Scary stories

Dancing with the Devil

A Texas Ghost Story

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

The girl hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance, along about 70 years ago in the town of Kingsville, Texas. The girl was so excited about the dance. She had bought a brand new, sparkly red dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was going to be the best evening of her life.

Then her mother came in the house, looking pale and determined.

"You are not going to that dance," her mother said.

"But why?" the girl asked her mother.

"I've just been talking to the preacher. He says the dance is going to be for the devil. You are absolutely forbidden to go," her mother said.

The girl nodded as if she accepted her mother's words. But she was determined to go to the dance. As soon as her mother was busy, she put on her brand new red dress and ran down to the K.C. Hall where the dance was being held.

As soon as she walked into the room, all the guys turned to look at her. She was startled by all the attention. Normally, no one noticed her. Her mother sometimes accused her of being too awkward to get a boyfriend. But she was not awkward that night. The boys in her class were fighting with each other to dance with her.

Later, she broke away from the crowd and went to the table to get some punch to drink. She heard a sudden hush. The music stopped. When she turned, she saw a handsome man with jet black hair and clothes standing next to her.

"Dance with me," he said.

She managed to stammer a "yes", completely stunned by this gorgeous man. He led her out on the dance floor. The music sprang up at once. She found herself dancing better than she had ever danced before. They were the center of attention.

Then the man spun her around and around. She gasped for breath, trying to step out of the spin. But he spun her faster and faster. Her feet felt hot. The floor seemed to melt under her. He spun her even faster. She was spinning so fast that a cloud of dust flew up around them both so that they were hidden from the crowd.

When the dust settled, the girl was gone. The man in black bowed once to the crowd and disappeared. The devil had come to his party and he had spun the girl all the way to hell.


You can read more Texas folklore and ghost stories in Spooky Texas by S.E. Schlosser.


It was ok

that is cool but scary but weird at the same time but it is cool!


i was creeeeeepy

Not that scary

I've heard scarier ones

Thats not what really happened. the girl ended up with burns where the devil touched her she was rushed to the hospital.



You are all wrong. The story ends when she looks down an the man has the foot of a rooster and the other of a goat.

i was the one dancing with her

it was not scary at all

that wasnt scary but i enjoyed it

if you were da one dat danced w/ her den wat r you doing on the internet.? any who it was cool but not scary

don't be stupid we all know that god is always the winner and the flipin hell peoples always loses and everyone believes in god forever and ever and u should hear da laugh hahaha!!!

uhm, it was alright i guess.... dont like the ending i like that one that someone else said, she had burns where the devil touched her, but yeah it was oakaay

Um I belive he asks do u know who u are dancing with

omg that was not even SCARY!!!!!! like wat the f××××

that was so cool

this story was not has as scary has i tought it would me but it was interesting.

It was fine. I guess. It would have been better though if there was more of a plot.

thats not exactly how it ended but it was best they didnt include the real ending its so horrifying and they cut out some of the story.
but I'll give you a glimsp of the real ending.
when she was dancing with the devil(handsome guy) she looked at his feet and one was a leg of a goat and the other of a rooster.
thats when she then screamed and the devil pulled away from her;and when he disappeared a stench of sulfur was left behind,and the people at the halloween dance stormed for the door. Some of the brave people went outside and called the police .... the girl ends up in hospital with 2nd degree burns, where the devil placed his hands on her. When he was dancing with her and also when she went to the bathroom there in the hospital and looked in the mirror she saw his face (the devil) and later they called the priest. to come and pray for her and story goes on that later she died im not sure if it was at the hospital or at her house.

so boring

i did'nt get it. but i guess it would make sense to send her to hell that way, but why would the devil just take one victum? ! ?

thats was so not scary.

Something like this actily happend to my freind.she went to the dance and danced with a lot of guys.wen she returned she had burns in her hands and grandma says that she dance with the devil.


that was'nt scary but i kinda liked it but it was not the real ending

its was cool


it was ok but it was not all that but i like the one when the girl burned where the devil tuched her and that was lame

that was cool

it was a good story but it cold have been scarier!!!!!

kind of ah interesting but have to say that it aint scary at all!

i'm really good at telling ghost stories! i'm gonna tell this to my scardy cat friend! she has a jet-black haired boyfriend and the dance is comming up! talk about a perfect opportunity to scare her!!!! XDXDXDXD

it was cool

ok for the people who said tht was not all scary u must be joking tht scared te f**** out of me! i mean really ur dancing with the most evil thing in the universe!?!?!?!?! (but then again i get scared easily lol)

not scary its creepy

That is what she gets for not listening to her mother!!! lol

thats not scary

it is scary the last part was super scary

AS IF....

it was not that scary but the ending was bad for the girl so i think it was ok but the ending was the best bit

it was ok. ive heard much more horrifying stuff.

we all know god is always watching and protecting us


it was nice..........
i love the concept of the story......... the girl should have listened......

ohh im so scared. im 10 and im not scared a bit.i spun her to heaven. lol
not scary
i luved it

it wuz cool!

umm good story,can this story have a picture because if this story have it own picture it will be more scary.

My mom told me the same story when I was 5 years old.

I didn't think it was scary

That was wackk'!
An why are all of u ppl fighting
Ha' fo no reason !

it is true.
not scary story....

oh i get it she didnt listen to her mom and went to the dance and the devil say that and he took her to hell well that was not that scary it was ok bye

Loviinqq thiss story

it was nice and little bit scary.

it an awesome story and i believe in it i wonder if it'll happen to me or one of my friends oooo im scared now

this is not even scary

oh i get it.. the devil spun her to hell for not listening to her mother and going to the dance!

not cool

that was awesome :p

not really that scary. . . intresting though..

its strange!

it was ok does any1 now the scaries story ever some one please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

believe in god and in heaven but not in satan and hell!!!!!! gosh...

I dont belive in satanic things but kool story, not the real ending...

honestly, its very interesting at first but I wasn't able to appreciate the ending.....

lol I heard this story before too many versions of it.

that was really wierd! !!!

Well I love reading scary stories but this one wasn't really scary. It was very interesting and I liked it though. :-)

Not To Scary But Still Good :)

loved it i love creeping myself out lol

remind me never to go to a dance again -___-'

I think that this story was interesting

it was ok but not very scary


i love it was cool

i think it was creepy

yeeaaa that wasnt scary...but i like the whole concept and it was still cool

so lame and not scary at all!!!!

good. could be better

like wat Kim said,check out the real story at Castle of Spirits

that was good but to short it needs more!

that was so cool i liked it but it was to short and not even scarry

it's not supposed to be scary its supposed to be good and i loved it

never sneaking out again!!!

i'm 10 and that story didnt even sound ture

not to scary.

not too scary.

I feel ni love for it

it was not that bad

wow ive heard this exact same story my aunt told it 2 me i didnt think it was scary but my cousinn was scared out of her mind...

you were the one dancing with her I don't believe that

As a small child, they told this story to my friends and me. It's good.

This is my favorate yet bbz xxxxx

love it

it's great i loved it for my project

wasnt scary but a good story

its kinda scary just the fact that it was the devil dancinq the rest is kinda wierd not really scaryy' like OMqeee butt ahh...

Cool...I guess.

Good story! Another reminder to OBEY YOUR PARENTS!

she should have listened to her mom D:

yea the story ends with her looking down to see a couple of features of the rooster feet

tht was so not scary but i liked it n it was kewl

this story was a good story but she should have listened to her mother and not have went to that dance.

its cool not scary i wanted to read or see a scary one


i heard one close to the same but at the end the guy had goat feet and a tail was not red but had had horns

awesome the last part was great

lol that was short i liked the last sentence the best =3

that is really spooky. I think its good

it has to be told inorder to be scary....and some elements must be added. but good base for a story going to tell it to my voice class for our halloween assignment. Cool thing is I have black combed back jet black hair....haaahhaaahahaaaaaaa!

Ive never herd that story before, but I like that some told the real story, thats better


Well, this was very wierd and I believe in God which is the most powerful person in the universe but, this was a good and wierd story. As a ghost hunter i cnt really connect or explain anything else

What was the real ending? Because i know that wasn't the real ending and did that really happen???? It was cool but not scary

Here I stand, helpless and left for dead.

Close your eyes, so many days go by.
Easy to find what's wrong, harder to find what's right.

I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies.

I won't stay long, in this world so wrong.

Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight.
Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight?

Trembling, crawling across my skin.
Feeling your cold dead eyes, stealing the life of mine.

I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies.

I won't last long, in this world so wrong.


Hold on. Hold on.


Hold on. Hold on.


Breaking Benjamin Dance With The Devil Phobia

ITS GOOD...:).!<3.!

actually a really well authored and witty tale

i was BORN in texas

it is ok.


i wouldn't consider this a scary story at all!

Wow. Not the scariest story, but still pretty good.


it's good

that was cool


that wuz cool

that was scarrrrrry

wow thats wierd

heyyy i love this thing its funny


wow thats creepy Just listen to your parents and dont dance with a boy unless you know them!



it is one of the most funniest story i have read


good storie


this is so true which you are so can dancing with the devil, becasue i remember when i went to the grand night at Disneyland i dance with 4 boys for the whole night in the dark side with the others. After that night, it was the morning and i couldn't awake 'cause i was so tired, so i went home and took 3hrs nap. After my 3hrs nap, i went to shower and i saw two bick marks on my left arm, but i couldn't remember thogh where did i get this from. It took me for 3months to wait for them to be gone. So whoever was writing this story, i believe that u reminde me about this so thank u n whoever said it's not true f... u then because it is true i'm sorry but it fricks me out, its true!

Yes, This Legend I regret to say is not a legend. It Happened on 3 known accounts here in the San Antonio Area, On the West Side, Old Hwy.90 to be exact. The Final account to my recollection was at a neighborhood Bar/Club/DanceHall whatever you want to call it known as " El Cameroncito" which moved twice not far from it's original Haunt. I am a Local Dj and I will Tell you, the location itself was very dark, gloomy & Creepy. Since I was in elementary school growing up here in the area I never saw anyone renting that Venue out for anything whatsoever. It's a Gentleman's club now (Ironic, huh?) "The Devils Playground". If You ever Come Around to San Antonio, Just ask any person on the far west side about the Legend of " El Cameroncito" and most will tell you the exact same story.

weirdd..not scarry at alll mannn. get over it. il believe it when i see itttt, but i haven't seen it so ii donnntt belieevveee this!!! :):) thankyou,
the devil

omg bestest story like everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

ok then

Anticlimactic...: "The devil had come to his party and he had spun the girl all the way to hell." Lame

meh...... it was very predictable

honestly devil stories don't creep me out ,it was ok but yes there are scarier ones !!!

i have to right a poem about this story aka im at school right now

i heard this story when i was in middle school and it could be true, i live like and hr and half from kingsville and alot of people know this story, pretty trippy finding it here on this site

i have heard this story to but it had a different ending, the girl danced with the devil and as they were dancing she felt a burning sensation and let go of the guy and looked at her hands to see they were burnt and when she looked at the guy he was gone and everyone around her wonder how her hands were burned

it was alright

I found it more funny than scary,I mean did she like melt a giant hole in the ground or something?Thats really funny.

it wasn't scary at all,it was really weird n kinda dumb...

ooo so scaryyy! im gonna have terrifying nightmares tonite about pink bunnies and flowers and marshmellows cuz of this story >.>

it was really great i am going to print that off and i would read it again and again

it was the most boringest story i've everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr READ!

i live in san antonio tx,, the girl(old woman) in that story is still alive and lives in a creepy church in the woods with her caretaker. she has never been right after that night.the church is just down the road.. spooky.

this was a story with no suspension and if your looking 4 a good story then try black magic

Actually she was supposed to be the most beautiful girl of all. She was conceited. And the mom told her if she didn't stop being conceited that something bad would happen. Her mom begged her not to go to the dance, but she went anyway. Then so on and so on with the ending of the sulfuric acid and she was left there on the floor with burn marks and burn marks of a goat and rooster on the floor walking towards the exit. I was told she died there. And supposedly there was two other dances on the same night in Mexico and somewhere else. And three girls died that night at the same time the exact same way the first girl died

it was alright

i like the ending next time listen to mom.

THAT WAS FREAKILY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was ok but could have been better!!!!

this story is the best story that i have ever heard buy the way the girl should of knew much manners not to go to the party

kind of scary!?

I go to school here in kingsville how creepy that i came across this story

the dance place in my town is called K.C. hall

Awesome Story. Using it for project. thnx.

I know somone that actually experienced that very thing.

that wasn't too scary but i enjoyed it too


it was good

My grandmother told me a story that is similar to the this one only nobody in her story got dragged to hell.

That's what she gets for wearing red in front of the devil!

ammmm,it was cool and spooky too.quite weird also.but on the whole it was very nice.i really like these type of horror stories.awesome

it wasn't even scary it was funny. it sounds cool


not scary but a ok story

this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!


God that was creepy, I'm deffinetly going to have nightmares.

okay, but i think there is more to it.

it's scary gosh

I'm from kingsville, tx and I've never heard of that story but I'll ask my dad about real soon!

I like this storyyy its soooooo cool!!!!!! :D <3

it was ok and good!!!

now i don't want to go to my prom!!!!

It was alright, but look on the bright side... It reminds me of a song. :3 "Dance with the Devil" by Breaking Benjamin. xD

i like that one!!! :D

these story scared the heck out of me (jk) itss was good but lame u peeps should add more interesting facts or spooky endings :)

I'll never sleep again and I am never going to a dance

that wasent scary and yeah i like the ending on the other comment

wow how lame i like the mexican one beter the moment in which they were dancing the girl felt as if she where floting on air she danced egalantly withe the handsome man as the song progresed see heard gasps of shock coming from the students then she realised why she felt so light she was dancing in mid-air she started panicing she stared into th handsome mans face which glared back an evil smile and let her go crashing onto the floor meters below ending her life as the devil desapered.

When I heard this story I heard dat he took her to hell and kept her as his wife forever

the story wasnt scary but it was interesting.


i think people have there own perspectives about how the world works. mabye some people belive in there own god or mabye some people belive in the devil.
it's people's fact and own opions what people belive in..

hey relax all every one has own opions with this story! go with the flow

this story was not scary but it was intertaining whats wrong to the people who didnt like this story.u guys r lame :(

some of the girls on here think that these stories are not scary and are boring and dumb but they say that because there scared.......

its too freakinqq short it was ok

I think the ending should be she drinks the punch, the devil is next to her she goes to hell and it turn out someone had spiked the punch with rat poison

great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh that is creepyy :/

Awsome and creepy


this is scary and wierd

I find it good but not scary at all.

I think the very ending was good. Just GOOD.I like the part when she dissapears :3

i love scary stories

i love it. almost felt like iwas there. did you create it

oh my god..

it was ok ? kind of not REAL at all !

awesome ,she got abducted because the red dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scary and wierd at the same time

That was so scary and it was creepy hope it wont happen to me

being religious and believing in thedevil, i thought it was scary.

sounds like something a drunk man listening to country music all night would tell. it would be good for me to forget that one.

The true story was said earlier on these comments i heard this story when i was little and i remember that she was wearing this beautiful red dress like it says and that all eyes where on her and that the most handsome guy on the dancefloor had asked her to dance as they danced and danced away she felt burning hot around her arms as she stopped and looked at her hands and saw they had thay guys hands marked on her as she panicked she looked down and saw a foot of a goat and one of a rooster...not shure if she died,not shure if the guy(devil) took her,or if she went to the hospital all i know is from what my family members have told me is that it's true hope someone can find out what happened to her after that...good luck

I was Creeped out!

this story is so cool, i think the deserved at the same time because, she never listened to her mum if my mum told me my school dance was meant to be for a devil i wouldn't went noway not in a million years.

haha lol that was stupid creepy :D

This was scary.Especially the ending.

ooohhh so scary

i think this was creepy and very scary but it was kind of fun

That's based off of an older story where she had to babysit her little brother but she took him with her and the man was older but yea same attention but the little brother notices his feet while the pair dance and sees the man has crow like feet and says "sister , look at his feet!" and then the devil scars her face badly and now she's ugly ;0 nice story thou

i dont remember who told me this but the devil usally scratches people once he's done visiting them or takes something or someone specail away from you

okay, my mother lived in wisconsin or so working in a beautyshop the night this happened. my mother hates me going to parties after my mother knew the mother of the girl. its crazy..

it was kinda scary its not something i would want to happen to me.

The story was pritty cool but definitly not scary.

i like last part of story

I heard it was that she saw the man's feet and they were goat hooves

Wow that is cool


this would be a good love story, but it's not scary. Like what if she fell in love with him and he acidently ends up killing her. hehehe..."acidently..."

that story was a little scary but i just feel bad for the mom

Interestin. Lol.

This was one of my favorites,but it was alittle creepy

that was not scary but it was a true story but it is scary

It was more like Cinderella not scary!

on no im really scared i dont want to to a prom

I know this myth my parents told me this already but it is kinda creepy

thiz story wsnt scary but it kept me thinkn

That is a really old story. A different version. The comments from others told it a little more accurately ... somewhat.

dang that was so awesome

ok, first of all, the version i was told was that when she looked down,she saw he had a rooster foot and a goat hoove.then there was a black out and every thing was quiet except for a blood curdling shriek.when the lights came back on, the girl's dead body was on the floor naked,with the devil's feet burned into her back and he had disapeared....and second, their version was ridiculous, if not funny. i mean, COME ON! he spun her all the way to hell??and also, the mom said,"I've just been talking to the preacher. He says the dance is going to be for the devil!" when i read that, i was confused... why were a bunch of highschool students about to dance for the devil? was it a halloween dance?because if it wasnt, then where are all the other parents? did their kids escape too?if so, dont you think at least one of the parents would have caught them and canceled the dance?


Why'd he spin her to hell????

This isnt the scariest story I have heard but could you only imagine back in the days of the old west men and women sit around a bonfire on a hot Texas night and tell this story, back them Im prett sure it would scare the daylights out of them.

Creppy I LOVE IT :D

she should of listened to her mother that's Wat she gets Omg by the way awsum story :)

listen to your mom next time

Cool. Very interesting story.

sooooo cool and i don't scary.LOL :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:

it was not that cool because the girl dident go to the hospital

it was cool!!!!!!!!!!:)

Omfg can that happen?

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