Ghost Stories

Bloody Knife

A Novia Scotia Ghost Story

From the Micmac Tribe

retold by

S.E. Schlosser

Many and many a year ago, two Micmac warriors from rival villages got into a terrible argument. Harsh words were exchanged, and then knives were pulled. The warriors battled back and forth on the banks of a small creek. They fought with the ferocity of grizzlies, tearing at each other with their knives, ripping at each others clothes and hair.

Suddenly, one of the warriors slipped on the muddy bank and fell into the waters of the creek. His bloody knife slipped from his hand and sank down and down to the bottom, landing upon a rock just beyond his reach. The warrior strained his pain-wracked body towards the knife as his blood filled the waters of the creek, but it was just beyond his fingertips. He thrashed and clawed towards his knife, desperate to reach it before his rival killed him, but no matter how he stretched, it always slipped out of reach.

On the bank above, the victorious Micmac warrior saw his rival sink into the blood-stained waters and lay still, the knife just a hair-breadth beyond his fingertips. He did not rise again. The fallen man's people found him a few hours later and tenderly rescued his body from the rippling waters of the creek. But when they tried to retrieve his bloody knife from the rock beneath him, it always slipped beyond their reach, though the creek was not deep.

Many and many a year has passed since that bloody day by the creek, and still the blood-stained knife lies beneath the rippling waters of the creek. Whenever anyone tries to reach it, the knife slips out of reach. It is like trying to touch something on the bottom of the sea, although the creek itself is not deep. Even the rushing waters of the spring season do not move the mysterious knife or wash away the blood staining its blade.

For this reason, the creek is called Wokun - meaning "knife" by the Micmac people, and the white men call it "Bloody Creek".


You can read more Canadian folktales and ghost stories in Spooky Canada by S.E. Schlosser.



i didnt really understand this story as much.

ummm this was generally a really creepy story but i like more ghostly stories... ???

Not even scary

and......? this was really anti-climactic.

please put up scary stories. this is not scary at all.. they are good stories, but not scary

I thought that there was a scary story with the knife I thought the knife would like kill somebody or something but it just sat there in a river

thought it was a good story but a little diforint

what an awesome story...!!!!

Ummmm wow

i thought it was interesting!111

it is a great story.

the story is the best.

ohhh ok so basically this shizz was about a dude who couldn't get to his knife in time and got killed!

this was very interesting to me though if the dtory may be true i would love to go try and get the bloody knife from the creek.LOL

ummm......not sure what to say

pretty wierd about the knive not being washed away

wierd story

that was not scary and for those who thought it was watch treehouse of horror xx

awesomely cool

wierd wonder how does the knife keep slipping away

todally belevable!!in my case any way.

very scary


cool but not so awsome

i liked this story its not scary but its s mystery and its good

that was wierd!


I am now inspired to go try and get that Knife!!! good story

o m g that was totaly wicked
h y o

ok thats nice

this sucks

yeah but, why was the knife out of reach?

that was kinda disturbing i liked it (:

I liked that story.....I think im goin to try and catch the knife.


awesome story

I loved this story!!! This is the most awesome dtory I have ever read!

im goin to get that knife!!!!!!!!!!

omg thats wierd

good story

a weird story


that is so sweet

this was weird


very nice could be more scary though.:0



weird story but good

I liked the story alot.

good story

I liked this story.

soooooooooooo sad


did not like

loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow graet story I give it 999

this is the best story ever

This was a good story i wish other people from around the world could read this

People who say "this isn't scary!" are missing the point. The stories are supposed to tell a story about something and maybe explain why a something happens OR it could tell why something has a name. This story is the last one. It's not really supposed to scare people.

creepy but not scary.

wow scary

it a great story i think the knife a ghost or something :)


i thought it was cool not scary


Not scary

cool story

i was expecting more

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