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  • The Bear-Prince
    Once upon a time there was a very poor woodcutter who had three beautiful daughters. Of the three girls, the youngest was the most beautiful. One day the woodcutter went into the forest and was chopping down an oak tree when a very large and horrible bear wrenched the axe from his hands...


  • The Gypsy Queen
    There was a king who had one son. When the prince reached a marriageable age, he told his parents, "I want to marry the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Therefore, I am going to journey all over the world until I find her..."


  • The Forbidden Chamber
    Once there was an evil wizard who, dressed as a beggar, would go from house to house asking for alms and would steal the prettiest girls he could find. None of them could ever return home...
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    i really liked the bear-price story :)


    These stories are amazing!!!I tell them to my kids all the time!!We are mexican but now live in Texas so they do not get to experience the things most Latino children do.A good examples are the folktales. Fortunately because we live in America we have more money and can now afford to go back to Mexico anually!!

    they are all good

    I like the Gypsy Queen

    Omg.I'm Mexican and I've never heard these stories!But, I'm glad I bothered to read these!Well written and told! :)


    The bear-prince story is gonna be my favorite fairytale its is nice

    I liike the bear prince one!

    i loved all the stores they were good

    Love all da stories


    The chamber story was really dark

    this stories are so cool

    so cool
    not scary
    i love it

    I love the book

    Amazing stories!

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