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An Indiana Tall Tale 

retold by

S. E. Schlosser

There's an ongoing debate here in the great state of Indiana over the origins of the word "Hoosiers". My Granddad, he falls into the first camp, and me, I fall into the second.

My Granddad says Indiana folk are called Hoosiers because folks in Indiana are so curious they are always popping here and there, poking their heads into every door they see, and calling "Who's here?".

Me, I think we are called Hoosiers because of the hushers. That's what they used to call the town bully, because he could hush his opponent. Since we Indiana folk are so big and strong, we get called "hushers" or "hooshers" as our neighbors in Louisiana like to say.

I don't know if we will ever reconcile the two sides to each other. But anyhow, Indiana folk are called Hoosiers, right enough. And we're proud of it, too!



Haha totally true! I was born and raised in Indiana and heard that story bout 10 times at least lol I'm proud of where I live!!!!!!!!!!

i think we are called hoosiers because of the indians that used to live here. they have to say something like my high school we are harrison WARRIORS. people make up funny words that they think indians made up like ahoah which makes us run. (not really though)

lol :) I love indiana :) GO HOOSIERS :)i think you are just called hoosiers cuz its cool :) haha

As I understand it, Indiana was largely settled by German immigrants, like most of the midwest.

Back in those days, log cabins not only provided shelter they were mini-fortresses and were made without windows. When someone would come near, to avoid being shot, they would yell, "Hello da haus!" The occupants of the cabin would reply, "Hoos hier?"

As time went by, it smeared into "Hoosier" and thus we picked up this moniker from folks passing through.

This is the way my German immigrant great-grandfather explained it to me when I was a child.

this is awsome!
i am a Hoosier!

i thought it had something to do with an owl

cooll i live in indiana now but im from alabama but its still cool

Indiana girl I am and I go with the second story! :)

Born and raised in Indianapolis: I always head it was because of your status back when this land was first settled, and everyone always asked, "Who's your Daddy" in reference to what farm or business your family owned...and from that we were called Hoosiers.. I am very proud to be a HOOSIER no matter how the name got started!!

so true i love indiana grew up there in petersburg. GO HOOSIERS!!!!!

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