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White House Ghosts

A Washington D.C. Ghost Story 

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

It is said that Lincoln's ghost haunts the White House. He appears in the room where the Lincoln bed is kept. Harry Truman once responded to a 3 o'clock knock on his door and found no one there. He attributed the knock to Lincoln.

Lincoln is said to return to the White House when the security of the country is at risk. He strides up and down the second floor hallway, raps at doors, and stands by certain windows with his hands clasped behind his back. One staff member claimed to have seen Lincoln sitting on his bed pulling on his boots.

A bodyguard to President Harrison was kept awake many nights trying to protect the president from mysterious footsteps he heard in the hall. He grew so tired and worried; he finally attended a séance to beg President Lincoln to stop so he could get enough sleep to properly protect the president!

Abigail Adam's ghost was seen drifting through the closed doors of the East Room to hang the laundry during the Taft administration.

A gardener claims to have spoken to the ghost of Dolly Madison, who reproved him for trying to remove the rose bushes she had planted over a hundred years ago.

In the 1930's Andrew Jackson's ghost could be heard laughing in the Rose room.

In 1952, extensive repairs were done to the second floor of the White House. Since then, the ghosts have not walked so actively.



this was creepy because I always tought the white house was this calm place...

honstest abe stil looking out for his country that i honstely do support fully

wowowowowowowowow this is so creepy i thout that the white house was so peacful and stuff but its so not

i wonder if its true

this is boring

it's kind of creepy and stupid at the same time because the white house is a kalm and quit place to do important business.


I knew about lincoln but not the others

This is really cool. I like thinking that former presidents still care about what happens to our country. And the rose bush thing cracks me up. Lady Dolly loves her some roses!;)

how is that possible... i mean what if its not abe :0


I have heard a weird story once about a giant black cat that lives underneath the White House.
Google it and see.

that's cool now i know i'm gonna become president just to live in the White House. that would be awesome if i met Lincoln's ghost... did you know that there are secret passages in the White House too? i'd have a ton of fun exploring the place

I Didn't know that the white house was hanted it always seemed to me like a quiet and peaceful place.
But if it is true it would
be kind of scary to live
in the white house.:o

i believe this is a true story because before the second floor was repaired Lincoln would return when are country is in incredible danger and this is a sign given for a reason to warn a us something is going to happen but after the second floor was repaired there was no more signs and no more footsteps heard but i thought it was nice that he returns to warn that were in danger.

it sends chills in my spine

Thats so cool!!!

wow I love these ghostly stories

this is so scarey it would be cool to meet all the people that made our country a free country i wonder if theres a solder ghost and i would ask about the war and abe and ask how he died :0

we did not know that

It's not that creepy except for the foot prints thing.

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