The Jersey Devil Legend

Birth of the Jersey Devil

A New Jersey Legend

retold by S.E. Schlosser

     A storm was raging that night in 1735, when Mother Leeds was brought to bed in childbirth. The room was full of woman folk gathered to help her, more out of curiosity than good will. They had all heard the rumors that Mother Leeds was involved in witchcraft, and had sworn she would give birth to a devil.  

Tension mounted when at last the baby arrived.  It was a relief (and to some a disappointment), when the baby was born completely normal.  But a few moments later, before their terrified eyes, the child began to change. The room erupted with screams as the child grew at an enormous rate, becoming taller than a man and changing into a beast which resembled a dragon, with a head like a horse, a snake-like body and bat's wings.

As soon as it was full-grown, the monster began beating all the woman (including his mother) with its thick, forked tail. With a harsh cry, it flew through the chimney and vanished into the storm.

The Monster of Leeds, or the Jersey Devil as he was later called, still haunts the pines of New Jersey, wrecking havoc upon farmer's crops and livestock, poisoning pools and creeks, and appearing on the New Jersey shore just before a ship wreck.


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what's the story of a sailor who left the sea and walked in land with a pair of rowing oars on his sholder intent in seatling down where and when someone asked him what he was on his sholder?

i read it before good story!?!?

and now stars in a reality show

Good God! what a story mostly about how this women gave birth then to have turn into an evil thing and beat the CRAP out of her! Did she die? Did it die? GRRR

cool story

jersy devil is comming 4 u

nanna thats a good one!

thats really scary! :[


That one was really good.

haha! they wrote a story about Snooky!!! xD

That an episode on my favorite show,Lost Tapes. Its on on Tuesdays On Animal Planet.Its real scary.You should watch it!

That's so wird


When I was younger a group of us went into the Pines overnite camping to look for It,we went as much as we could,many times.I wish I could say one of us seen it,but none of us ever did.

I love that story. I am thrilled with the Jersey Devil!

i wacthed it on lost tapes it's really scary and i couldn't go to bed when i had to!

that was really good!


it scared the crap out of me

ive seen it with my own eyes!!!

thought he ate them........

Saw an episode of Paranormal State that talked about this. Interesting.

that sucks for the mom

AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

the was so cool and creepy :)

so awsome

I saw the show of the Jersey Devil on paranormal state, i think it was like a dragon. I might be confused

that was a goood story

this is ok but it could have been longer

I remember the first time I heard the Jersey Devil story. I lived in the Pine Barrens at the time, and I was afraid to go near the windows for fear of him seeing me.
But it's not scary anymore.
However, I still find the entire story interesting.

that would b soo cool if this ACTUALLY hapend lol

ive seen him

the storm is asome.

Its coming for snooki.

i have read this story a 1000 times though it never fails to amaze

awesome story!!! but kinda wierd how a baby just turned into a devil! as soon it was born and brought to the room!

it exsist and is harmless


its alright:)

that folk tale was cool l love it.

Wow. Very weird story. O.O

love it/

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I think I changed my mind about going to Jeresy!

wow this is a story

that waz cool:)

cool story


i love that show too

did his mother died the mother of the hairy twit

whoa scary how he killed his own mom.. ._.

omg i loved that story it was sorta scary but i think ill be fine write me back soon i would hate to be mother of that child it would be scary.ill write back but i gotta fix my little sis make up.

Hmmm...Good story, but not completely accurate...You see, I am a 26 year old "monster spotter." I travel the globe searching for ledendary monsters and creatures. So far, the Jersey Devil is my most recent research project. I have gone on several expeditions and I actually have come back with some proof. Turns out, the Jersey Devil transformed into a devil only a few minutes after it's birth. It's mother locked it in the cellar out of fright, and it escaped through a broken window. It has been around ever since. I hope this cleared things up a bit. :)

I saw that story on Tv one time. what a crazy woman.

Really good story.

i waant to movee to jerseey but im a little freeakeed out noow hahaa:)

why would the mother do that

I live in NJ and I really think that's real.

great story but awfully short



i know a different version

We went on a trip in 6th grade to a camp in the pine barrens. On the first night our activity was watching a movie about the devil. The movie ended and the TV went black and at that moment my teacher screams a deep scream and the entire room was black and we all screamed in fear. After the movie was a hay ride dirt road with thick dark trees on both sides. Ill tell you that was scary. Dark as anything it was so scary.

I have always believed in mythacal creatures and The Jersey evil is the 3rd coolest yet! I wish I could see it in real life!

that would freak me out and i cant beleive that he killed his own mother!!!!!!!!

woah!! I wonder if he has ever appeared in highlands

pretty good

very good story:)

i thought it was a pretty good myth. i like myths with so called evidence that the character is real.

Also, the Jersey Devil, according to the original story, was going to be Mother Leeds' 13th child. During Labor, she said "Let it be the devil."


hmm....its really a good story but i think it is not complete....but its a good story.....luv it:)

wait i've heard a different version of this story and it said that the mom already had a bunch of children and she didn't want another one so she wished that it would be the devil but then regretted it but it was born like that

i tottaly belivin this i mean i belive it like i belive bloody mary one night me and my frind were do the bloody mary thing and all of the sudden the room started to shake an a picture of her dog fell to the bathroom floor and we hered a high pitch nois and then we couldnt open the door


it's good.I like it

cool story.


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