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Don't Sell My House

retold by

S.E. Schlosser

      Life seemed perfect to Mark when the widower brought his new bride Lisa home to the lovely two-story cottage he had build for his deceased first wife.  Things were very happy for about a year, and Mark was ecstatic when he learned Lisa was expecting twins. The house was rather small for a double addition to the family, so Mark and Lisa put the cottage up for sale and started searching for a bigger house. That’s when the problems began.

Suddenly, the cottage would be filled with the distinctive smell of expensive perfume. The first time Mark smelled it, he turned pale and told Lisa that it was the scent his dead wife had favored.  Then furniture that Lisa had rearranged moved back to its original place. The books in Mark’s study were taken out of their categories and put in alphabetical order, the way his former wife had kept them. The ghost of Mark’s first wife had returned to the little cottage. But why now, a full year after he had remarried?

One afternoon, Lisa was down in the basement doing laundry while Mark was out front discussing the sale of the cottage with their attorney. They had just received a generous bid on the house and had decided to accept it. When Lisa finished emptying the washing machine, she turned to go back upstairs and saw a young woman floating a foot above the staircase. 

 “This is my house. Don’t sell my house!” the woman said. Her pretty face transformed with rage. She shook her fist at Lisa. Lisa shrieked, dropped the basket of wet laundry, and ran outside.
Slamming the basement door behind her, Lisa locked it and sat down on the lawn, gasping for breath. All at once, the basement door started shaking violently, as if someone were pushing against it. 

“Don’t sell my house,” the phantom exclaimed again, shaking the door. “If you sell my house, something terrible will happen to your family! Don’t sell my house!” The roar of a car engine pierced the ghost’s words, as the attorney  bade Mark goodbye and drove away.  Immediately, the shaking and pounding ceased, as if the departure of the hated real-estate attorney had momentarily appeased the ghost.

When Lisa described the ghost, Mark recognized her as his dead wife. Until then, he had forgotten that he promised his first wife that he would never sell the cottage. Mark and Lisa tried to appease the ghost by bringing in a priest to pray over the cottage.  But the house continued to be filled with the choking smell of expensive perfume.   Lisa was afraid for her unborn babies, living in such a haunted atmosphere.  After much discussion, Mark and Lisa decided to defy the phantom and sell the cottage.

On the night following the family’s move, Lisa was struck with a terrible pain in her abdomen. Mark rushed her to the hospital, where she gave birth to the twins, who were stillborn. On his way home from the hospital, Mark’s car was struck by a truck, and he was killed instantly. At the same moment, Lisa sat bolt upright in her hospital bed, staring at an empty corner of the room. She screamed once in terror at the sight of the phantom floating before her eyes, then she died instantly from a brain aneurism.

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that ghost is not very nice?

what about the twins

Quite an exaggeration but has a lot of truth behind it. Ghosts are often getting upset when their beloved homes go under renovation, remodeling etc. Even a change in the layout of the furniture can trigger their displeasure. If the whole thing is against a given promise they received in life, it further adds to their anger.
But of course they are not killing people, not causing accidents and not scaring anyone to death. The miscarriage can be attributed to the stress the haunting caused to the woman and might be true, but if the accident had really happened and the woman died in the hospital these don't have nothing to do with the ghost. The guy was upset after hearing the babies are dead and was unwary while driving, and the woman had died of further complications or other medical issues like a massive heart attack after all of this had happened but their death were not directly caused by the ghost.
Most likely the ghost wasn't even able to speak so clearly and the couple themselves had found out that it's the dead wife behind the strange things going on.

they were warned.

they were stillborn. Thats when babies born are to weak to survive.

yeah what about the twins what happens to them?! anyway I love this story but its kinda sad

they were stillborn, which is like a miscarriage..just only at a later or earlier term. it means they died.

this scared the day light out of me will i be able to sleep tonight

I hate that stupid dead wife how could she kill so many people she should be tortured!

A still birth means born dead

the twins died when they were born. thats what stillborn means.

This is the spooky story in my life

They were stillborn.

the twins were born dead.

The babies were born dead

ya, what about the twins?

Aaahwww! This is such a sad story,yet i loved it!

it was ok but I'v read better ones.

Good grief! Yes they were warned but why did the babies have to die? That's not cool. Can ghosts be haunted? I hope so. I hope the twins haunt the first wife!

:( dont see why the babies had to die 2

thats freaky.i wudve killed myself b4 that ghost couldve killed me lmao



soooooo not scary!! but if it happened 2 me i would be quite scared!!

omg the babies were born died

Well that ghost wasn't very nice now was she?!

-november sankey

omg that gave me the chills!

I liked it,but the author could have done better with the ending. :/

creepy .

not such a bad story.....
but i liked the part where Lisa was attacked.....

That was cold

this was just plane out weird!!!!! but i still enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!:)

omg cool

Hey herne the hunter um did u happen 2 read wondrous strange by Lesley livingston?

what about the twins and i dont get how the lady died !

I'm gonna use this story for my sleepover!

y did the babies have 2 die they didnt do anything

haha seriously they r confronted by a ghost and the wife is freaked out yet they still decide to sell the house

it would have been scarier if one baby lived and it had the spirit of the dead wife in it.. :o

Bad things happen when you don't listen to a ghost.

but its too long

wow people thats weird so many people asked what happen to the twins well it said like 35 times duhh

This was the strangest story ever!!!

this story is frikin freaky but the same thing happened to me as i am the ghost of marks wife mwaahhahahahahahahahahaha all those who read this story will be put under a curse

This would be a scary story if u told this to a man who has remarried and they both are going to have,nice.

weeeell it isn't that scary but it's kinda good! :)

omg creepyyy

that was weird

ive heard many times that hauntings arent linked to a specific person but more like a location. so in my mind the chance of the ghost following either of them is unlikely.... but good story :)

ive heard many times that hauntings arent linked to a specific person but more like a location. so in my mind the chance of the ghost following either of them is unlikely.... but good story :)

holy smokes scary

I feel bad the the twin babies. :(

It was a awesome story!

did she see the ghost of her husband or the husbands dead wife in the hospita?

sad :(( and scary

The ghost is crule. Killing adults is one thing, but killing babbies before or during birth is another. If the ghost is that crule, she deserved to die.


hahaha, this wasn't really scary but it will make a good ghost story on my next sleepover :)

aww its so sad bout the babies :(

awwwwwwwwwww how sad! What happened to the babies? mean old ghost! I HOPE SHE BURNS!!!!!!!!!

They ignored her, they should have listened. They underestimated her power... but why?

wow that ghost was very mad they shouldhave listened and rented it out to other people and if they did that then there babies and they would maybe still alive

wat about da twins?

It's hard to believe so many people do not know what stillborn means.

I'm reading this as a second wife contemplating a remodel of the first wife's house. Fortunately, she was a good woman.

Ohhh that was scary. Poor twins. They were warned though.


boring! ghosts are not real

Wow. That is one sad story. I kinda knew it was coming though.

no stillborn is when babys are born means they died inside the womb.

this story is dumb

i like it.............

yeah well what hapened to the twins????

they were half hers

Not so scary but a good ghost story

I believe the ghost had every right to kill her ex husband, because when they were still together he made a promise to her, but the mother ad children didn't deserve to die at all.

wow thatts wierd. I am I twin but my sister Cassandra was born dead and sometimes I feel like I know her. I feel like she is always with me and sometimes ppl even ask f I have a twin bc they see someone by me who looks like me. ppl call me Cassandra too bc my name is Cassidy and I go by Cassie.

D: aww poor babies! loved the story :D


How come nobody understands the babies died.

that was so cool but creeeeeeeppppppy to

awsome story, but why couldn't the wife live in the end?

I live in north Carolina and have heard this story

It seems even in death one cares for their belongs what a sad way to go.

That was the scrryiest story ever

it give me the creeps

He Warned them

My grandpa died and then my grandma sold the house, but nothing happend to her. Then again, she didn't get re-married...

i liked it

that is a little creepy


it was scary,yet it was very nice

well, ive read better than that but it did give me the chillies i found this story whene i was looking for a story ive never heard of called:
THE KNIGHT AND THE IRON DAGGER. ive read one at my local library called :
;TRUE GHOST STORIES. the chocolate ghost and a storie about vampires so im a freak over that kind of stuff.

Scary, but good kind of scary

Very scary!๎„‡
What happened to the twins though??๎‹


This is actually a pretty good story. It's kinda depressing though.. some reason it reminds me of Matilda(:

hmm.. how 'bout the twin?? that's unfair,

Ok this story was verry sad but not real scary but it was still good.

that was creeepy


I canโ€™t remember the last time I laugh so much
At the comments that you all made at this STORY
thank you all

Both of them were born dead?? OMG, how sad!

Ailene+catherine she can't burn silly! I liked but I'v seen and read scarier!

awesome i am speachless ah! i have a sharp pain in my stomach!!!!!! help!!!!!

sad ending... bwahahahahahaaa!

wow scary but mark and lisa was warned


youd think that the ghost would let them alone, at least untill they tryed to sell agen.

id does nt tell the whole thing

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