Scary stories

La Mala Hora

A New Mexico Ghost Story

retold by

S.E. Schlosser

My friend Isabela called me one evening before dinner. She was sobbing as she told me that she and her husband Enrique were getting divorced. He had moved out of the house earlier that day and Isabela was distraught.

I called my husband, who was on a business trip in Chicago, and he agreed that I should go stay with Isabela for a few days to help her during this difficult time. I packed a small suitcase and got right into the car. It was late, and it would take me at least four hours to drive from my home to Sante Fe. Isabela was expecting me to arrive around midnight.

As I traveled down the dark, wet highway, I kept feeling chills, as if someone or something were watching me. I kept looking in the rear view mirror, and glancing into the back seat. No one was there. Don't be ridiculous, I told myself, wishing fervently that I was home in my bed instead of driving on a dark, rainy highway. There was almost no traffic, and I heartily wished that I would soon reach Sante Fe.

I turned off the highway just before I reached the city, and started down the side roads that led to Isabela's house. As I approached a small crossroads, I saw a woman step into the street directly in front of my car. I shrieked in fright and slammed on my brakes, praying I would miss her.

The car shuddered to a halt, and I looked frantically around for the woman. Then I saw her, right beside my window, looking in at me. She had the face of a demon, twisted, eyes glowing red, and short pointed teeth. I screamed as she leapt at my window, her clawed hands striking the glass. I put my foot down on the accelerator and the car leapt forward. For a few terrible moments, she ran along side the car, keeping up easily and striking at me again and again. Then she fell behind and in the rear view mirror I saw her growing taller and taller, until she was as large as a tree. Red light swirled around her like mist, and she pointed after me, her mouth moving though I could not make out the words. I jerked my attention back to the road, afraid what might happen to me if my car ran off the street.

I made it to Isabela's house in record time and flung myself out of the car, pounding on her door frantically and looking behind me to see if the demon-faced woman had followed me. Isabela came running to the door and let me in.

"Shut the door! Shut it!" I cried frantically, brushing past her into the safety of the house.

"Jane, what is wrong?" she asked, slamming the door shut. She grabbed my hand and led me into the living room. I sank onto the couch and started sobbing in fear and reaction. After several minutes, I managed to gasp out my story. Isabela gasped and said: "Are you sure you were at a crossroads when you saw her?"

I nodded, puzzled by her question.

"It must have been La malhora," Isabela said, wringing her hands.

"The bad hour?" I asked.

"This is bad, Jane. Very bad," Isabela cried. "La Malhora only appears at a crossroads when someone is going to die."

Ordinarily, I would have laughed at such a superstition, but the appearance of the demon-woman had shaken me. Isabela got me a cup of hot cocoa, brought my luggage in from the car, and sent me to bed. She was so concerned for me that she didn't once mention the divorce or Enrique.

I felt much better the next morning, but I could not shake the feeling of dread that grew within me all day. Neither of us mentioned La Malhora, but we were both thinking of her when I told Isabela that I wanted to go home. Isabela insisted on accompanying me. I flatly refused to drive after dark. I was afraid I would see the demon-woman again when I passed the crossroads.

We left the next morning, and we hadn't been home more than twenty minutes when a police car pulled into my driveway. I knew at once what it meant, and so did Isabella.

The officers spoke very gently to me, but nothing could soften the news. My husband had been mugged on the way back to his hotel after dinner last night. His body had not been found until this morning. He had been shot in the head and was killed instantly.


poor guy he got shot in the head!!!!!

omg.....really guys this is weird.

that was a awsome story i love storys like that i would read it all the time it was so cool !!!!!

This was a freakY story! I have read a lot of them and by far this one is the one that I was so into .thanx! I could read these stories all day!

oh c'mon it wasn't that scary

freaky :/

omg that was totally scary im christian and every night i pray to my guardian angel to protect me.

this is creepy but awesome sooooo enjoy it xxx was...........interesting.....

Awesome! I love this ♥

Wow. that was creepy. I told my friend on the phone n she hung up xD

omg that is so scary.....

at first it was getting good, with the scary woman staring into the car window and even in real life i would be a little scared but when it started getting bigger and the red dust to me it was just. pathetic.
Lol soz but wasnt scary atall. seriously. i would have prefered it if she didnt get bigger and there were no dust but she did something like;
....... smashed open the window and got in the car, then opened her mouth and puked blood and bugs and stuff in her face or the woman driving stopped the car violently and the 'Malhora' woman shot forward and her gums came out and she tried to bite her face e.t.c
Lol ik i like gruesome tales and 18 movies. Tara, 12 =D

lol that was awesome <3 im in my bed readin, im shakin xD

im so scared. im so scared!
poor guy...

wait, why was the demon woman clawing at her window if the woman's husband was dying>?

This was an awesome read xD

I got to the part where the person saw the demons face...and my sister came up and told me that one of our horses was going to have to be put down. One of my favorite horses.

that was kinda scary and creepy!!

Gosh that was scary scince im only 9 ill say this aieeeeeeeeeeeeee

that was SCARY

I actually grew up in guatemala and reading this is nothing comapred to the la llorna! Search the story up, none back home goes out after 6 lol

I lived in clovis new mexico not far from there and iv heard it b4

This gave me chills up my spine!

wow that story was awsome cause of the malahora i heard the tale before but i didnt belive it now im kinda scared and concerned about it

dude this is so scary cant go to bed now

omg dat waz soooo cool and i live in new mexico too!so i hope i wont c her!or else im gonna have a hart attack im only 12 by the way


um, I'm 11, I was driving in North Dakota with my dad and this happened to us, but she clawed at me, I pulled out the gun we keep in the car and shot her in the face. I haven't slept sence. true story, I swear.

WOWWWwwWW I'm In ♥♥♥♥♥ withn this!!!(((((:

that was the ausumnous story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is kinda creepy....

Whoa creepy

Tht was soo scary ! Omg! Im british and im scared to go to America now!

wow this story fraked me out aww he died...

my dad shot himself, so i know almost exactly how she feels.

awesome! still shaking from it!

And I Know A Guy Named Enrique D;

That story was awesome but very sad

i loovee this story sooo much

OMG! I was at the part where the Mala Hora is chasing the car and I felt a freezing gust of air on my arm and I was like,"OH MY GOD IT'S THE MALA HORA!!!!" ^_^

dis wuz scary...i thought da gurl was bout to die!!!!


Nice mixture of the phantom hitchhiker, the crossroad legends and the harbingers of death. Hispanic people are usually a lot more superstitious and perhaps they have mixed those original legends up, adding a few religious-like demonic fear to the whole thing. Really nice indeed, I've never heard such versions of roadside legends before.

we got freaked out it made us jump out of our chair and we ran as fast as we can to the living room NO KIDDING!!!!!

Guess where I'm NOT going!

wow man thats sacry

tha story was good...

@a, Dude i know what ur talkin bout, ive been scared of la llorna since i was small. As a ghost hunter now ive overcome many fears but not her!

OMG that was really scary imagine having a lady in front of u for a minute then she appears right next to u

awesome story

absolutely loved it...i (being a californian)love scary stories from the east coast and outside the story i would recommend is Naciremas...very intelligent stor

:D loved it


that was like a scary weird story

ahahahaha i find it funny

that was freaky and weird at the same time im only 10

it was cool

very interesting

i don't really get it
it is kinda wierd

what is la mahora

A little weird

Woah, shooting sombody, thats ok, but shooting his head... thats just wrong, i mean his head...His head!!!

it was intense

That was alright. I mean it wasn't scary at all but it wasn't weird or funny. I've read and heard scarier.

the POOR guy I feel so bad for him because he got shot

it wuz kinda scary, but theres scarier out there,:)

i wouln't have luved to be her when she met la mala hora. Awsome!!!!

ooo tht poor demon girl! can u imagine? anyone as tall as a tree must be an outcast! :(

This one was GOOD!!!

omg this is so creepy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

that was soooooo scary! that is a story everyone should be scared of!!

WOW! That is all I can say right now, WOW!!!!!!!!!!

i would NOT go back!!

WOW Pretty scary.............or WEIRD LOL

awwwww the guy got shot i feel bad for the women :(

I read this and then my dog barked and I almost screamed!

Cool storie.It describes a lot of details.I wonder how the Malhora became a legend.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT! XDD jk but thats creepy o.o

this story was cool but i thought the lady said that she woould die not her husband but that ws a cool aending i wanted her to live

That wuz awsome

A good story. I little sad, but otherwise good.

this is an awesome story



I'm reading this on my iPad in the movie theater ( long story ) anyways I like this story it'

OMG I HATE CROSSROADS NOW! i am now scared to drive on them cause i might see the demon lady! AND I DONT WANT ANYONE TO GET SHOT IN THE HEAD!

that was a scary story i have read alot today and this ones the most scary one man that creepy:/

This story did not scare me but it did entertain me

wow! the guy got shot in the head ! poor guy . now im ariad of crossroads

I always have loved a good scary story

wow tht was scary ....

I love this story

not that scary

i've got butterflies in my stomach!la mala hora's description's so scary!!!!!!!

that was a very good story and poor husband. this is the best one yet!!!

Good story. I was totally suprised by the ending. I though she was gonna die.

This story is REALLY freeky!

Good story...Lol

Good one. :)

ohhhhhhhh wow thats crazy

CREPPY i wouldn't want that to happen honestly!

That story was scary but cool u know.....I liked sooo much it kinda of reminds me of a movie I once saw anyway I wonder if they would ever turn it into a movie but longer and more scarier and more details.....and seriously if it was true then dang!:)

omg that was scarying then i almost cried but i cant bc im at school :'( ohhhhh im such a softyyyyy

OMG creepy

This was creepy and weird! :0 I've heard about this when I went to Mexico. They have drawings and said sometime to prevent the death,they have to kill the person who saw it so the demon could have its soul! :o

That.. Was... AWESOME!
If you have a good imagination, you can make up what would happen in your mind like a video. I like doing that, A lot..

Um,not that scary but creepy

My Heart was racing after I read this! I don't
get scared by reading things, but I guess there is a first time for eveything!!

This is soo scary i thought she was going to diee, i dont want to go to New Mexico but the story was great!!!! :D and wat makes it even more scary is that im alonee:(

omg ive never heard of the malahora and im mexican!!

so SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


looks like im not going there

okay well its scary right now im shaking its my 1st time reading this

Hahaha, this is funny, but enrique should've died, not her husband!

Sooo....scary how could ppl LUV this story? ?......

La Mala Hora strikes again!!!

WOW! I believe in super0- stitions like that so now i have another one to ad to my list!

WOW! I believe in super0- stitions like that so now i have another one to ad to my list!

how did the police man know where the woman was? like she was a 4 hour drive from where she lived?

i love scary stories woo hoo

this wasnt that scary but creepy

this story was so cool loved it

I don't know weither to be sad or scared for this woman.

wow that was scary i would have had a heart attack if i was her...

FREAK-Y!!!!! and sad ):

I live in sante fe and I had my grandpa taken away from my life but I never saw this lady



poor guy who was mugged....thats horrible. but great story

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