The Jersey Devil Legend

What is the Jersey Devil?

A Folklore Definition

by S.E. Schlosser

The legendary Jersey Devil is a dragon-like creature, with a head like a horse, a snake-like body and bat's wings. The Jersey Devil is rumored to inhabit the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey, and has been known to cause chaos and panic whenever it rears its unattractive head; though there are some who consider its appearance as the herald of good luck. The Jersey Devil was rumored to be the unlucky 13th child of Mother Leeds, who cursed her ill-fated son prior to his birth, consigning him to the devil. Apparently, her curse worked, because the Jersey Devil is said to haunt southern New Jersey and parts of eastern Pennsylvania from that day to this!


100% true i watched this on lost tapes freaked me out big time

i watched it on lost tapes and wanted to know more creeeeeeeepy

i saw it to

oh it was to scary and it is a nice story thx :)

I know the legend but it could be longer,but this ones fine.

lost tapes. creepy.

my dad and uncle used to live in new jersay, they said they saw the jersey devl.....

it was a good ledgend but thats all it is...a ledgend

i believe that and i saw it too

we are writing a summery about the jersey devil

The story on the Jersey Devil on Lost Tapes isnt real. If you watch it closely you can tell that its a scame.

saw on lost tapes FREAKY

1000% true i've seen it on lost tapes and vampires are reel to.

That is so true i watched this show that they where actually looking for him and there was video proof that the Jersey Devil was in fact real!!!!


crazy ppl its not real

Hey! I heard about that on lost tapes... it was creepy! :O

not completely true on his appearance...

i saw it too i liked it

I know the legend.Very creepy.It's on Poptropica too.

i live in the pine barrens and i saw it fly over some houses it was scary

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