Native American Myths

Coyote and the Columbia

From the Sahaptin/Salishan Tribes

retold by

S. E. Schlosser 

One day, Coyote was walking along. The sun was shining brightly, and Coyote felt very hot.

"I would like a cloud," Coyote said.

So a cloud came and made some shade for Coyote. Coyote was not satisfied.

"I would like more clouds," he said. More clouds came along, and the sky began to look very stormy. But Coyote was still hot.

"How about some rain," said Coyote. The clouds began to sprinkle rain on Coyote.

"More rain," Coyote demanded. The rain became a downpour.

"I would like a creek to put my feet in," said Coyote. So a creek sprang up beside him, and Coyote walked in it to cool off his feet.

"It should be deeper," said Coyote.

The creek became a huge, swirling river. Coyote was swept over and over by the water. Finally, nearly drowned, Coyote was thrown up on the bank far away. When he woke up, the buzzards were watching him, trying to decide if he was dead.

"I'm not dead," Coyote told them, and they flew away.

That is how the Columbia River began.



in other words ''don't be gready''!!!

thats what happens when your gready!

Heheh. "Greedy"

coyote sounds like a jerk


I know!!!

good lesson...

That's exactly what he get for being stingy and unappreciative.

i dont think it is true

This was a good story

that was just weird

wow that was a good story but he was gready stingy and unappreciative.

wow what a story


kool i guiese pretty strange though

totaly weird but a good lesson

That was OK. I get that he was greedy nd needed to learn his lesson, but so unrealistic.
Still really gooc

omg 2 freakin' funny

cool stories

fun story but what a jerk was coyote

greediest person i know

I think he should be more happy about what he has gotten.

good story

this is like me

pretty cool story

awesome! i love it

II love the story but,what the most part i like was when he wanted more rain.

this is a great story, especialy being part native american myself. go cheerokee and blackfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont be gready and that wont happen lol great story. and im TEN! lol.

don't be GREEDY ! :P

Funny stuff

I hope coyote learned a lesson, but I don't think he did. If he keeps asking for stuff I don't think he should get it because he already asked for too many things.


umm three things 1st : lol 2nd: greedy 3rd: LOL!!!

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