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Devil on Washington Rock

A True New Jersey Story 

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S. E. Schlosser

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The dream was so vivid, she didn't realize at first that it was a dream. The party was crowded, the guests cheerful, the food delicious. Then a rumor began to circulate among the guests. The Devil was coming to the party. The Devil was on the way.

She didn't pay much attention at first. Until a hush came over the crowd. Turning to see what it was, she saw a tall, handsome blond man standing in the doorway greeting his hostess. Around her, the murmurs began. It was the Devil. He had come.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as the Devil made the rounds of the room. He looked so ordinary, it was hard to believe he was the Devil. Then he came to her group. As soon as he joined them, she knew the rumor was true. This was not someone to be trifled with. Frightened, she grabbed for a Bible her hostess had left lying on a nearby end-table and threw it at the Devil. For a moment, their eyes locked. The Devil's eyes were full of ferocious anger, terrible evil, and malevolent malice directed right at her. She thought she was dead.

Then she woke, and lay trembling in her bed with the light on until dawn.

The next morning was the end of term. Her parents and younger sister helped her clear out her dorm room and packed the car. It was dusk before they settled into their seats for the two-hour drive home. They talked excitedly as they drove towards their home in New Jersey, interrupting each other often, contradicting themselves and laughing. It was good to be together again.

They were fifteen minutes from home when they left the highway. Her father turned onto Washington Rock Road that led up the mountain, through the C-bend around the Washington Rock State Park and then down the other side of the mountain. As they drove up the steep hill, a noisy motorcycle tail-gated them, trying to pass even though the road was windy and narrow. Finally the hill grew so steep that the driver was forced to slow down and eventually, they pulled away from him entirely.

The car reached the top of the hill and started around the long C curve that took them through one end of the park. The park was dark and still. The whole family automatically looked to their right, out over the gorgeous view of the New York City skyline. They all saw the small park cart, sitting next to the road just inside the park boundary. It was parked directly underneath the only streetlight, where you couldn't fail to see it. And inside the vehicle....

She started trembling fiercely. Inside the vehicle was a tall, handsome blond man with eyes full of ferocious anger, terrible evil, and malevolent malice. It was the man from her dream. The man everyone said was the Devil!

The tension in the car was palpable. She had mentioned her dream to no one. But her parents and her sister all felt the evil pulsing from the still figure in the cart. No one spoke as they drove past the man.

Suddenly, the engine gave a strange cough. Her father gunned the motor, once, twice in a silent, desperate battle to keep moving. She gripped her hands together, praying silently as she stared at the figure opposite their car. The engine caught again and her father pressed down hard on the accelerator. Then they were past the man and roaring away from the park and towards the downward slope of the mountain.

She was sweating profusely, unable to stop shaking. She looked back out the window at the man in the park, and saw the motorcycle come roaring at last to the top of the hill. It drove half-way around the C-bend and as it drew opposite the figure in the cart, she heard the engine of the motorcycle cough. And then stall.

And then the park was out of view and they were riding silently towards home, not daring to speak until they were safely indoors.

She often wondered what happened to the man on the motorcycle.

A longer version of this story appears in Spooky New Jersey by S.E. Schlosser.




This is a really great story

it gave me chills.

That was really good. It was awesome

wow this is creepy but at the same time funny cuz she threw a bible

Wow....Could've had a better ending tho. :P

that was ok but they should have put the long version on but it was really good

very good and spooky story

ehhh, ive heard scarier. but good try at least! C,:


awsome story but not that scary.


i am same with grace awsome but not scary

ummm..alryt..but more scary parts in it not too boring

soooooo scary wat happen to the man on the motorcycle

very boring

best so far! gave me chills!

loved it! im going to read it again...... :)

Might have been what I call a "non-human ghost", something like a demon but I dont like using this word because of the whole lot of meaning it was given throughout the centuries. These things can take the form of anything to frighten their target or to get close to the person. If you're religious, they'll take the forms of creatures religious people fear of, like the devil.
Could have been a prophetic type of dream to warn you not to stop by that man because he is evil, some sort of a criminal.
Or perhaps you were under the influence of a vivid dream and identified an ordinary person similar to the one in your dream as the actual devil from your dream.
To the biker most likely nothing had happened and his engine came to back life again in a few seconds. If something would have happened you'd heard about it in the news. But you can ask the local police if anything had happened that night or you can dig into the papers at the library.
The worst thing that could have happened though, if this was a supernatural creature, is that the biker brought it home with himself and now it haunts him. Hauntings of these things are rather bad ones indeed.

Scary...but I wanted someone to die

it's ok i wish they put da long version =(

i wonder what happened to the guy on the motorcycle????

eh. could've had a better ending

kewl lol


what is the longer version?

yeh wats the longer version?

great story.


eh. i really like this spooky story and i wana have sume more better than this!!!


Okay story but more detail at end

kept me at the edge of my seat! love these stories

Thats sooo cool

Pretty scary i would pray for hours because i would be so scared

needs a little work on the ending

wow i listend to it and it freacked me out!!!!!!!!!!

wish it could of been more scary though i wondered about the guy in the motorcycle

I felt like somone is outside wating 4 me now !! It gave me the chills !!


Wow... That was weird so what happens after that?

wasnt that scary. made me more curious about what happend to the biker

ok....... why in every story they mention the devil, hes always like super hansome?

thats really scary!! my great great grandma saw the devil but in the shape of a bull with red eyes and it was following her at night so she ran into a church building and after that he was gone. No Joke!!


so really what happened to the man on the motorcycle ?

That is very much so creepy. It's like a total case of deja vu....WEIRD!!!!!!D:D:D:D:D:

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