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A California Ghost Story

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S. E. Schlosser

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I got up at the crack of dawn and drove to Larry's place to pick him up. We were going hiking along our favorite trail in the back of beyond. It was a sunny day, but not too hot; a perfect day for hiking. Larry and I walked along the rugged path leading into the woods, chatting off and on as the mood struck us.

The path narrowed a bit as we neared the creek. I surged out in front, listening with enjoyment to the sound of the water flowing in the creek and the chirping of the birds overhead. A strange, rotten smell drifted through the air. I wrinkled my nose as I rounded the bend and then stopped dead in my tracks. Standing beside the water of the creek was a huge, ape-like figure with a hairy body, long arms, and a flat brown face. Its eyes were round and dark, its ears were small and its nose was flat.

I gasped aloud. Then Larry cannoned into me from behind, nearly knocking me over. The creature fled into the woods.

"Hey, watch it!" Larry said. "Why'd you stop like that?"

"A Sa..Sasquatch," I gasped.

"What?" Larry asked.

"I just saw a Sasquatch," I said as soon as I regained my breath.

Larry was skeptical about my sighting - to say the least -- so I walked over to the place where the Sasquatch had been standing and pointed at the ground. A set of sixteen inch foot prints led off towards the trees. The strides were a good four-foot in length, and the footprints were deep enough to be those of a creature weighing several hundred pounds.

Larry crouched beside the footprints, studying them intently. I kept my eye on the woods where the Sasquatch had disappeared. Sometimes they lingered in an area, watching humans with as much interest as we watched them. Then he jumped up and followed the footprints into the woods. I stared after him in amazement. Only an utter fool would follow such a large creature right into his home territory. I trailed after him slowly, ready to run if there was any sign of trouble. As I did, I caught another whiff of rotten garbage.

"The ground is too hard here for any clear prints," Larry called back to me. "It looks like it went into these bushes." He parted the bushes and came face to face with the Sasquatch.

Larry gave a strangled yell, which was echoed by an equally startled howl of surprise from the Sasquatch. Larry took off like a rocket, heading back towards the car. The Sasquatch ran away in the opposite direction.

I stood stock still, staring bemusedly first at the fleeing Sasquatch, and then at my fleeing friend. At his present rate of speed, I estimated that Larry would make it back to the car in under an hour. I looked again at the Sasquatch. It leapt over the creek in a single bound and disappeared into the trees. The smell of rotten garbage faded away.

I shrugged my shoulders philosophically and started back down the trail towards the car, pondering my very first Sasquatch sighting. As I neared the car, I saw Larry sitting in front, drinking his way steadily through a six-pack. I grinned to myself. The next time I told Larry that I had seen a Sasquatch, he wouldn't be so skeptical. Then again, knowing Larry, I was not so sure. I chuckled at the memory of Larry and the Sasquatch fleeing from one another and got into the car to drive my shaken friend home.

A non-believer changes his mind about the existance of the Sasquatch after he has a close encounter with "Big Foot" in Spooky California by S.E. Schlosser.



It was a sweet story, not what I would call spooky, but entertaining.

Wow! Its not spooky but..wht cn I say..well,its nice.Lol


wow, thats crazy. i dont even know how that happened to that one thing. wow


this story was kinda scary and funny but other than that i really enjoyed myself by reading this story


I am a native american from the fort hall indian tribe, and from what our (Native American)... Sasquatch is our a 'Great Spirit', who helps us, when in DANGER!
And I do belive what they say is true, and they also say they call speak ALL the tribes languages...

Nice story but has nothing to do with the Sasquatch legends of the Native American people. The footprints and all that stuff found in California along with the sightings of ape-men are either fake or sightings of a different creature. They call it Bigfoot and most people and even researchers think it's identical to the Sasquatch but if someone takes a closer look at the legends of the Natives will clearly see they are different (with the Bigfoot likely to be a fake).
The original Sasquatch (and the Abominable Snowman or Yeti, and all these similar creatures of legends of local tribes) are telling about something very different, something very intelligent and something to fear of. We, safe in our cities, like to think that there is nothing out there that could be threatening to us. But remember: these people, the Natives, the Himalayans etc. were living in the wilderness for hundreds of years. They know those places as we know our own apartment. They are not the least afraid of anything. Heck, they are eating grizzly bears for dinner.
So if those people say they won't go to certain hills and woods because there is the Sasquatch and they are afraid of it, I believe them.
These are not nice Disney creatures. Not malicious serial killers either, but we'd better keep away from their territory.

I really like this story.

Cool story

i went hiking before, but sadly i didn't see sasquatch

I just love it

it would b so cool if this was real lol :D

eh....it was ok i guess....not my favorite

Oh my gosh wouldnt it be so awesome if bigfoot was real? I myself like YETIS much more tho

LOVED IT! i am just fascinated by sasquatch sightings even if they are just stories i will get excited fake or real.

and i see alot of people think sasquatch and they yeti are different creatures. they are variations of the same species much like humans. their are people who are short or tall, hairy or skinny.

i loved the story it was very entertaining and amusing i loved it!!!!!!

This story kept me entertained

take your word for it

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