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Bear Lake Monster

A Utah Ghost Story 

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

If you travel to Bear Lake in Utah on a quiet day, you just might catch a glimpse of the Bear Lake Monster. The monster looks like a huge brown snake and is nearly 90 feet long. It has ears that stick out from the side of its skinny head and a mouth big enough to eat a man. According to some, it has small legs and it kind of scurries when it ventures out on land. But in the water - watch out! It can swim faster than a horse can gallop - makes a mile a minute on a good day. Sometimes the monster likes to sneak up on unwary swimmers and blow water at them. The ones it doesn't carry off to eat, that is.

A feller I heard about spotted the monster early one evening as he was walking along the lake. He tried to shoot it with his rifle. The man was a crack shot, but not one of his bullets touched that monster. It scared the heck out of him and he high tailed it home faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Left his rifle behind him and claimed the monster ate it.

Sometimes, when the monster has been quiet for a while, people start saying it is gone for good. Some folks even dredge up that old tale that says how Pecos Bill heard about the Bear Lake monster and bet some cowpokes that he could wrestle that monster until it said uncle. According to them folks, the fight lasted for days and created a hurricane around Bear Lake. Finally, Bill flung that there monster over his shoulder and it flew so far it went plumb around the world and landed in Loch Ness, where it lives to this day.

Course, we know better than that. The Bear Lake Monster is just hibernating-like. Keep your eyes open at dusk and maybe you'll see it come out to feed. Just be careful swimming in the lake, or you might be its next meal!


You can read a longer version of this spooky Utah folktale in Spooky Southwest by S.E. Schlosser.


I like that one. I saw it in Moses lake Washington, near the sand dunes.

ho...i wanna see that...will see shortly...

thats a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fat lie! I went to bear lake 10 times and i didn't see him at all.

I have seen him

I've almost got killed by
the monster

i dont know what to believe but i guess its pretty interesting.
F.Y.I im going to bearlake on saturday!

good luck adam

I wanna go swimming in bear lake i'm not scared of a stupid snake! It's probably a lie!

This is a true story. We are going to scotland to see the monster in lochness.

im superstitiuos so to you people whos going to bear lake good luck and dont swim in the water you might just be risking your life

This is the best! im using it for an audition!

cool. have u actually seen it or is this just a stupid joke cause we r into this stuff and if its true we would like to check it out

this story is pretty funny and i like how you said he left his riffle and said that the bear ate it

where is bearlake?

i would rather not do that

iam at bearlake and i seen it


Great Story!

im not going to bear lake EVER!!!

hi that was a cool story i rilley like thatstory

thiS storie is the greaties storie i ever read I LOVE IT KIA......

i loove it i went to lake george and i saw it

put some pics cuz it will mix with ur story so awsoooooome it sent me to the bathroom

it was pretty good


Hmm...I doubted the story about the sharpshooter still can't shoot it down
So I think he wasn't pro at all...^^
If the monster were real,why don't the governor sent some pro divers to prove

One day i was swimming and it bit my leg off ..................................... talk of a tall tale

dont die

that is just a tall tale of course it could be real u never know

this is a lie. i mean hurricanes and throwing monsters

I will capture that monster

i think its not true-+

u guys never seen it because it comes out at night to hunt i live in utah by bearlake about 4- 6 miles and 4 girls went missing while they were camping there like some animals it prombley dosent come out at day time and stays in the water

ive seen it on TV, its a show called Lost Tapes and it was when these girls went to Bear Lake for a Birthday, they stayed after dark and then it like came out and started attacking them! 2 of the girls are still missing today even though the lake has been rake-searched, i dunno about you, but you couldnt pay me enough to swim in that lake!! What if it is real? Seemed pretty real to me!! I sugest that someone puts up a camera, leaves it there all night and see whats on it when they come back. Then we might have some actual footage of the creature, even tho ive already seen it, it kinda looked like a massive elephant trunk... gah! SCARY!

you dudes are crazy its not real

what if they caught it... just put a large net over the whole lake and reel it over, see if there is a bearlake monster

This story made me never want to swim again :)

the monster has been shown in discovery channel.. a group of girls has been killed by the monster..

omg thats so cool i would love to see the loch ness monster so bad.

i would definitely want to go to bear lake in the summer. i just hope i see it and live to tell the tale.

Schlosser your tall tales are sooooooooo goood

this is wierd


It awsome man


cool story loved it

pretty cool dont want to run in to that

this is a wierd story

looks like i'm going hunting in utah!


omg i loved this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im gonna go there at dusk, and get eaten, so you might here something on tv about it.

that waz so good

ok first of all if there iss a lochness monster isnt there a way that this is true? i mean they could be the same monster couldnt they?????

this is a good story

I saw this monster on Lost Tapes...freaky.

omg so cool!!!!!

These stories are fun while they don't happen to me.

I work at bear lake scout camp and I have seen the bear lake monster and seen what Izzie can do. She's scary, but awesome. Just don't go swimming after 10pm...

I want to go there and check it out.

I want to move it some were it will be happy.

Well maby i will go and stay the night there with a few guns and a trip wire around my camp that trigers a bunch of flood lights, after theres a few bullet holes in it then i might think about the one thing it did wrong, it came after me.

it cant be the loch ness monster. nessies been around for millenia!

Ive seen it when we were boating i saw a huge white thing in the water just for an instant it was about 9' and 15' long was all i could get because it was just a quick glimpse. o btw the gov or Mayer wont tell you because they will just get people scared off and hunters will try to ketch it, and they don't want a panic it will also ruin the tourist attraction they also have fish that is only located in bear lake.

i dont think its true though


this was awesome

This is a epic story!:)

I normally have good ideas for this type of thing... and I do!
Drain the lake out !
If its real it will be there along with the bodies!If its not there... where the heck did those girls go????

wow i would be so scared to go swimming in that if the monster is really real.. but good story tho. (:

This stuff sounds pretty awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a amazing story.

It seems to me that the lake should not be called Bear Lake Utah it should be called Monster Lake. That is after all what the tourists come for, and not the bears, or at least that is me so!!


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