my drift

that was lame

wow not so scary but its alright


wow...this story kind of weirded me out.. lol

it was soooooooo lame

haha scary wahaha

The scary thing is, thinking about how the hook got there and how the killer got it off, and how the killer tried to get the door open. I think it would have been scarier, if when the boy had been about to take the girl back home, they could have heard a sound coming from the girls side of the door, and it was the hook man, trying nto get the door open with the hook. When he done it, he could have taken the girl and boys eyes out. Much scarier.

it was kinda scary wen they found he hook but the rest was boring xxxxxxx :) as if you can have ahook for your hand xxxxx :/ ?? can you ??

This is one of my favorite stories because it is THE classic urban legend. It's been around since the 50's a least and has been parodied for years because of how well known the legend is.

i havent heard that scary of a story in a long time

This story is so amazing it took me like 5 times reading to get the ending but once u get it its really freaky cus what if the boyfriend hadnt have took off?

There are so many different versions of this story that are alot more creepy..

This is not the first version I've heard of this story. "Bloody hook hanging from the passenger-side door..."
That's a line I've heard many times :P

I heard a version where the boyfriend left the car to pee, but didn't come back, then the girl heard a banging noise, then left the car to find the killer on the car, slamming the boyfriend's severed head agains the roof...

oohh hey i think i know tat story the one with the guy hanging by the hook yeah TAT was scary hahaahhaha i think i get the ending a little bit but yeah like wat anonymous has said here u all are dumb extremely DUMB how can u all not get the ending ???? ! shivas u all should like study more english atleast literature ! anyways i liked the story keep on writing eh ! lols

super cool!!!!!

this was a very great story


it's ok

wow lol not scary.....but i think it is....vanessa u got scared lol wow

In the tougher version the guy gets out of the car. Time passes, the girl starts to worry. Then she hears a thumping noise overhead. She gets out of the car and finds her boyfriend hung upon a branch over the car, his feet banging the roof as his body swings back and forth.

this is probably my favorite halloween story of all time!!!!!!


This is so scary. I read it in my lesson!



The story is good, but the ending is kinda boring.

After I read this a box fell from the counter! Scared the crap out of me! :O

I dont get it, so the serial killer dude was tryin to open the door and they drove away and riped his hand off?

this in supernaturul it is different

This is a true story. You can google it. It happended on the border between Texas & Arkansas. Maybe Texarkana. Anyways, an old black & white movie was made called "The Town That Dreaded Sundown". It's based on the true story. People were killed on lovers lane.

the real story goes "the boy and girl are making out. on the radio it talks about a deranged man with a hook for a hand breaks out of a psychiatric jail. boy steps out of the car to go to the restroom. many minutes pass and the girl starts to hear noises like something scratching metal and something that sounds like rain on the top of the car. she realizes that her boyfriend still isnt back so steps outside to look. she spins in circles next to her door and eventually looks up to find her boyfriend hanging upside down from his feet, throat cut, fingernails scraping the car, and blood dripping onto the top of the car. she screams then runs to the other side of the car to find a hook attached to the doorhandle

omg spooked me out.. well kind of lol! i wish you can add more to it so it can be a book about it or some thing!

This story is ok but Don't turn on the light is scary this story is getting old oooohhh!!!!!

i dont really get why the hook was on the handle and bloody? did he try to open the door and it got ripped off? and even then hook hands arent atatched they are just kinda like gloves.

what is it a fishing hook

i heard of this story except the killer was her boyfriend...
super creepy!!

Megan the girl didnt die.When the car shaked the hook man had grabbed the handle and the boy friend drove and the hook came off the hook mans arm

It gave me the eebie jeebies!!

wow ending great but alittle lame i meqan give it more scary parts ive heard that story so many times but it was okay.

Hey this actually happened to my tennis teachers highschool teacher on the fourth of july and she STILL has the hook!!

on word love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

This story is as scary as my brother in the morning, that means this story is terrifying

This was pretty good.
You should have made it a little bit more intresting when it came to the hook man.
It's good.
Just not one of my favorites.
Be more discriptive. :D

Ive read another version and this one i really like because it has more detail!!! :)

what happens after that? I love it so far

What happened to the girl?

Isnt the man with the hook known as Candyman?!

Scary. I read this story first in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. This version is even better.

No need to hate on the story.

I thought it was pretty good but what I though was funny was a comment that said "that's not even the real story"

made me smile lool

This story never stops being scary

This is a classic urban legend thats I heard first when i was around 6-7, it was chilling them and still is now. Love urban legends

heard this before except they were coming back from a dinner

Poor hook guy, he lost his hook.


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