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Where's My Liver

An Ontario Ghost Story
retold by
S.E. Schlosser

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 “Go straight to the store and don’t fool around,” his mother said sternly as she handed over the money. “Your father’s boss is coming to dinner tonight and we’re having his favorite meal of liver and onions. It’s important that we make a good impression, so get the best liver they’ve got.”

“I will, Ma,” Tommy sulked. His mother had really been after him since he brought home a failing report card.Tommy grabbed his bicycle from the garage and rode down then street.  Then saw his friend Chad. “Come on, Tommy!” Chad called. “The gang’s playing baseball over at the park, and we need a pitcher.”

Immediately, all thoughts of his errand fled from Tommy’s mind. The boys headed towards the park. Tommy pitched a no-hitter to win the game for his team, but by the time it was over, it was dark. Then Tommy remembered his errand. “The liver!” he gasped. “I’ve got to get to the store!”
But, all the local groceries were closed. “My mom’s going to kill me,” he gasped. First the bad report card, and now this! He would be grounded for life.

As he rode home past the cemetery, he got an idea. It was an awful idea, but it would save him from the even more awful fate that awaited him if he came home without a liver. His great-uncle had died a few days ago and had been buried in the cemetery. What harm would it do to remove it? His uncle certainly didn’t need it anymore.

Tommy hurried home as silently as he could and got his father’s shovel. He returned to the cemetery and began digging up his great-uncle’s grave. 

That night, his mother cooked up the liver and onions and the boss raved about the meal and had such a good time that he didn’t leave until quite late.

Tommy went to bed that night relieved he had gotten away with it. He fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow but woke with a start soon after, sure that he had heard a voice.

“Where’s my liver?” A ghostly voice rose up from the staircase, deep and guttural. Tommy gasped in fear and flung himself under the covers as the thud of heavy footsteps reached the top of the steps.

Thump. Thump. Thump. The footsteps drew nearer, until they reached Tommy’s door. “ Who’s got my liver?” the horrible voice asked again.

“Go away. Go away,” Tommy whispered repeatedly. His whole body trembled in terror as once more the voice asked, “Where’s my liver? Who’s got my liver?”

Sheer terror made him suddenly bold. Tommy threw back the covers and found the shriveled white face of his great-uncle right above him. “We ate your liver!” he shouted.

“I know you did, Tommy,” the rotting corpse of his great-uncle said softly, stretching out his bony hands toward the boy’s shaking body. Tommy screamed.

The next morning, Tommy’s parents discovered their son lying dead on top of his bed. His liver had been ripped right out of his body, but the autopsy proved that the boy had already died of fright before his liver was removed.

You can read more ghost stories in Spooky Canada by S.E. Schlosser.



I love this story it sounds fun

that story was creppy i luv going on this website its awsome

hrmh, i guess it was......THE BEST STORY EVER!~!!!!! SORRY

this story was creepy!!!!!

that was a really scary story i have ever heard and most gruesome!

yeah, i like this one


Thats gross1 eww!


This is a really creepy story. Wow. I think I might have nightmares for the rest of the week. But good story though.

Hahaha that happened to me!


that was WEIRD and disgusting!


omg it was a good story and a scarey one at that but sade as well

this exactly like the hairy toe story, but in a different place and creepier

so scary. Why was he looking for his liver instead of all his other parts that could be missing?

that wz really gross especially cuz he ate his UNCLES liver

WOW i would have screamed at the top of my lungs XD poor little boy and old dead guy both there livers were pulled out =/ XD

now whenever i hear the word liver, it makes me shudder.

This sounds like it would be an awesome story to tell the kids around the campfire this summer...can't wait!!!

Ok that is probably the most scariest story i have ever heard in my life just imagine your great uncle died and you ate his liver and then he came and ripped your liver out SCARY very scary if your about to go to bed

it was good butt with that person reading it, it wasnt that scary

its not that scary..


Disturbing on levels

scary and disgusting

man this story is disgusting and gross, who would eat their uncle's liver????

that is a story i heard many times but in different way very good!:]

i heard this story but this 1s SCARIER!

I heard the same, but it was a toe, and it was a stranger and he was a hitchhiker and ate it out of starvation.

that was so freaky espessially the part where tommy's liver had been ripped out!!!!

woah!!!!!!! ewwwwwwww!!!! sick!~~~~~~~~~~~:-p

thats disgusting

This is darn creepy...

OMG eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
I would never eat LIVER!

this story is cool

not very scary... but awesome story

scary and disgusting

It was awesome!!!

ht waz awsome how he died of fright and because of his liver ...........................................................i wonder how the liver tasted?

the story wasnt so scary

wasnt scary at all.


uhhh... a little grossed out but loved it :)

That sends shivers up my spine, but then, it's so unrealistic! I like stories that make you wonder if they were true. There is no way a young boy could have removed the liver from a corpse. There is also no way that anyone could conciously eat a human liver.


Yo that story was good but scary i was real scared when i finoshed readin it!! :(

too predictable. gruesome...maybe. but too predictable to b scary


this is like the story of the big toe that the little kid ate and the old lady came back lookin for himm... but i like the twist on it.

this is really funny my big sis. would always tell me to spoke me when i cant sleep n when im given her trouble lol. why would u want to knw how the liver taste?

When I was a kid our babysitter told my brother and me this story and taped it on a casette tape (remember those?) for us to listen to later. To say it scared the living daylights out of us is putting it mildly. We used to dare each other to listen to it and then have nightmares all night...ah, the 70's, good fun.


Where did tommy get the onions? heh.-

i'd think he died because the liver tasted bad.................. IT'S A HUMAN'S LIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scary tho!!!!!!!!!!!!and a bit awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an awesome story,although I've read a version of it before in a scary story book!

wow that was cccoooolll

best ghost storie ever

I've heard a similar one. It's about a boy who found a toe and cook it and eat it with his parents. The owner of the toe came to search for his toe and ate them up

This Story was the best ever way better than the axe hollow

that was scary

oh my god this story is soo creepy i love it soo much plz write much more like this it is one of the best stories i have ever read go scary stories

wow creepy storie i want more



I read a story like this, but it was a lot diffrent.

it was predictabe but still enjoyable.

Gruesome awesome uhh... Funnysome? Yeah, not a word... I loved it! Post one about Bloody Mary!

that was great!

it was so scary

That waz hilariuos I laughed so hard that I couldn't breath

Very disqusting and creepy, though I do love horror stories, LOL!!!!!!!!

best story ever i luv it on a scale of 1 to 10 i give it a..................................10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 yay

very scary i think i got the sivers

Horrible scary story that will give me nightmares

Yuck gross who would want to eat their uncles liver?!?!

omg........ that was scary aaaaaaa but loveddddd it lol hahahahhahaaahhahahahah

Poor boss.

man that was crazy that guy is a wack jop!!!!!

Harry Toe is exactly the same

very good story

Yuck!! Eating human liver, Double yuck! Where is his respect for his great-Uncle?


That was creepy and majorly disgusting!!!!!!!!

but i liked the story i will open this site everyday & read the stories agn & agn & agn.. :) but..

this seems so familiar...

wow! i can only discibe it in one word TERIFING!!!!

I remeber my mother telling me this story at an early age. From then on, I have never eaten liver

I hate to say it but this is an adaptation of another story. In that story, the boy is weeding out the garden when he finds a toe sticking out the ground. He takes it inside to his mother who fixes it for supper. That night as the boy lays sleeping, he is woken by a frightful voice calling "Where is my toe?" The voice creeps up the stairs to the boy's room till it's right beside him. The next day, the parents find the boy laying on his bed dead... frightened to death.

i love this story


omg i lost my liver

OOOOWWWW,i lost my liver

i eat livers!! theyre good you all should try it some time!!! i go to the graveyard all the time to eat dead peoples livers!!!! YUM!!:)

I could totally see this happening.

Where's my liver?

Soooooo awesome i love this site i only read the scary stories thogh there the best

Who eats liver???

it was so creepy... i loved it



thats awesome!

this story is the best story ever

this story is the best story ever

DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!! hey but go on search and type in dont turn on the light its soooo gross

i feel bad for the kid i mean who does that to there nephew ddid he hate him or what?well i dont know!!!!!!

very, I MEAN VEARY! diturbing

my liver is in my stomach

This is a great! I love the audio! It was funny when I was reading it, but I got scared when I listened to it! Well done! Congratulations!

Ha....reminds me of the story big toe

that was a disgusting but also cool story.

it was a great story

it was good but I have heard many other verisons bit it was really good :]

my uncle told me this story but diffrently the boy was supposed to get the liver but he wasted his money bidding with his friends so as he rode his bike back home he saw a man about to be burried so he went and took his dads shovel and dug the man up and took his liver so he took it to his mother and then his mother and dad ate it but he didnt want to couse he knew were it was from at night he was shocked by the voice of the man saying wheres my liver and kept saying that until he took the boy to his grave and ripped the liver from him the next morning the mom and dad were dead becouse they ate the liver

not even going to say anything. except..............ULGHHHH. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!

okay so that was awsome i was like really scared for tommy and i was grossed out at the same time!!! this was really good!

So gruesome disgusting liver
I bet n bet n bet body cut open Guts splling out

Scary! Scared off my socks

i luv this story it is so scary


so scary i will never eat liver

OMG that was the BEST STORY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it gave me the chills but i looove scary stories!!!! thanx for posting it.

why would his own uncle do that to him!? Thats just awful..

Dude, Where's my liver. I can't feel it.

Once again... WEIRD!! :P

OMG scary but good I heard story about big toe kinda like this 1

i absoulutely adored this story i love scary story love em

hahahaha funny i luv nasty stuff

Geez. That was creepy. My mom's been trying to get me to like liver and now I'm glad I refused.

so gross i never tried liver and im never going too

this is the best story ever




can a person actually get frightened to death?- jus asking!

ive eaten liver before and i cant imagine eating a human one they are huge and this story was awsome

one word besides scary AWSOME

This is a creepy story. Almost the creepiest story that i have read.....

yuckie !! eeewww ! ..

eww imagine eating liver

i feel bad for the kid
i would have either a,peed my pants or b,peed my pants

Dear god, all of the boys in my school scream out " My liver!" at the randomest times......i wonder if they were talking about this.....

Good and gross..

Oh, God.

I don't think he understood that his mom meant COW liver!

that was so creepy

Wow who would eat there uncle's liver hats freaking nasty. Canabals these days!!!!LOL. Haha

who would eat a human liver...........GROSS

awesome story best story ever read:0


Awwwwh! Icky! but scary did tommy had the courage to go into the cemetery, and that too dig out a bony, dead body and remove its liver??!! Oh my gossshhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The creepiest part was either when they ate the uncles liver! And the saddest part is when poor little Tommy died :'(

Gross it's better to just go home without the liver than gettin your own ripped out by ur uncle lol good story

It waz O.K.But YUK!!Human Liver!Waz kinda sad at the end though.

wow... me and my friend thought that wuz weired... but the funny part is that i was eating watermelon when we read that and i almost threw up! lol nice story!

Cool. His uncle pulled out his liver after he got his liver taken.

cool I guess not scary!!!!!

well thats what you get for eating his liver tommy

Loved reading this story after almost 20 yrs

i read this in a book so it is not that scary

Hm... Liver Sounds Good Right Now :)

Wow that's disgusting... my friend Hannah told me that story once.
But I like how scary it is

that was funny because i kept seeing an old man asking the boy wheres my liver in an old man voice XD

he ate a dead corpse liver of his great uncle(GROSS!)

This story was originally told to me when I was 11. I am now 41. I actually went on this site hoping to find it. I LOVE this story hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

good story creepy 8/10

Best story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I told this to one of my friends and he got really scared he had to stay at my house

The part about this story that disturbed me the most wasn't the cannibalism, it was the fact that the one guy's favorite food is liver and onions. Seriously, who eats that? I also want to know why the mother didn't buy the liver before the night her husband's boss was coming over for dinner. That just seems like poor planning to me.

whenever my dad buy goat liver i always think about this story

that wus really vry gross.
but how can tom"s mom n dad not differenciate between human liver n goat's liver . by da way how can a uncle kill his own nephew

As if u wud take ur uncles liver just cuz u forgot to get one from the butchers clearly untrue!

I will appreciate my liver better after this XD



umm... as if you would eat a dead persons liver lol .... hmmm wonder if it would taste nice o.O ;p

i read a story simmilar to this but it had no lil kid or uncle ony a guy and his wife but this was better enyway i barley ate.......

love this


Who Does that to their great uncle!!!!!!

where did this story start how long ago ?? and by who ?

OMG freaky and gross i'de never do that :P oh my gish im so grossed out

I wonder if he ate the liver with fava beans and nice kianti

Y wud it occur to a 12 year old boy to dig up his uncles grave and take a liver i think its very porley ilustrated and could have better conyext

Hey I Really Enjoyed This Story It Reminds Me Of Hairy Toe .............. Well It's EXACTLY LIKE IT !
Thank You My Name Is Carley Wells Thank You

This storie was enteresting iv heard scarier sorry but to me it was more gross than scary hears what would be scary
one afternoon Tommy was asked to go to the market to go grab liver,tounge,and onions. On his was to the market His friend Billy asked if he wanted to play a game of basketball Tommy said no because his mon was haveing him get things from the store.
"what are you a chicken?buck buck buck buckXD" Tommy got mad and gave in by the time it was done it was night he went to the store to go grab the thing but it was closed he decided to go to the cemetery he had seen a man getting varied there but for some reason they didn't barry the coffen yet it seemed empty but there was a body in there he took his knife and cafuly cut the tounge out then open
the bodie up and cut out the liver Came home and framed the old onions and handed them to his mother the mother cooked them and her and the father ate them the boy didn't have any because he knew were it came from told his parents he wasn't feeling good and went to bed .about at 12:00pm he heard a scream went to his parents room and saw a glowing figure in front of his parents bed on the bed his mom and dad layed there dead cut open missing there liver and tounge. The figure turned and started towrd tommy.Tommy stared running down the stares tropes fell down all the steps he laid there paralyzed as the figure blinded his with his light. The next day Tommies friend Bobby walked in the house and had seen the mess of his friend and the parents spread all over the house to stunned to do any thing just stood there the local cop drove by and saw threw the door the mess the cop saw Bobby there saw the mess and arrested Bobby Bobby was carved with man slaughter He was in prison for life and was sent to the chair befor the execution happend he said if u ever say liver and tounge 3times infrpnt of a cemetery the same thing will happen to you
Sorry the ending wasn't good but hey it works hope u liked it ^_^

he was a brave boy but stupid too...that why he die,because of his own stupidity...such a poor kid...

i read a story like this but it was with an old lady and her husband!

Tommy must have had problems... For real. I mean wtf? Why would you bring a human liver?! That's like pure canabalism.. NASTY. I could understand if he didn't eat the meal (a little better, even though I'd still be grossed out.) Tommy got what he deserved. That was horrifying and disgusting on his part. I wouldve just took the grounding. I know this story is fake and just for entertaining purposes, but COME ON YOU GUYS!

WHy would his uncle kill him???


wth the kids messed up

funny that this is nearly the same as Hairy toe. They should make sure their stories aren't copies...

how could dey eat liver
it's yucky
but it's so scary


ive heard this one before except in a diff version

ha ha loved it... i used to tell a different version of this story at sleep overs when i was a kid always got people to scream lol :)

Scary I have heard a different version of that story it was a wife had baked a liver and ate it and the husband water some so she went to some lady and took liver out a fed it to her husband and the night she said where is my liver and the wife said he has it and she heard three screams and he died the next morning well at least that was the short version of it

was the liver worth it

I was told this story when I was a little kid, but in that version the family was very poor and didn't have any food so they ate the dead uncles liver.

it is a bit gory but still okay:):p

It's the exact same as the hairy toe story

its funny how he went straight to digging his uncle up and eating his liver when he could have just gone to another shop lol something tells me theres something not quite right about that little boy

this is the best, creepiest story yet!


woah, tht's gross

ewwwwww O.o

they told this story at our school lock-in.The highlight of it was when our social
studies jumped out and screamed "WHERE'S MY LIVER!!"

So... he takes a human liver. Smart... idiot.

Terrible terrible story.

omg i heard an even scarier story like that

it wasnt scary at all but it was kinda funny :)

its a good story but why would he eat his grampas liver wouldent it make him vomit or some thing?

ive heard many different versions of this story


this is a weird story and i dotn get scared like most of you people

this is an awesome story but prefer
"johnny, im gonna get ya, i want your intestines" :D

this wasn't even scary at all it sounds exactly like the hairy toe story, you guys are just a bunch of scared chickens

Yay!!! This was in spooky stories to tell in the dark!!! ^_^ also if you've read the one I'm talking about someone made a animation of it and it's called "just delicious" it's awesome

What kind of a sicko would eat liver???!!!

that is creepy...why did the ghost take his liver? he didn't need it!

i love this storry its funny but i wouldnt take my uncles liver

not soo scary ............
bt hmmmmmm... its ok

yo this story gave me kind of nightmares but i loved it though

Hmmm, could've been a ghost, but then again it could've been a crafty murder. who knows!

you cant steal somebodys liver and then not expect them to want it back

tey told me diz one but it was a finger yuupppppppp but diz one is better i gez :s

awsome i liked the story it freaked me out

Who would dig up someone's grave and then take their liver and eat it?

This has a resemblance to the story of the hairy toe...

awesome but creepy ;0


Ew so not real u cant open a coffin with ur own hands

scariest story ever

That is disturing........on SO MANY FREAKING LEVELS!

thats messed up he took his uncles liver.... lmao then his uncle took his liver, a liver for a liver lmmfao

That story was SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this story!!:p

That was BORING!!! Tell me a really scary story!

i will ever eat a liver again

This is just like Hairy Toe


nice person who rips there dead uncles liver out that is not normal lol :X

My liver my intestine & my kidney is aching reading this story

This story is creepy-wierd... not exactly scary just creepy

WOW That Is Not Nothing To Do With scearyness that is somthing to do with funnyness man lollolololololololololool <3<3,<3

stealing a liver...regreting it

That was quite freaky!

Its like the hairy toe story

it was amazing

I like this story its fun to read

yeah why would his uncle kill him. the story became ugly when the uncle killed tommy.

Why would his own great uncle kill him? If it was someone that tommy didnt know that would make more sense. but really? his great uncle?

i luv this story!!

Nice one......................................................................................................

my dad told me this story when i was young. only it was in spanish and it was a different body part>

like toe story

Gross ,sick ....,................

I'm never going 2eat liver again

read this too.who in there right mind would take a liver from there dead uncle?! nice going

i like it but the sad thing is the boy died

This story grossed me out and scared me to death!!!

gross,but nice story.i wonder if the writer had a nobel prize for this story. LOL

i know a story like that

This is like Hairy Toe!!

aww i remember this story, i was told it when i was young.. still scared the crap out of me though!

This is just like the hairy toe story, but not as funny.



This was a creepy but really cool story. I like the ending the best because I was surprised by it.

Doesn't his great uncle love him????

Liver 4 a liver i guess

Freaking sickkkkkkkkkk!!!! Ewwwwwww!!!!!

love this website it is so good

EEW!!!!Thats Gross!!!!'s great but don't you think it's kinda pathetic? I mean a kid can dig a grave and remove his uncles liver to serve for dinner...freaky

He died from fright

well at least he died of fright before that

Gosh , sad i never thought he woul kill the kid , for eating rotton liver, good story but creepy ,

that's the same story from hairy toe except it's a liver and he actually took HIS liver

this happened to my friend he took my liver


This storys like that story called hairy toe or something

That was gross!

i really likes this story my grandmother used to tell it to me now i was telling to my cousin gose i thing she not going to go to sleep tonight lool bye!

heard it b4!

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