Ghost Stories

Never Mind Them Watermelons

An Alabama Ghost Story

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

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Well now, old Sam Gibb, he didn't believe in ghosts. Not one bit. Everyone in town knew the old log cabin back in the woods was haunted, but Sam Gibb just laughed whenever folks talked about it. Finally, the blacksmith dared Sam Gibb to spend the night in the haunted log cabin. If he stayed there until dawn, the blacksmith would buy him a whole cartload of watermelons. Sam was delighted. Watermelon was Sam's absolute favorite fruit. He accepted the dare at once, packed some matches and his pipe, and went right over to the log cabin to spend the night.

Sam went into the old log cabin, started a fire, lit his pipe, and settled into a rickety old chair with yesterday's newspaper. As he was reading, he heard a creaking sound. Looking up, he saw that a gnarled little creature with glowing red eyes had taken the seat beside him. It had a long, forked tail, two horns on its head, claws at the ends of its hands, and sharp teeth that poked right through its large lips.

"There ain't nobody here tonight except you and me," the creature said to old Sam Gibb. It had a voice like the hiss of flames. Sam's heart nearly stopped with fright. He leapt to his feet.

"There ain't going to be nobody here but you in a minute," Sam Gibb told the gnarled creature. He leapt straight for the nearest exit - which happened to be the window - and hi-tailed it down the lane lickety-split. He ran so fast he overtook two rabbits being chased by a coyote. But it wasn't long before he heard the pounding of little hooves, and the gnarled creature with the red eyes caught up with him.

"You're making pretty good speed for an old man," said the creature to old Sam Gibb.

"Oh, I can run much faster than this," Sam Gibb told it. He took off like a bolt of lightning, leaving the gnarled creature in the dust. As he ran passed the smithy, the blacksmith came flying out of the forge to see what was wrong.

"Never mind about them watermelons," Sam Gibb shouted to the blacksmith without breaking his stride.

Old Sam Gibb ran all the way home and hid under his bed for the rest of the night. After that, he was a firm believer in ghosts and spooks, and he refused to go anywhere near the old cabin in the woods.


You can read more Alabama ghost stories in Spooky South by S.E. Schlosser.



That was good and funny

That was good and funny

LOL! I have a funny picture of the creature in my head!!

WOW! This is Cool!

i love this

hahaha serves him right!

That was funny and cool!

LOL! That was funny and scarey.

thaaaanks.. thats just done my english homework.. :)



LOL!i bet that ol' man knows better than to do that again=)

thats awsom bro

oh this is cool he gave up the watermelons, and is scared of ghosts now!!!!!!
well i guess i would be kind of scared too.

that was halarious! and scaryina way but now i want watermelons

lololol thtt is scared of ghostttt loll funnyyy kiddddss

lol that was so funny!

I like watermelons too... too bad, sam.

that was funny but creepy at the same time

Ive heard this story but it was a little different version

hahaha sucker....

HaHaHa!good luck with that again!


Not scary at all but its alright and kinda funny:P

Hahahaha!!!!!! I laughed my self silly!

that was awesome but sam is a sucker now i want a watermelon do u want a watermelon huhuhuhu huhu hi

hey! I love all the stories its my collection

Not a bad story !

That was FUNNAY very very FUNNAY LOLZ

Not that scary... =]
butt now i want sum watermellonz

Just the story I wanted for my grand children at a campfire.


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