Illinois Folklore

Sangamon County

An Illinois Folktale
retold by
S. E. Schlosser


One of the old timers who lives here in Sangamon County, Illinois is always saying that Sangamon County is the only place on Earth which is more beautiful than heaven. Once, I asked him why. I mean, Sangamon County is beautiful. But we're talking about heaven here, with them golden streets and angels and pearly gates. Seems like a tough act to follow. He replied: "I know for a fact that Sangamon County is more beautiful than heaven, because I died last year. When I got to the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter asked me where I was from. When I told him, he sent me back, saying there was nothing in heaven as beautiful as Sangamon County!"



I'm just curious why there isn't more on the folklore of IL. What about the Bogey Man legend in Southern Illinois for example?

I live here in sangamon county.......its the greatest place on earth

I'm from Chicago Il, we got a lot of folklore down here. resurrection Mary,the devil came to bridge port,H.H Holmes Americas 1st serial killer(his ghost still haunts the city). Tinley Parks river,(al capone's victoms haunt)

theres the devils house of belvidere, thunderbird, the one about dekalb and the bat out of hell

This a cool story, very nice.



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