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Women in American Folklore


Read folktales about strong women, witches, legendary heroines, female ghosts and spooks, and some curious girls who get themselves in trouble! These are the women of American Folklore.


Legendary (and infamous) Heroines


Strong Women


  • Calamity Jane
    She was a fighter and frontierswoman most well known for her association with Wild Bill Hickok.


  • Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett
    Mike Fink tries to scare Miz Crockett and gets a scare of his own!


  • Slue-foot Sue
    Pecos Bill meets the woman of his dreams!


  • Sal Fink, The Mississippi Screamer
    She was best known for her holler. Whenever people heard that sound, they shook their heads with wonder at the thought of all the amazing stunts of little Sal Fink.


  • Annie Oakley
    She could shoot the head off a running quail when she was twelve years old!





Female Ghosts


  • The Ghost on the Tracks
    Engineers, beware! There is a flirtatious female ghost abroad on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.


  • The Grave
    A woman haunts her burial ground.


  • La Llorona
    The ghost of a woman searches the river banks for her sons.


  • La Mala Hora
    A woman meets a spectre on her way to a friend's house.


  • The Lady in Lace
    A beautiful ghost walks the shores near Pebble Beach, California.


  • The Lady in Red
    A murdered woman haunts a Nevada hotel.


  • The Llorona, Omen of Death
    Two young men see the ghost of the Llorona as they drive home one evening.


  • Lost!
    A prospector lost in the mire is lead to safety by a beautiful ghost.


  • Milk bottles
    Day after day, a woman comes to the store for milk and leaves without paying.


  • Ocean-Born Mary
    The ghost of a beautiful woman haunts the house where her pirate-husband was murdered.


  • The Screaming Tunnel
    The ghost of a young girl trapped in a burning house haunts a tunnel near Niagara Falls.


  • The White Lady
    A ghost rises out of Durand Lake to hunt down her daughter's killer. (New York)



Curious Girls



Folktales featuring Women



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