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A Texas Ghost Story 

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

My wife Jill and I were driving home from a friend's party late one evening in early May. It was a beautiful night with a full moon. We were laughing and discussing the party when the engine started to cough and the emergency light went on. We had just reached the railroad crossing where Villamain Road becomes Shane Road. According to local legend, this was the place where a school bus full of children had stalled on the tracks. Everyone on board the bus had been killed by an oncoming freight train. The ghosts of the children were reported to haunt this intersection and were said to protect people from danger.

Not wanting a repeat of the train crash, I hit the gas pedal, trying to get our car safely across the tracks before it broke down completely. But the dad-blamed car wouldn't cooperate. It stalled dead center on the railroad tracks.

As if that weren't enough, the railroad signals started flashing and a bright light appeared a little ways down the track, bearing down fast on our car. I turned the key and hit the gas pedal, trying to get the car started.

"Hurry up, Jim! The train's coming," my wife urged, as if I didn't hear the whistling blowing a warning.

I broke out into a sweat and tried the engine again. Nothing.

"We have to get out!" I shouted to my wife, reaching for the door handle.

"I can't," Jill shouted desperately. She was struggling with her seat belt. We'd been having trouble with it recently. She'd been stuck more than once, and I'd had to help her get it undone.

I threw myself across the stick-shift and fought with the recalcitrant seat belt. My hands were shaking and sweat poured down my body as I felt the rumble of the approaching train. It had seen us and was whistling sharply. I risked a quick glance over my shoulder. The engineer was trying to slow down, but he was too close to stop before he hit us. I redoubled my efforts.

Suddenly, the car was given a sharp shove from behind. Jill and I both gasped and I fell into her lap as the car started to roll forward, slowly at first, then gaining speed. The back end cleared the tracks just a second before the train roared passed. As the car rolled to a stop on the far side of the tracks, the engineer stuck his head out the window of the engine and waved a fist at us; doubtless shouting something nasty at us for scaring him.

"Th..that was close," Jill gasped as I struggled upright. "How did you get the car moving?"

"I didn't," I said. "Someone must have helped us."

I jumped out of the door on the driver's side of the car and ran back to the tracks to thank our rescuer. In the bright moonlight, I searched the area, looking for the person who had pushed our car out of the path of the train. There was no one there. I called out several times, but no one answered. After a few minutes struggle with her seatbelt, Jill finally freed herself and joined me.

"Where is he?" she asked.

"There is no one here," I replied, puzzled.

"Maybe he is just shy about being thanked," Jill said. She raised her voice. "Thank you, whoever you are," she called.

The wind picked up a little, swirling around us, patting our hair and our shoulders like the soft touch of a child's hand. I shivered and hugged my wife tightly to me. We had almost died tonight, and I was grateful to be alive.

"Yes, thank you," I repeated loudly to our mystery rescuer.

As we turned back to our stalled vehicle, I pulled out my cell phone, ready to call for a tow truck. Beside me, Jill stopped suddenly, staring at the back of our car.

"Jim, look!" she gasped.

I stared at our vehicle. Scattered in several places across the back of our car were several glowing handprints. They were small handprints; the kind that adorned the walls of elementary schools all over the country. I started shaking as I realized the truth; our car had been pushed off the tracks by the ghosts of the schoolchildren killed at this location.

Te wind swept around us again, and I thought I heard an echo of childish voices whispering 'You're welcome' as it patted our shoulders and arms. Then the wind died down and the handprints faded from the back of the car.

Jill and I clung together for a moment in terror and delight. Finally, I released her and she got into the car while I called the local garage to come and give us a tow home.


You can read more Texas folklore and ghost stories in Spooky Texas by S.E. Schlosser.




that storie is fake i saw it on a show and it turns out that was his finger prints and the train crashed in a different state it just showed up in the texas news paper

I can say every time I hear of this story it gets to me(spooky)! I've just heard it from many different people different ways......

that was weird

this book was ok but a little spookier please

creepy yet unbelievably cool!

whoa, it's true my friend went there and its true

I was the one that pushed them to safty

This story is nice :)

I read it in class one day, everybody got chills!

Yeah I saw that show too the ghost cries were just from the peacock farm down the road lol:)

haha i know of a haunted railroad track in san antonio texas. xD actually i been there and the ghost children were real!!!

i heard that story but it was different and on the news they reported that!

its real! its might be in a book but its not a made up story to scare ppl.. my parents did it it moved and had the handprints.

It's True.

It's true i actually live near San Antonio here in Texas,and this story is true i know kusz ive heard alot of this and it is true i've also heard from alot of firends and iv'e actually so true and ppl tha say tha it's not ture it is if yhew don't believe go to San Antonio yerr self.....and you'll see.....

dis is a gud'd b cool if sumthn like dat realy did happen

Hi Alex, (my name's alex too) Even if it is fake you shouldn't say so! It's fun to wonder if it's real or not and it's fun being able to tell it to your friends and then say... "by the way... It's ALL true!!!" So try and keep the fact that it's fake a secret k?

I just finished watchin a tv show called Paranormal Activity Fact or Fiction idk if y'all have heard of it. They went out to SA"Tx and investigated this activity and they say its not real and that the crash happend up in utah . I have been to the train tracks in S.A. Tx its a bone chillin experience I believe that it happend no matter wut ppl say Tx is my home

this story gave me some serious goosebumps...i like when ghost stories have a happy ending :)

i have heard of the kids on the bus because the bus stoped and the children sied but in what year did they die

I am looking at some scary stories totell at my b-day party. I am turning 12 this year on the 3rd of september

that was a sweet story

this story is true my uncle and i stopped on those tracks to see what would happen and we got out and there was handprints all along the side of his truck and tail-gate

that was a good story

it will scare me all night

Amzing!!!! I love this tales.
Kids are friendly...I mean some of them (after they passed away) are good.

This is a true story, because several people i know have gone to see if its real and they even out baby powder on the car and after the car moves you get out and se tiny hands all over the place. The point is the ghost childeren dont want anyone to suffer the death they sufered.

It's fake the road goes down hill even though it seems like it's giong uphill. By the way this actually happened, but, it was in Utah. Really if you don't believe me go experiment with a water bottle.

Also the hand prints are caused by people touching the car.

I think its amazing and true.its all amazing and true about things like this that can happen

Nice.............. Story...

Heard this kind of story too. Nice to know not all ghosts and their stories are bad or end up badly. Testament to the fact that souls still keep their humanity.


that was a realy intresting story

wow it was as scary as going to church.

i guess not all ghost are evil :]

This is a well known urban legend present at nearly every county in every state. As far as I know there's been only one such accident involving a train and a schoolbus but I cannot recall the location (could have been Texas actually).
Legends are spreading on the wings of oral tradition and the stories are finding their home in each and every communities rather quickly BUT this doesn't mean the very first incident hadn't actually happened and the story is not based on truth and real ghosts. We just have to dig down right to the roots and most likely we'll find out that such stories are actually true at the original locations.

realy cool story:)

i believe this i got chills just reading it

I searched about this story because of my English homework and this is very interesting. I wanna read other stories as well.

I live in San Antonio and thats where the train tracks are. This story is true its happened to alot of people and Im gonna do it to maybe on Halloween but I have never gone to the train tracks before. The story is you go there and park on tthe tracks. Turn of the truck. Put baby powder on the window.Whether a train comes or not, the ghost children will push you off the tracks and when you get off you will see handprints on the windows<3 c:

I don't know about everyone else but... this story is so very true. When I was a little girl my dad took friends and I to this railroad track.
After we washed the car, we went to the track where my dad placed baby powder on to the bumper, got back into the car and parked on the tracks, put the car in nuetral and a few minutes later we were pushed off the tracks. After which, my friends and I got out of the car and could see hand and feet prints on the bumper in the baby power. So...this story is so very, very true!
And most of the streets are named after the children from the bus!!

I think this story is amazing.

very nice story ,,,that's right story is true because kid are angel and the accident dead turn them in helping angel.
i believe that.

nice story


hey...can u make it a little bit scarier??...this one's good but its not that scary !

its ok a little mor spookie plz!!!

nun unh that storie is true
they proved it dodos
its full of victory the
kids got killed
but they did not hold that against everyone and haunt
people they used their place and helped :]

wow!what a story!now i feel somthing toching my knees

this story is true all the streets near the tracks r named after the children i went there in San Antonio and me and my family were in the car right b4 u get the tracks u put the car in neutral and b4 u know it u r over the tracks but b4 u hit the tracks where u r supposed to stop there is an incline it was awesome we did it several times

no this one is actually true i have been down to these tracks its in san antonio and if you stop your car on the tracks you can turn it off whatever but it will be pushed across the tracks its a true story about the kids too al lthe streets around the tracks are named after the kids that died

It was cool, but I also got the shivers.

I've been there! Its amazing! And SO true!


this was kids scary story

i live in japan idont no so wateva the kidz were very good they dint want any one to die like them so they helped it might be real


very cool i always love a good ending

i believe in ghosts because iv seen many!!!!!!!!!!!

omg that is amazing !!!!

I liked the way it ended poor school kids!


it was creepy but not scary.i found it kinda happy that they got helped but sad that who helped them(the fact that the children were dead) :(

That was creepyy but very cool i know its true and i already heard of story once i was at a camp with friends and i told them that whaen it was pitch black and they got the creeps!!! :)

I loved this story-feels its real

Thats a sweet story :) But i feel bad about the children that died :(


I have been there sometimes you can hear a little girl crying

this is the awesomest tall tale story i have ever read befor who ever wrote this u r a great writer

So many comments about this story being proved a fake on TV. Well, yes, we all know that everything on TV is true. Just relax and get a kick out of the possibilities. Life (and death)is full of possibilities.

I believe this story. even though it isn't scary compared to all the other stories i've read on this site. It sure is creepy if its based on a true story. Just imaine yourself out there and something like that happens. i've heard scarier stories but just put yourself in the authors shoes.

this was a good story but very scary:)

I live in San Antonio where the accident supposably occurred. My parents have told this story to me several times. The first time I had heard of it, my mom and I had gone to her friends place where they were having a get together (I was 12) and all the adults there were telling stories and we all decided to go down to the tracks to see if it was true (that the kids would push you off the tracks). We all got in the truck and when we got there we wiped down the truck with a rag and then poured baby powder all over the back and sides of the truck. All of us then got back in and parked on the tracks in neutral with the engine off. We sat there for about 15 minutes, then started rolling. We were pushed completely off the tracks. When we got out to look, there were about 10 sets of tiny hand prints in the baby powder on the back of the truck. All the kids that went, including myself, were all too old to have hands that small, I even compared my hand to the ones on the truck just to make sure. It was pretty crazy, i'll never forget it. Also, all the street names around these tracks are people names, supposably the names of the kids that died. It's a fun place to go, but there is always a line of cars waiting to try it. I've never had the same experience since, but were always rushed because of other cars. You can't sit for more than a few minutes.

awwww thats actually so cute that the ghosts saved them

yes i been there before when i was young
i remember sitting in the back seat in the car with my brother and my dad was driving he was telling us that the railroad tracks was haunted and he also say that the kids that die there in a school bus crush could push our car so we try it but first he put powder on the car of the back so as my dad test it out the car started to move slow and than it got speed ans we saw the train coming as the car was coming i thoug i saw a image of a little girl there she look like she was about 8 or 9 when i saw her i felt my body going clod and my hair was standing up i wasnt really scared when i saw her cuz i felt comfort from her and when all of that was over i had told my dad i saw a image of a little girl and he was suprices and after that we when to check behide the car and we saw finger prints of the children it was spookey seeing those stuff i was 9year old when i went there and now im 19 that was one wild ride for me and i want to go back again maybe me and her might see eyes to eyes again


they made a movie about this

Not scary at all but a nice story. Totally fake though!


It is true my parents took my sisters and I to this place and it worked not joking

That Was So scary! I thought they were dead but luckily the ghosts of the dead children helped them.
Thank you ghost children.

Creepy..... but awesome!!!

Its true I saw it happen

i love this story

Where was this accident

good story and its true

I read this story before but it said that they could never get the glowing hand-prints off...

omg i liked this its so cute but sad that the kids died :(
iloveyou ghost children :D xo

wow :) that was aswome! you would expect the kids to get reveng or something, thats how they all go.

awwww. this story is so tru. and im only twelve yrs old.heres the story. my friend went to san antonio texas and her family heard about the story so they tried out. they put o camera on the back of the car. then they put baby powder on the car. then they parked on the traks andwaited five minutes and the car started 2 move. they went to the back of the car and saw the handprints. they checked the cameras and there were the kids. spooky. my friend sent me the video.

I live on this road :)

i watched this once on youtube but i dont remember the title...........

it was really scary

nice story but in all the excitement,how would you see the engineer waving his fist at you?......just more dramatic I guess.....I get queasy about Cars stalling on tracks,then the train comes,and you can`t get out because the door won`t open or the belt won`t work.



this is not so scary as it looked! boring!

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